Swasan FF : I OWN You (Episode 14)


We never know when our luck or destiny works. When we will get our main reason of living. He was just waiting for his chance to come. He was the Same that ruthless the same arogent beast the devil but what he just heared and saw was something that he never expected..

He was waiting her. His Lusty love….Swara. He was alone without her. He was walking dead for the world. He was just a living human with breath not with the heart and mind. Just lost. Way to lost in his own distraction.To talk him once. Say him once, She Loves him. He just want whole of her.

But She was peacefully sleeping there in bed with satisfaction of protectness. She was living but but along with her weak mind/brain who stopped to responed. Just has given the power of hearing maybe. But no use. She was still a lifeless body along with a soft smooth breath lying down down there with white gown covering her along with a white blanket. She was beautiful as always but just blank. She was just so pale to see. She was quiet & flawless as ever in her sleep from past 3 hours..

Sanskar turned from the window & now he was facing his life’s bitter & one only truth that swara It has been 3 long hours he was watching her like this just lying on her back sleeping. In a deep sleep. In God damn deep sleep from where, when she will wake up no one can say & explain. She is just in his own sleeping world out of the reality. He walks near her with slow steps staring her.. from with of much intense that he wanna show some emotions but bad luck he is the genious of hiding the actual reaction or emotions. But those eyes just giving a hint of him being alone and painned. He was hurt.

Love is the thing which can’t be describe by the simple ‘3’ words “I Love You”. For God Sake, we told many people that we Love them by the simple words. But it’s true somehow he thinks, These words give the opposite person the happiness oof a little time. Nowadays, Love is like a ‘Flying Bird’.

He thinks, It always try to fly here and there. They are impatient. ‘Is that ??’ He thinks. He really don’t know or just don’t wanna know. He again thinks Love is not a really Bad thing to have in life. But again things It hurts only. But without getting hurt how we will prove it’s Love.

Besides, His ‘Mind’ says, Love is a word of our heart. When our heart wants something our Mind work instantly to get it. But His part is different. His Mind gets the commands of his heart but accepts them with it’s own condision. Ever said, He heard to his Mind not Heart. Heart only Hurts but Mind save us from the Hurts and it’s Pains. So, He Prefered Mind.

then he remembered how he took her in his arms and led her to room how he called doctor how doctor gave her medicins so that she stays sleeping but that sleep of hers was pricking him

those words of her echoed in his mind..

“i dont care what society thinks or what not..did u here me?i ll just follow what my boyfrnd my love my sanskar tells me..did u here that!”

“he loves me not my body..

he loves my soul Miss Bose..

he loves my soul..”

was he really doing good with her he knew that he only had lusty desire t her..and nothing more but the way she cares for him the way she handles everysingle thing about him makes his lips into cure ..

scowled at my thought. What was I thinking ?? I was never like that. I can’t be the way she is. But her care made me think over this, Am I really worth for her love when I can’t give her the satisfaction that I love her. NO !!! I can’t. Love is not for me. I can’t be weak over this little feelings I am having. But I promise myself I’ll protect her with all my life. I can’t lose her.

I looked at her. She is very innocent and pure. I like her the way she is ! Sometimes Stubborn and Angry or A Crying Baby.


after few hours…

Swara’s POV-

i striped and opened my eyes only to get shocked the shock of my life..

i m in his car and hes driving talkingno no rather barking to someone probably adi..

as soon as he felt moment he looked at me..and smiled and then peaked ny forhead …

this is the first time he kissed..

i mean he has kissed me numerous number of times but this is the first time he kissed on h=my forhead..

its said that when a guy kisses a girl on her forhead then hes ur tur e bf..

and i found it n him..this gesture was what i liked the most..

i din knew where hes taking me but i know where ever he takes me i ll smimly follow him..

coz he is my guardian..my world..


thats all for today..

was not supposed to post it..but later taught to post it..



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