Swasan FF : I OWN You (Episode 9)


the cries were heared..the shouts were heared..the breaking of things were heared..and the devil was relaxing on his sofa..enjoying his victory..

and the angel was just crying..

he was enjoying his wine..she was drinking the sorrow..

he was hopefull she was helpless..

he was winner..she was a bloddy looser to the nature to the society..

she rejected regreted being a girl..


after sometime..he walked inside her room taking the foodplate..

he -here have it..

she -i m not hungry..i dont need it..

he -look i m not asking u to have it..nor m i enquiring if ur hungry or no..

just ordering you “HAVE IT”

and i dont like repeating things..

she still cried..

somewhere in his heart..he felt bad for the girl..but did he ever listened to his heart till now?

naa…he dint..

nor ll he ever do that..but he felt an erge to console her..

he had seen the society and he knew she need someone..

“he sat next to her and forwarded the plate..

hmm..have it swara(he said in a low athorative tone..”yet with a firm control in the anger..

she had a morsel..

“this society is cruel..th more u run after ritual the more u go on to them..the more they ll capture you..

be the u be the real within you..

have ur own rules and follow them..

if u run after these society they ll rip u..!”

these were the only words he said and then left the place..

and she had her dinner and lied on the bed recalling the things that happened..

those words were haunting her..rining in her mind like a bell..


sanskar – how dare you how dare u go from the mansion and what you think you can easily escap from me?nah baby u just cant do it..

i dont deal with people to get nothing?

no babe..

he just held her wrist tightly..and was draging her when she barked..!

swara – if my dad get to know u are destroyed .. he wont leave u ..mind it ..

sanskar : ( stops and see in her eyes and muved from her and said) ohhh um sacred .. really … hmm he will ..

swara : hmmm he will not spare u mr for felling ur bad eye on his’s daughter ..

sanskar : ohh realy he luvs u a lot and u think if he get to know he wpont spare me right ( folding his hand on his chest)

hmm den y he dealt with u ?

swara was just he said he recalled his word and thinks ” he dealt with me ? wat he want to say ? kya matlab hai and wat dealt she looked at him and asked

swara : matlab ?

sanskar : matlab ki wen ur dad is so protective about u then y he sold u to me ? haan ?

swara was beyond shock wat he just thinks ” he sold her ?” no it cant be true nahi yeh jhoot bol rahe hai ? kaise papa mujhe bech sakte hai .. this guy is telling lie just for his lust .. tears rolled down her brain was telling ” no it cant be true he cant do this to her she is his daughter but sumwhere her mind was finding a truth in this .. she brushed all her thoughts and said

swara : no .. nnnooo.. u ..are liieng .. my papa cant do this to me … hes ur frnd na i meean client and how can u blame sucha thing on ur blame

sanskar : client my foot do u thing that type man can be client … huh he is nothing to me got that he is not able to be my employee and u are saying my….? no swara was beyond the shock she disnt knew how to react tears were dried up and she was just unable to speak .while he continues

“it’s the truth he sold u to me “he sold u for money sweet heart .. I paid the money and”I OWN YOU” …

swara was unable to accept the fact …. It was the bitterest truth of her life her brother sold her just for money


tears rolled down her beautiful eyes..when she remembers about this bitter reality of her life..

and the tears flowed down more when she remembered another harsh reality of the day..


sanskar : u don’t belive me right ??

swara: (in tears) no … I don’t belive u .. I know u are lyieng ..

sanskar : thik hai u want to go back to home ? right ?

swara just look at him with suspectious look wat he is planning to do just few minuite he was not letting her to go now he is asking her to go wat he want ? she was lost in her thought when sanskar smirk and said

sanskar : hey wat ? go ….. u want to go so go to ur home

he just draged herand made her sit in the car and asked his driver to take a U turn to swara ‘s home..

she was just lost in her taughts when he leaned towards her and wishpered in her ear..”but he wont let u in inside ur house ? u know y ?because u are sold ” I own u ” he smirk and swara just turned back and look at him she was just beyond shock she look at him without blinking her eyes for a while ”


and then some more bitter words echoed in her ear..

the words that her father spoke..

the words that pricked her the most..the words that confirmed that she was actually sold..though he never admitted directly…

but she got to know the bitter reality..that her father just taught her a mear burden in his life..

and nothing more…

” she will not enter this house nor today nor any day in future got it ..she is dead for us ..he announced to his family”

“u want to know the answer right?yes the answer is yes.. I dealt u with him.. u are sold u are nothing to me nor to dis house now get out … don’t create any scene um tired now so get out .. get out ….. hearing the world the world shake from her feet ..and she acnt belive dat her papa..who should actually protect the daughter from the evil crises of the society has delt her… sold her for sum money how culd it be ? but it was true she was shocked and dats when he pushed her out of the gates and she was going to loose her balance and was felling down but sanskar hoild her in his embrace again”

(sorry guys i actually wanted to write the words that might bring this story more lively but i myself cant write such things coz those are beyond my lines..being a dad’s girl i feel ashmaed of thinking that such people do exists..)

next episde after 6th..

till then saiyonara!



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  6. crazy princess

    loved it but show present scenes also plssss

    1. Crazykipuh

      Actually if v start showing present scene u ll get confused fullyn that’s for sure so v shall first finish full of those past scenes which zactuslly dark side f their life then continue with present

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