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I streched myself after having a long afternoon sleep. We reached yesterday evening and for the first time in my life, I slept for so many hours. In the whole day, i just went down to have my breakfast. Lucky is quiet surprised by my behavior but I am helpless because of the trip and long journey, I felt tired. I went down asusal after getting fresh but surprised to see swara’s parents there.
” good evening bhai” greeted lucky with a excited tone.
” is everything okay?” I asked them in a interrogative tone.
Ragini sighed and said to me” actually we have seen a match for you ”
Oh no! Not again. Why the hell everyone wants me to marry
” I am not ready”
” but it is you who have said us to look for another match after meera” my mom taunted as usual.
” she is right ” said my badi ma taking my mom’s side.
Finally I accepted my defeat” who is she?”
“Swara gadodia”everyone said in unison.
What the hell are they speaking now? Did swara accept for this but how and why? Many questions started blossoming in my mind and only she can answer them.
” I need to talk to her” I announced .
“You can ” lucky said winking at me. I immediately went to my car and started driving. My mind is full with all thoughts of swara which led to irritation. suddenly I stopped my car at a place from where one can eaisly see the howarh bridge along with river.
There she is, standing and enjoying the sunset view. I started walking towards her.
” sanskar” she said without turning. all my nerves got attention listening to her.
” what is this swara?”
“I think you know only this sentence” she pouted.
Aww..she is so cute.
” I mean you might have know that our families want us to marry” I said fumbling.
” Yeah!”she said casually looking at the sun setting..
How can she be so casual? I haven’t seen love type of thing for me in her eyes and I can bet because in our college days, she loved akash. then how is this possible?
” do you want to marry me just because I saved you?”
She didn’t reply to me but I observed expressions changing on her face.
” so you say that I am just marrying you as you saved me?” She let a breath out ” is marriage a give and take relationship?”
“Of course not! But then how did you suddenly develop feelings for me?”
She smiled to listen my answer. Did I tell any joke to her?
” feelings…frankly speaking, I dont know present state of my mind sanskar. I really don’t know what made me to accept this proposal but all what I can say is that no one can protect me as you do.”
” so..you are marrying for your security?”
” if say no..then it will be hilarious as the answer is yes. But this is not based on any give and take relationship. Every girl needs a partner with whom she feels that she is in safe hands.The way you tried to free from that asylum showed me how much you love.”
My body became numb for a minute. Did I behave like that? Did I show her my love?
” definitely it is love because friendship doesn’t have that courage sanskar. Not only that but you made me smile by arranging birthday party and planning the tour. I can see that concern… not exactly, but love for me in your eyes. If I won’t marry you even after knowing that you love me…”
I cut her words ” OK..I accept that I love you but marriage needs love swara which you don’t have for me”
I don’t know why I am opposing her but my heart is asking me not to accept this proposal because it feels that swara might feel inconvient.
” love can happen even after marriage ” she said confidently.
” only few girls get a loving and caring life partner and I am glad that I have got you. Your love is pure sanskar. It is just pure and clear as water. Your love made you to behave maturely but mine made me to run away from my own parents.”
” stop under estimating you. Love is always the same. You have used your brain instead of your heart”
She nodded.” Now I want to use my heart sanskar. Will you marry me sanskar? I want to taste the essence of life I really want to brighten my 98 years and I am sure that only you can do it.” She said with tears in her eyes.
My greedy mind dominated my heart. I moved two steps to her and placed my hand on her left shoulder. I felt something there. I slowly slided the sleeve on her shoulder. There, she still had that red scar. My eyes welled up. I immediately leaned to her and kissed her scar. Tears are flowing from my eyes.
” I will swara..I will ” I said. My voice wet. She tightened her grip on my waist.
” I know you will” she too had same wet voice.
“Will you marry me?” I have asked as if it is my right.
” but you need to do something for that”
“What!” I exclamied pulling myself back from the hug.
A naughty smile is playing on her lips.” You shouldn’t drink milk from now”
It brought a smile on my face. We didn’t even get married and she has started showing her possessiveness infact obsession.
I didn’t say any word to her but hugged her tightly.
” from when did you start believing on this foolish statement?”
” before a minute ” she murmured.
” so you are obsessed with me”
“Yes. do you have any problem? ”
I smiled. ” will you come with me for a date..dinner date”
She broke the hug and looked at me.
” sure” her voice reflected her excitement.
After dinner, we were on our way to home.
” please stop the car, sanskar”
I gave her a puzzled look. ” just stop” she repeated. I did what she said.
We both got down from the car at a desserted street just two blocks before her house.
” I want to have a small walk with you..till the end of this Street..will you?” She asked in a honey voice.
I nodded and we both started walking. Silence occupied the distance between us but my emotions are making loud noise deep inside my heart by walking with my LOVE..We turned to the direction of our car after reaching the end but swara came infront of me.
” what happened?” I said confused.
” I want to walk with you? ”
Walk with me. That is what we are doing right now. she smiled seeing my irritated face. Before I can picture what is happening, she wrapped her arms around my neck and raised on her toes. I placed my hands on her waist. I looked down when she tightened her grip around my neck. Oh my god! She is standing on my feet and moreover, she didn’t had her foot wear. I guess she left that in the car.
” I want to walk with you like this sanskar” she said looking straight into my eyes. I started walking in the same position. Oh God! It is very difficult but still I loved it.
” I used to walk like this with my father. you know why…because I feel protective in his arms”
So she is feeling protective in my arms even. Slowly she released her hands that were snaking my neck and leaned back wards.
” be careful!” I said while tightening my grip on her waist.
” nothing will happen to me until I am with you oops you are with me.”
We slowly walked to the car and I dropped her at her house.
I looked myself for the fifth time in the mirror. Actually I am not used to pay attention on my appearance but i must look good today because it’s my wedding and who would appreciate any bride with messed up look.
” shall we go” lucky asked rolling his eyes. I think he got irritated
” just a minute lucky ” I said adjusting my sherwani.
” how many minutes bhai” I can clearly listen complain in his voice.
We both started walking along the corridor. Fifteen days, from the past fifteen days our families got involved in marriage preparations. Swara has literally enjoyed every ritual but for me mehindi was highlight as I pranked her when I was supposed to find my name. She looked so cute then. Uttara and bhabhi had didn’t leave any chance to tease us while ragini and laksh were living in some other world. All above this, I saw my swara coming back. No… she is back completely.
I came to senses when bade papa has asked me to enter the mandap. I took blessings of elders and sat in the mandap but my eyes are searching for my bride. I got irritated . how much time will these girls take in getting ready. I turned round. Even ragini is missing. I let a sigh out
” there she is” my mom exclamied and I looked up. Oh God! What a beauty. She looked damn beautiful in red lehenga. The color increased the brightness of her skin. She is wearing the same necklace which I had presented her on our sangeet. She is smiling listening to ragini’s words. I closed my eyes and open them again. While descending the steps, she looked at me with those eyes in which I always wished to swim. Her cheeks became red. May be she is blushing. I thank God to bring my swara back… the same girl with the same charming face, energetic smile, expressive eyes but this time, those eyes had love for me that started blossoming in her heart. She came and sat beside me but didn’t even dare to look up. Pandit has asked us to take pheras and we started walking. Pandit ji continously kept saying the importance of each promise for each pehra but additional to that, I promised myself to never let her smile vanish her face even in the worst conditions. Later I decorated her neck line with sacred thread and filled her hairline with sindoor.
” from this moment, you both are husband and wife” said pandit while blessing us.
The thought that this girl is my wife, wife of sanskar maheswari, made me proud and satisfied.
After taking blessings from elders, bidai and performing many rituals, I entered my room..our room for our special night.
I looked around but didn’t find swara there. What is this game now. Why is she hiding from me? I turned my head sideways and saw her standing in the balcony staring at the moon. I approached her with a smile on my face.
” what are you doing here?” I asked her while leaning to the railings by standing opposite to her.
” nothing” she said smiling.
I moved to her side and turned towards the moon. She placed her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my left hand around hers. Her touch made me happy. I am feeling like I will never loose her. she too came closer to me. With a joyful heart, I looked up into the sky and again I saw that..shooting star. First time, I wished to see her, then I met her in train. Second time I wished to see her, I met her in US. Now I don’t have any wish because she is mine, completely mine but I want to wish..I closed my eyes. If every wish becomes true then please give me the strength to make her happy..that strength by which I can replace her past with my sweet love.
” what did you wish?” She asked me softly with out raising her head.
” you know it better” I said smiling.
She lifted her head to see me and pouted” but I didn’t wish anything!”
“Then wish now”
She closed her eyes and again rested on my shoulder.
” I have everything in my life now but still I have one wish. I want two daughters.. Please ” she sounded as if she is pleading to someone. I leaned to her and wishpered
” don’t you want any boy like me?”
She stuck her tongue out as she did some mistake.
” please cancel my last wish…I want a girl who is cute and sweet as my husband and also a boy who is handsome like my husband” she again pleaded but I can sense the happiness in her voice. I leaned my head on her head after kissing her hairs. Then I took her left hand in my right hand. We both came closer to each other such that air between us started suffocating.
We both stood under the rays of full moon by making unspoken promises of staying together forever.


I thought of giving my mail address but soon, I am going to create an fb account. So I will give you the link in my first episode of raglak.

****Sorry raglakians. I have a concept in my mind but my final exams are going to start with in fifteen days so I may most probably come back in first week of April. Till then love you all. Good bye.

SREE DIVYA( my original name) singing off..byeee

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  1. Awesome…….enjoyed each nd every moment especially the last part was fabulous……..will wait for ur next ff…….is ur next ff based fully on raglak or both swasan nd raglak??????………..UR this ff is one of my favourite ff……this was having all the mixtures like emotions cuteness friendship love sacrifice…….nd many more things I can’t describe this ff just by using few words…….becz this ff is out of the world…….love U shree divya……..loved ur ff alot??????????……….nd best of luck for ur exams

    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Hello khan…thanks for the lovely comment. Love you too.

  2. Really it was soo damn good…u are an awesome writer Divya. U just nailed it. Today my day was quite messy but after reading your ff a smile spread on my face. Come soon with your next ff.??

    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Aww..that’s so good to read that my fiction lighted your day and I really love myself being reason for someone’s smile.

  3. Happy ending dear.. Nice

  4. Awesome as always….

  5. Oh in april…….gonna miss u divya try to cm back sooner…..loads of love

    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Thank-you Shreya, dolly and sravs and really miss you all to the core.

  6. Wow sree , i litterally had goosebumps while reading it.what a beautiful episode.milk segment, shooting star ,eight promises including sanskaars promise has really made me jump in excitement.it was the cutest episode so far.i never wished anything to shooting star but after reading this in will surely try for once .The line ” air between us started suffocating” was just epic.walking segment was really heart touching .when i startrd reading i had a small grin on my face ,with each turned bigger and bigger.i cant express my happiness in words. Cute gestures of swasan had made me fall once again for them.i will miss u soooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh yaar.Bidding u all a good bye especially sree , sindhu di and vaishanavi.i will miss u all like hell .All the best for your exams
    See u at 1st April.return with a big bang.i will.be eagerly waiting for it.i hope u wouldn’t forget me .bye

    1. hey, needhi!!! all the best for your exams. study and do well. will miss you and waiting for you.

    2. Sree harini(Divya)

      Really feeling happy by reading this comment needhi. I just wanted to make it light. I think you got involved so much in the story that you had goose bumps…
      * crying badly* I am here to say something heart breaking to you, sindhu, vaishu, dolly, Shreya, joya( as sisters) and every reader that I really don’t know whether I will be able to come back to this site in future. My life took a drastic change just few hours ago and that’s the reason for my late reply. See as I have said, I am never blessed with anything in my life. Yesterday itself I got new friends and three besties and today I am going far away from them.* red eyes* I am feeling as if I am going to taste the dark side of the life soon. I can’t tell you about the change because it’s too personal. Don’t think that I don’t trust you all. I do I seriously have place for you in my heart but that isn’t a matter to be disclosed in public sites. Hope you understand..I really want to get out of this bit I can’t find any way.. I am 90% sure that I won’t come back here.I don’t hope but unfortunately this would be my last comment. I will be glad if you all continue our friendship in the same way without me..please pardon me….LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH..NEEDHI, SINDHU, JWALA AND VAISHU…* literally sobbing* bye friends.

      1. God ,u r really scaring me now.i will pray to god that u soon overcome all your problems and emerge out of it victoriously.may god fulfill all your wishes. Now, even i am crying .i will seriosly miss u yaar.give me your email-id if its possible ,i will contact u.

      2. Hey shreeee,
        I dnt knw what happened wid u….. But take care of ur self………….i dnt belive in god but i know everything will be fine…….

        How can u say that u r never blessed wid anything??????
        Tumhe is duniya kinsab se khoobsurat blessing mili hai….tumhara talent…… Jo labjon k sahare ek hasin kahani likh sakta hai…..

        Agar yeh sab tumhare dil me rehte hai to ab aankhe band kar k aawaj do tumhe kisi roop me joya,nidhi,sindhu jarur milenge…..

        Aur ha tumhe sach me kisi bhi help ki jarurat ho to kehna……my fecebook id SHEETAL jakate….dp hai Satyamev jayte…mumkin hai….dp me ek msg hai..HELP EACH OTHER TO BRING HUMANITY BACK TO D WORLD…..
        Take care……..

        Agr dark side se mulakat ho bhi jaye to harna mat….duniya kehti h ki andheron me saya bhi sat chhod k jata hai…..galat hai….saya sath nahi chhodta wo to andheron k wakt apne andar samajata hai.halki si kiran bhi padi to bhi dikhayi deta hai…waise hi hum sab tumhare andar hai….
        Take care………

  7. Superb episode loved it soooooo muchhhh ?? superb ending

  8. Actually im in hurry i would xplain @ eve…
    Bt fir nw im spell bound sree divya…..

    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Thank-you kittu, swetha and navi for commenting.

  9. Amazing dear!!!!…. It was awesome…. Sweet ending……. N meaning of your name was so good….. N best of luck for your exams… Will meet in April again….
    Today’s part was so good that before commenting I had read 3-4 times…..it was marvellous awesome….. As usual no words for you… I had already poured out my dictionary…… Hat’s off dear. Lots of love…!!!!!!!!!!!…….!!!!!!…*smile emoji*

    1. N yaa that walk part specially arms part was awesome loved it….n wedding part ..description was fabulous…. NAILED IT!!!!!….

      1. Sree harini(Divya)

        3-4 times..seriously..I think you got addicted to it…well thanks is the only word I can say for your love but it needs something beyond it…a warm hug from my side aashi. Miss you so much.

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    1. Thnx for correcting me I will surely learn these words but after Mey exams they r starting from Monday nd will end on 12 March

      1. good luck, dear!!

    2. so chellii, how was your day? today was just awesome for me. you all are the reason for it. I am so happy today. I was waiting for the evening eagerly.

      1. Hello akka my day was as usual actually preparing for xams in home itself …nd ur day wad awesome dat to bcoz of us!!! Ohhoo wat did we do??

      2. Sree harini(Divya)

        Sorry sindhu for making you cry today. I always wished to be the reason of others happiness but it seems like I lost the one. Please don’t cry dear as I can’t bear my beloved ones in tears..miss you…please don’t cry.

    3. call me sindhu dear!!! i was in a good mood after chatting with you all, last night. so i woke up with the same mood and I was smiling through out the day!!

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      This is the first comment which said that my fiction was out of the box..a big smile on my face..thanks for wishes dear neha.

      1. Hey sree I don’t know whether u r reading this comment or not but your comment chat with needhi made me frightened dear so I just wanna say one thing I don’t know u personally but ur ff has given u a very charming and pure soul image and u know what dear people with pure soul may face difficulties but they will overcome it and be the ultimate winner and u r the one in my pov so best of luck for everything u r gonna face I don’t know in what problem u r caught dear but I promise I will pray to god that u always stay fine and happy and come back soon since I don’t know the depth of your problems so I can’t say don’t worry but will say one thing just have faith in you and god ur pain will be lessen and for your problems don’t worry u have many friends praying for your betterment and I promise I will surely be one of them ?wish this smili make you smile ☺ dear

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    N thank u for dis amazing story..

    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Thank-you dhara and VIPs for comments and wishes.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      I will always take your comment in a positive way..even critics are needed which show is our place. Even I love that walk dear. Thank you for wishes

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Expected a bot lenghty comments from you but it’s okay. Love you.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Hello anam. I am going to miss you badly..and I mean it.you cn chit chat with my fake name but I guess you won’t get opportunity for that…love you loads.

  19. Hi sree. I m also from AP so I want to know where u stay in AP. U r a fab writer n if u try u may have a great future in writing…….
    . from
    lovers of varun kapoor

    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      I live in Hyderabad dear…thanks for your love and last sentence brought a smile on my face.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Hadi…I don’t have any words to say thank-you dear as I am very poor at vocabulary. Thank-you sooo much for this lovely comment and being with me from Limitless love. Love you so much.

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      I actually wanted to make the last episode light and I am successful.. I guess.love you so much dear…did you like this ending?? A bit common one.

  22. I don’t know yaar what to say but this is one of the beautiful story that I have ever seen. It remembered me “I too had a love story” Your writing skill is just like that.You are a fabulous writer yaar.This is the most beautiful ff that I have ever seen in Telly updates.It didn’t make me slept for 2 days.And come back soon with an another Swasan ff

    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      I was actually in a plan to read that novel but one of my friends said that it is trageic. The next min, I dropped the idea…aww you didn’t sleep.so sorry but I am happy as I became successful in narrating. I have written a SWASAN hate story(18) episodes. You can go through it if you didn’t read.

      1. Sri it is a tragic novel but I am telling that your writing skill remembered me that novel. I will read that dear…..and sorry for not reading that because of lack of time. Please forgive me dear

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Thank-you Juan.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Aww..overwhelmed to know the reason for your smile..its me..yeah you are right..thank-you for wishes.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Thank kyoy jyothi.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      *tears in eyes* sorry jwala..I may not be able to write any more but you will be in my heart. I miss you so much dear and will always wish you to get a person like sanskar for your future. Bye sisy…Miss you and I love you* crying*

      1. Arey yaar …don’t be senti..u will also make me cry…?? …u know wht…i look like a total idiot while crying…..will miss u to ..i.will add u in indian forums ….my name is jwalakrishna in indian forums………bye dear………luv u sissy a loot ( more than infinity ) ????

  27. whooo!!! teju!!! you nailed it!!! simply awesome!! his expression when the family said swara gadodia in unison, their convo on bridge, the milk part and her obsession, their cute walk, laksh’s irritated face, the full marriage sequence where you told the mehendi prank, sangeet gift and 8th promise, then their special night, again shooting star *wow*, his wish, kids *lol*, kiss on hair *so cute* and finally air suffocating. uff!!! everything was perfect. a splendid update dear!! Study and do well in your exams!! will miss you!! waiting for you!!

    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      You have just explained the whole episode in tweleve sentences. Is there anything left?* winks*.. I may do well in exams but not in life dear.

      1. How could you say ‘don’t cry’ teju? i am already crying. i find another similarity dear. My happiness is also short lived. I don’t know what you are going through and the problem’s depth. but i am sure about one thing that you will overcome it. you are a brave and strong girl. don’t lose your hope. God will always be with you dear. We will pray for you. I still have the hope that you will come because i don’t want to lose a friend. In case, you read this comment and create a fb account, please let me know. my id is ‘sindhuja mathusoothanan’. I will wait for you and am missing you badly. God bless you dear.

  28. I love this Sanskaar!!!! <3 <3
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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Even I love this sanskar sooo much.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Thank-you kanak and please don’t say thanks.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      I have already written a SWASAN story of eighteen episodes dear. The title goes SWASAN- a hate story. Overwhelmed to read that I became your favourite. Thank-you sooo much for your lovely comments.

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    1. Sree harini(Divya)

      Hey jaf..don’t be so emotional.. Love you too dear…thankyou for being with me from Limitless love ..thanks for lovely comment

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  34. Sree…it was an amazing episode….and all the best for your exams…

  35. Hey sree..u r jst awsmmm…u remembr.. i requestd u 2 start a swasan ff ??!! M soooo sorryyy…dat i cudnt comment on ur previous epi as i was very busy in my sis wedding soo…but i hv read all ur epi in one go nd they r jst fab as usual… i ll b waitingfr u…come back soon..nd best of luck fr ur xams…:)

  36. Teju I donno what problem u faced right now but with ur words I can guess dat u r very distressed I think u lost hope but dearpls don’tlose hope bcoz u only said dat if god is giving any problem den der must be some r other logic behind it if we lose something den we will get more better thing than dat I know u will definitely get out of d problem b strong akka when u feel alone think dat I am beside u plss b happy bcoz if u will b happy then only I will feel relaxed…pls smile yaar I can’t see u like dis…u know within these few days u became very close to me I want to talk to daily but its ok if u can’t come in dis site its ok but always remember I am der for u …if u can share then plss give me ur mail I’d…..take care

  37. I don’t know if u r seeing this comment or not…but I read ur comment above and I don’t know what happened but I will pray to Allah that everything gonna be well with you and don’t lose hope because it is the only strength we have…and I will wish that u may come over all the problems and changes and soon we will see u here with ur new ff again but really all the very best…

  38. This was amazing yaar… God bless u.

  39. buy sree love u..

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