Swasan FF: Entangled Love (Chapter 1)


Hiiii…. Everyone…I am new here and this is my first ever writing stuff though I love to write but could never dared before….just need your support…. Now coming to the story, the plot is little inspired by the story my elder cousin sister told me when I was in seventh grade but the idea, storyline everything is mine and original.
This is not a story of a hero and a villain, heroin and a vamp, neither it’s a story of any revenge or betrayal rather it is a simple story of two broken souls. Destiny leads them to cross each other’s path and it changes their journey forever.

Chapter 1
It was mid afternoon, Swara was sitting all alone, away from the world in her dimly lighted room looking at the sky from the window. It was dark and clouded, seems like soon it is going to be rain. She was staring the sky continuously for don’t know how long, thinking about how harshly life has treated her. Her whole world has gone upside down within last 2 months. Yeah, it’s been 2 months to her father’s sudden demise, but still she was not able to believe that her father, her strength, her guide is no more with her. Her father’s last words were still echoing in her ears “don’t cry my princess, I want to see your smile…. You are my strong girl and now you have to be stronger not only for yourself but also for your brother and your Ma.” Her thoughts were disturbed by a familiar voice, she wiped her tears and turned towards the source. There she saw her mother, Sharmishtha Bose, standing at the door of her room calling her name, she came close and stood against her, looked straight in her eyes for search of something, perhaps the shine her daughter has lost.
Sharmishtha: “Shona”! What are u doing here? I was looking for u everywhere.

Swara turning to her: ma why were u looking for me? You want something?
Sharmishtha: Yeah, me and Ashu are waiting for u, comes down for lunch.
Swara: ma am not feeling hungry right now. You go and have your lunch with Ashu.

She moved to her cupboard and took a bag and turned to her mother who was still giving a questionable look to her.
Swara: ma, I am going to Sanjeet uncle’s place to meet him. He called me in the morning, you know what he said? He said he has some good news for me. I think he found a good job for me. I told him last week that I wanted to take up a job since my graduation is completed now (she said all this with a smile on her face).

Sharmishtha who was listening all her daughter’s talk carefully came close to her and looked at her daughter while holding her hands in hers. Her eyes are showing mixed emotions of pain, happiness, misery and proud.
Sharmishtha (with teary eyes): Shona you don’t need to do that darling, you want to do higher studies na, concentrate on that. We will manage beta, I don’t want to see my daughter struggling to earn money at the tender age of twenty. You are still a kid.
Swara squeezed her hands slightly, giving her assurance and said “ma, I know I will be always a kid for you, but actually am old enough to earn for my family. Beside am well educated to get a good job. Why would I struggle ma?”

Swara: (with slight smile on her face): don’t tell me that you have a doubt on my abilities?
Sharmishtha (with a proud smile): not at all dear. I know my daughter whatever she will do, she will do with perfection, after all she is Shekhar Bose’s daughter.

After saying this she paused and looked at her daughter with immense pain in her eyes. Swara came running to her and hugged her. They hug each other tightly while crying, supporting and comforting each other as well as assuring one another that everything is going to be fine, whereas deep down in their hearts, they both knew that it was not that easy.
After some time Swara broke the hug said: “ma I have to leave, I am getting late”.

Sharmishtha: At least eat something then go.
Swara while rushing downstairs, will have it at uncle’s place.
Sharmishtha followed her while saying in her mind “she is so careless”.
Swara came to the hall and saw a boy sitting there at dining table, she gave a smile to him and he smiled back to her.
He was a cute boy with innocent face, dark brown hairs and sparkling eyes with innocent smile which makes him more adorable. “Ashwin Shekhar Bose” this is how he love to address himself.
Swara came close to him and ruffled his hairs, he slightly irritated with the act of her sister asked her “are you going out di”?
Swara: yes.

Ashwin: where?
Swara: uncle Sanjeet’s place.
Ashwin: what about lunch?
Swara: you need not to worry, I will have it there. But you have your food properly, I don’t want to get any complaints about you from ma when I get back, ok!

Ashwin: (irritated) don’t try to be bossy over me.
Swara: (laughing) I will, my little bro and u can’t escape from this.
Ok bye am getting late, bye ma (she waved to Sharmishtha who was coming down from the stairs)

Sharmishtha: bye and take care of yourself and ha take that umbrella with you seem like it is going to be rain.
She took umbrella from the table, came out of the house and started looking for a taxi and got one after sometime. Making herself comfortable on the back seat and giving the details of her destination she said “chaliye bhaiya”. She was all ready to start her journey unaware of the fact that this journey is going to change her life forever.

Precap: Swara and Sanskar’s first meeting.

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