Swasan FF: Entangled Love (Chapter 3)

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recap: Swara and Sanjeet’s conversation
Chapter 3
Swara’s POV
The moment I turned to the door, I bumped into someone. I was about to fall but two strong arms came for my rescue. I was busy in analyzing the situation when a manly voice came to my ears “watch out kiddo”. I looked up at the person, he was a tall man of perfect built, his dark brown eyes and slightly wet hairs making him more handsome. His black suit tugging to his body was giving a hint that he belongs to elite business class. He was still holding me and I was straightly looking into his eyes, little scared of the way he was looking back at me, his eyes filled with attitude and arrogance. My trance was broken by uncle’s voice. I said sorry to him and moved.
Sanjeet: aah! You came, welcome Mr. Maheshwari.
Swara (in her mind): so he is the CEO of Maheshwari industries and father of that little girl. But he looks too young to have a 7 year old daughter. Well none of my business.
Sanskar: (gave a last look to Swara as they were still standing at the door and stepped inside) thank you Mr. Das and please call me Sanskar I have told you many times, it doesn’t sound that bad (he gave a hand shake to him with a smile)
Sanjeet: come, have a seat.
Swara was walking out of the room when Sanjeet called her “Swara wait! Come here”. Swara came there and stood beside Sanjeet. She noticed that Sanskar was looking at her. She felt little uncomfortable.
Sanjeet: (smilingly) well u both met at the door but I would like to introduce you two properly. Swara meet Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari, CEO of Maheshwari Industries and Sanskar this is Swara Bose, she is the girl about whom I have talked to you.
As soon as Sanjeet said this Sanskar’s expression changed. He looked at Swara from head to toe as if scanning something. She was wearing a pink sleeveless top with blue faded shorts, she tied her hair in a high pony. Due to rain she decided to wear her sports shoes. Altogether her look was very casual which is making her look much younger and innocent. After his scrutiny he said in cold voice.
Sanskar: Mr. Das I told you that I want a governess for my daughter, an experienced and responsible lady, not a kid to accompany my daughter in her pranks. I am really disappointed with your choice… I didn’t expect this from you.
Swara got irked with the way he address her as a kid, she looked at Sanjeet with a puzzled face. Sanjeet gave her a look that let me handle the situation.
Sanjeet: Sanskar don’t be so judgmental. She is very sincere when it comes to work. Beside that she is a graduate. She completed her graduation in business management this year only with distinction. She topped her college. She even got offers from few firms but due to some personal reasons she can’t leave the city. So she has all the qualifications that are needed for this job. I think now u must get why I chose her.
Sanskar: (smirks while looking at swara) well its sound so good Miss. Bose but am sorry I don’t believe on merits, I believe in practical implementation of excellence. You are still too young to take up such a responsible job.

Swara’s POV
What he thinks of himself? I hate the way he was talking to uncle. Doesn’t he have manners? Uncle is almost like his father’s age. And how can he judge my abilities. Does he know me? No na then he has no right to talk about me like that. He called me kid! Do I look like a kid to him? I swear if once more he addressed me as kid, I will kill him. When I was busy in bashing him in my mind Kamla aunty (maid) came to the room and said looking at uncle “sahab, memsahib ne swara baby ko apne kamre me bulaya hai”. Uncle nodded to her, she left. But what irked me is that when Kamla aunty called me baby, the arrogant man sitting in front of me smirked at me as if saying that see its not only me but there are other people also who considered you as a kid. I totally ignored him. I was chiding Kamla aunty, why she came at this time? Kamla aunty was taking care of this house since last 15 years. She was like a family now. I met her first when I was five. She pampers me a lot and from then she starts calling me swara baby which is still on. Uncle asked me to go to aunty. I nodded, actually I was relived because I didn’t want to be the part of this conversation any more. How can I let that arrogant man keep insulting me? I was searching for an opportunity to escape from there and luckily I got that. I don’t know what will be uncle’s and his decision at the end but I have decided already that I will never going to work for such person. He may be the top business man of the state but when it comes to emotions he was nothing but a bankrupt. Excusing myself I left from there.

It is raining heavily outside, the sky was dark and roads were empty… inside his office Sanjeet was searching for words to convince Sanskar. Sanskar was talking to someone on phone, he instructed something to the person on the other end of the line and after that he disconnected the call and looked back to Sanjeet.
Sanjeet: Sanskar do you really think she is imperfect for this job?
Sanskar: (in cold voice) Mr. Das we have been working together since very long. And I am very well aware about your intellectual abilities. But this is not business, this is about my daughter. And u know it very well that I don’t like to take chances with my daughter. I can’t opt for trial and error. (Serious tone) See Mr. Das, am not distrusting you, if so I would have never asked you to search a governess for my daughter. I don’t want to comment about that girl. She may be the same as you said but as far as am not satisfied I can’t approve her. I am really sorry Mr. Das but can’t help it.
Sanjeet: (calmly) No No Sanskar…. It’s absolutely ok. Don’t be sorry. It is about your daughter and am sure as a father you will do what is best for her. About swara … she must be having something better in her destiny.
They both smile at each other
Sanskar: she seems close to you (looking at the picture of swara kept at one of the corner of the cupboard)
sanjeet: yeah.. She is daughter of my childhood friend Shekhar Bose. She is like a daughter to me. Unfortunately Shekhar died last month (his face becomes sad) leaving her wife, his daughter and a 10 year old son behind.
Sanskar: (remembering something) if am not wrong was he the CEO of SS group who died last month due to heart attack. I read that he was going through a bad phase in his business.
Sanjeet: yeah… you guessed it right.
Sanskar: I met him couple of time in business parties here in Indore. He seemed like a good man.
Sanjeet: (proudly) he was indeed.
Sanskar: Then why her daughter wants to take up a job of a governess?
Sanjeet: well sometimes you have to pay for your honesty….same happened with Shekhar. One of his trusted employees in the company ditched him due to which he lost a very crucial deal… then he never able to recover… he drowned in debts. From last two years he was struggling to take his company back to the path but he failed. This became the reason of his sudden demise. To pay the debts they have to sell their property, their mansion. He has taken up some loan from the bank… so after his death court ordered the bank to take up the company… I tried my best to save Shekhar’s family from this situation but couldn’t because things were really messed up.

Sanskar: well that’s really unfortunate what all happened…..but am afraid I can only give her my sympathy nothing else.
Sanjeet: don’t do that because she hate it when people show sympathy to her… she looks so innocent but she is a strong and brave girl…
Sanskar: So, in this way u wanted to help her? I mean through this job?
Sanjeet: yeah… but this is not just the reason… I have told u about her because I know she is perfect for this job. Sanskar, I have seen her since her childhood… I know how good she is with kids… u know me I would have never considered her for this job if she is not worthy.
Sanskar: sorry again for disappointing you.
Sanjeet: don’t be… I told you na she is a bright student, sooner or later she will surely get a good job. (With concerning eyes) am just worried about her higher studies… she always dreamed of it.
He thought for a second and said
Sanskar: (softly) if you allow I can finance her studies. I mean my company provides scholarship for deserving students every year. We do it as a part of CSR (corporate social responsibility)
Sanjeet: (giving a sad smile) That’s so generous of you Sanskar. But she is a girl of very high self respect… she will never accept such help. I have tried it myself but she denied.
Later they talked about some legal aspects of his business while sipping the coffee.

Swara was sitting on the bed talking with a lady. They were smiling to each other in between their talks.
Swara: (angrily) Bushra aunty! Why are you so careless? Can’t you take care of yourself?
Bushra: So, your uncle filled your ears against me ha!
Swara: He just stated the fact
Bushra: Am absolutely fine dear… there’s nothing to worry. You know your uncle na, he is just over possessive…
Swara: he is not over possessive… he cares for u aunty
Bushra: how can I forget that am talking to his princess?… u will always take his side.
Swara: (smiling) that’s not true aunty…
Bushra smiled at her innocent face.
Bushra: Where is your uncle?
Swara: He is in office with Mr. Maheshwari.
Bushra: So he came.
Swara: (curiously) do you know him?
Bushra: not really… just met him couple of times.
They talked for some time. Bushra asked her about her mom and Ashu. She didn’t mention anything about the reason of her arrival. After an hour of sweet chat she decided to go back to home. Although Bushra tried hard to stop her but she was reluctant. Finally she gave up.
Swara’s POV
I was standing outside uncle’s office not able to decide what to do, should I go inside to meet uncle or not. Mr. Maheshwari was still there with uncle and I didn’t want to face him again. I never left without saying bye to uncle no matter how busy he’s been. After much struggle finally I stepped in. I knocked the door, uncle asked me to come in.
Sanjeet: (looking at swara) come dear
Swara: I was just going back to home… so thought of meeting you before leaving.
Sanskar looked at her. She felt his eyes on her. She tried to ignore him as much as possible.
Sanjeet: princess why don’t you stay here tonight, it’s still raining. I will inform Sharmishtha.
Swara: no uncle… I will go. Ma will get worried.
Sanjeet: ok wait I will drop you.
Swara: (strict tone) no u should be here with aunty… she is not well. I will manage.
Sanjeet accepted his defeat in front of this little girl and nodded while smiling to her.
Sanjeet: (turning towards sanskar) Sanskar can you do me a favour?
Sanskar: off course, why not?
Sanjeet: can you drop Swara? Her home is on your way…
Swara: (shocked) no uncle… I will go by myself, no need to bother him.
She never expected that Sanjeet will say something like that. When she can’t bear that person for few minutes how can she travel a journey of about 45 minutes with that person. Before Sanjeet could say anything to convince swara, Sanskar spoke….
Sanskar: There is nothing to bother Miss Bose. I will drop you.
Sanjeet: Thank you sanskar. (Looking at swara) now happy?
Now left with no choice, helplessly she nodded her head and few seconds later she moved out of the house following Sanskar.
Precap: Sanskar’s change of decision

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