Swasan FF: Entangled Love chapter 61

Hello every one, here is the special chapter for you all….. I tried to make it as decent as I can, hope you guys like it too….
PS: I know most of you are not happy with my idea of ending the story but dear I have already decided the end, it’s not only because of my training but there is also no point in unnecessary dragging the story, the story is all about the journey of two people and their falling in love…. which is now done. Some of you have suggested me to come with new season, so I am thinking on it….. if not then surely will come with the all new story……. Hoping to get your support like always, thank you

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Chapter 61

Maheshwari Mansion

Swara was eagerly waiting for Sanskar since he stepped out, she wanted to surprise him with her unexpected presence in the house, as he was unaware of all this…. fortunately Ragini handled everything so smartly and swayed everyone to let Swara stay. She was alone in the mansion, only with Kaushayla, Mitthu and few other servants and an army of guards…. All she wished for was day to pass soon and night come over when he would be there…. To kill the time she decided to cook food for Sanskar. With the help of Kaushalya she managed to cook something eatable….. now the time had come, quickly wrapping up the kitchen work she moved towards her room to get ready for the night, she was confused what to wear to impress him…. After much struggle she picked a sari remembering how he first complimented her when she wore a sari in his business party….. after a quick shower she asked Kaushalya to help her with the sari, she neatly draped the pink chiffon sari around Swara and left her to do the rest of things….. she kept the makeup and accessories minimal, as he liked it… simple and elegant. Her yearning ended when she heard the hooting horn of his car…. Giving a quick look to herself in the mirror she rushed to his room…. In his room everything was done as she asked for by Kaushalya and Mitthu, the food was placed there on the table, necessary cutlery, water all was there…. She turned to the door as he stepped in…..

Sanskar’s POV

After the tiring day I was back to home, no one was there except me…. all must be enjoying at their places…. I have called Laksh and chachaji to know whether they reached their respective places safely or not, after that incident I have been worried for every one’s safety…. She didn’t call me or message me, not even for once, although I was upset but still she should have tried to persuade me. Here I am missing her badly and she is all involved in her adventurous trip, not for once she thought of me?? just keeping aside all these thoughts I moved towards my room, but as I stepped in I froze, she was there in my room, all dressed up beautifully in sari, she looks divine in this attire…. I gulped down my emotions and walked inside…

Swara looked at him with a welcoming smile, he was standing at the door step flabbergasted…. She could feel his eyes fixed on her…..
Swara: (shyly) you came….

Sanskar: (coming back to senses) you are here? You should be there with Siya and all….
Swara: (pouring water in a glass) I changed the plan….
She passed the glass of water to him, he gulped down quickly as it was most needed at the moment….
Swara: (giving his clothes to him) Go get change, you must be feeling hungry….
Taking clothes from her, he moved in the washroom without giving a glance to her, Swara was nervous, how she gonna make him normal again, it wasn’t at all looking easy…. After taking a shower and changing in casuals he came out of the washroom…. Swara arranged the food for them, and signaled him to join…. He quietly pulled his chair and got seated, Swara served him….. They were having the food in utter silence….

Swara: (breaking the silence) how was the day?
Sanskar: it’s good….
Again silence prevailed, she was very carefully handling the situated, didn’t want to ruin the night and turn him more upset with any of her wrong moves….
Swara: (nervously) how is the food?
Sanskar: it’s nice, little different but good…
Swara: I have prepared everything today, although Kaushalya kaki helped a lot….
He looked at her with surprised expressions, although was happy with her gesture but suppressed these emotions behind his blank face…..

Swara: (to herself) he is still upset, can’t he see how sorry I am, I have done everything for him but he is acting so cold….. I know I am at fault, I should have told him but there were reasons for all this, I was worried for him, just for once can’t he see it from my point of view….
Many times she thought to initiate that talk but scared of the outcome, she halted…. They just talked formally over the dinner that also Swara initiated, he just replied to her in a word or two…. After the dinner, she thought it to be a good opportunity now to talk freely about the misunderstanding but to her dismay he started preparing for bed showing his reluctance for further conversation…. She stared him quietly for few minutes, sitting on the bed and tears started clouding in her eyes, she was feeling ignorant. Disappointment is obvious when an effort doesn’t give you the expected return….Before it becomes difficult for her to control her tears she stood up abruptly…..

Swara: (holding her tears) you must be tired, should sleep now…. Good night
She hurriedly moved towards the door to walk out but felt a hold over her wrist, without turning she stood there, tears she was holding for so long oozed out….
Sanskar: (commanding tone) you are not going anywhere, you will stay with me tonight understood….
When she didn’t turn or respond for long he moved to face her, she was crying and it pained him too. He immediately embraced her tightly….
Sanskar: (softly) Swara, why are you crying?
Swara: (annoyed) I have done all this to please you and you are not even talking properly to me, what you expect me do then!!

Sanskar: (caressing her hairs) I know sweetheart you did all this for me, and I am happy, really happy…
Swara: then why can’t I see it??
Sanskar: (making her sit on the bed) Swara look at me, I was waiting for you to initiate…. But you didn’t
Swara: I was scared what if you get more upset or angry??
Sanskar: (holding her hand) this is what I don’t want between us Swara, there shouldn’t be any hesitation or fear…. We should talk freely about anything…… trust and understanding is very important in every relation and especially between couples…. There shouldn’t be any secrets between them, no hiding, no trolling…. Unspoken words sometimes can create havoc in our lives and I have seen this very closely…..
His eyes were filled with pain, the pain of the past he has undergone…. Swara hugged him tightly, keeping his head on his chest….
Swara: I am sorry….. promise, I will never do that again…… I never intended to hide it from you, it’s just that I wanted to see you happy, surely this news would have make you upset…. So, I thought to tell you as late as possible……but never imagined, Ma and Ashu would reveal it like that. And about Siya, I was preparing her to happily accept it, I know it will take days to sway her for this….

Sanskar smiled over her innocence, making her look at him, he softly kissed her forehead….
“You sometimes talk like a child Swara, do you have any idea how pious you are?” he stated staring her. She smiled softly over it….. “I am sorry for making you cry” he said pecking her cheek, she moved to stand but he held her…
Sanskar: where are you going?

Swara: to change… I can’t sleep in this sari
Sanskar: (affectionately) Don’t change…. At least for sometime
She confusingly looked at him….he pulled her closer and made her sit on his lap…..
Sanskar: (embracing her) I haven’t seen you properly as yet…. You are looking stunning
Swara: So, now you realized it??

Sanskar: I wanted to kiss you and embrace you the moment I stepped in….
She averted her gaze shyly from him….. Sanskar smiled over her blushing face
“Sometimes I wonder do you really belong to this generation or from Mesolithic age??” he whispered

“What!!” she asked with puzzled eyes
“Why are you so shy baby??” he spoke in hushed tone and waited for her reply but never thought she would do something like this, she splashed water on him picking the glass from side table…. He was perplexed……

“Never ever call me shy again, got it Mr. Maheshwari?” she said while laughing looking at his dumbfounds face…. Coming back to senses, he pulled her over and locked her hands behind her back….. She tried to free herself but he was too strong….. “Now you have to bear the consequences” he whispered mischievously, she pushed him hardly so he stumbled and fell on bed with her on top of him…. The night eventually turned out as she expected, finally she was with him on same side….

Mid- night, Sanskar’s room

They were talking continuously holding each other close, reclining on the bed under the warmth of a quilt, enjoying the wintery night….
Sanskar: (kissing her hand) thank you so much for the surprise, I was missing you badly…..
Swara: your welcome….. I was nervous whether you will like the food or not, I am not good at cooking, Ma tried to teach me many times but I wasn’t interested…..
Sanskar: well I am glad to know…. At least there is something you are not good at, otherwise I was suspicious about you being a living goddess….

On hearing his teasing she hit him on his chest but she felt wetness as her hand touched his t-shirt, because of the water she splashed, it drenched his t-shirt and he didn’t change it……
Swara: you should change your t- shirt, it’s wet…
Sanskar: let it be…. I am not feeling like getting up…
Swara: (concerned) can’t sleep with this, you will make yourself ill….
Sanskar: don’t worry, I have a strong immunity….

Swara: (annoyed) how lazy you are, let me bring one for you….
Sanskar: (hugged her tightly) No, stay…. I don’t want you to move away…
Swara: (stern voice) are you mad, stop being childish….
Sanskar: (little irritated) fine, I have a solution…
He got up a little to sitting position and removed his t-shirt, and then again lied down, covering himself with the quilt…..
“Happy now!!!” he asked looking at her but she wasn’t happy rather shocked… she departed a little from him and turned to other side, he observed her uneasiness….. Moving closer he hugged her from back tightly…. The spark felt when their bare skin touched each other, he could feel the heaviness of her breath….

“Swaraaa” the husk in his voice made her gulp, she immediately turned and hugged him tightly, hiding her face in his bare chest….. Everything was so perfect around them, the romantic night, pleasing weather, no one to disturb, just two of them all alone….. her fragrance was driving him crazy, the attire she wore added a sensuality to her…. it was impossible for him to suppress his feelings and desires….holding her waist tightly, he brought her more closer, she looked up to him….. Their eyes caught up, as if trying to communicate the unspoken feelings….. leaning closer to her, he touched her lips with his, and then locked it together, they fused perfectly….. his touch was kindling the desire inside her….. wrapping her hand around his back, she moaned…… he was losing it with every passing second, although his brain kept alarming him but heart took over brain….. they were kissing passionately, she gasped in shock when felt his hand on her br***t…. his fingers caressing it softly….. Breaking the kiss, he stared her for second, she could feel the blaze in his eyes, it struck her like a storm of emotions…. His hands moved a little up to her pallu and he unpinned it, kissing the crook of her neck, he gently removed the pallu aside, the softness of her skin was now clearly visible to him…..she was experiencing the mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness…… right now she was craving for his touch as he was craving to touch her, she moaned as he moved his fingers gently from her neck to the lining of the blouse, placing a soft kiss on the exposed cleavage…..

“Sanskar” she chanted his name almost in whisper but audible enough for him. This one word from her was an absolute bliss for him, it added the fuel in the sputtering flames. He snuggled his face in the crook of her neck and his hand on her back searching for the fasteners to unhook the blouse….

She frenetically clutched his hand as soon as she felt it there…. But he wasn’t in a mood to stop, holding her hand back he opened it…. She didn’t defend against him, because of the trust she had on him…… he was involved in trailing the heated line of kisses on her neck, and all the way down to her exposed skin but suddenly his hands stopped which were busy in rubbing her bare back, raising his head a little he looked at her, she was nervous….. coming back to his senses, he departed himself from her and lied down next to her.

To calm down his emotions and desires, he closed his eyes for few seconds… and again looks at her, surprise evident in her eyes. With guilty eyes, he placed her pallu back to place and holding her close, tucked her hooks back….. abruptly leaving the bed he moved towards the cupboard and took out a t-shirt…. Putting it on, he walked back to the bed where she was reclining back on the bed post with her eyes down…..
Sanskar: (holding her hand) I am sorry Swara, I just got carried away…. You mu….
Swara: (interjecting) I trust you…

Got moved by her words, he held her hands tightly between his…. He was amazed by the unshakable trust she showed on him….. Sometimes he wonders how she added new dimensions to his thinking he never anticipated. It wasn’t a big deal, they love each other and soon going to be wedded but don’t know why when it comes to her, he didn’t want to do anything inappropriate which would in any way turn out ill at ease for her…..
Sanskar: come it’s very late…. We should sleep now
These small gestures and his constant concern were making their relationship more special for Swara. Romance is not only when you get touched by your lover but it is the way you show your beloved that you care for them….

Swara: (pecking his cheek) don’t feel guilty, although not officially but I belongs to you…..
Making her lie on the bed, he embraced her “I know” he said, kissing her forehead….
Sanskar: (embracing her) Swara in a way it’s good you are going back, otherwise you will definitely spoil me….
Swara: (hitting him on his shoulder) Shut up….
Sanskar: good night sweetheart…
Swara: good night Sanskar….

As she called out his name, he couldn’t control and pecked her lips softly, while smiling ear to ear….. Never ever in his dreams he thought life would turn so blissful for him…..

Precap: engagement and wedding…...


  1. Paru

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    Hey di,
    The episode was superb. It was damn decent. Don’t worry.😊 Well, I love this ff so much. I feel so bad that as soon as I started reading it, you’re ending it.😭 But, never mind. I do understand that studies and career are more important.

    Loads of love.💞

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