Swasan ff-“The face on the walls of my heart”


Hey frnds…Im big fan of swasan so thought to wright swasan ff…Im not new here Im also write swaragini-“Jodey rishto ke sur” i’ll soon update it..so withought wasting time lets go through introduction..


Parvati gadodia is head of the family..
Shekhar and sumi r the proud parents of swaragini(unidentical twin sisters)
Swara gadodia(22)-Beautiful,smart she helps her dad in buisness.loves her family n her sis ragini….she have some past frm which she always trying to run away.

Ragini gadodia(22)-Shes beautiful,loves her swara a lot ..knows swaras each n every secreat.

so frnds i’ll give maheswari families intro later.

A big mention is shown where Infront of that a big beautiful garden is shown where a girl is shown who is seating on the bench whos wearing Blue Long top with jeans..shes looking beautiful in blue top like cindrella…Her eyes r closed..Sunreys falls on her face..Her face glows even more..sunrays makes her face more beautiful.shes in deep thoughts her link was broken by sweet voice.
“SWARA”..Yes that girl is swara..
swara opens her eyes.Beautiful smile comeson her face seeing Ragini..
Swara-Ragini when u came frm Didas house?
Ragini gaves hug to swara..
Ragini-Right now..I searched u in every corner of house n finally u r here..Do u missed me??
Swara-Of cource sweet heart..I miss u in every second in thease 2 days.
Ragini-haan..me too
Both smiles..Both sister sats on the bench n chatting with each others..They smiles,They tease each other,They laugh loud but suddenly Both beacome serious..Smile is gone frm there face.There is silence between them..Then Ragini brock that “Sad silence”..

Ragini-Swara..Why?Why u said yes to mom dad?
Swara looks towerds her n

Swara-Ragini..They’re worlds best mom dad..They’ll definately chose parfect life partner for me.
“nd Their choice will be better than my choice”..smile frm her face vanished. Her heart sinks in sorrow.nd her eyes tolds how deep the sorrow,the pain is..Ragini notices swaras pain in her eyes..So she try to cheer her up..she tells some jokes..swara smiles ragini feels relife..
after some time ragini looks at swara n ask
Ragini- swara,seriously r u ready to live ur whole life with a stranger,tommorow the boys family will come to see u…
Swara nodes possitively n said
swara-Yes ragini,im ready to live my life with stranger…. This will be better for me.
Ragini-But swara in every relationship There is need of love& the relationship is meaningless without love.
Swara-But ragini i dont belive in love…I dont want to fell in love again..I dont want to betrayed by some1 again..saying this she leaves
screen freeses on worried face of ragini..

On the other side..anather big mension is shown..
where dp & ap seats on the soafa..n one boy came there n said
Boy-What?? How i decide only in 1 meeting The girl is parfect for me or not
Dp-Who told u to decide in 1 meeting..be frnd with swara..Take ur time n then told me
Boy(with smile) ok dad.

Hi frnds..hows this plz comment..

Credit to: Sasha

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