swasan ff : falling for you again part 12

hey guys i have seen our swasan pics are edited which really hurt us but guys its a request guys do not loose your temper and use abusing words to them because i have a fan loosing temper and using words. let them live in their imaginary world and be happy. we will prove them that we are swasan fans who like to see everyone happy.you know guys by seeing their comments i have noticed that they are just doing this to hurt us nothing else just avoid them really believe me , and to cheer up your mood just read a swasan fanfiction or watch swasan scenes. it will again cheer your mood and its my personal experience. sorry if i hurt anyone

both were in a beautiful eyelock in which world got stopped for them. just then the door got opened and they both saw raglak standing their leaving their jaws opened wide.

sanskar was lost in those hazel doe eyes which were conveying many unsaid emotions and swara was lost in those eyes which were giving her a feeling that she was being pulled into a lake of frozen emotions.the world got freezed for them but suddenly hey both heard some sounds and saw raglak who were standing there with their jaws dropped.

both came in and both raglak passed a naughty smile to each other

laksh: i thought there would be action movie going on

ragini: but there romantic movie going on

both raglak passed a teasing smile to them making our swasan embrass? but later that embrassement turned into smirk

Swara: but I think that the picture is not finished ( pointing towards their hands which are joined)

Sanskar: you are saying correct ms chuiya( smirking)

Both raglak who were rolling down on floor due to continuous laughing ran away in lightning speed.

And here our swasan gave hifi to each other and laughed

Later both went down and all the members fixed the relation as per plan.

As next was engagement plan both the couple’s went for shopping for the requirements.

Both were going in the same car but raglak said they have to invite their friends so they will come in another car.

Sanskar( naughtily): why do not you say that you both want to spend time with each other that’s why you both are sending me with these ( rolling eyes) with this chuiya

Swara: now I have to go with this Bandar( fake crying)

Raglak: both of you shut up and go( pushing them in car)

Swasan went making faces at them and sat in car. Swara sat in backseat and sanskar in driver seat.

Sanskar: i am not a driver ms chuiya that you are sitting at back

Dhina dhin dha
Dhina dhin dha

Swara: sitting with you impossible ( rolling eyes)

Sanskar: then this car will not start(same stubborness)

Swara: fine( got busy in phone)…. playing candycrush

Sanskar: ok ( started whistling)….. ignoring the surroundings

Raglak looked at them and sighed seeing their stubborn nature

Laksh: sanskar ( busy in whistling)

Laksh looked towards ragini and sighed and she looked towards swara

Ragini: swara( sweetly and blinking Eyes)

Swara: what( looking towards her)

Ragini: fine my neg will be yours which i will get in wedding

Swara: so sweet of you( pulling cheeks)

Swara quickly went and sat besides sanskar in a minute and sanskar started the car

Raglak: both have become stubborn heads after memory loss. Kya kya karvayenge humse yeh dono humse both said in unsion and looked at each other

Both swasan reached the mall and swara walked out leaving swara alone and sankar was parking car.

as swara was roaming all alone in the mall someone pulled her in a dark corner and placed his hand on her mouth.

she opened her eyes and saw the person and smacked his arm.

swara: idiot , duffer you scared me

voice: arre i was thinking to give you a kick(rubbing his arm)

swara: you scared me sanskar. now go away

sanskar: arrre wait na mohtarma(funny tone)

swara went and started her shoppingbut was not able

swara didn’t gave a glance and walked away outside the mall leaving him alone . as she was walking she felt a hand on her shoulder. she turned back thinking to be sanskar

swara: you

a goon was standing there who saw her coming out of the dark place and started following her

goon: humein bhi vakt dijiye madam hi

Goon2: Jaise waha time diya tha humhe bhi dijiye na( winking at her)

listening to his words swara slapped him hard making the goon angry. the goon was going to attack her with knife being angry and was going to attack her but a

swara opened her eyes feeling no movement and saw sanskar standing there with raged filled eyes and blood dripping out from his hand due to the sharp edge which was on his hand.

Sanskar: how dare you( shouts) but first I will like to ask from all how dare you all (pointing towards the public who were seeing them ) to stay numb when he is misbehaving with a girl in front of all. You all are here and they are just in two still they have guts to misbehave with a girl. Because of our this behaviour these people have guts to misbehave with girls. Should I ask you all a question from you all if this would have happened​ with your sisters, mother s or wife how would you all have reacted . I know you all will be here in my place but now you all think that it’s not our problem then why should we react. Am I saying right?

(Hey guys sorry for my lecture actually I read a case so took out my frustration out?)

The goon was just now afraid seeing the public because they were just trying to suppress the girl thinking no would say anything)

Goons: please forgive us sir( seeing the public)

Sanskar was going to speak but was interrupted: we will see them. ….. Said some people interrupting him

Sanskar looked towards them and left from there dragging swara to the car.

Once they reached the car sanskar turned and cupped her face: are you fine( concerned)

Swara( overwhelmed): I am fine

Sanskar: ( reality hits him) what was the need to go alone damn it, you are my responsibility. You know how scared I was? But why do you care haina?

He jerked her and sat in car leaving her in shock but suddenly she felt wetness on her cheeks and shoulders. She touched it and it was blood, she got shocked seeing blood but got confused but suddenly she remembered.

Swara: oh shit it’s sanskar’ s blood. He is hurt

She hurriedly sat in car and said: sanskar you are hurt. Do your first aid

Sanskar didn’t paid any heed to her and starts the car with a stern face .

There was a akward silence which was not liked by both but out sanky was in full angry mood

Swara( back in mode): if you are thinking that me swara gaddodaia will now will tie my scarf on your injury like typical heriones then its not going to happen( teasing )

Sanskar just gave a look yo her and she put finger on her lips seeing his glare indicating that she will not say anything.

Sanskar turned his face and his lips got formed into a curve which got unnoticed by swara as she got sad because he was not responding. She was just looking at her lap and was playing with her fingers.

Sanskar looked at her from corner of his eyes and felt bad for her but the scene came infront of her made his anger to empower any other feeling

As they were traveling swara shouted: stop

Making sanskar to stop the car in jerk and look at het with the what the hell look

Swara do not saymenything just took his injured hand and started to tie her scarf whose condition got worsed

Sanskar tried to took back but she satd: don’t you date…. In such a voice which made sanskar scared.. He thought not to say anything is better.

After that sanskar dropped her home and went to mm but someone pullef swara in a dark corner and started to kiss her

So who is kissing swara?

authors note
So guys long update so i hope response will also nice. Thank you who are supporting me and guys i am thinking season2 of this are you all interested. Give me uour views

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