Swasan ff (episode 2)

Sorry for this extra paragraph. Actually this was supposed to be my introduction and I have uploaded it under the name ” a love story of sanskar maheswari ” but they didnt update. So please ignore any update with that name.
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A current passed through my body when my palm touched her skin. I wish this moment freeze so that I will never have to leave her beautiful face.
” she belongs to next section sanskar” said my friend which brought me back to the senses.
“So you are sanskar MAHESWARI” she said a bit interrogative.
I gave her a proud and assuring smile. She immediately smiled to me as an answer.
” actually I have heard about you from my friends. Congratulations ” she said in sad voice.
“Thanks ” I said my voice shivering.
Later everyone ate the order and as usual I payed the whole amount. After that I turned to her.
” why don’t you top next time swara..I mean I am fed up by giving treats” I said to her trying to act brave but I am going down my knees.
She gave me a warm smile and said” well I will try but I am sure that I will never be able to beat you.”
My chest expanded than actually it was because of her compliment..actually compliment made by my love.

” thanks ” I said and we both started walking towards our gang.
We all had a nice time by talking about each other and finally I reached my home. Am I hallucinating? I guess no but I am sure yes. The girl for whom my eyes were desperate finally saw her and now they don’t want to see any other.
I don’t know how but in the next two years, we became closet friends. I admired her silently but never let to know my feeling for her. We used to spend lot of time together in library, canteen along with my group. The thing that I loved in her most is her childishness. I never felt her like a grown up girl but she had enough maturity of taking correct decisions in her life. I used to go to college even if I had a bad health just to not to miss her company. I know this one would be crazy but I did it and I landed in her house along with our gang when she didn’t attend the college. I heard somewhere that if a guy loves a girl, everyone gets to know about it except her but my case is different. I didn’t let anyone know about my feelings. I just loved her silently but today my heart is paining..yes paining because from tomorrow, our final exams are going to start and we won’t be able to meet after that. I immediately called her.
” hello”
” hello”
” do you have anything to say sanskar?”
“Nothing swara. I just called like that” I lied.
” will you be able to meet me at second street of my house?” She asked.
My face lighten up listening to her.
” sure”
Without wasting a minute I went out at an odd hour I:e; at 11pm. She is there, standing and waiting for me.
“Hello sanskar” she said excitedly.

I went to her and smiled.
” what’s the matter?”
“Nothing important sanskar. I just felt like missing you for the life time.”
Oh God! What did she say just now.
” hmm”
” what hmm” she glared.
” so you called me to tell this ”
“No sanskar. Actually to speak frankly, till now I didn’t had any friend like you”
I am enjoying her every word and we both started walking. I can say that she is nervous by seeing her hands. She is rubbing them but I don’t know why.
” even I too swara I mean I was never close to any girl like you”
” will you help me sanskar” she asked in a cold voice.
” is that a question to be asked swara. I will always”.
She turned to me and smiled.
” okay then all the best sanskar. Will meet after the final exam.”
I smiled to her and came home. I don’t know the reason for her strange behavior but I have decided to propose her on the last day.

After finishing the exam, I called her and asked to come to canteen that too alone as I don’t want anyone from my gang to see me proposing her. I know that she won’t accept but I want to express my feelings. I sat on one of the chairs and my heart started beating fast as the time increased. I took a deep breath and recollected my way of proposal. It is then she came to me. My heart stopped beating for a second and I visibly gulped. She sat infront of me and turned back to look at some one. I am confused by her act but next minute I saw some male person entering the canteen. He came and sat beside swara.
” Hi sanskar. Meet my fiance akash”
What! Finance?I felt like the earth below me is shaking and I am falling deep into a mire.
” what!” I said in a shock.
” yes sanskar.he is akash..Dr. Aksah” she said in a proud voice and wrapped her arms around his shoulder.
Will there be any greater punishment for a guy to see his loved one with some other. I had tears in my eyes and I know that.
” ouch! ” I said while rubbing my eyes.” I think something went inside”
She immediately got up from her seat to help me but I moved back saying I can manage..
” shall we order something?” Akash asked .

I went to the counter and ordered for three sandwiches. many questions are revolving in my mind. Is this real if yes then why didn’t she say it to me earlier. Didn’t she trust me? My heart is paining seeing them together. I am not sure whether he will be able to keep her happy even. The girl whom I thought was mine is not mine no more. I sighed heavily and threw the flower in the dustbin that i brought.I took the plates and turned to them. I saw her, she is smiling and he is wiping her tears.yes she is happy with him and he can make her smile……more than me. A lump got stuck in my throat but I quickly composed myself.
” so when are you going to marry” I asked her while giving them sandwiches.
” that’s the problem sanskar” she said in a low voice. I noticed the restlessness in her eyes.
” what happened swara” I tried to act normal.
” actually we both love each other from six months. I have asked permission to my dad for marrying him but as usual he rejected. I am convincing him to wait for me but he is…”
” sorry sanskar. I know but even my parents are not accepting for this proposal. She is my life and I am not ready to loose her. Anyhow she has completed her course now and so I am planning to…” Akash was still continuing but swara interrupted.
” elope”
“What!” I said almost shockingly.
” yes sanskar. At first she didn’t accept but now I convinced her” akash said in a victorious voice.
I really didn’t had any words for them now. she placed her palm on my hands
” I know that what I am doing is wrong sanskar but I am confident that my parents would soon accept us”

Akash held her by shoulder and said” yes dear”.
I turned my head other way as I am unable to see their closeness.
” will you help us in eloping sanskar?” She asked innocently.
Another heart break. Now I should help my love to get her love. How painful! I let a sigh out and nodded in yes.
” where are you planning to go?”
“US” he replied.
” You said you will help me sanskar”she said as if reminding me.
“What do you want me to do now?” I frowned.
“Actually akash has some visa problem..so”she fumbled.
“I will get it done” I said assuringly.
“If possible try to get it tonight ” she said in a pleading voice and I readily accepted it.
After a great difficulty, I reached airport along with his visa. They both are standing together. I went to them and gave her the visa.
” thank-you so much sanskar. You are my true friend” she said smiling.
Yes I am a true friend otherwise who will help his love to elope with someone. I smiled sadly.
” don’t forget to visit us when you come to US” he said to me as if he is doing a favour.
We got alarmed listening the announcement.
” we need to go sanskar” she said. Her voice heavy.
I simply nodded. Both of them started walking towards the other side while she kept turning back contionusly to see me. I tried to give my best smile and waved her. Soon they passed my sight and I collapsed on my knees.

Oh God! Is this known as heart break? I don’t want this as it is paining a lot. I wanted to scream aloud. After all I am a human and I too have a heart. It too feels bad. I felt some pain in my heart which slowly started spreading through my body. My nerves went weak while I started breathing heavily. I felt dizzy and my vision became blur. I looked down to the floor and few drops of tears fell from my eyes.
It’s true..its true as someone said that a guy is really heart breaken to the core when tears cross his eyes.

To be continued…


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