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After three months, one of the cop informed me that I am releasing today. I don’t know who did it but I am grateful to them. I came out after changing my clothes and saw Jones talking with the head. Akash is beside him with red marks on his face. I guess Jones exposed him.
” sorry Mr. Maheswari to trouble you. You are free now even swara is” he said shaking hand with me.
” its okay sir ” I said with a wide smile that extended till my ears. Before coming out, I glared akash. if looks can kill then he must be dead now.
” thank-you Jones. I know this is very small word for what you have done and please never hesitate to ask anything” i said while hugging him.
” its okay sir. All I need is your friendship” he winked at me.
I hugged him again but this time tightly and said” you have returned me my life ”
Later I collected my passport from him and boarded into the first flight for India. This time, every second passed like a year. I am eagerly waiting to my family. I am sure that by this time, everyone got to know about me and swara and I seriously wish that her parents apologize and accept her.

As expected, my family gave me a warm welcome. My dad was almost in tears while my mom and badi ma are weeping badly. Even I had waters in my eyes. Laksh hugged me tightly and I melted .
That night, I threw myself on the bed. Seriously I missed it a lot and fell asleep as I was unable to sleep in that jail. Next morning, as usual ragini came to my room greeting me with a wide smile.
” good morning” I said in an energetic voice.
“Good morning sanskar” she said.
I am shocked listening to her. Did she just say sanskar?
” sanskar..I think it is new to you but from now I will call you like this only”
“Oh! So everyone at your house accepted her”
” I almost had tears listening her sanskar and” she came near to me “you are really a true friend”
I just smiled at her and came down. Again my mother encountered me with glass of milk and this time I didn’t object her but trust me I don’t know why.
The same night, I slept on my bed thinking about swara. I know that I am smiling right now and seriously I don’t have any regrets now. All I knew is she is now happy with her life and mainly she is out of that hell.
I went down after brushing my hair and stopped for a minute seeing her again in my house. Oh God! Before one month, I slept without any regret but again she came into my life. Destiny never wanted me to be happy. I slowly went to her and smiled. It is then I observed her. Her face is charming but her eyes still had something in them . she is just pretending to be happy but not exactly. I want my friend swara back and I will bring her at any cost. Immediately I turned to lucky.
” shall we plan for a week day trip to forest?”
“Sure bhai..but who will come with us?”
I looked at swara and said” swara along with my gang”
He showed me thumbs up.
I turned to swara” okay then be ready by day after tomorrow. We will leave at early hours and yeah this is my order” I said the last words because I knew she won’t disobey my order.
She simply smiled nodding yes to me.
Next morning, I went to her house along with a big boquet and knocked her door. After few seconds, she opened the door and my mouth opened wide seeing her in blue color suit.
” swara! Surprise” exclaimed ragini.
Both sisters hugged each other and all other family members deeply involved in chatting. I slowly sent to swara and wishpered ” will you come out with me?”

Her eyes widened but after a while she agreed.
” where are we going sanskar?” She asked as I blind folded her.
” shh” I wishpered at her ear.” Please stay quiet ” I added.
Soon we got into the car and reached our destination. All the way of the journey, she kept blabbering and I felt like my swara is coming back slowly. We both walked to a restaurant and her eyes widened seeing the arrangements after removing the cloth from her eyes. Yes I have called our gang members and arranged a surprise party for her. She turned to me in surprise.
” happy birthday swara” I said in a loving voice.
She sighed as of she remembered now that it is her birthday but I know that her family wished her in the morning. Soon she cut the cake and we really had a great time. She gave a piece of cake to everyone. I slowly approached her staring at her. Her eyes smiled at me.
” would you like to have a piece?” I said pointing at the cake. She nodded and closed her eyes while opening her mouth wide as I cut a piece from it. My hand went near her mouth and I laughed myself seeing her expressions. How sure she is that I will feed her with her favourite pastery? She closed her eyes with great confidence just like a cat does when it drinks milk. Her forehead frowned as she didn’t feel any cream on her tongue and I neared her with a naughty smile.
” I am sorry swara” I said as I applied the cake on her face.
” awww..sanskar” she shouted. Seeing my act, everyone applied the cake and now her face became brown as it is a chocolate flavour.
She is looking too cute in it.

” you are going to pay for it Mr. Maheswari” she said while smriking.
Before I could picture anything, I felt her soft fingers touching my face then cheeks and nose even. Oh God! She applied cream on my face.
” swara!” I exclaimed.
” mission accomplished ” she said while running. I too ran back of her.
” guys! Stop fighting” Priya said. I turned to her.
” you no need to stop them dear wifey” said pratik. I can smell his jealousy. How insecure he is!
After having a long day with lots of fun, we both started our journey to our home.
” swara!” I wishpered look straight on the road.
” hmm”
” I think you forgot something”
” what” she asked in surprise.
” birthday gift..I didn’t give you any birthday gift”
She placed her hand in my shoulder and turned to me.
” you already gave sanskar ”
“What? I mean when ”
She smiled listening my confused voice.
” life..life sanskar. You have gifted me my life. World’s best gift”
I gulped the lump that got stuck in my throat but it kept creeping till stomach and exploded into butterflies. Did she just praise me? Or am I hallucinating?
” seriously sanskar. You are the best person”
“Thank-you ” I said trying to hide my emotions.
” okay then be ready by 8:00am tomorrow. “We should leave right”
She nodded in yes before stepping out of the car.

I gulped hard when seeing the series of steps infront of my eyes. My jaw literally touched ground.
” can’t you do this? ” swara asked me while giggling. I simply glared at her.
From the day we started our journey for camp, I felt like my swara is coming back slowly. her naughtiness increased day by day. in these four days, our gang has enjoyed a lot. Swara and i did many adventures.I loved the trecking most because I was by her side all the time as she was one of my group member. When we felt bore during nights, all members gathered and danced around bonfire. Best days of my life but today I am here because of my foolishness. Yesterday evening, lucky said that all girls are so scared and weak people and hence they need the support of boys. This one really irritated swara while ragini fumed in anger. Swara challenged with him that he would make a round in the deep forest during night to prove his braveness. It is then I spoke out. I wish I wouldn’t have but had done that. I opposed her because it is dangerous. Swara nodded her head in no and asked to accept that boys are loosers. It irritated me after all I am man and I too have ego. So I challenged her that we both will have a competition of climbing the steps of the temple nearby and whoever reaches the first is strong.
” scared of loosing, Mr. Maheswari?” She taunted.
” why will I?” I said in harsh and arrogant voice.
We both looked at each other and started climbing steps. She climbed fast as she skipped each step in the attempt.
After few minutes, we stopped at one of the step to take breath. I turned back to check the progress of my gang. Everyone are leisurely climbing the steps. a smile came on my seeing seeing Priya being carried in pratik’s arms.
” do you want to carry me like that?” She asked me pointing them.
” hell no” I screamed.
” but why?”
” look swara..Priya is on diet and pratik has good biceps. I don’t say that I am not strong but just look at you..you look so heavy” I said rasing my hands as if I am not approving it.

” oh! Seriously?” She said narrowing her eyes. She gave a blow on my back and started climbing the steps. Oh shit! I forgot our challenge. I have increased the speed in my steps and with in no time, I crossed her and reached the destination .
” you did it bro” lucky shouted from down with great excitement but poor fellow, he is still unaware of the punishment given to him by his lovely wife.. Swara glared at me and our eyes met for few seconds then we both bursted out laughing.
That night, I just came out of my tent to take a round of all other tents. Everyone are sleeping peacefully but I found my brother missing along with his wife. I made a friendly trip but it became honey moon trip for my brother as he was married six months ago. I always found them missing during nights but seriously I dont know where they are roaming. I let a sigh out and again started inspecting the tents. My legs stopped at swara’s tent and I peeped inside but to my surprise, she is not inside. I looked around and found her sitting on the banks of a small stream that was passing by, enjoying the beauty of the moon. I slowly walked towards her and sat beside her.
” hi” I wished but she didn’t respond
” swara” I raised my voice and she smiled to me after coming out of trance.
” akash!” I asked.
” you always read my mind” she smiled. “even we made a trip like this before our eloping with my school mates” her voice is wet.
” swara!” I said in affectionate voice.
” it’s okay sanskar. I am fine” she smiled but as I said earlier, she can never fool me, sanskar maheswari.
” he is your past”
“But he affected my future”
I sighed ” future…swara future is in our hands. We still have time to mould it but past doesn’t ”
” I agree with you sanskar but what always pulls anyone from reaching their future goals is past itself. The fear it left in us will never give any courage to move on” she said while plucking some of the grass from ground.
” fear..I guess you read GITA”
She nodded in yes. I smiled at her.
” the whole essence of it is ‘be fearless’ and you are unable to follow it. Then what’s the use of reading it” I said confidently as I have a point.
” I agree..but it’s difficult to apply. The torture, the pain that I experienced is not allowing me to trust anyone.” Her voice is filled with irritation now.
” swara..akash is only one ..but just look at your surroundings. There are lots of men who are different from him.” I pointed to ragini and Lakshya who were coming to us from some where. Ragini is continuously laughing while laksh is staring at her with a smile ” look at them..do you feel that he is not different from akash?” I said in a low and soft voice. My eyes kept staring at her to read her face.
” it takes time” she said finally after a long silence .
” I heard that your parents are searching matches for you. I will be really happy if you choose one of them.” I said fighting back with my tears.
” what!” She exclamied. I can feel the heat in her voice which is enough to burn me alive.
” marriage..no way” she said again. I gulped looking at her face. She quickly smiled at me seeing my face.
” I said I need time sanskar” she said in a low voice
” how many years” I taunted her after gathering some courage. I really want her to move on in.
” I don’t know ” she murmurmed. I stood up and walked to the stream, I kneel down and took a coin from my pocket and wrapped it with wet soil then I filled an empty bottle with water that was lying near the bank. I came back and sat beside her.
” this is you swara” I said placing the coin in her hand. She looked at me in confusion.
” yes, this is your life. Now it is in your hands. Whether you want to live a priceless life with your past memories or ”
I slowly poured the water on the coin and the mud surrounding it departed exposing the coin
” or show your shine to this world by cleaning up your memories”
She looked at me in amusement. I Continued” I know it’s difficult to apply but it is not impossible. We are living in a society where we find may faces. Everyone has a past but they are not giving up their life just like you. If our freedom fighters have given up seeing the deaths during various movements, we would never had enjoyed this freedom. One should always feel happy remembering past but shouldn’t regret. If you are going to regret then never think about it.”
She stared at me with full concentration.
” now its upto you swara whether you want to ruin your 75years of life by living with this past or you will erase those two years to brighten up 98 years of your life.”

By this time, she is lost in deep thoughts but I know that her heart is working on my words. It is signalling brain to decide. Finally I stood up and turned to her.
” choice is yours!”
I started walking towards my tent.I know it is difficult for me because I , myself has asked her to marry someone. I know that I am not in her list but all I want now is her happiness. She must get out akash. I wish..no pray God to give her such a partner in her life who has the power to replace her scars and wounds with his love. As a lover, I wish her well being and I will never force or let her know my feelings towards because she may again feel cheated and this time, she won’t be able to believe anyone. Deep inside, my heart is paining but love is the one which always seeks others happiness. It is not selfish as we humans are. For the first time in case of swara, I wanted to listen to my brain because my heart is already sobbing. When I reached my tent, I turned back to see her and a smile came in my face.

To be continued…

Credit to: Sree harini


  1. muski

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    How do u imagine such things…..
    Fantastic Job……
    N regarding me writing lol??? plzzz let’s not crash this site…. Hahah?

    • Sree harini

      Hey thank-you but I didn’t expect my words to show such an affect on you. Infact I have written this episode half sleeping. Well regarding writing, I don’t expect that you will crash this site as i have confidence in you. Overall felt very happy reading your comment.

  3. sweety

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    • Sree harini

      Ayyo sweety. Don’t feel bad because I will also become sad. But ha you have yhree ore days to spend with me as TELLY UPDATES is not accepting any fiction till Wednesday.

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you jaf and I am really sorry as I didn’t reply to your comment on previous episode as I was because in my exams.

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    And I have read all the parts of ur swasan a hate story ff…its really out of the words…. And today’s one its just superbbbbbbb?
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    • Sree harini

      You can ask about my detalis and I am doing second year of bachelors degree. What!! Did you read all the episodes of hate story that too in a single day..jumping on the bed…thankyiu for compliments dear.love you dear.

  6. Needhi

    Hi sree ,this episode was heavenly.Sanskaar’s guestures , swara’s realistic answers and above all that mud , coin and water sequence has really created a soft corner in my heart for this episode. Sanskaar’s character in vinni di’s ff has really grabbed my attention and was my favourite till now but u know what this sanskar has really gone a way head and has topped in my list of perfect lover.i have seen your comment in saba’s ff of swasan.Whats your opinion about it ?i just wanted to know and ya its not necessary to answer my each and every question.u r quite a convincing writer .I loved it to the core .hats off to u for such an amazing ff.Feeling bit emotional , sacond last part no,then again our contact would be snapped.Sree , what r u doing now ? I am asking about your education.

    • Sree harini

      Aww..you are a good observent dear. Mud coin water sequence..oh God! Seriously I didn’t expect that it would create such a impact on you all. Yeah I too love vini di’s sanskar more than mine because he is acting cruely infrin of his own love…but your lines brought a smile on my face…even I am feeling emotional dear and I am feeling bad as I will also loose many friends. If I share my email ID, wil you be able to contact me because I don’t have any fb account…..lastly I didn’t get about which comment you are talking..if regarding my father’s past then I can only say that he has seen the worst part of the life along with a high class one..he is my inspiration.

      • Sree harini

        Achaa I forget to inform my studies ..I am studying bsc. Second year..microbiology and what about you..even I want to know your age, studies and the state you belong to.

      • Needhi

        Ya sree , i was talking about that comment only , in which u mentioned about your father.Sree even my father is my inspiration .He is in army , so i am really proud him.i really have lot of regards and respect for your father because from comment i could make out that his past was far worse than saba’s sanskaar , yet he is caring and loving .that really need guts and he is really a very strong man.
        I use fb frequently but i dont use my email account .if u will give me your id ,then i will definately contact u but after 14 March i.e. last date of my boards.

      • Sree harini

        That’s so sweet you dear and on a serious note, I just love army people to the core. Infact I have prepared for those exams after finishing my tenth standard but being a traditional person, my mom didn’t allow me to attend the exams and my dad really has a bitter past bit not like that of sanskar I mean my dad is not a casanova…he has seen another dark side of life unlike sanskar. I will mention my mail ID in the last episode then so that it may be useful for others even…but seriously yaar..I am jumping in the bed reading that you are a daughter of soldier. Actually my family is a bit patriotic and I have that in my blood..I am so obssed with it such that I have kept my what’s dp of bhagat Singh on Valentine’s day..love you loads.

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      • Sree harini

        It’s okay dear you can continue calling me sree..I am comfortable with it and ha you didn’t cross any limits in case of my dad. I just explained about him cause I didn’t want any one mistake his personality with sanskar that’s it…seriously..are you a maheshbabu fan..typical teenager dear. As I said earlier, I am very lazy at watching movies but I have googled now to know about the birthday of mahesh Babu…wow your grandfather is also an army officer. Yes I too agree that life is harsh there but according to me, dying for my country is the best one.. Finally I don’t know what is P.C.M but all the best for your boards..do well in the exams. I will be back with a raglak ff on April first for sure..love you loads..I am still not able to get over from your behaviour towards mahesh I mean the way you said to everyone. Anyways take care. And now I became determined to make a contact with you.

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      • Sree harini

        Sorry nishi..has seen your comment just now. Vini di has written two ff. One is SWASAN fanfiction( 36 epi) and second is SWASAN fanfiction season 2( continue)
        And I have written two. One is SWARAGINI- Limitless love(57) and SWASAN- a hate story (18). Hope this information helped you.

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      Heredity!!! I guess no because no one in my house writes stories but may be yes to some extent as I am fond of Telugu and Sanskrit literature and read many poems in them..actually my dad guided me….the most happiest thing for me I’d everyone started loving sanskar of my fiction…I am going to unite them in last episode dear..for sure.

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      Another Telugu reader..yipeee.we have two more here, alle and vaishnavi.thank-you for your lovely comment and my mother tongue is Telugu

  16. swetha

    I just read one of ur episode its 6 one actually I just loved it soo muchhh and I read all the episodes in one go and I am in love with this ff and the way you write plz if u hav written any other swasan ff plz could u give me those links even I am a hyderabadi

    • Sree harini

      Aww..thank-you swetha.glad to know that you loved my fiction. Actually I have started my journey with SWARAGINI- Limitless love with 57 episodes then continued with SWASAN- a hate story consisting 18 episodes and now I am here with this story . it would be difficult for you to search Limitless love as I have started giving links from episode 30 I guess..and regarding hate story, you can eaisly Google it I mean if you get one episode then you can reach the first one as I provides link for every episode hope this helps you……another Hyderabad girll. Yaay

  17. renu

    One of the best ff yaar .. superb!! Amazing!!mind blowing thank u for such a nice story u r great dear.. keep it up. ..

  18. Joya

    Agar humra suspense aur horror novels me dube dimag bahar nikalo and technical part ko ignore kare to overall very nice epi……

  19. shabrin

    Please dear I know u have to end it coz it’s a seven shot but plz come back with a new long one coz I will miss ur writing and comments. ..and please let me know the title of ur next ff so that I can identify that it’s urs???

    • Sree harini

      Sure shabrin..I will come back because manyy has requested me to write a raglak ff. So I am planning to make a twenty episode of it but the story is under construction. Ieven I am having exams now. I will try my best to convince you all at that even.

  20. Tania

    One more thing sree I want to ask is what is the name of vinni di ‘s ff. U all are praising it, I also want to read.
    And do anyone know that why telly updates are not updating any ff.??

    • Sree harini

      Well joya has mentioned about it. Seriously, after reading her fiction, you will once again fall for sanskar. Idk why tu is not uploading ff but should wait till Wednesday.

  21. aashi

    sree plzz plzz plzz post last part in cmmts plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    cant wait till wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sree harini

      Girl…I have said you at 1:30 and you finished it by 2:44… Great..thank-you so much swetha. This comment really means a lot to me.

  22. sindhuja

    Missed you hari!! what a story yaar!!! just awesome!!! perfectly written!! splendid updates!!! read it in one go!! amazing treat for my busy mind!!! Sorry for being an irregular reader *holding ears* you amazed me with your updates!!! *OH MY* i can proudly say that hari is my friend!! *winks*

    In episode 1 – superb start with sanskar’s POV. mirror scene, milk scene, laksh’s disturbance, shooting star *wow* train scene, pratiks’ insecurity, swasan meeting and of course treat, last but not the least ‘she is mine and will be mine forever’

    In episode 2 – current passing, chest expanding wow!!! then, heart breaking!! *i also broke into pieces while reading his heart break* ‘a guy is really heart broken when tears cross his eyes’ *whistles*

    In episode 3 – terrific dream, shooting star returns, ragini’s jethji – two words contain so many meanings, ‘her nose is not good’, swasan meeting in US, his observation

    In episode 4 – their fake smile, his restless night, swasan meeting in asylum, heavy emotions, terrible truth of akash, electric shock *shivering*, faint smiles

    In episode 5 – blo*dy asylum rules, his disappointment, CCTV, his assurance, ‘thanks. for what. for everything’ *awesome*, mobile scene, ‘do you trust me’ *tears*, blo*dy thugs *will kill them*, ‘minor injuries?’ *rolling eyes*, ‘my girl is set free’ his satisfaction *fall in love with him again*

    In episode 6 – ‘all I need is your friendship’ *i want it too, hari winks*, his peaceful sleep, ragini’s sanskar, birthday, her confidence that he will feed her, ‘you gave me everything sanskar’, trip, pratik’s insecurity again, temple run *hahaha*, realistic conversation, mud filled coin, his heart warming words

    uffff!!!! got addicted to it!! have to wait for wednesday *pouting* one of the best fictions ever i read. can you write a dark, deep story in future? I love those type of stories. big hug and kisses!!! Love you dear!!! May god bless you!!! Keep writing!! be happy and keep smiling!!!

    • Sree harini

      Uff..what a great episode analysis…but frankly speaking I missed you a lot. I don’t know why but seeing your emblem itself brings a smile on my face. Of course I am familiar with many of them but you have a special place in my heart.* removes hands from your ears* my dear friend you no need to say sorry for that because I know, my friend will read all the updates when she gets to know about it. Now I will reply as per your comment.

      Episode 1- milk scene..actually we used to tease one of my friends in schooling so I have added it. Actually I have planned some other for their meeting but at the same time I was watching some movie in which train was shown. So I have changed it immediately.

      Episode 2- generally boys are hard at emotions but if a tear crosses hos eye, we can eaisly estimate his pain. I myself had tears while writing this episode cause I was deeply involved in sanskar’s charecter* closes ears because of loud sound of your whistle*

      Episode 3- ‘her nose is not good’ again a part of my experience. My uncle used to reject in the same way just because our family was back of him for marriage.

      Episode 4- dont shiver..it’s just a fiction. I think you got involved in it. I have utilised three days completely just to sketch her past.

      Episode 5- you became hyper. I have never seen this shade of you. Anyway I tried to make the episode realistic but I guess I failed.* signs* anyways please don’t cry now and after reading your comment, I too fell for him.

      Episode 6- sure dear. You will get my friend ..what get, you are already my friend.* a warm hug* yeah ragini’s sanskar is back.temple one is too cute according to me. I was smiling all the time imagining the situation.i really didn’t even dream that mud coin seen wil steal this episode. Frankly speaking, I have written it in half sleep.

      This is your speciality dear. Besides saying that you read all episodes, you give a brief on it which makes the writer smile. I have seen same analysis for hate story even. You are looking cute with a pout on your face.haha. dark story…..I will try to write but after raglak ff as many of my friends and readers have literally demanded for it.even I love dark stories as they show us the correct sode of the world and only few people experience it. Keep smiling!! Huh! That is what I do all the time. I even have a title like smiling Queen as 99.9% of the time, I keep smiling…you too be happy all the time, stay blessed..expecting more message oriented fictions from you..* suffocating because of hugs* even more number of kisses to you…sisy. By the way what are you studying? And what is your age as I know that you belong to Tamil nadu.

      • sindhuja

        just woke up and reloaded the page then saw your reply. I was smiled like an idiot while reading. Seriously!! if everyday i wake up like this, i am sure it will brighten up my day!!I too had noticed that i used some slang words. sorry for that. i was involved in sanskar much while reading. nowadays i become hyper easily and often. i am losing my soft nature. i wanna control it. sometimes i feel like i wanna hurt my close ones because they hurt me often. i was taunting them because they made fun of my feelings. after sometime, i will ask apologize. Don’t know what future has stored for me. leave those things yaar. i think we have many similarities. I too kept smiling. many people had taunted me for that. because i smile in serious situations too, gaining their glares, *hahaha*. i need that smiling sindhu badly. but you achieved her via your updates and words. yep!!! i wanna write a dark, intense story but i didn’t have faced any situations like them except loneliness. whenever I say i wanna experience those situations, my friends scold me. oops!! are you okay now? *a slight hug*I am doing my B.E final year. I am soon to be 20 years old. tell you secret? my parents joined me in school with my fake DoB. *hahaha*

      • Sree harini

        Lol..I don’t how many similarities we are going to share in future because after reading this comment, I felt like I am seeing myself in mirror..I smile all the time but I have hidden pain in it. Even my cousin’s and sometimes parents scold me unnecessarily. I want to take revenge from my cousin’s because they always taunt me because of our status as they are more rich. But only my dad has seen the real life among them. At one moment, I really felt alone in this world. I never had any neighbours since childhood and idk why no one loved to mahe friendship with me. If I get one, they tired out to be the most selfish one…I cried literally cried a lot but then my brain worked and I have started believing it on one thing. This is life and we get only one chance to live. When we look back into our life after some years, majority of the situations must be happy and so I have started smiling..smiling like a mad but trust me, I am happy now. I value relations more and that’s why I compromise all the time and now it is also bringing a smile.
        This whole lecture is to explain you that please keep smiling but according to situation okay. Otherwise we will have to face eggs and tomatoes.. Well even I too think sometimes living in dark..but just for sometime..haha but I have never expressed my feelings to anyone not even to my mom because she will taunt me so badly…actually I am brought up with a purpose, my dad wanted to show me to his family like’ look this is my daughter!’ And so a the time, I should behave according to their wish. Sometimes my mom guides me about the busstop that I must board. I was never given a chance to take decisions in small things like selecting dresses for any occasion* tears in eyes* sorry became emotional…finally please don’t waste time in silly things. End of the day it is only you so please smile dear. Atleast for your memories for future.
        You said you are doing B.E final year and turning 20 but I am studying second year with same age…..I remembered I have studied kindergarten twice…good morning!!

      • sindhuja

        arre yaar!!! another similarity!!! in my school days, i didn’t have any close friends and i wasn’t care about it too because my grandparents were there for me. After they passed away, i started to feel lonely because my parents were working in different places and my brothers were studying and working in different places. I was left with my mom’s sister who is living next to my home. she is also a mom so she showed partiality between her children and me. I fed up with her then i started to live alone in my home. then, the frustration made me believe that money is important for my parents. i came to chennai for higher studies. Initially, i didn’t have any friends. I felt neglected in my class. I cried in front of my brother and sis-in-law. they convinced me. now, i have friends and i was possessive of them. sometimes I feel like they are using me. I didn’t show my frustration to them initially. but they irritated me to the level that i couldn’t bear more and I started to show my inner feelings. as u said, after a lot of crying and sniffing, i took the same decision that when I turn back my life in future it should contain beautiful memories. so i am trying to make the relations be smooth ones. Still i became emotional. Don’t worry dear. I have a strong belief that if you are facing difficulties in the present then you have a wonderful life ahead. God is just concentrating on designing your future that’s y the present has troubles. now, i am smiling. the curves of my lips reached to my ears. happy morning!!!

      • Sree harini

        You are really lucky that you had grandparents. My paternal grand parents died before my birth and hence I never enjoyed the status of grand child* pouting* . I felt lonely because I am only one to my parents and they never gave me that environment where I can play freely. As I have said earlier,I am brought up for a purpose. I can understand the pain that you went through dear.atleast you had your brother to share but for me..noone. If my parents see me crying, then that day would be my worst day. En my friends use me.I know that but during my 12th a girl cheated me to the core and I left rejected by while world. I cried a lot but none heard it. Finally I made up my mind to show the fake smile to everyone who acts in the name of friendship.. Now I too started using them( only who are fake). I think God has listened two me. He gave me two friends in my degree but let’s see whether they are real or turn to fake. It’s good that you believe that God is going to give you a happy future but sometimes I wonder, whether there will be any person in this world who is afraid of loosing me? Happy afternoon.

    • sindhuja

      me!!! I don’t want to lose you. I know it seems to be silly that we don’t know each other personally. but really, i don’t want to lose a friend like you. friendship has no constraints too, right? you can share your pain with me dear. i will be there for you. now on wards, don’t talk like that. it’s my warning. you mentioned you will give your mail id with the next update, right? we can touch with each other by that. same pinch, i too hav two friends. not only to me, i believe that god gives everyone who is struggling now, a happy future. happy noon!!!

      • Sree harini(divya)

        Well pinky promise..I won’t talk like that again. I had a talk with my mom regarding fb account because she never permitted me but today she accepted but on one condition.. That is I must create after my boards. So I will give my ID on first episode of raglak ff.yeah I agree with you that friendship doesn’t have any constraints…its paining dear..you really gave me a tight pinch.ahh!!

  23. vaishnavi

    Ohh siri akka nuvva ee ff writter naaku ippude telisindhi…actually I am not reading new ff’s as I am having xams ….kaani taruvata nenu oka comment chusanu nee peru tho then it striked my mind dat u again started to write ….seriously yaar now I read only dis one epi but in dis epi only I found many things which were really fantastic awesome superbb…dat mud coin example is mindblowing superbbb extra ordinary ….nd by reading dis one epi only I can say dat u desined sanskaar charecter very very very well muuaahh prathi sari nee ff chadivina taruvatha denikante baaga inka emi undadhu ani anukuntanu kani malli nuvve nee next ff’s tho nannu wrong ga prove chestavu asalu nee 3 ff’s lo deni denitho campare cheyalemu… okati minchi okati antaru kada ala untayi ani …chaala proud ga feel avuthunna nuvvu oka telugu hyderabadi vi ayinandhuku…seriously yaar naaku ninnu kalisi oka big big hug ivvalani undhi its ok take like dis only… inko vishayam neeku telusu anukunta inter 2nd year xsms march 3 nunchi….so ee days nenu some wat busy ga unta ….

    • Sree harini

      Ponile telusukunnav kada…I am happy. Intaki practicals ela rasav.yeah I too know about exams cause na cousin kuda second year.chala chala happy ga vundi that neeku ee story nacchindi ani telisi. I love this sanskar so much among my fiction but vini di story sanskar eppudu top lo vuntadu…and ha nakante baga rase vallu chala mandi unnaru dear.. I don’t oppose your opinion but I don’t welcome it because na standards naaku telsu..* warm hug* last episode lo mail address istha..you can contact me as I don’t have fb* pouting*..even na exams March fifteen nunchi start so I will be back with a raglak ff on my friends demand and first episode will air on April second…lastly ALL THE BEST SISY

  24. Needhi

    Good morning , sree .just saw yours and sindhuja’s comment .even i laugh madly all the time ,in response i always found my mom glaring at me but thankfully my dad supports me.my cousins dont taunt but ya their expectations r too high from me ,so l often land up crashing their all expectations.it hurts me but all the time i cannot do whatever had been told by them. sindhuja ,we r not great people like swara ,so its a natural tendency to retort back , when someone tries to harm us.i believe in tit for tat but not like taking revenge and all but ya giving back answers to those ,who always keep on howling at us( elders not included in this category).i am a cry baby
    This habit of mine really worries my parents .u two r really great humans in camparison to me. I talk a lot and loose patience very easily ,my granny all the time keeps on advising me to hold back my anger and not to retort as my inlaws will not like it .god knows why in between every talks my granny brings the topic of marriage.sorry for blabbering too much but love u both. Both of u r fantastic writers, i wish to get the pleasure of reading of novels , written by u two.love u both.i am really happy to get a friend like u sree . Sindhuja , friends ?? Or it is like writer and fan relationship ,whatever it is i will like to remain in contact u both.i hope u too even dont mind to have such a stupid girl to be your side.

    • Sree harini

      Shup up first! Who said you are a stupid girl. Infact I loved your behaviour. I mean I wanted to give answers to the one who taunt and scold me but sadly my soft heart doesn’t allow.I love to the core if I take anyone seriously and I mean it. I am ready to sacrifice myself for them but if I start hating them, noone will be as bad as me. The sadist inside me cones out* winks* but this happened only once with one of my friend. Frankly speaking, my tolerance level is too high. I accept all the taunts and I’ll behavior to extreme but once it blasts, I will kick them out of my life.
      I am happy to know taht your dad supports you but I don’t have anyone. Sometimes I act like swara I mean I will forgive everyone easily..I seriously don’t know why but I forgive.after reading your comment, I don’t think that you are a cry baby.what!! Great?? In which aspect..lol…seriously why do all elders end every topic at marriage?..finally novels..I think you need to join a comedy club..in my case. Good afternoon..

      • sindhuja

        hahaha, needhi!!! i too hav the same doubt. whenever, i do some mistakes my brother will talk about my marriage to shut me. i agree with your points dear. don’t you dare to address my friend as stupid girl again *winks* and crying baby? I don’t think so you are a crying baby. seriously? novel? i agree with sree for this.
        and hari, pinky promise dear, i don’t know how we have this much similarities. again, the same topic. honestly, I was like how you described yourself. my tolerance level was much high, now it decreased a bit and i will not back answer to my close ones. and as u said, if I start to hate someone, then that will be worst for them. but sadly, i didn’t reach that level till now. before that, i would cry and melt my heart.

      • Needhi

        Good afternoon sree oops divya, south indians generally have big names .i have seen some celebraties name and u too mentioned about your name. Mine is very short Needhi Singh , thats it.i am a cry baby because of my family and me too is equally responsible.i have a joint family and i am the youngest among my five cousins including my real brother.From choclates to projects , i only have to show little tantrums ,they all would surround me and fulfill my every demand . Gradually they all left even my brother ,who is my best friend too left this year , compelling me to cry every yime in their rememberence.u know what i am blessed to have such a brother becuse he always stays by my side and bears the biggest torture i.e. watching serial just to accompany me. We have a one year age difference, so we got along with each other well , mad teenagers.lol.i miss him like and he is too busy with his engineering , so we hardly chat. I am more close to dad than my mom but dad only gets 4 month holidays , so its like after every 3 month he comes home.His deperture is terrible ,leaving everyone crying except my mom as she is a very strong lady.Though i dont get very well along my mom , but i really respect her because my mother has taken care of us very well in dad’s absence.i didnot knew that divya is soo soft hearted. I wish i was like u , patient and tolerating. I may apologise 100 times but answering back when i am not wrong , just is in my blood and my dad had cgerished this qualityof mine , so i became like that.i seriously think u can be a future writer same with sindhuja .my mom already considers me half mad after she comes to know that one of my friend has suggested me to join comesy club , she would definately start consisering me fully mad.lol

      • Sree harini(divya)

        Hey needhi..too short name but I agree South Indian names are bit long. My brother’s name consists of thirteen words and we always tease him. Aww..you really have a good companion for you. Just I wish I too had a one. Basically I love brother that too elder one because I have none. Yeah I can understand about your father’s vacation. It must be really difficult for your family to stay away from him. I won’t even answer back when I am not wrong. Too sensitive. actually my mom restricted me to answer anyone…a perfect traditional girl style..uff. So cool. So you are pampered by everyone. I am second in my maternal grandmother house so I must pamper my younger ones….tell your mom that all your friends are equally mad like you.

  25. Sree harini

    Sorry for this comment. Actually my name is not sree harini…I am really sorry for cheating you all. After seeing your love, my inner voice started blaming me for hiding my name. I love harini’ alot. When I have started writing my fiction, I was really scared to give the details and original name of mine to tu team but now I won’t continue it. My original name is very big but my friends call me Divya..so you can also call me Divya. Even sree is there in my name. Once again sorry for cheating you all but I guess you will understand my situation.
    And one more thing, i will contine my writings with sree harini only because no one knows my reality.

    • sindhuja

      Indeed, I felt little bad but it’s okay, dear. it’s not a big deal. Many people don’t use their original name because of the security reasons. I also thought to use a user name but ignored it. sree harini seemed like a real name. so we misunderstood it. divya, sree divya… nice name too!! now sindhu is angry with you because you didn’t tell your lenghty name. i am curious to know the full name. if you are comfortable, can you reveal it? *puppy look* and, one more thing, if i continue to address you by hari, you won’t mind right?

      • Sree harini(divya)

        No I won’t mind dear. I know that I did wrong instead I am repenting now…my full name is SAI DIVYA TEJASREE’ but in short divya..I love sree Divya.. I am really sorry ha.

      • sindhuja

        wow!!! such a nice name!!! i think now i have to reconsider my decision. teju or hari? both will be okay, na?

    • aashi

      it common dear!!!! many people does that……they are afraid of revealing their true name for security reasons even i had done that too!!!!!!!!!!*wink emoji*……and on this site angel is the most common i suppose!!!!but divya is a cute name………….n finally u r coming on fb…..welcome over their!!!………..but what is the meaning of your name “SAI DIVYA TEJASREE”??
      N BEST of luck for your exams too!!!!!!!n dont ever feel lonely your tu fans & freinds are always their for u!!! specially me!! coz i really love to interact with every one………….n reagarding fake friends…i too got few in 9 class!!!! but in return i only kicked them off!!!!!!!!! :p….

      • aashi

        and never try to underestimate yourself!!!!!!!!u r srsly a brilliant human………and amazing writer!!!!!!!!………..

      • Sree harini(divya)

        Aww..cite comment..thanks dear. Even I make friends kickly but you are really abold person I mean you kicked out your fake friends. Well each word in my name has its own meaning
        SAI- name of God
        DIVYA- good, great
        TEJA- glow, inner light
        SREE- it has many meanings according to sanskar it like goddess saraswati, Lakshmi then it can implied to study or wealth or charecter even spider..lol..you can choose any one from that. and I will never underestimate myself dear..promise.

  26. vaishnavi

    No akka don’t feel sorry it is usual dat many people will b afraid to reveal their true identity in these type of sites….u remembered r not even at starting i kept my name as sahasra but later I kept my name itself…they r many people who didn’t kept der real name…so I am warning u don’t even feel sorry for this particular thing…….nd one more thing akka r sree r divya r harini whatever it is u r were my frnd , u are my frnd nd u will always b my frnd……nd u know wat u resemble me in every manner even I can do anything for d one who I take granted nd I easily make dem granted sometimes I feel proud by dis habbit but many times I feel sorry nd hate my self for dis habbit bcoz of dis habbit I took my frnd as granted nd did everything for her but at last she proved my frnd shp wrong she proved dat I am nothing for her ….I cried many many days nd same like u no one knows dat I cried nd u know wat dis all happened in dis 12th class itself ….I felt my self very lonely I missed my 10th frnd then I came in dis site I found some good frnds like u nd some in vin di’s ff I donno if u all take me as a frnd r not but I take u as a frnd only nd then slowly I composed my self I put my self in studies nd this site I began to give fake smile in my cllge bcoz I feel dat der is no one in my fate who will be with me in touch time as a true frnd nd can do anything for me ……..I am sorry for dis long nd some wat waste para but naaku anipinchindhi nee tho share chesukovalani anduke cheppa …once again sorry for dis nonsence

    • sindhuja

      it’s not at all a waste. it’s a precious comment dear. it’s your thoughts and feelings. so don’t dare to say something like that again. don’t feel lonely. we are here for you, dear. so don’t worry, you will surely get true friends. already, one in line. can we be friends, vaishu?

      • Sree harini(divya)

        Precious moment for me..atleast we all ate becoming friends that too my ff as a stage…god!! Seriously love you all..now I am unable to wait to create fb account but I will surely mention about it.

      • vaishnavi

        Ohh ya sindhu of course…so frnds!!….nd as much as I know u r frm tamil nadu r8? Nd I want to know dat r u a student? ? If ss den wat r u studying? ? If u feel uncomfortable den don’t share…….I read al urs ff episodes …imust say even u r very good writter….nd one more question u know telugu? ??

      • Needhi

        Hi vaishnavi , r u in 12th ?? u know what something like that happened me .my best friend started giving more importantce to his boy friend than me , this really irked me as i am possesive by nature.eventually, the distance became quite large , that resulted into separation.i cried a lot but my dad and brother consoled me.everything became normal , when i got two new friends in 11th .they r like soulmates of mine , so i think that heart break was just required , otherwise i wiuldnot have got two geme of my life.Miss betrayer even came back to me , when her bf left her .i forgave her but nothing is same now , we r just so called friends .so chill up , u r yet to recieve the best from god , thats why these heart brakes r there. After all , gem has its own price .

      • Sree harini(divya)

        Sindhu can understand Telugu to some extent and you can find and you can find her profile in her above comments where we both chat.

      • Sree harini(divya)

        Needhi..no words for your comment. My heart became light reading it. Indeed you are a good inspirer, a mature girl too.

    • Sree harini(divya)

      I have already said you that never be sorry for giving lenghty comments…please it hurts me…so I am not only the person who had faced this* wide smile* now my confidence levels increased that I can face this world. Actually I got a philosophy from this that everyone face some or the other problem and keep cursing God like why only me but God knows everything..he will never leave even..today we are saying why me and tomorrow our enemy will..this thought itself is making me jump on the bed..literally …ponile finally you realised that she is fake.I accept that we will feel pain at the time of betrayal but best part is that from that moment, we will live our life without a fake person.

  27. vaishnavi

    U asked abt my practicals no …they went very good for me ….for my batch external was not dat strict nd I alsi got easy experiment (boyels law) so I wrote without any difficultly…..nd thanks for ur concern

    • Sree harini(divya)

      Second reply is for you and I think Nuvvu Chaitanya clg annukunta..And Boyles law.. I am so sorry but please physics gurinchi cheppaku vaishu. I just hate it.no thanks

      • Needhi

        Me too .i hate physics to the core.i really regret taking it in 12th class but what to do i love maths and chemistry , so i was left with no option. Even in 11th class i thought of writing books having names like ‘Physics – my biggest foe’ or ‘Physics -my biggest blunder’. lol

      • Sree harini(divya)

        Actually it is not boring but my lecturer made me to hate that subject with his annoying explanation.

  28. Sahima

    It’s so awesome. I didn’t comment in any of the episodes before. But now I got the time so I comment. Ur ff is so good. I have tears in my eyes reading it. I can’t wait for the next episode. I’m coming to telly updates only to read ur ff because u r going awesome. Each and every line is perfectly written. U r truly a great write. I wish if I could meet u and take ur autograph. U r wwwwoooooonnnnddddeeeerrrrrrffffuullll fantastic. It was a very heart breaking story. I never want this to happen in real swaragini. Swara had to suffer so much. But then also u r amazing. Waiting for the next episode ?????????????????Brilliant work dear.

    • Sree harini(divya)

      Honored dear..really honored. Sorry for making you cry but it shows how much affect my fiction had on you. Autograph??? Seriously..that’s a bit funny for me..only me. This will not happen for real because sanskar’s charecter is too ideal. I think next part will break your heart as it last episode. Thanks for commenting

    • Sree harini(divya)

      I can’t dear because I haven’t planned it for such long and even my exams are on the way.

    • sindhuja

      i mentioned about the friend request. just now i saw that you accepted it. yep! i am a final year B.E student. thanks dear for reading my stories!!! i just know some words in telugu and i can understand a little bit. if you teach me after you exams, I’ll learn it. *winks*

  29. Sree harini(divya)

    Sindhu..I think teju would be better. One is no one had called me with it and secondly hari is fake. Though I love it, it is fake ..few minutes ago, I have seen a interview of terun by TELLY masala. Oh God! How much did varun talk in it. He is really a prankster..loved the video like anything.

    • Anjali

      which video are you talking about? I think I’ve seen it….Am not sure though…Have seen many interviews lately

      • Sree harini(divya)

        I guess many might have seen it..it was uploaded in Valentine week Anjali..I will try to give the link sindhu but you also try to browse in YouTube typing terun interview.

  30. Needhi

    Hi sindhuja di , i really like people who show rights on me and the way u wrote was really cute .i am blessed to have your friendship.i really want to dance now as i got two very special friends u and sree oops divya.i have seen your name in sabas comment .r u the same ??u r too cute yaar ,i mean those expressions of yours pouting, wink etc.i really dont understand how people can resist such a such a cute and sweet girl but ya i wouldn’t betray u and will always stand like a strong pillar with u.i read your comment ,in which u said i need a friend like sanskaar of your ff and see god answered your prayer so soon and u got me .(joke of the millenium).on a serious note, may god bless u with a better person than sanskaar.(i really doubt if someone better than him exists in real life).i hope all your wish gets fulfilled.i read about your family.my eyes became moist but now i can promise u that u will get best inlaws in the world (talking like elders, no).to be honest ,i want sanskar of your OS ,vini dis ff ,sree’s ff ,all by my side (crazy ,no) .Dad is somewhat like sree’s ff and my mom is blessed to have him and me too.just now i saw that u r twenty years old , god i again did the same mistake.sorry i should call sindhu di.is that okay??

    • Sree harini(divya)

      Hey you can call me sree because I have that also in my name. I will really pray God to give you a husband just like sanskar* winks*.

    • sindhuja

      whooo!!! i am too blessed yaar. today, because of you all, i smiled, am smiling and will smile. i already danced *winks* yep! that’s me. that’s so sweet of you. god answered my prayers with a cute, immature yet mature sister. sanskar is a single and unique piece. If he exists in real, that itself a wonder yaar. Crying baby!! *hehehe* I hate tears dear!! We are crazy people yaar. you have such a nice family dear!! as teju said, tell your mom that your friends too crazy. best in-laws? well, you too started to mention about marriage and all!!! It’s my pleasure dear. because no one had addressed me as di till now.

  31. L Khan

    Hey can anyone tell me that after 12 will tellyupdates start posting the ffs or not…….or we have to wait for one more day plzz telll me plzz anyone tell i will be very gratefull

  32. Joona

    L Khan…I am not sure… But when I posted same question, a friend commented me that they will update it tomorrow…

  33. Sree harini(divya)

    Has just ssen two fictions update and checked the submit new article link but the lines are still closed.I think they are updating the ones which were received before closing lines. So please don’t bace hyper.

  34. dolly

    Can i ask something…Shree harini ur real name is divya..
    And can i also join ur group guyz …needhi ,shree harini, L khan ….
    Well let me introduce myself ..my name is Arushi ..i am in class 12th medical…

    • sindhuja

      hey dolly oops!!! arushi! i love this name arushi. Medical!!! wow!!! all the best yaar. can we be friends?

  35. vaishnavi

    Needhi even I want to b in ur frnds list …so frnds?? U know wat even I feel happy When people show rights der on me..nd ya since u r mpc I mean pcm student r u writting jee mains dear??

  36. vaishnavi

    Sindhu of course yaar I will surely help u to learn telugu. ……nd u don’t mind na if I call u sindhu I know u r elder to me but I cosidered u as frnd nd I want to call as sindhu itself nd todays sentence wats ur name ?? Nee peru emiti….I think u already know dis but even I said

    • L Khan

      Hey I also wanna learn telugu becz I love mahesh babu’s movies but most of them r in this language only so I can’t understand them so of it can also learn plzz I will be very great full to u

      • vaishnavi

        U can also learn….nice to see mahesh babu fans all over india even I am big big fan of mahesh babu I saw all his movies…nd for seeing his movies want to learn telugu soo cute dear….nd can I know ur mother tongue pls??

      • L Khan

        Hindi is my mother tongue but I can speak English very welll……….I will be very grateful and thankfull to u if I can learn this language from u……..if I will be able to learn this language I will always remember u whenever I will watch his movies……….can I ask u onething…….have u seen mahesh babu’s srimanthudu………I wanna see but it’s not available in utube

      • L Khan

        Hey I’m not able to understand onething like when shree will end her ff then after that how we all will communicate……..nd vaishnavi here the sentence was nee Peru emiti……..after translating in English it was……..whts ur name?????………so here why means nee…….UR means Peru. ……nd……..name means emiti……….???????

      • L Khan

        Woww I’m very happy to find mahesh babu’s fan here becz in my house only I like to watch his movies nd no one else

      • Sree harini(divya)

        Looks like needhi has got companions in mahesh Babu fandom. And Khan his movies will be Telugu only because he is native here…vaishu is gonna soo turn into a Telugu tutor..lol..all the best everyone.

    • sindhuja

      yeah!! you can call me as sindhu. actually, I will feel so happy. Nee means your, Peru means name and emiti means what, right?

  37. Sree harini(divya)

    Sure dear..hearty welcome…yeah my name is Divya. Wow medical.. All the best for your entrance dolly and by the way nice name arushi.

  38. Heyy guys pls include me in ur group too and ya shree harini r u on fb??? Pls give ur profile name i wanna b ur friend and ya all of u give ur names guys i wanna b all ur friendss….can i call u divya too???? Lemme introduce myself shreya from bangalore……1st pu…..hell wid exams now but crazy for shree harini … Limitless love 9stars hate story 10 stars and swasan ff infinity love u loads harini……and ya i was also uploading a stupid ff its not nice though…..thinkin to start a new one after xams……swasan d best its not nice leave it……but ur ff r always bomb dear love u

    • Sree harini(divya)

      I will give my fb profile in the first episode of raglak ff as I need to create dear. You can call me Divya.woq..BANGLORE my favorite city.rhankyiu so much for your rating and please tell the fiction that you are writing dear. Never under estimate yourself..and sorry for not reading it till now.

    • sindhuja

      hey!! shreya, BANGALORE!!!!! after watching bangalore days, I wanna work in Bangalore. As teju said, don’t underestimate yourself yaar. I read your story before. It was too good. but, I stopped in middle. due to some personal reasons, i couldn’t visit telly updates regularly. Can you give me the link too? let we be friends?

  39. Tnx……divya. and r u gonna write a raglak ff now so nice…..cvs hav made raglak really worst in d serial……i ll b waiting for raglak dear

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  41. vaishnavi

    L khan ss I have seen srimanthudu movie ….it will not b available in utube bcoz in utube new movies won’t b der u can watch dat movie in d site onlinemoviewatches.com r u can just search srimantudu full movie in google u will get diff sites u can watch there….

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.