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I immediately called Jones and asked him to get to know about akash and even the details of the flat where swara stayed. I even informed him about the business of akash and asked him to stay quiet and do a secret investigation. Later I reached my room and packed all the things. I called my bade papa and asked to clear the issues of my visa as I wanted to come home early. I knew that he would clear every matter that it reaches to him. Then I dressed myself in formals with a black blazer and after having lunch, I again went to the same address. Without uttering a word, I went to the manger of the mental alysum.
” good afternoon Ms. Clara” I tried to be flat and a bit authoritative.
” good afternoon sir” she replied in a polite wy and gestured me to occupy her opposite seat. I took a deep breath and said” I want to free one of your patients. Can I ?”
“But” she fumbled.
Please. I know that this is not easy but I can assure you that I will take care of her. Actually she is my friend”

“Oh! According to our rules, we never let any patient go out unless a doctor advise .”
I immediately smiled and called a person, actually who is a bribed doctor.
” I have brought him with me. Will you please allow him to check her?”
She thought for a while and nodded in yes.
The curves of my lips turned into smile. I know that it would work. Now this person will give a fake report for my fake patient and I can free my love from this torture.
” can you please name the one whom you want?” She asked.
“Swara” I said in excitedly.
She checked the records for few minutes and then let a sigh out.
” sorry mister. I cannot allow you to take her?”
I felt like someone poured cold bucket on me.what the hell is she speaking. A minute before, she accepted but not now.
“Why?” I asked her. My voice shivering.
” because the one who joined her here has made a agreement with us that she must be allowed to go out if he himself comes her and permits her”.

What the hell is this akash upto. If he didn’t want her then why is he torturing her. I remembered swara saying that he kept her here so that he can claim money form her parents showing that she is alive and they are married. Yes..if he arrests her in his kingdom, he might loose her but here noone dares to take her out and he can use her as a weapon. How cheap!!
“But please try to understand mam” I pleaded her. She noded her head in no.
” I am sorry”
My anger boiled my blood and I stood up on rage. I tried to enter the building but the security dragged me out after giving a warning of not to dare to enter it again.
My heart became heavy thinking that my swara will never be able to back to normal life. No I cannot let this to happen to her. Immediately my brain thought a criminal idea and as I didn’t have heart, my body started working along with it.

I somehow entered the building without anyone noticing and started walking towards her room. I casually looked up and saw camera there. Oh shit! Why didn’t I get this thought first itself. I immediately went beside a wall and stood there for five minutes and slowly started walking from there by looking down but it was not that easy as I thought. I tried hard to hide myself from all the nuns and workers of that organisation. Finally I hide myself between two walls where no one can seen me. I waited there till midnight and then tiptoed to her room. As soon as she opened the door, I pinned her to the wall closing her mouth with my hand.
” u almost gave me a heart attack” she said breathing heavily.
” swara…” I was about to continue but she immediately ran to close the door.
” what are you doing here sanskar? What if someone sees you?” Her voice had concern for me.
” we are going to escape from here ”
” here” she exclaimed. ” but how?”
“I have a plan for that ” I said in a determined voice.
I can see her restless and irritated face.

” sanskar!! Atleast do you know what are you going to do. This is America and if the organisation gets to know about this then surely it would become a big issue. Stop acting foolishy ” she said in one breath.
” I am not bothered about it swara. If you ever had treated me as a friend then please come with me” I said forwarding my hand.
” no sanskar. I don’t want you to get into this. please leave me the way I am” she pleaded
” how did you think that I will leave you in this state?” I said in a affectionate voice.” Please ” I added to increase the effect of my words on her heart.

She thought for a while and then nodded in yes.
” so here is the plan. First of all we should get out of this place without anyone noticing . once we are out, we will reach airport where Jones will be waiting for us with passports and then we will fly to India..as simple as that” I said.
” but how did you get my passport?” She asked me innocently.
” I have my ways” I said proudly.

To calm her I just said that the process is simple bur crossing the gates of this building itself is difficult. I took her hands in mine and we both started walking through the corridor.
Everything is fine till now but destiny didn’t favour me. Swara got bumped into one of the security and soon an alram buzzed in the building. Oh shit! They are going to kill us if we are caught. We both ran to my car with great speed and I have started driving it. Soon I saw few cops searching for us at checkposts. Swara tightened her grip on my shoulder. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and rushed the car braking the toll gates which alarmed the police. For next few minutes, our drive was safe when suddenly I lost my control on steering. Our car started moving diagonally on the road and in that process, my forehead got injured. We both came out of the car when I stopped it finally and noticed that tyres got punctured.. Oh god! How can all the four tyres get punctured at the same time? I saw police cars chasing us. It is then I got to know that it is their trap to catch us. Swara looked at me with determination and we both held our hands tightly. But unfortunately, our brains didn’t work at that time and we ran in opposite direction to which we have to go. After running for more than half an hour, she collapsed on the road.
” no..no more sanskar….please leave me here.” She said breathing heavily.
What is she upto. Did I risk my life to leave her in this state?

” swara..we are going. That’s final” I said in a harsh voice.
” but I need some water to run” she is still breathing heavily. I turned around to find some source and we reached a bakery. I was about to buy the water packets but few men came searching for us with our photographs. I don’t know who they are but can sense danger from them. I slowly started walking to the entrance but alas they found me. My heart started beating fast.immediately I grabbed two water packets from the desk and went to swara and pinned her to the wall.
” sanskar!” She said in confusion
“Shh” I wishpered placing my finger on my lips. She turned her head side and saw the men. She immediately burried her face in my chest and i felt her tighten grip on my blazzer.We both hide beside a wall until they left. She is breathing heavily now. I gave her the water packets and she completed them in one gulp. I forgot my thirst seeing her happy. It is then I realized our closeness. We both nearly didn’t had any gap between us. She looked at me with those big eyes and I saw tons of hope in them.
” every thing will be fine ” I said smiling.

I took my mobile from the pocket. Oh no! Low battery. I forgot to charge it yesterday night. I checked the battery status and it is just six percent. I informed Jones about our state. When I felt like those men left the place, again we started running in the correct direction. I don’t know till how much time we ran but stopped at a place to inhale some air. I looked up at the sky. it is so pleasant. my breath slowly started becoming normal. After few minutes, I realised that we are standing on a bridge.
” thanks ” swara said in a low voice.
” for what?” I asked carelessly.
” for everything” she smiled. I forgot all my pain seeing her smile but we are soon disturbed by siren of polis van. Oh God! How are they able to trace out. Suddenly my mobile vibrated shoeing a pop up Message.

” Jones!” She asked. I nodded in yes.
” Jones has already reached airport ” I said to her after reading the message. Suddenly my mobile vibrated flashing Jones name. I tried to receive the call but no. I slided the call many a times but the touch of the mobile screen stopped working. Actually I thought of fixing this problem two days ago but ignored and now it became worse. I tried hard but failed. Come on please! Work for one time. I kept praying the God and it worked.
” hello Jones” I said quickly.
” sir, you need to be here with in half an hour” his voice is also quick.
” but we are chased by cops and my mobile is about to die Jones”
“Oh my god” he almost screamed. ” where are you sir?”
“I..I…” Finished..my mobile charge went to one percent and the call got disconnected.
“Anything serious?” Swara asked me while placing her hand in mine. I just nodded.
” need a charger, right!”
“Yeah!” I sighed sadly and once again polis siren alarmed me. The sound is getting loud and bigger indicating that they are nearing us but how are they able to find out.
Something suddenly flashed in my mind. I looked at my mobile.
” what happened sanskar?” She asked me in terror as cops are nearing us.
” mobile swara..Mobile” I yelled.
She looked at me in confusion.

” they are able to follow us because of this. I think they got my number from the visitor’s register”
“What shall we do now?”
I looked at her face and then my mobile. I know that it is the only means of contact for me right now but I cannot risk her life. I closed my eyes and my grip on my mobile tighten. With a jet force, I threw it in the water and immediately started running to the other direction holding her hand. I can sense her confused gaze but remained silent. Soon we reached a desserted area covered with bushes. As it is a new moon day, the area is completely dark.we kept running and running and our eyes gleamed with hope when we saw high way. It leads to airport. If we cross this area, with in ten minutes we will be in airport and then in our hometown, kolkata. Speed of our steps increased and she had a bright smile on her face.

“Finally I am free” she screamed me excitment.
“No..we both are free” i daid looking straight into her eyes. Her eyes repleted with happiness.In a minute or two, we are going to teach the road but someone pushed me from back. Due to force, I fell down which resulted in small wounds on my body. my palms got some scratches as my body scraped the earth.

” ouch! ” I screamed And turned back. They are the same men whom I saw in the bakery.
” how dare you elope with her” one of them screamed.
Who the hell are they and why are they back of us. What is their problem if I run away with swara….wait a minute…they don’t have any problem but akash has. Yes they are the men of akash. Even swara said to me that his men are spying her..before I can react, swara threw sand in their eyes and we both started running from there and hide beside a bush.
” please leave me sanskar. Anyways they are not going to leave me. Only the dose of the shock increases if they see me and don’t worry, I am used to it” she said in a firm voice but her eyes had tears .” please don’t ruin your life sanskar. You still have time now. Please leave me”
What is she talking now. Does she even know how much her words are paining me.
” I am not going anywhere” I said in a stubborn voice .

She is shivering because of cold. I removed my blazer and wrapped it around her.
Please leave me sanskar. Please go from here. If you ever had considered me a friend then please go” she pleaded and now tears crossed her eyes.
” just now you said that I am your friend so please, don’t stop me” I said in a low concerns and convincing voice. I think it worked. After few seconds of silence, her lips departed.
” how long are we going to hide here?”
“I don’t know” I shrugged. Those men are nearing us. They looked like mad and starving lions and i am sure that our souls especially mine will leave my body if they even sense our smell. Swara tried to look up but i pushed her head down .
” shh”
My heaet raced as they kept coming closer to us.Some one patted my shoulder and my heart beat stopped at that moment. What If it is polis or the goon. How will I be able to save her.I turned to the person gulping hard.

” sir. It’s me Jones” he said in a wishper.
I let a sigh out
” you gave me mini heart attack” .
“Everything is ready sir”.
I turned my head the other way and saw the men approaching us. Immediately I turned to swara.
” do you trust me?”
” what if something happens to you sanskar?” She asked me by looking up with those big eyes
” please go with Jones. I will join you with in fifteen minutes” I said standing up.
” no you are coming with us” she said holding my hand firmly.
” please ” I pleaded but it didn’t effect her.
” can’t you hear me?” I yelled which freeze her.
I turned to Jones and said” I will most probably join you in next fifteen minutes, if not also please board her in India flight.”

He nodded in yes. I took a deep breath and started walking in their direction. After moving few steps, I turned back to see her glowing face for the last time. She is tensed and I gave her a wide smile and then started running towards the men. I just said that I will come within fifteen minutes but I knew that I won’t be able to.. Infact I am not even sure that whether I am going to be alive. Now my aim is to manipulate the goons so that they won’t trouble her journey.
Soon I was watched by one of them and with in no time, I am encircled.
” where is she?” Asked one among them.

” that’s none of your business” I gave a harsh reply.
” tell us otherwise you need to face difficulties” another one said.
I smiled to myself listening him. I have came here after knowing that I am prey to these predators and they are trying to threat me now.
” what’s so funny” another one said kicking me hard in the stomach.
I nodded my head in no. Another guy beat me with a wooden log on my head. Ahh! It’s paining. My eyes are becoming blurr. Another one bet me at my knees. I lost my grip and fell on the ground. I tried to defend myself using my man power but it didn’t dominate them because neither I am not so strong as them nor I am film hero. Some one punched my nose and it started bleeding. Soon everyone started beating me with their legs and I am lying on the ground. My white shirt turned into red because of blood. I didn’t even had energy to raise my hand and protest them. Each inch in my body is paining a lot. Just one more blow and my soul will be out of my body but God didn’t want me to come to him so early. They stopped beating me when they heard polis shouting at them. How great and dedicated workers!!!. Inspite of manipulating them, they reached in time to save me. My eyes became blur, all I could see is only black color covering my vision and I closed my eyelides slowly and helplessly.
When I became conscious, I found myself on the hospital bed. Every inch of my body is still paining now. I turned to side hearing some conversation.
” How is he doctor?” Asked one voice.

” minor injuries. You may discharge him” another voice said.
Minor injuries!! I am feeling pain in every inch of my body. I think my nerves will break due this annoying head ache, the muscles at my stomach became soft and delicate as cotton, my extremities are weak such that i cannot even move my phalanges and he is saying minor. I wish he experienced it. Seriously, he should experience it. Oh God! I closed my eyes. Soon few cops came to me and after a journey of twenty minutes, we reached police station. One of the cop pushed me mercilessly into the jail and due to my weakness, I fell on the ground.

Ahh! The cool floor is increasing my pains. Tears are flowing from my eyes but I can sense a smile on my face.
” my girl is set free now. She left to India. Now she has to no longer bear the torture, that torture which is worse than a nightmare in her life.”
I really don’t know what these people, i mean cops are going to do with me. They will surely end up either by hanging me or lifetime imprisonment but nothing came to my mind now. Swara is free and I am happy because the pain she went through this one and half year both mentally and physically are too indigestable.

I gathered some energy and slowly stood up and then walked to the pot nearby. The cool water took away all the pain of mine when it flowed through my gut.

To be continued…

THE END….this is what I have actually planned but I know that you will find way to to my home and kill me so I made up my mind to make it happy ending.

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  1. Yes we would have come to ur home if u have ended like this… Lol..

    1. Haha..

  2. yes surepy if this was ur ending than i would have killed u bt …. i know u will make us happy

    1. Thanks for trusting me muski you will enjoy the next episode.

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    Awsm just fab dear sanskar’s character is extraordinary in ur ff lov u waiting 4 nxt part

    1. Oh thank-you mallable. I guess you have commented earlier as I remembered replying you. Anyways sanskar is just an ideal person in this which never exsists in real.

  4. Yess plzz plzz make it a happy ending only…….it was awesome…..some time i was just feeling like that yess this is called true love…….just in love with ur ff nd specially sanskars character

    1. Thank-you l Khan. Even I love sanskar in this series. Actually I named this as the love story of sanskar MAHESWARI but TELLY UPDATES took three days for updating the intro itself and so I have changed it to SWASAN.

  5. Sree u said 7 shots … But this 7 shots will be amazing ….

    According to today epi i will say its very emotional the pain sanskar has… Sanskar saved swara but he suffered alot first heartbreak then now… Its emotional ….

    Limitless love n hate love swasan after this ff is another blockbuster no words do describe u….

    1. Thank-you for lovely comment meghs. Yeah sanskar has suffered a lot for her but will be happy at the end.

  6. Your story is seriously nice…but yaar….it’s not good to do with sanskar..he doing very well to free swara but for that he was gifted jail .
    I can’t see pain

    Please next part soon

    1. I said happy ending and it will be happy ending. Please have patience dear.

  7. Hi sree ,even i agree that logically this should be the end.American rules r quite strict.i have read in civics about a case , where a person was imprisoned because cops believed him to be involved in an attack.Later ,Amnesty International (organisation for such causes) came into the scene and fought on his behalf.It really took years to get him free.u know what its good that u r giving it a happy ending ,i wouldnot have come to our house but would definately be shedding tears and would hace accused u for my misery.lol…As usual , i loved it.Awesome , fantastic episode.waiting for the next part eagerly.

    1. Yeah dear because I hate something’s which are unreal but what to do..I am.bound to the affection of my readers and I care about them so I have changed my mind but still I am trying to make it sound realistic. One more thing dear…you really have good general knowledge. I must appreciate it and thanks for sharing this information. See I know you would cry and so I didn’t make this tragic.

  8. You know I was crying like a baby while reading this…I was feeling like to enter into the mobile and beat the goons to help them for escaping and I would really sad if you made it as a tragic ending but feeling really happy because it will be a happy ending. I will not thank you this time coz I love my nose a lot ..I will appreciate u for the wonderful and heart touching update dear…update soon ?
    And sorry 4 the long comment ?

    1. Sorry..uff. Being a sanskar fan, how can you use thank-you and sorry in friendship dear. What!! Enter into the mobile.becareful haa and so sorry as I really don’t have any hanky to give you right now. Love you dear.

  9. Sorry your house

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    1. Aww..no am I only one to my parents…lol

    1. Thank-you.

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    1. More two episodes dear..they will unite. Poor sanskar but I love this sanskar among the fictions till now I have written.

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    today srsly u wrote which i cant even think…
    TOP NOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!………
    at last
    if possible nahh i would have given u an award for all of your ffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hey asshi..first of all your comment made me open my mouth and then the words you used to describe my fiction made me our of words. As I said previously, I try to make my stories unique dear and I know that many might have felt shocked seeing this sanky .. A perfect lover who never exsists. Actually this plot flashed in my mind during some leasire time buy after seeing varun’s action in last week’s Friday episode, I got determined to write it.so the credit goes to him. And I am glad to know that you imagined all the happenings and now I can guess your state as I too worye this episode imagining him.

  14. And want to ask that did u write any other ff besides limitless love?

    1. Yes swasan hate story

    2. Yeah dear. I have written SWASAN- a hate story of 18 episodes. Truly speaking, it is my favourite story. Do read of you get time.

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    1. I will unite them.

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comment dear. Really felt happy reading it. Regarding ideas, I just love imaging this kind of stuff from my early childhood. I am a very hyperactive girl but sadly I didn’t had any friends as neighbours and even I am one to my parents. So I always used to roam in my dream world. Not only this but I have thousands of stories in my mind. Thanks for yelly updates for giving me this opportunity. Firstly, I plot the basic story and them I will add scenes by observing day to day activities.
      No dear. I dont have any fb account.

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    1. Still long?? I will try dear.

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    That’s so sad….. Please make it as a happy ending…… Maybe they can find a lawyer and released sanskar by showing swara’s health report…..

    1. Don’t worry dear. Trust me. Everything will be good. I will upload my next part tomorrow by 7am but I don’t know when will these ppl update.

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    1. I’m soo sorry it got mistyped it’s ** in this shot I am able to connect to veer Zara

    2. Nice to see you dear and yeah this series is a bit painful. I am really feeling happy that you experienced his pain. What can ever be a best reward for a writer? And please don’t stop yourself from following my fiction. Frankly speaking , I am very bad at watching movies and if comes to bolly wood, I can count the number in my fingers. So I am so sorry that I didn’t get your veer Zara part but still I understood that you connected this with that…finally I know that you will bash and because if that fear I made it happy ending…lol…from the very first day, only one thought is running in my mind like why don’t you write a fiction dear. I mean you really have good vocabulary and even regular on this site.

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    1. Sure..I am here to entertain you all. But seriously I need to stress myself to give unique fiction because readers feel bored reading routine stories. If I pick any story with routine concept like hate story of swasan then I will try to make unique because I love being unique.

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    1. You shouldn’t say that because I am the writer and my brain must stop working by getting tired to think different ways to please you all . thank-you dear and love you too. If you clearly examine my other fictions also, you will get to know that most of the situations I described are unique and are generally from normal life. Hate story is perfect example for it because I believe that uniqueness hooks up the readers and I would love to feast you all .

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    1. I will dear. Keep trust on me.

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  27. Awesome writing skill……i have already read this type of stories…..but ur writing skill ia very good….

    There r some ques in my mind………

    Yeh sab kuch jo hai woh America me ho raha hai….k….

    Swara mental asylum hai…..kahi pe bhi bina kisi k medical check up k kisi ko bhi mental asylum to nahi rakhte..yeh to America hai…kitne sare counselors honge..medical check ups honge.unhone kaise aisa report kiya hoga ki swara Mental asylum me rahegi????? Corruption ka to koi chance nahi hai….to phir???????

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    Phn fekne se pehle unse jonh ko call kiya tha…to unhone jonh ko dundhne ki koshish nahi ki????? Sanskar k call records se unhe jonh ka num aasani se mil sakta tha……

    America me police ki madam bhi aasani se mil jati hai ya koi bhi help shayad ek num hai emergency k liye(yaad nahi aa raha hai par ID channel pe kai epi dekhe hai) yaha tak ki swara ko asylum ka staff bhi help kar sakta tha police help lene me…fir usne help q nahi li????.

    Sorry harini…..i really dnt wanna hurt u…..dis is jist quarries…….

    1. Sorry joya..I have replied to your comment below.

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    1. Thank-you hadi. Hope you will enjoy reading the next episode

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    1. Fake bolte fake nahi…the doctor is a bribed one. Sanskar hasn’t used any illegal sources for making passport but he took help of Jones and durga Prasad…blue print ..no ..did it sound like that?? And ha I forget to answer regarding CCTV footage. Sanskar has noticed cameras and hence be tried to not to show his face but it didn’t worked as cops and polis got to know about him.

  30. Yeah you didn’t hurt me dear. I can understand you and seriously I have answers for them.
    First of all this is SANSKAR’S pov. So I cannot explain every detail in this.this story is happening in America only but in the previous episode, I said that aksah had some men in the alysum who manipulated the reports. Corruption might happen.
    Sanskar entered building by hiding himself from the security or something like that. Actually I didn’t concentrate to write it.
    Swara met sanskar because every evening, a the mentally disabled people were taken out for a round as a part of their treatment and I have mentioned about it in previous episode .
    Regarding call records, as I have said this is sanskar’s pov and so I cannot explain everything. Infact he himself doesn’t know whether swara reached airport or not.
    And seriously I loved the way you commented I mean it shows how much interested you are and I really didn’t felt bad because you comment is true and your questions are genuine. If you are not satisfied with my answers then please forgive me di.

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