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Hi everyone thanks for the comments and for raglak you all can vote wich child stars can do it …. so here we go


Swara thinking to make sanskar her friend …. the bell rings everyone goes .. piya ‘ swara will you come ‘ …. swara ‘ yes i will come soon i have to do something ‘ … Piya’ okay bye ‘ … piya leaves … swara sees sanskar sitting on his bench she goes to him … swara ‘ hi ‘ … sanskar looks at her he also wants to say hi but thinks something gets sad and leaves .. leaving swara suprised … Swara (thinks) ‘ what happened to him maybe he is shy aww so cute but i will surely make you my friend ‘ mr. sanskar maheswari ‘

later ….

In other classes swara constantly tried to speak to sanskar but he just ignored her …. then college ends and she leaves to take ragini

Rag’s school

Raglak came towards swara … laksh saw her sad … lak ‘ kya hua shona di ‘ … swara ‘ kuch nahi ‘ .. rag ‘ di you know you can’t lie to us please say ‘ … swara ‘ just thinking why he doesn’t wanna be my friend am i that bad ‘ … lak ‘ no shona if he can’t see that you are great ‘ … swa ‘ yes you’re right he is stupid na ‘ … just then lucky’s parents blowed the horn … lak ‘ i have to go bye shona di , bye ragu
… swaragini ‘ bye lucky ‘ … swaragini leave for home


swaragini eat dinner , watch a movie and then ragini goes to sleep .. now swara is sitting on
her bed watching fb on laptop she thinks ‘ does sanku has fb ‘ .. she searches on fb and finds his profile and send friends request .. swa ‘ why would he accept me in college he was ignoring me na ‘ … just then she sees that he has accepted … she thinks ‘ should i chat or not i will send hi then i will see ‘ she sends a hi

On the other hand

sanskar was sitting on his laptop just then he gets a message he opens it and sees its from swara … sa ‘ should i send back i was so rude to her at school it was just i didnt have friends and without friends its just impossible to talk to girls but this is chat na so why not ‘

The chat conversation

Swa : hi

Sa : hi

Swa : hw are you

Sa : fine .. you

Swa : not so fine

Sa : why ?

Swa : bcoz you were rude to me today

Sa : sorry for that its just im new and it was just nervousness

Swa : its ok lets forget about the past lets start afresh … hi im swara

Sa : hi im sanskar

swa : mujhse dosti karoge ?

Sa : sure but on 1 condition

Swa : what ?

Sa : no sorry and thank you in friendship

Swa : accepted

sa : okay but now i have to leave see you tommo

Swa : see you tommo

********** end of episode *********

I know it was short but tommo i will write long for sure …. don’t forget to vote for childstars of raglak

Credit to: p.j

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