swasan ff : if? episode 5

He came in the room and closed the door with the bang

Sanskar: how can they think like that swara(bangs his hand wall)
swara: sanskar(took his hand) have you got mad
Sanskar: how can they all believe that ragini?(angrily)
Swara: calm down sanskar
Sanskar: how can I calm down . ragini is playing with the emotions of my family members and they are dancing on the tunes of her which she is playing
Swara: what can we do sanskar ragini is very clever , she thinks everything wisely. She doesn’t think about anybody and can do anything. I still can’t believe that she is that ragini who used to think to care about everyone and used to think a hundred times before to hurt other’s feeling is now playing with emotions.
Sanskar: I’m sorry swara if I did not used ragini then it should not have happened(guilt feeling)
Swara: no sanskar its not your fault it was written in destiny and ragini is not a kid who would get manipulate
Sanskar: still I’m sorry swara but still its my fault

Swara didn’t said anything and just sat on the bed and started Reminiscing the moments spent with ragini

jhootha jag rain basera
Saancha dard mera
Mrig trishna sa moh piya
Naata mera tera

she was remembering their moments how she and ragini met.

A 10 year swara came in playground to take ride in swing but swing is not free, she got sad and looked down but suddenly one girl called her
Girl: listen
She turned and saw one girl of her age wearing a anarkali with a ponytail called her.
Girl: do you want to ride
Swara nodded her head
Girl: come
She got up from the ride but swara interrupted

Swara: you did not want to ride?(innocently)
Girl: no instead I want something from you?
Swara: what(scared)
Girl: you have to be my friend
Swara: friends my name is swara and you (shaking hands)
Girl:ragini come I will give you ride

Both started playing and playing rides

(She smiled faintly with tears in her eyes0

Naina.. jo saanjhe khwab dekhte thhe
Naina.. bichhad ke aaj ro diye hain yoon
Naina.. jo milke raat jaagte thhe
Naina.. sehar mein palke meechte hain yoon

She remembered their musical competition, their fight for reuniting their parents by which they become swaragini)

She started sobbing loudly which attracted his attention and he turned towards her and walked to her

Sanskar: swara you have to be brave for facing these problems and should be ready for these type of tricks.

Swara nodded her head but still was having tears in her eyes

Swara: swara you know I will get drown
Swara looked at him with teary and confuse eyes

sanskar: hayee (dramatically)if you will not stop these diamonds flowing from her yes then there will be flood and I will die and you know why(showing choking)

swara: why?
Sanskar: I do not know swimming also(with fake tension)

Sanskar: then you know then this world will lose ths handsome man
Swara looks at him in shock and said : you(pointing towards his face) and handsome from which angle?
Sanskar: haww haye o god this girl doesn’t value precious possession . people doesn’t get and she have got and she doesn’t value me9wiping fake tears)

Suddenly he heard a pleasant sound and saw towards the direction. He saw hat swara was laughing whole heartedly a automatically his lips got curved into a smile

Sanskar: waise I didn’t knew that a lioness also cry, you were looking like a baby

Swara: what did you say

Sanskar: you were better with that only sobbing like a little baby. Aww little baby should I bring milk
Suddenly he got a cushion in attack
Swara: what did you sy(placing his hands in waist on both sides)
Sanskar: baby
Swara; I will not leave you
Sanskar; first catch me baby

They started running in whole room with swara behind sanskar and he was catching the whole things coming on his way


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