Swasan FF: Entangled Love chapter 27

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Chapter 26

Chapter 27
Precap: Sanskar found Swara….. and they stuck together due to bad weather

The heavy rain of the day now transformed into drizzles of night. The entire hotel was at peace except two souls. Sanskar was sitting on the couch inside the room, feeling restless where as Swara was still out at the balcony.

Sanskar’s POV

It almost became a ritual now, every time we had a heated argument, she end up crying and me feeling guilty looking her like that. I was so frustrated with all this. The day I met her till now she was nothing but an intruder in my peace zone. I tried my best to stay away from her but destiny always brings us together. It was an irony that this crazy girl now became an inseparable part of my daughter’s life. I had to keep her with me at any cost. But why I feel pain when I saw tears in her eyes. Why I got angry when someone stare at her with bad intentions. God! I am pissed off. It was almost an hour and she didn’t come back to the room. I can’t let it go like this. I have to do something to make everything normal again. I knew she won’t come to me, so stubborn she is. Left with no option I decided to go to her. “The Sanskar Maheshwari” who never bows down in front of anybody every time got defeated by this little girl. I moved to the balcony and saw her. She was standing there taking the support of the railing. It was drizzling and her clothes were still wet. It was the time when I noticed her from top to bottom… she was wearing a pure white kurta and churidar with white duppatta on her shoulder. Her hairs were open and wet. The kohl in her eyes got smudged due to rain water giving a beautiful smoky look to her eyes. She was looking beautiful in her own way. I never noticed any girl like this before but she always manages to catch my attention without even making much effort. See saw me through the corners of her eyes. I walked up to her and stood in front of her.

Sanskar: (softly) Miss Bose come inside, you will get cold.
Swara looked at him with surprise. “What is he? Sometimes he is as wrecking as volcanic eruption and sometimes as soothing as morning due. This is why I can’t even hate him” she thought.
Swara: (guilty) m sorry….
Sanskar: (confused) huh! What for?
Swara: because of me you couldn’t able to attend your video conference, sorry I ruined it.
She again surprised him. “This girl is unpredictable! Few minutes ago she was behaving like a wounded tigress, roaring at me for saving her and now talking like a delicate princess. She is like a puzzle to me, jitna samajhne ki koshish karta hoon, utna ulajh jata hoon”he thought.
Sanskar: don’t be sorry… I will do it tomorrow. (He paused for a while and said) Can I ask you something Miss Bose?
Swara nodded
Sanskar: why you choose to visit temple today when weather is so bad since morning, you can go any other day.
Swara: (pain in her eyes) today is my baba’s birthday. We all use to visit temple together on his birthday every year. Sadly I am not with my family so I decided to visit alone.
Her words made him fall flat on his face. He disgusted himself for his behavior. Now he was regretting for each word he said to her. He assumed her as an irresponsible and irrational person. But the reality was totally different. Once again she proved him wrong. He noticed her tears and to divert her mind he spoke.
Sanskar: you know Miss Bose, my dad’s favorite season was this. He used to love rain. He always say that “rain is blessing of god to us”. During heavy rains he liked to call off all his meetings and we sit together in the veranda of the house and eat some of his favorite snacks. He used to sing for us while enjoying the view of rain… let me tell you he was a horrible singer (she smiled at him) but still we love his singing.
Swara was listening to him with all interest and smiled in between his talks. She forgot about the pain she was suffering a while ago.
Swara: do you like rain?
Sanskar: (thoughtfully) yeah…. It’s good for agriculture and to improve water level.
She gave a little laugh to him and on that he gave a questionable look
Sanskar: what?
Swara: (holding her laugh) you are sounding like an environmentalist, giving lecture on benefits of rain.
Sanskar: (smiled back to her) what you were expecting from me?…. a romantic explanation of rain.
Swara: no… I know it is impossible for you.
Sanskar raised an eyebrow at her, “you are underestimating me. I can if I want to” he said. Swara gave a smirk “yeah why not! Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari is a living god who is capable of doing anything”. For few seconds there was a deep silence between them and then they burst into a laugh. She was laughing whole heartedly after a long time and the reason behind her laugh was the most unexpected person. He was staring her while she was laughing. She was looking innocent and pure. A wet strand of her hair was there on her face. Unknowingly his hand moved towards her face and he tucked that strand behind her ear. His touch was electrifying for her, she get startled. She became silent and looked away from him. He was still staring her. Suddenly a loud sound of thunder broke their trance. She held his hand tightly out to fear. He noticed it and asked her to move inside. They moved inside the room together.

Sanskar was on phone taking to Annapurna….luckily there were signals so call get connected.

Annapurna: (worriedly) Sanskar! Where are you? Did you find Swara?
Sanskar: Mom, I am fine and yeah she is with me all safe and sound.
He told her everything about the road blockage and their stay in hotel. He asked about Siya and she told him that siya asked about Swara many times and after much trouble they made her to have her dinner and sleep. After the conversation he kept his phone on the table and moved towards the couch. He was arranging pillows on it making it comfortable for sleeping while swara was sitting on the bed. Sanskar left the bed for her and decided to sleep on couch, she agreed as she didn’t want to indulge in an argument with him again. She asked about Siya and he told her everything what his mom said. She was feeling bad for her, but at the same time she was happy thinking about little angle’s care towards her. They heard a knock on the door and he moved to open it. The room service staff was there.
Man: sir… Mohit sir send this for you.
Sanskar noticed that he was standing there with a trolley. There were few clothes on it, seems like night wears and a bottle of brandy. Sanskar signaled him to keep the things on table and he did.
Man: do you want anything else sir?
Sanskar: (looking at swara) do you want to eat anything? You must be hungry.
Though she fasted the whole day but she was in no mood to have anything right now. “No, I am not feeling hungry, I am tired I want to sleep” she said.
Sanskar: (looking at the man) no, we don’t need anything… thank you so much.
Man: (smilingly) good night sir… good night mam (he left)
Sanskar: (turning back to swara) change your clothes…. They are still wet, you may get cold.
Swara looked at the clothes kept at the table, she picked it up and moved to washroom. She was standing under a hot shower….after a long tiring day, this was so soothing for her. After a relaxing bath she came out of the washroom wearing the night dress. It was a short, up to knee length pink sleeveless nighty, she was looking cute. Her wet hairs making her look more beautiful. Sanskar heard the footsteps and looked at her, He got awestruck seeing her like that. In the middle of the night she was looking as fresh as the morning breeze. He was lost in her. She saw him staring her while combing her hairs, feeling shy. He came to his senses when she mistakenly hit her leg with the side table while moving.
Sanskar: watch out Swara.
Whenever he calls out her by her name, it gives a tingling sensation in her stomach. He stood up and moved to her, held her and made her sit.
Sanskar 🙁 worriedly) are you ok?
Swara: (staring him) yeah…. I am fine.
He smiled at her, picked his clothes from the table and moved to washroom. She was looking at him blankly. “Why I feel strange whenever he is around me” she thought. She took a deep sigh and lie down on the bed to get some sleep… but today sleep was far away from her. She was tossing right and left on the bed…. The thought of him being with her in the same room was not allowing her to sleep. She heard the sound of the door opening from the wash room and quickly sat on the bed. He came out wearing an off white t shirt and blue trouser. Wet hair scattered on his forehead. He was looking handsome. She looked at him and he looked back , they have a small eye lock. “No matter how much I hate him when he scolds me but it is true that he is a lady killer. Looking hot in just simple clothes” Swara thought.
Sanskar: not getting sleep?
Swara: (startled by his voice) mmm… no actually (searching for words)
Sanskar: then you should have this (pointing towards the bottle of the brandy)… it will help you to get a good sleep.
Swara: (shocked) I don’t drink
Sanskar: (smiled) I am not asking you to get drunk… have a small quantity, it will keep your body warm. And you need it otherwise you may get cold or fever.
Swara: I hate the smell of alcohol… I can’t have it.
Sanskar: (strict voice) every time you can’t have the things which pleases you, sometimes the things you dislike are good for your own betterment.

Swara was speechless, didn’t know what to say…. She was just staring him blankly. He took the bottle from the table, opened it and poured equal quantity in two glasses. Passing a glass to her he said “have it”. She looked at him in disbelief. But she was helpless against this man. She took the glass from him unwillingly and smelled it and starts making faces. Irked with her act he shouted “Stop behaving like a kid”. She was scared again and immediately gulped all the brandy in one go, with teary eyes. As soon as she finished she kept the glass on the table and was moving out of the room… he noticed her teary eyes and held her hand.
Sanskar: (softly) where are you going?
Swara: (not looking at him) I need some fresh air.
Sanskar: (authoritatively) no need… go and sleep.
Swara: (yelled) am not asking for your permission… and for god’s sake stop treating me like a kid.
She tried to jerk his hand but failed. He couldn’t bear her tears. He held her from her waist and brought her close to him, cupping her face he made her look at him.
Sanskar: Swara…. look at me (she was looking down). I said look at me.
She looked at him straight in his eyes… his eyes were soft, dark and deep at the same time. They looked at each other for sometime then he spoke.
Sanskar: why you always irritate me Swara? Is it because of your hatred towards me or childishness?
Swara: (innocently) when I said I hate you?
Sanskar: (smirks) Then you do all this with the people you love?
Swara: if you feel so then I can say same thing to you. (Angrily) and tell me do I look like a kid to you?
Sanskar gave a smirk to her and shook his head in disbelief. Irked with his reaction, she tried to move away from him but he was in no mood to leave her. “I know you consider me one, but I am not” she said. Now he was in fun mood, he wants to irritate her more just to see her reaction.
Sanskar: (mischievously) off course you are a kid Miss Bose… actually not a kid but a little crying baby.
This made her cry again. Seeing her tears he thought it is enough, now he needs to stop. Patting her face he said “Swara stop crying, I was just kidding”. She hit him on his chest and decided to move away but due to her fasting and tiresome day she felt weak. It was now difficult for her to stand, so to get some support she kept her head on his chest. He can feel her shivering body against him, to comfort her he wrapped his arms around her.
Sanskar: (lovingly while caressing her hair) Swaraa……. Are you ok?
She moved her head up to look at him but when their eyes met there was something magical…. they were transported to some other world. Forgetting about everything, where they are and who they are? Both were heading towards a new path. He gently whipped her tears with his thumb and cupped her face, his touch made her shiver. He was looking straight in her eyes, it seems like her eyes, big beautiful eyes casting some spell on him. Their faces were close, so close making them feel each other’s breath. His brain has stopped working and heart took over brain. He moved his face closer to her and brushed his lips on hers. This touch was electrifying for both, it kindled the desire in them for more. She closed her eyes and he softly pressed his lips on hers, she grabbed his t-shirt tightly while he was caressing her back. It felt heavenly to him when she started reciprocating the kiss. Their proximity was making him go crazy. Her soft lips, delicate body and wet hairs, all were driving him to lose more with every passing second. The soft kiss turned into an intense one but their sweet dream came to an end when suddenly Swara pulled back and looked at him in disbelief. It was clear that she was embarrassed. This brought him back to his senses, He looked at her blankly not able to believe what just happened between them was real or surreal. To avoid his gaze on her, she turned her back to him and he strode out of the room in haste.

Precap: what will happen…. How they will face each other after this? wait for this……


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