a Swasan ff – epi 1


A mansion is shown it looks like a palace inside the mansion a beautiful girl of 17 is seen sleeping … a girl of eight comes and shakes her and shouts ‘swara di swara di ‘ … yes the girl whose sleeping is swara our heroine .. Swara ( sleepy tone ) ‘ kya kiddo let me sleep na ‘ … rag ‘ swara di today is my first day of school and your first day of college na ‘ … Swara (wakes up) ‘ arre ha i forgot ‘ … Rag ‘ come on swara di fast fast lucky is waiting for me ‘ .. swara ( teases) ‘ ohho abhi tak 10 saal bhi nahi hui aur love story suru ‘ … Rag ‘ lucky is just my friend ‘ … Swara ‘ yes yes i know btw where are mom and dad ‘ …
rag ‘ offo swara di you havent turned so old that you forget everything our parents leaved yesterday for busnisse trip na ‘ … swara ‘ oh yes btw go get ready we are late ‘ … rag ‘ im ready already now you get ready ‘ … Swa ‘ tu meri behen nahi maa hona chahiye tha ‘ … ragini ( laughs) ‘ that i know ‘ … She leaves … Swara gets ready … swaragini get ready and leave for raginis school by bicycle … they reach her school there a boy comes running he says ‘ kya ragu why so late ‘ … rag ‘ sorry lucky its all di’s fault ‘ .. Yes the boy is lucky … He looks at swara … swara (pouts) ‘sorry luck ‘ … Lak ‘ its oké shona di (to rag ) come (to swa) bye swara di ‘ … rag ‘ bye di ‘ .. swara ‘ bye raglak ‘ … then she leaves for college


swara is heading towards her gang ( piya , shanaya , shriya , abhay and siddharth ) just then she sees a boy .. also 17 … standing under a tree alone … Swa ‘ wow so cute ‘ she was just lost in him but also feels bad cause he was alone … then piya came she shakes her ‘ swara !! ‘ … Swara (coming to sense) ‘ yes ‘ …. Piya ‘ where were you lost ‘ … Swa ‘in nothing i was just thinking ‘ …. Piya ‘ oke then come ‘ she drags her swara looks back to see that boy and this time the boy also looks at her they have a short but cute eyelook

Later ….

Swara is talking to her friend the bell rings and they go to they’re classe line .. swara sees the boy standing in the line and gets happy bcoz he is in her class buy doesn’t know why she is happy … the teacher comes and they head towards their class .. in class everybody sits with their friends swara is sitting with piya she looks at the boy who is sitting alone in a dark place where nobody can see him she feels bad but doesnt know why … bcoz its first day if college and lots of new students have come they have to introduce themself … now its swaras turn she stands ‘ hi everyone my name is swara , swara gadodia im 17 years my dream is to become a doctor and to help the people who need help and i want to welcome all the new students to our college ‘ she sits the boy who listened to her was mesmerised by her beauty and by her talks … now its the boy turns swara exitedly turns and eagerly waits to know his name the boy stands he is a bit nervouse she sees thay he says ‘ hi everyone my name is sanskar maheswari im 17 years and my dream is to become an engineer ‘ he sits .. swara thinks ‘ ohw he is so cute and sanskar such a big name i will call him sanku if we will be friends ‘ she smiles

Preacap ; swara trying tomake sanskar her friend

Hi im p.j and this is my first ff and i hope you all liked the first epi please comment guys

Credit to: p.j

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  1. Nice but I don’t no ragini and lucky childhood pic so I don’t no to imagine them very small

  2. Aahna


  3. So sweet continue dear

  4. nice and sweet

  5. Divyanshri

    sweet n cute love story

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