Swasan ff (episode 1)

Hello everyone. Sree harini again. Actually I have written a prologue for this fiction but TELLY UPDATES didn’t upload it. Actually I thought of name it as a love story of sanskar maheswari but after seeing the response, I changed it to Swasan. The story goes with sanskar pov.

I opened my eyes when soft rays of sun touched my face followed by cool breeze. I sat on the bed and saw my brother, Lakshya still sleeping beside me hugging the pillow. Without disturbing him I went to washroom and came back after an hour. He is still sleeping. Oh God! I really don’t know how can anyone sleep for so many hours. As far as I remember, my longest sleep lasted for seven hours. I went to the dressing table after wearing a black jeans and yellow shirt. Lucky always used to tease me as I am really bad at fashion. I let a sigh out while combing my hairs actually that was due to nervousness…yeah I am nervous because it is first day of my M.B.A. The moment I think about first day, all I can get in my mind is girls surrounding me but I am habituated to it. I never found myself handome but I don’t know why they keep following me. I don’t say that I haven’t had any girl in my life because I am very good at making friends and had many girls in my gang even but I never thought of anything beyond friendship. If anyone says that it is because I am a studious student then I oppose it firmly as I am not that studious. I just prepared every day topic that day itself and scored good marks but my friends never believed . I guess this happens with every topper.

After looking at my reflection for the third time, I went down allowing lucky to sleep. My mom, sujatha encountered me while descending the steps with a glass of milk in her hand. No..not again. I am not going to drink the milk anymore.
” good morning sanskar! I was about to come to your room. Anyways drink this” she said pointing the glass.
“Mom…actually ” I fumbled.

“Not a word sanskar” she said.
“I have some important work” I said to her. I know it was stupid reason but I really hate drinking milk and I had a reason for that. When I was studying my plus two, a girl who saw me drinking milk came to me and said that I was looking this fair because of drinking milk and she enquired all the details like what brand I use,at what time I drink and how many times a day…god! Seriously will anyone become fair drinking milk? If yes then why don’t all cats be while. But at that moment my foolish mind decided to not to drink believing her statement so that no girl will follow me if my completion gets dark. I know that I am foolish but I lost habit of drinking and so I cannot drink now.
” sanskar” I heard my mom calling no..actually taunting.
” I guess you are not a business tycoon as your papa and bade papa..even this is your first day..then how will you have work?” She asked confidently.
I signed and turned to her to answer but felt relief seeing laksh descending the stairs. He hugged my mom and drank the milk in one gulp.
” bhai doesn’t have any need to drink milk chachi. He is already fair…I think you must give importance to me..not to your son ” he said winking at me. I glared but soon bursted into laugh seeing my badi ma with another glass of milk. Laksh immediately ran to his room.
I smiled seeing his act and finally after much argument, badi ma made me drink the milk. I became worried seeing the wall clock and immediately kissed both the moms and ran to the entrance but was interrupted by lucky.
” bhai! I think you are suffering from amnesia” lucky shouted.
May be he is right because I forgot that it was even his first day for college not exactly for college but for final year of computers and we both made an agreement to go together. We are not studying in the same college but they are on the same route.
We both quickly got onto the bike and lucky drove off.. I don’t know why but suddenly he stopped the bike near a mall which annoyed me.

” lucky we are getting late” I shout at him who was going inside. Looks like my voice didn’t reach him. I have waited for more than ten minutes for him but there were no signs. It is then I heard a beautiful laughter which had the power to bring life even in dead souls. I have concentrated on it.
” this would suit Better” the voice said. Oh God! It is more sweet than honey. I heard sound of bangles moving might be hers but the melody made by them with every move was heavenly. I turned round to see her when my resistance reached the peak. There she is ..laughing and selecting the ear rings with her friend I guess. Her smile is something which I haven’t seen before and Her eyes are the most innocent ones while her face is most charming. I know that I am attracted to her. I really want to stare at her for lifetime. A strange feeling of making friendship with her came in my mind…I don’t know the reason but all I can say that she is beautiful. I just followed her to every shop she went. Her smile, her voice are intoxicating me. I cannot bear this anymore.. I want to talk to her. I became determined and started walking towards her. As I forward her by every step, my heart beat increased ten times proportionally.I have almost approached her. She is facing her back to me and I went crazy inhaling her perfume. Involuntarily my left hand raised to pat her shoulder but some one patted mine. Anger replaced my blood in body and I thought to slam the person to the ground but it was lucky.

” shall we go?” He asked me carelessly packing and counting his stuff.
I just nodded and clunched my anger into fist and left the place.
A month passed but I still didn’t forget her. Her voice always echoed in my ears. I saw her angelic face many a times in my dreams. I completely lost myself whenever I think about her. I know that the feeling is just attraction but I am not getting out of it. I looked at the sky and saw a shooting star. Many say that the wishes get fullifilled that we wish seeing it. I never believed it but seriously if it is true then I would like to see her again. Just once! I closed my eyes and again the same smiling face came infront of me. I came out of my dreams when my friend,pratik called me.
” hey! Where were you lost sanskar? We need to get into the train..its already late”.
I smiled at him and started walking towards the train. there were many similar faces boarding the train..actually my friends. We all came to Mumbai for some project work behalf of our college and are returning now.

Finally after much discussion and fight, I have occupied Lower berth as it is my favourite. Actually I fought for side lower but of no use as pratik reserved it for his girl friend. After preapring the berth with bedsheet, I slept on it and looked sideways to see the adjacent berth. It was empty. Then I looked up and learnt that all my other friends are already in deep sleep dreaming something. I turned the other side and closed my eyes.
I woke up listening someone coughing contionusly and looked at my mobile. It was 3am. I turned to the direction of the voice and my eyes widened seeing the person on the opposite berth. There she is..my girl. She was coughing badly. I immediately grabbed the water bottle from my bag and gave it to her. She looked up to me with those beautiful brown eyes. I just wish to swim in them.they are big and…
“Thanks” she said while taking the bottle. Once again I lost in her voice. I kept staring her all the time while she has finished half of my bottle.
” actually I am intorelent to cold. as the window was open so….anyways thanks again” she said in innocent voice.

I thought of saying your welcome or some thing like that but all I did was smiling to her while closing the window. She sighed in relief and again slept. I too laid on the berth but turned to her side and kept staring her. Soon she fell asleep. I have cursed myself for not noticing her before itself as in a hour or two we will be reaching the destination and I cannot see her again.
I sat on the berth in a stroke when one of my friends hit me hard on my back.
” we have already reached dude..I think you are comfortable sleeping here” my friend taunted.
I don’t know when did I sleep staring at her. I gave him a warm smile and turned sideways to see her but she is already gone. My heart pained for the first time. Later our group got down the train and we reached our respective houses.

After few weeks, I went to the notice board to check my results. I am sure that I will be the topper but how, I too don’t know and now I must feed my buffalo team in the name of party. I can’t even skip as everyone are so close to each other. A smile came on my face seeing my name on the top of the list and I have started checking my friends marks even. My eyes froze at ” swara gadodia” . she is next to me in the list. I don’t know who she is and even the name is new to me. As far as I remember, there is no girl with that name in my section. Then I immediately checked her class. She too belongs to M.B.A first year but to different section. Again I kept checking others marks until I heard the same voice.
” second!! Oh no..I thought that I would top this exam”
I turned back and saw her. Was she talking about the same thing I am guessing right now?
” its okay dear. Don’t get tensed. Till now, no one beat sanskar MAHESWARI. Atleast you tried for it.” Another girl, probably her friend convinced her by placing her hand on swara.
I can easily see the restlessness on her face. Immediately I turned to check the list and conformed that she is the same girl. How foolish I am..my angel is studying in the same college of mine and I failed to notice her inspire of having a big gang of friends from all the sections. My friend pulled me out of the crowd from notice board and glared.
” you said that you didn’t perform well.. Then how did you top?”
Again the same question. I am tired of giving explations to it and so I have decided to change the topic.

” I think the one who corrected the papers wore black shades”.
“Don’t act too smart..we are not going to leave you until you give us a treat” my friend said in a sarcastic voice.
I sighed and said” I must pratik..other wise your girl friend will…”
” enough! Don’t bring her in this matter. She will never be upset with me” he said with a killing look.
I smiled” oh! I didn’t say anything about your lover. I was about to mention about my friend will be angry with me..don’t be so insecure dude”
” no one is insecure.and one more thing..your friend aka my gf is already waiting in the cafe. So come quickly” he said in a firm voice and left. I turned back to see her but she was already gone. I ran like a mad person till the college stairs but failed in my attempt to see her.
With a dull and sad face, I headed towards our cafe where my friends would be waiting like thirsty crows .as soon I reached the table, fifteen members surrounded me and congratulated. I smiled at them and went to the counter to give the order. After few minutes, I came back and again I saw her. She was sitting with pratik. I felt like someone watered my dying soul. I slowly headed to them while pratik stood up.

” she is swara..swara gadodia. our new gang mate” he said looking at her.
My heart skipped at beat when she forward her hand for a shake hand. I placed my palm on her palm and a current flowed in my body.
At that moment, I closed my eyes and only one thing is running in my mind and heart
” she is mine and will be mine forever”

To be continued…

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  1. Wow sree u backed with another beautiful swasan ff….
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    1. Thank-you dear and I am glad to know that I am ur fav writer and now listen to this..you are my one of the best friend.

      1. Sree welcome back with another superhit stry ….

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