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Chapter 50

9:00 pm, Delhi

After having their dinner outside, Swara and Sanskar were on the way back to hotel……
Swara: nearby if you see any ATM, stop there…. I need to withdraw some cash.
Sanskar: you have your card na, then why cash?
Swara: cards can’t be used everywhere….
Sanskar: I have cash with me, it will be enough for both of us….(he saw she wasn’t happy with his idea) I mean you can borrow from me…….
Swara: (tight smile) thank you so much Mr. Maheshwari for your generosity but if you really want to help me then please stop the car at ATM…
He looked at her with a smirk but she ignored…. After a ride of 10 minutes, he stopped the car
Sanskar: (signaling her) here is your destination madam, go….
Swara moved out of the car and stood in the queue to wait for her turn, there were good number of people in the line, it was obvious it would take time, So Sanskar decided to park his car. He was about to drive around back to park the car when he noticed a man behind Swara, he knew something wasn’t right with his demeanor. Sanskar’s muscles tightened as he noticed what that man was doing, he was deliberately pushing Swara…. at first she thought it to be a mistake but then realizing his intensions, she glared him and tried to keep distance between her and him…. Being a barefaced he didn’t stop. Sanskar furiously stepped out of the car banging the door behind, as he moved closer he saw that man was trying to touch her waist but before he could, the entire place was echoed with loud sound, sound of slap precisely…. Sanskar hit him so hard that it made him fall on the ground. All turned in bewilderment to look at him…. Swara’s eyes widened, she understood that Sanskar has seen everything…. With efforts that shameless man stood up, the corner of his lips was bleeding….
Sanskar: (holding his collar) how dare you…. You b*****d
Sanskar yelled, staring him with blood red eyes…. Frightened with his rage, the man took a knife from his pocket for self protection and tried to hit but Sanskar held it tightly, his hand started bleeding but he was so mad at him didn’t even realize that he has been injured… Swara felt frozen on the ground, couldn’t move or breathe well at all, she wanted to scream, to shout but couldn’t as if all of her energy drained out….. Coming back to her senses and gathering some courage, she rushed up to him…..
“Please leave the knife, your hand is bleeding” She said in shaking voice…. Sanskar looked at her teary and frightened face…… meanwhile few of the men came up to help him, they held that man and slapped him more…. The guard at the ATM who witnessed everything called the police…..
Sanskar looked at Swara, who was shivering with the changed scenario. “Swara, go and sit in the car” he said but she remained unmoved
“Swara Go….” This time he said in stern tone….
She quietly moved to the car and stepped in… but her eyes were fixed on him, she didn’t want him to disappear from her sight, not even for a second….. after about half an hour, Sanskar came back settling everything with Police and thanking others who helped him…. She looked at him with teary eyes but to her surprise he didn’t looked at her, instead he started driving, totally ignoring her….. he was still angry and it was visible on his face……
Night, Radisson hotel room

Sanskar was in washroom, cleaning his wound…Inside the room, Swara was sitting on the couch, quietly…her body was numb, still in the shock…. She turned as she heard him coming out of the washroom…. After the unfortunate encounter, Sanskar didn’t utter a single word. His face was blank and emotionless as he usually does to hide his inside uproar…. Swara came up to him with a first aid box. Taking out an antiseptic ointment she held his hand but he jerked her hand away….
“Pleasee….” She pleaded and held his hand again, this time he didn’t resist…. Quietly she applied ointment and then bandaged his wound, the cut was deep…. imagining the pain he must be going through tears sprang in her eyes. Noticing her teary eyes, he couldn’t control….. the anger and pain he bottled up for so long, just exploded….
Sanskar: (harsh tone) this is all you girls know, shedding tears…. Why don’t you be little strong to take a stand for own self…. Because of this ignorant and coward behavior of you all, these derelict and barefaced b*****ds dare to do such cheap things…. Why is so that you have to look up to others for help
She stared at him with wide eyes, stunned over his outburst…. She knew he was at the peak of his anger and it will be difficult to calm him down. So, she has to be very careful with her words….
Swara: (low voice) I was prepared to deal with him….
Sanskar: yeah, I have seen how you were dealing, shrinking in yourself with his every step closer to you
Swara: Do you think I was enjoying all this? If we don’t react vehemently it doesn’t mean we are coward or ignorant. It’s just that we don’t want to create a mess… do you have any idea what a girl feels when she has to face such humiliation….. Whether punished or unpunished, such crimes always a mental trauma for a girl….
Sanskar: So, it’s better to be mum ha than to raise your voice?
Swara: (annoyed) I didn’t say that….
Sanskar: (yelled) you yourself don’t know Swara what to say and what to do…. Do you have any idea what that man was up to? All you bothered about was your god damn cash withdrawal. If you had behaved little sensible and paid a heed to my words then you wouldn’t have to face that but how could you take my help, it will hurt your so called pride which is actually nothing but your ego…..
Swara silently listening to all his accusations, she did not retaliate nor she interjected instead stood there unmoved, only her eyes were in motion, shedding tears continuously…. Giving a displeased stare to her he strode out of the room angrily….

Night, hotel reception

Sanskar was sitting on the couch placed at the reception area, all alone…. entangled in his thoughts…

Sanskar’s POV

Why I behaved like this with her, I know it’s not her fault. This was an accident. But doesn’t she realize her every pain, aches me equally. How guilty I feel when I failed to protect her. But still I shouldn’t have yelled at her, she was already upset and I added more to it. Instead of comforting her I shouted. Is this the way I am going to protect my love? No… she needs me, I should be there with her…. she must be feeling lonely….
He stood with a jerk and rushed to the room. Surprisingly inside the room, the lights were off. The faint moon light from the glass window making the surrounding visible…. He saw her sleeping on the corner of the bed…. at first he thought to wake her up and talk but then he decided not to disturb her sleep. Without making any noise he laid down on another corner…. Their backs were towards each other, he closed his eyes in an attempt to get some sleep but as he did all the images of recent happenings flashed. Being restless he quickly opened his eyes. It was then he heard her sobbing….
“Swara!!” he called softly turning to her side. Getting no response from her, he moved closer. Keeping his hand on her shoulder he made her face him… her face was wet with tears, the plight displeased him. Guilt took over and he immediately engulfed her in his arms, close to his chest.
She broke down, hiding herself in his arms….
“Swara shhh, I am sorry dear…..” he said as he tightened his grip around her bringing her closer… his hand rubbing her back to calm down her…. after almost 10 minutes her sobbing faded
“Swara, are you ok?” he asked softly
“hmmm” she nodded
They were in each other’s arms, lying close to one another in the middle of bed…. she wasn’t oblivious of their closeness but right now she needed it badly….
Sanskar: you scared me Swara, why you were crying like this?
Swara: (innocently) then why you yelled at me?
Sanskar: (guilty) I am sorry, I was angry and blinded with that I blurted out everything
Swara: It wasn’t my fault, I…
Sanskar: (interjected) I know, you don’t need to give any justification…. Swara I wasn’t angry at you, I was angry with myself, it’s my responsibility to protect you from every evil but I failed…. I can’t tolerate when anyone misbehaves with a girl or a woman and when it’s about you it irks me most because you are special, very special to me…..
He said with intense love in his eyes, she could feel the genuineness of his words….
Sanskar: Swara I just want you to be little stronger so you can wisely deal with all these things, it’s not possible for me to be with you every time, to protect you, to stand for you…. I am concerned what will you do in such situation when I will not be around?
Swara: I would have definitely retaliated if he troubled me more, I had no intension to tolerate that
He softly caressed her cheek with his wounded hand, the touch of bandage on her skin reminded her of his wound…. Touching his hand gently she asked with concerned “is it paining?”
He nodded in a no with a smile but she knew the cut was deep and must be hurting him…. Much to his bewilderment she kissed his injured palm softly…. Her touch ignited the suppressed feeling inside him, tucking her hairs behind, he kissed her forehead and then pecked her cheek softly…. She knew it was madness but she wanted to feel his touch, his arms around her…. moving a little closer, he pecked softly on her neck which brought shivers to her body…. Their closeness kindled the fire, the desire inside them for more and more…. Caressing her bare waist with his one hand, he leaned closer to her lips. She realized it was going to wrong direction and will only lead them to the point from where retreat will be impossible….
“No, please…” she whispered softly, turning her face…. Her pleading words broke his trance, guilt took over as realization struck him…. He looked at her uncomfortable face…
“I am sorry….” He said removing his hand from her waist…. She didn’t dare to look at him. To make her feel comfortable he kissed her forehead again…..
“don’t worry, unless you won’t allow, I will not touch you” he said patting her cheek….
Picking the blanket he covered both of them and held her again in his arms, close to himself….
“Do you trust me Swara?” he questioned her….
“Why you are asking this?” she asked with puzzled voice
“Just answer me, yes or no” he said anxiously
“Yes” she replied
“Then will you stay like this with me tonight, I promise it won’t happen again, I know my limits” his voice was full of request, eyes were fixed on her, anxiously waiting for her reply…. No matter how hard she denied but the truth was that she blindly trusts him and deeply in love with him….
“good night” she said with a smile and then adjusted the blanket over his chest to cover him properly…. Her gesture brought a small smile to his face, with a big sigh of relief he protectively encircled her more in his arms….
“Good night dear” he whispered, kissing her hairs
They slept peacefully in each other’s embrace, away from all the worries and fears….their love made them forget all the pain they had a while ago….

Precap: Swara and Sanskar back to Bhopal, Swara’s changed behavior…..

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