Swasan FF : I OWN You (Episode 4)


Flashback continues…
he walked in towards a chawl..and entered a house..
he was welcomed by a hi..
“welcome sir”
S -hmm where is she?
person- inside in her room but do it a bit quick..
S – fine u move out i can manage noww..and dont you ever dare to open your mouth u know na i m nothing known to u and yeah ur lil girl ur daughter’s treatment ll be done in best hoospital..
person-thanku..thanku so much sabji
S -move now..
and the person just walked out..

then later shanky just walked out towards a room he stood their..
their where 3 rooms in that corner and one of them glitered the most the door of the room was full of gliters and many attractive tags over their..
and a small pic was also tung their..
he just stromed inside the room..
and what he saw created a havoc inside him..
nana!dont put pressure on ur guter mind..nor she had come from any shower nor did was she changining her dress or something like that..
it was night time she had fallen over the bed like a lazy lump and was giggling and chatting with her friends..
in mobile..sometimes making a cute sounds and sometimes making a pout..
which litrally attracted him towards her..
hearing the door noice she just saw towards the door..
and was for a moment shocked to see a unknown man in her home..not nly home but also in her bedroom..

“what r u doing here?and who are u..?do i know u?”where the questions that instantly swara asked..
but our kunj was kunj he just walked towards her and in a shift tied her mouth with her own wail..and just picked her up in his arms and walked in towards his car..

———- * —————

the very next moment swara found her self withhim who had still not united her mouth and was still she in his arms.
walking towards a room in his home..
yup now they were in his home..where even a leaf asks his persmission to move..
he placed her on the bed..

and she instantly was freed too..
and before she could even ask any questions he began talking..
“i know u have many questions for now..which i ll answer but tommo..so here i ll be sending you dinner just have it and enjoy ur stay here..
and dont worry i ll not hurt u..i bought you here just to save you..
ur safe here…
ur free to do anything here but withiin my bundries..
and i dont like anyone backstabbing me..not u too..
got it..and yeah better get it!”


so guys now..here i stop or sayend with the flash back..
that was enough for now..hai na?
after all we need some suspense to be maintained..
challo..do let me know ur views on the flash back up till now..
and yup for now move back to episode 1 and read it once if you guys dont remember..about it..yet let me start from a bit glimpse of that episode..


i wanted to continue but stopping it here..
sorry yar exams r gonna start from november and ll end up by 10th jan..
too hectic..
and too many subjects so giving small update only on reqquest..
and plz a humble request i saw my story posted in TU with other name with same content but diff name..
if this continues i ll not post my story in TU..
so plz request dont stel my story without my consent..

and yup how would u like the story to go
1)both past & present
2)as it is now..


Well guys d actual name f ff z devil that owned an angel
But TU z not excepting this name so only posting it with other…
If any time by mistake I post n its original name parden me

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