Swasan FF : I OWN You (Episode 8)


hello every one..
i had posted another part yesterday as a bday gift to “vyshu10” but they posted it with differentt name..
any way vyshu plz do read it..crazy had asked me to post it for u..
but apart from it i m reposting it again with this ff..
but i m posting only the episode not the message that crazy wrote for u and the readers.
so dear readers plz do read that theirs some msg for u their..

yesterday’s episode
“i own you did you here me..i own you”

“tumhare ruh pe..tumhare jismpe…tumare sarir ke har hise pe sirf mera hak hai..sirf mere..”

“if any body even try to see you uska ank choch lunga..”

“iss isan ki tasvir acche tare se dek lo..
just get it inside your mind..this ll be the way i treat every guy that even try to near you ase hi hal hoga unka…
ya fir isse pe bura…
did u here me..”

“and if i ever see you nearing any one..first tho i ll kill the guy..uska harsh jo hoga vo hoga..par tumhara jo hoga vo tum apne sapne mein bhi soch nahi sakti…”

“and i mind you i own you..you are mine only mine…”

these were such words that pricked the heart of the poor girl..
how in dream she could have taught so..?

the girl who just started finding her prince charming in him..had himself ruied and destroyed her dream in such an extent..that she could never imagine..

and she was just lost in taughts..that how she ended up knowing the harsh truth or the reality of her life..


it was a groomy day..the day that started with twinkle hurting her self while cooking the breakfast and she had seen a new kunj..something very caring in him..
something that he nevr showed within till now…
and the world seemed stoped for her..
she had just started her dream world web within herself and him..

and in such grromy mood she entered the office only to be crashed with one of the cligue of her..whome she dint even knew..
she was from main stream department..and he was from store departemnt..their was no connection of their..
but that was too accendital that she crashed with hm..
and to recue her he just held her..

the rescue part was all fine..
but the worst was he was holding her from her waist and was squzing it oo..
twinkle was not even feeling good and was just trying to get rid of the touch..
but the more worst or say most worst was shivaay watching it..and then his blood boiled..
and even then the whole day was smeeded like a cry day for her..
with the name of a meeting she was draged by him back to home..

and then the harsh reality..
the first she got after reaching home was..a bark to all his servents to lev the mansion now!
and very next sec she was slapped once oh right then on left..

and then the harsh reality those harsh words..
“bahot shouk hai na tume dusre ke baho mein rehneka?han?
u have a craze na that mens must touch u…”
then he held her by her waist and sqeezed it..
“asse hi kiya tha na usmne?”

and she then remembered how she tried to expalin him that it was not as he was thinking but then those words ..

i own you did you here me..i own you

tumhare ruh pe..tumhare jismpe…tumare sarir ke har hise pe sirf mera hak hai..sirf mere..

if any body even try to see you uska ank choch lunga.

iss isan ki tasvir acche tare se dek lo..
just get it inside your mind..this ll be the way i treat every guy that even try to near you ase hi hal hoga unka…
ya fir isse pe bura…
did u here me..

and if i ever see you nearing any one..first tho i ll kill the guy..uska harsh jo hoga vo hoga..par tumhara jo hoga vo tum apne sapne mein bhi soch nahi sakti…

and i mind you i own you..you are mine only mine…

and then she remembered about the pic..
it was one of the guy who teased her on road shivaay was with her at then..but he dint react..!at that moment…
but what she saw was just like the real hell..
his hands were burnt..
coz he touched her with those hands..

what ever had happened she got to know one thing that he is an devil…an evil devil that owned her..
yeah shivaay was actually a devil
wanst he?

episode continued..
swasana this one for u..


swara was waiting for her boy eagerly from 1 hour……damn when he will come ……
she was standing in the corridor,walking to and fro motio,wearing white wide tops and blue pj,s…..her waiting expressions were changing in her anger now but in next moment when the door bell rang she smilled evily with herself….she almost ran to open the door……there he was standing with all his handsome charm ,being busy with some call ,he looked at her naughty smile face which saying hi to him but conveying alternatively something with her assault expressions……he starred at her,with himself fake defenselessness expressions ,almost ending the call ,threw down all weapons of his saveness willingness,when without any thought she grabbed him from the shirt and pulled him towards her,slamming her lips on his moving one,s and making them silent with her,s……

baby plzzz i want you now….so badly, don,t know what got into me…but i want you means i want you…and right away………………….while kissing,bitting him on face,down on neck,tearing his shirt off she said with too much s*xual need…….the dominant and needy way of his girl made him theorughly turned on….her fiery assault on his made him asusuall hard for her……….he shut every other thought in his mind and made himself totally foussed on the main figure…who was now frantically unbuckling his belt,wringling his hard member above his pants hard…..…….her crazy moves become ceased when he wounded her from waist with himself ,lifted her into air ,fusing her body with himself,while kissed her wildily on mouth hard…..their bottom crashed with each other and she moaned with closing eyes,into his mouth, while wounded her hands around his shoulder tightly……..

raging breath with growling kissing sanskar took her to nearer table,throwing things from one hand,making space for her to sit sat her on the edge of table he pressed his large hands on her big br*asts ,squeezing them frantically,he tore off her top first and then removed the hanging part……he left her mouth and leaned down on her neck…..he bit her there and then sucked her hard……travelling down towards her br*ast he made her every inch of skin worshiped with his web of feverish kisses…..swara spread her hands allaround on his skin,removing his shirt totally in process,naming him with enjoying moans with heavy gasping…
she queezed her core to his hard,rock member by tighting her legs around him..…….she cried out his name with erupted hot pleasure from her bottom,clenching,dripping for him intermingling her craze now with his need too..….sanskar groaned in response,halting his actions he bit her on shoulder…… eagerly shifted her hands to the front,zipping off her pants,boxers lower,exposing his cock she massage his shaft naturally…..he gritted his teeth,breathing heavily from nostrils…..staring at her vulnerably……

baby plzzz do it now….plzzzz baby now….swara pleaded with almost tearing eyes while looking at him so intimately….crying for him now desperately……eagerly she grabbed his hand and entered into her pj,s.,delivering that what she wants badly he snarled when his hand become wet from her fluid in a sec…..he started to massage her there frantically with a instinctive growl….leading her into depth of estacy….

making her mouth enthusiastly silent by wild,passionate kissing,wounding his one arm around her waist from behind,grabbing her bottom up from the surface of table,lowering her pjs,panty fully down meanwhile through his wet covered hand from her transparent sweet liquid…..finishing their wild kissing,he made her sit again on the table edge,starting to tear her in one go..
he again starting to rub her dripping wet s*x by his hand , teasing her swollen bud hard,sometimes rubbing his springing member above her core and clit…..emitted soft hisses from her

swara scratched her nails on his back from behind with heavy crying of pleasure…keeping his actions continued down there,holdinh her tightly from one arm,angling her core slightly upwards he entered into her hot craved vagnia slowly………
and suddenly she scremt..
s a n s k a r….

this made him come to come out of his stance..
his dream immediately..
yeah..this was just a dream..aa dream that he wants badly to cm true..

he was swetting swaet beats formed within him..he needed a quick shower…so he just rushed in to get a quick shower..

sanskars pov’
god the hell with that dream..i litrally want her in my arms..
but i have to wait..now for my stupidity..
but what can i do..the lust i had for her has now turned into my obsession..
i just want her..
and i promise my self that the dream i saw few min before ll be soon comming true..
get ready miss swara to be all mine..coz sanskar maheshwari never breaks his promise..
but baby dont worry once for all i get you i ll let you live the life u want later on you ll be a free bird but let me just once use you..

he smirks evily…!


swara’s pov

swara kuch soch kuch tho soch..u have to do somethng..that ur plan works out ..but how?
han u shd do this..
common swara ur ur papas girl and like wise ur papa says be the best and only do what ur heart says..!!


swara was running on the lonly road..
without thinking or looking back..but suddenly halted on her place..
as some flash ligh falls on her face..
she could not see any thing..and suddenly she was draged..

u guys might have guessed now what happend with swara and who was the person who dragged her?

yup so it was sanskar who dragged her..


how dare u han?himmat kasie huvi tumhari?how dare you run away from me..?
didnt i state you clearly that i own you..?
aur kan khol ke sunlo..
jaise tumahre jisme ruh pe mera hakk hai vase he tumhare har sass pe bhi sirf mera hak hai..!

he split out all his venture on her..

swara – “han hoga hak apka humpe..mr sanskar maheshwari..
but i want to go to my papa..i know only he ll save me now from a devil like you..
i dont want to stay with you..
i want to go to my home..! you are a devil a bolldy hek devil..”

sanskar – yes..baby i m an devil and this devil has owned u ..
like i m a devil ur an angel…
and this devil has owned an angel and thats you..

and you wanna go to ur papa na cm let me take you to him..



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  1. Sanswa

    Chappie was somewhat hot?…but y there is kunj,twinkle n shivaay is there…is dis swasan ff na…???…or if they r here den wat is their connection wid swasan..?

    1. Crazykipuh

      Sorry yar I guess I did everything jhol here while posting
      Actually crazy sent me 3 ff
      N I got confused n smashed everything in one go

      1. Sanswa

        Oh don’t be sry but soon clr every mess

  2. Maryum

    I m little confused yar kya ho raha hai

    1. Crazykipuh

      What’s confusing udear let me know I ll clear ur doubts !

      1. Maryum

        Yar kya kisa ho sumjhe nai aya

    2. Crazykipuh

      Just chk d cmmnts section just explained abt d story line

  3. Mica

    waa,,, confused to the core dear..sorry if hurt you

    1. Crazykipuh

      Okay I ll explain
      Shanky got lust on Swara which turned to obbsesion
      N to get her he behaved till now as good boy
      But mad take he ll behave good Hai na ?
      So she got to know his true colours n now confronting each other is going on
      Hope clear to u

      1. Mica

        ty soo much.. huh! it’s my fault too, apart from twinj name in your ff, i missed to read prev episode, that too i don’t understand hindi at all, please update in english dear.. ty

  4. Vyshu10


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