swasan ff : falling for you again part 10

Uttara : accha bhai get ready warna my hone wali bhabi will reject you(pointing towards him from up to down) saying that you are such a late lateef(crying fakely)
Voice: bas kar chori aur kitna chedege isse ha(how much you will tease her)
Uttara: jab tak bhai mere man chaiye maa(till then when is my mood) says nonchalantly
Sujjta: laksh thare liye na ab ke baar bahut sundar bahu layunge(this time I will bring a beautiful wife for you)
Laksh(blushing): thik hai chachi ji
Uttara: someone is going to be a tomato in a few minutes
Sujata: accha we have to go now

After some time we all see that shekhar and sharmistha are welcoming some guest with great honor
Shemish: we are glad that you all are going to be our daughter’s in laws
Lady: who sab toh thik hai ladke kaha hai ladke kaha hai
Lady2: ladke ko bulaye
Shemish got tensed seeing their behavior but composed themselves because they are very rich people
Sharmistha: shona beta bring ragini(shouts)

In the room
Swara: lo aa gaye apke sajna(nudging her arm)
Ragini blushed listening to her: shut up
Swara(laughs): acha chalo

Both got up and went downstairs and here we see that a jaw is dropped seeing them and a girl chuckles seeing it
Girl: bhai muh band kar lo makkhi guhsh jayenge(laughs)
Boy got embrassed and all laughs
Ragini came and stands besides them
Lady: come beta(says to ragini)

Ragini came and sat besides them in between
Just then all hear band baja sounds like which is used in weddings

Swara: who is this(angrily) I will just come

She goes outside and see a man dancing madly on the sounds

Swara: oooo hello

Man didn’t pay heed to her due to which she got irrated

Swara:oh Bandar
Man turned and took out his googles in a stylish way and saw her

Man: are you talking to me chuiya

Swara(fumes): you how dare you?

Man: I have much more dare should I show you again chuiya(mouse)

All came out side listening her shout and their jaws got drop

Si guys who is the man?

I’m running now before you all beat again to give short update

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  3. Amazing… Btw whos the man*thinking*

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    Loved it! But it is too short! Anyway continue soon dear.! Thnk u.. ;-*

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