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Chapter 57

Night, Swara’s room

“I am sorry to disturb you, I just came here to give you this” he said placing an envelope near her, she questionably looked at him…..
Swara: what is this?
Sanskar: (cold voice) this is your relieving letter…. Now you are not bound to stay here, you can leave after this week…. Siya’s new governess is ready to join from next week…..
Swara felt like someone stabbed her deep inside….. the tears she was holding since she saw him now flooded out…… he was guilty for her condition, all he wanted was to see her happy again, although it wasn’t an easy decision for him…..the thought of her going away from his life was breaking him apart….. Taking her last glimpse in his eyes, he turned around to move out but before he could take more than a step he felt something on his chest, her hands… she hugged him from back tightly out of fear of losing everything… crying badly keeping her head on his shoulder…. He closed his eyes in an attempt to feel this moment but then placing his hand on hers, he turned around to face her….
Sanskar: (stern voice) Swara please don’t give me any fake hopes again…..
Leaving her hand he stepped towards the door but again she held his him…. holding his hand tightly she Knelt down on the floor in front of him, and cried out loud…. he couldn’t see her suffering like this….
“Swara” he said softly, making her stand…
Sanskar: What happen, Swara? Why are you crying now? This is what you asked for… you should be happy….

He was impatiently waiting for her reply, but she was just staring him with pained eyes, not able to say anything, after a moment of heavy silence she hugged him, making him more astonished….. she was continuously crying, her face fully wet with tears, hairs disheveled…… her silence was unbearable for him, he couldn’t see her like this….. Though after their last confrontation he pledged not to melt down in front of her but her tears brought the wall he has built around his heart to tumble down…

“Swara please stop crying, look at me” he said in a pleading tone….. She didn’t have an ounce of courage left to meet his gaze, the guilt eating her…..
“Please don’t go away from me, I beg you” this is all she managed to speak in breaking voice…..
“I never wished for it, It’s you who decided to walk out of my life” he replied painfully…..
“I am sorry” she apologized and again broke down, this is what happens when you bottle up your emotions for long, one day they just storm out

holding her hand he made her sit on the bed, his eyes searched for her as their gaze met… there were many unanswered questions in his eyes which he was trying to figure out….. but unexpectedly he took her in his embrace in an attempt to calm down her……there was silence, a complete silence, neither she nor he spoke a single word…. Holding her close to his heart, he softly kissed her hairs…. She was calm now, back in her senses…..

Swara: (sobbing) I know I don’t deserve your mercy but still I am sorry….. please forgive me, I was so blinded by my own insecurities that I couldn’t see your love for me….. I hurt you a lot, though I never intended for it…… I am bad, very bad….. How could you love me? You should punish me?
Sanskar: (caressing her hair) shhhh… Swara just calm down first…. You know what, you are the most wonderful girl I have ever known, who is selfless and cares for all…. And about loving you, honestly I don’t know why I fell for you but the truth is that you became an inseparable part of my life
Swara: I was scared….. I thought you proposed to marry me just for Siya’s sake and in return you will fix everything in my life, as an obligation, perhaps in return of saving Siya’s life. Your calculative attitude towards the marriage and pity for me was killing me from inside….. and then later that day I heard some of your employees talking about you and me in a very unacceptable manner, it irked me to hell…

She narrated whole incident of that day. As she unleashed the facts he understood the reason behind her outburst that day….
Sanskar: Swara, firstly I would have never appreciated the idea of marriage without love….If it was just my sympathy then there are other ways to help you out, instead of marriage and if I need a mother for Siya then would have married when I have adopted her….. secondly you shouldn’t bother what people talk about us, we can’t shut every mouth but you should have trusted me, don’t you know me Swara…. am I a person you accused me for?
She looked at him with regretful eyes recalling her accusations…..
“But still dear I am sorry, because of me you have to hear all that rubbish” he genuinely apologized to her
Swara: don’t be sorry, it was my fault…. If I have behaved little sensible then things wouldn’t be like this…. I was confused, you always treated me like a kid and then your sudden marriage proposal was a shock to me…. I couldn’t tolerate the man I ever loved wants to marry me out of obligation or perhaps of personal interests but not love
Sanskar was numb for a second, her unplanned love confession stilled the time for him…. He couldn’t believe what he heard, departing himself from her, he stared her for a second
Sanskar: (perplexed) Wait a second! You said love…. right!!!
She blushed and tried to move away from him realizing it’s too late to cover up now…. The fear of losing someone you love makes the truth come out….
Sanskar: (holding her wrist) don’t, stay like a brave and talk….. I want my answer, Do you love me?
Swara: (shyly) hmmm
With a jerk he pulled her close to him and caged her in between his strong arms. This was the happiest moment for him and he wanted to live it to the fullest….
Swara: wh…
Sanskar: (interrupting) shhhh… don’t say anything just let me feel this…

They stayed like that for quite long, in each other’s arms until he managed to believe it was not a dream but reality… planting a soft kiss on her forehead, he made her look at him…
Sanskar: So, finally ha you accepted…..Do you know what I have been through all these days thinking about your refusal and after our last encounter I was preparing myself to accept that destiny has planned our story to end like this…
Swara: (remembering that day) I am sorry, I am really repenting for my words…
Sanskar: just forget that Swara…. you realized your love for me and accepted it’s enough…. By the way how this miracle happened…
Swara: I was guilty after our last confrontation, but when Laksh told me about Adarsh bahiya and Preenita bhabhi and how their demise affected you. I was ashamed of myself for distrusting you. And he also revealed how you confessed to him that night in hospital.
Sanskar stared her for second, the guilt was still there in her eyes while talking about all this, he embraced her tighter and pecked her cheek…..
Sanskar: (to divert her mind) I asked lucky not to talk but he never listens…
Swara: (hitting his chest) why you are cursing him? Because of him we are together, instead you should be grateful
Sanskar: (gave a little laugh) ok fine, I am grateful to him…..happy!!! He did what I couldn’t, making you realize your love for me….
Swara: (looking at him) it’s not true… although I don’t know exactly when all this started but I realized it that night when we were together in garden and you…

She couldn’t complete her sentence as she was too shy to talk about their kiss…. He smiled knowing what she is talking about….
“And I kissed you” he completed for her with a smile on his face… and then realizing what she was talking about he lied down on the bed with a thud and closed his eyes…

Swara: (confused) What!!!
Sanskar: It means you were in love with me when I proposed you….. How can you be so cruel to me, Swara? Can’t you just confess it or at least you should have said yes to my proposal…
Swara: (pouting) I told you, I was confused and afraid….
Giving a little laugh over her innocent confession he pulled her over him, tightly gripping her from waist…. She was lying on him. “So you were afraid ha, scared of me or what?” he teased while staring her… she was blushing heavily due to his close gaze on her….
Swara: (softly) if you have mentioned love that day when you proposed then I wouldn’t be confuse…
Sanskar: I know I should have said that and trust me I have planned it but don’t know what happened to me, I was so nervous…. So, could only manage to say that

They stared each other for long, feeling guilty for their own mistakes… he wanted to redeem for every mistake…..
“Swara, I love you” he said tucking her hairs behind…. His voice was full of love and eyes fixed on her
Getting no response from her he whispered “won’t you say anything?”
“What?” she asked softly
Sanskar: anything you like….
Swara: (looking at him) I love you too…
He couldn’t say anything except to stare her silently with intense eyes…..
Sanskar: (caressing her cheek) I can’t tell you last time when I had such contented feeling, say it again…
Swara: (keeping her face on his chest) I love you….
Sanskar: (kissing her hairs) thank you so much sweetheart…..
This was their night, the night of their confession…… they were silently celebrating for their togetherness, clinging close to each other, warmth of their entwined bodies augmenting the process of healing and repair….. Listening to the melody of their heartbeats they were lost in that magical moment…
Swara: (coming out of that trance) you should go now, what if someone walked in and find us like this!!
Sanskar: (casually) everyone knows about us, beside who would come to your room in the dead of night??
Swara: but still you…..
Sanskar: (interrupted) you were talking about punishment na, are you ready for that….
Swara: (genuinely) yeah….
Sanskar: (caressing her cheek) So, your punishment is you have to be with me tonight, close to me, without any arguments…..
Swara: it’s not a punishment rather a bliss….
Sanskar stared her lovingly and then lied down on the bed properly, covering them with a quilt he brought her closer to him, holding her waist….
Sanskar: (hushes tone) Swara, may I kiss you now?

Little surprised with his sudden request, she looked at him for few seconds then remember how he last time promised not to touch her without her consent, he was anxiously waiting for her approval. She shyly dropped down her gaze from him, although was happy as how he asked her permission to move forward….

“please allow me” he whispered close to her ear…

As she nodded, he held her more tightly in his embrace and locked his lips with hers… he was craving for this since days, she was delicate and he didn’t want to be harsh on her, though he was trying hard to be as soft as he could but their proximity was driving him crazy….losing himself with every passing second, he pulled her closer to explore her more and even deeper, she was also responding to his every touch with equal intensity, holding him possessively as if she got her most prized possession back. Though they have kissed earlier but this one was special as now they both were aware of their feelings and love towards each other which they were trying to pour in that kiss, their very first touch after confession and celebration of their newly found togetherness….. This was just the beginning of the journey of their true love and unbreakable relationship….. They have to go a long way, but this time together…

Precap: all happy with Swara’s acceptance…….


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