Swasan FF: Entangled Love (Chapter 6)

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recap: Swara agrees to work for Sanskar….

Chapter 6
Shekhar’s house
All were present in the hall. Swara was standing beside her mother who was sitting in front of Sanjeet and Bushra. Ashwin was sitting at the dining table little far from them amusingly looking at her mother. For past half an hour, Sanjeet was trying to make her understand that this job is apt for her daughter but she was reluctant.
Sharmishtha: Sanjeet…why you are not understanding? I can’t send her away from me… she has been never away from me. Not even when she was in Bangalore.

When Swara was doing her graduation from Bangalore, she was there with her during the course along with Ashwin. Sharmishtha was very possessive about her kids. She never allowed them to go out of her sight for long. Even Shekhar tried many times to make her understand that she can’t hold them like this forever. They need to go out and face the world. But she never gave heed to his words.
Sanjeet: (in calm tone) Sharmishtha I can understand your fear… but she has to go away from you one day either for her carrier or after marriage… you can’t go with her everywhere. Look Sharmishtha she is not a kid now, she can manage on her own and moreover it’s important for her to face the real world and learn how to survive. You can’t be with her all her life.
Sharmishtha: (worriedly) but how can I send her to live with a family whom she don’t know from Adams. Things may be different if we know the family personally.

Sanjeet: Do you think I will send her to a place which is unsafe and unfit for her? She is a daughter for me too and I also care for her. I know Mr. Maheshwari and his family for a long time and believe me their house is the safest place for her to work. Beside, the job of governess is not as exhausting as corporate job so she can prepare for her scholarship exam also.
Sharmishtha was confused. She knew that Sanjeet was talking rationally and he was right at his place but being a mother her heart wasn’t allowing her to agree for this. Bushra who was trying to read her mind saw the dilemma in her eyes.
Bushra: (in a pleading tone) will you two please stop your argument and ask Swara what she wants.
All the while swara was just a mute spectator, not responding to anything. She needs this job but didn’t want to hurt her mother too. She decided to intrude when things will look really out of hand but Bushra’s words brought her in the picture. All looked at her with their own hopes while she was wondering what to say?

Sharmishtha: (teary eyes) Shona… you want to do this job?
She looked at her mother. As soon as their eyes met Sharmishtha was aware that she made her decision, but just wanted it to hear it from her.
Swara: (sitting next to her mother) Ma it is not that I want to do this job but I need to do it. No matter how hard we try to hide it from each other but the truth is that we are in trouble and we have to fix it. And the most important thing is that baba always wanted me to be independent, responsible and brave. I just want to do it for him.
Sharmishtha: (sadly) but Shona….. (Swara interrupted)
Swara: (with pleading eyes) Ma, please….

Sharmishtha was silent…. Everybody was looking at her with curiosity that “what is going to be her take now”. Then she smiled through her tears and spoke looking at Sanjeet.
Sharmishtha: you were right Sanjeet…. She is no more my little princess, she is all grown up. And I am really feeling like a proud mother.
Smile appeared on every face, Swara hugged her and asked in excitement “is it a yes Ma?” Sharmishtha caressed her hair and nodded.

Sanjeet: (shaking his head) now I terribly need your special coffee princess.
When they were busy in their celebration, a familiar voice caught their attention. It was Ashwin who till now was standing like a statue little far from them came close and shouted.
Ashwin: (looking at Swara and Sharmishtha) Am I a part of this family or not?
Both were confused by his behavior. They couldn’t figure out what happened to him all of a sudden. All the while he was standing there like nothing matters to him and now what he was up to?
Swara: (came up to him) what happened to you? Why you are shouting?
Ashwin: (angrily) my opinion doesn’t matter at all ha? How can you decide to leave me and mom here and mom is also with you now.

Swara smiles at him with teary eyes and held his hand “Ashu listen to me, I…. before she could complete he jerked her hand away and ran to his room saying “go if you want to, I don’t care”. All were shocked with his behavior. Swara signaled them that she will handle it later.

Inside a big beautiful mansion, a little girl wearing a red sleeveless knee length frock was running here and there and after her there was an army of servants trying to stop her. But she was unreachable, jumping from one chair to another in the middle of the hall all excitement and happy. The mansion was filled with her laugh.
One servant: (softly) Siya baby…. Please don’t do this, you will fall.
Siya: (chanting happily) Dad is coming… he is on the way… yippee!
Other servant: Siya baby… it’s still time for him to reach till then you please have your lunch.
Siya: (adamant) No… I will have it with dad.
She was on the peak of her excitement, unstoppable. Servants of the house were having a tough time with her. They knew if a single scratch appeared on her especially in Sanskar’s absence, he will not spare them. When it comes to her daughter, he was over protective towards her.
Siya: (looking at the door) when he will come?
A soft voice disturbed her and made her stand still on the chair. She looked back and saw Annapurna standing there with a smile on her face.
Annapurna: What is going on here? And siya beta why are you standing on chair?
Siya: (cheerfully) Dadi Ma… dad is coming and I am waiting for him.
Annapurna came close to her and patted her cheeks “I know my dear but you have to eat something before that”.

Siya: (pouting) no no no…. I will have when he will come.
Annapurna: (stern voice) what if he comes late? Are you going to starve whole day? Let him come I will tell him about this.
Siya realizing her grandmother’s commanding tone kept silent while pouting angrily. She was the drama queen of house, a real drama queen. Annapurna smiled at her antics.
Annapurna: (shook her head) ok ladoo… m sorry, am not going to complain about anything to him but then you have to eat something. At least have some juice now later you can have your full meal with your Dad.

Siya: (innocently) you know Dadi ma, my friends in school also call me ladoo and it is because you all keep on feeding me forcefully whole day, that is why I became fat and everyone tease me.
“Who dared to tease my princess?” this familiar voice shifted their attention to the main door of the hall where a man was standing with his hands in pocket and smile on face. On seeing him Siya jumped from the chair and ran to him.
Siya: (shouts in excitement) Dad!!
She hugged his legs and he immediately lifted her in his arms. She kissed him on his cheek and he did the same.
Sanskar: (looking at her) are you troubling my mom and others? (He noticed that most of the servants were there in the hall and he knew it is because of her)
Siya: (innocently) No dad… I was just requesting them to let me wait for you so that I can have my lunch with you. And I even asked miththu kaka to give me juice and toast till then. She blinked innocently at an old man who was all confused “kaka batau na dad ko”. Annapurna smiled listening her lies and thought “Sanskar was right this little monster is becoming smarter day by day”. She moved up to Sanskar and he touched her feet, placing Siya down.
Annapurna: how was your journey, son?

Sanskar: it was good. Stuck in traffic at few places, but now I become habitual to it.
Annapurna: (looking at Siya who was still holding Sanskar’s hand) ladoo let your dad get freshen up then we will have our lunch together.
Siya: (happily) ok dadi ma… dad I have so much to tell you, come soon I am waiting.
Sanskar ruffled her hair with love and nodded his head. He moved towards his room and after him everybody left the hall.

Shekhar’s house
It was afternoon now, Ashwin was sitting on his bed angrily flipping the pages of his books. He can’t believe his darling sister was all set to move to another city for a stupid job. Swara was never away from him except for the few outings she had with friends that is also for maximum 3 or 4 days. And during those days he knew how much he missed her. Then how can he imagine to stay in the house without her for don’t know how long. She wasn’t only his sister but a teacher, a guide, a friend and sometimes partner in crime. Although he rarely expresses his love towards her but she knew how much he loves her and caress for her.
“Why torturing the poor book when you are upset with someone else” Swara said.
She was standing at the door with tray. In two bowls it was his favorite apple pudding. He gave a deadly glare to her and then again started playing with the book. She moved to the bed and sat against him. “look what I have for you? Your favorite apple pudding” she said all excited. He didn’t give any heed to her as he wasn’t at all interested. If it is like some other day he must be jumping hearing this but today it was different. Seeing no response from him, she snatched his book and kept it on table. He looked furiously at her.

Ashwin: (loudly) why are you troubling me… leave me alone.
Swara: (in pleading tone) Ashu please talk to me… don’t behave like this.
He looked at her, she had tears in her eyes. He was feeling bad for making his sister cry.
Ashwin: (emotionally) then why are you leaving us? If you want to do a job you can do it here also. What’s the need to go out?
Swara: (smiled) off course I can but you know why I agreed for this job? It is about a little girl she is only seven and she lost her mother few days after her birth. She needs a teacher who can help her in her studies and you very well know that how good I am when it comes to teaching. That is why uncle wants me to take up this job. And you remember baba always use to say “when we help someone with our heart, it gives peace to the soul of our loved ones” don’t you want to see baba’s soul at peace?

He looked at her with teary eyes for few seconds and then hugged her tightly. She hugged him back knowing that she has done what she wanted to do.
Ashwin: (crying) how will I manage without you? Who will help me in my studies and project?
Swara: (caressing his hair) my brother is an intelligent boy… moreover he is a topper so he can manage his studies on own. And you are a technology freak and you are asking me this question… silly boy you can mail me or whatsapp me your problems and I will solve it for you… now happy!
They broke the hug and smiled at each other. Ashwin grabbed the bowl from the tray, lookin at Swara with suspicious eyes “don’t tell me you prepared this?” he asked.
Swara: (hitting him with his book) Ma made this and I will cook only for a special one.
Ashwin: (smiled) thank god I am not the one…. I don’t want to die at the age of 10.
He laughed and started eating. He saw her frowning. “I think you should learn how to cook, what if your new boss won’t give you food” he said playfully.
Swara: (smirks) you don’t worry… ma will anyhow manage to send her favorite “dabba” for me like she use to do it for dad.

She looked at him for few seconds and then both burst into laughing remembering an old incident. Their mother was a unique woman. She used to love cooking and no doubt was a great cook but sometimes this talent of hers turns into headache for others. Once Shekhar was in outskirts of Indore for few days due to some official work and Sharmishtha send him food daily by some private cab service who delivered food at secluded locations. Later when Shekhar came back the trio laughed at her silly idea of sending food dabba.
Ahswin: (sadly) when you have to go?
Swara: after a week, not sure about the day… uncle will tell me later.
He nodded and looked at another bowl of pudding kept on the tray. Signaling Swara “do you want to have it?” she shook her head in disbelief and said passing the bowl to him “I don’t understand why you like it so much”. He shrugged his shoulders and
chuckled at her. She was feeling happy seeing him smiling again.

Precap: same as previous……

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