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Chapter 26

Precap: Swara got injured and Sanskar helped her……..

It was about an hour he left home, driving aimlessly on the road, unaware of his destination. Due to heavy rain the visibility was very less, it was difficult to see through. Sanskar’s eyes were showing mixed emotions. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out your own emotions and same was happening with him. He didn’t know whether he was worried for her or angry on her, all he knew that he was restless. “Where is she?” this thought kept on troubling him. While driving he kept on looking for her here and there, he got nothing but disappointment. Yeah she wasn’t at home since morning, came to visit a temple little far from the city, all alone in such scary weather. Fortunately today he came home early from office and then he get to know about her absence in the house.

All were worried for her, her phone was out of reach, nobody knows about her whereabouts. Siya being a kid was little impatient with nonexistence of her favorite Shona di around her. But then he assured everyone and promised Siya to bring her back safely and stuck like this in a never ending quest. Moving towards little crowded area of the city he saw a vague figure of a girl standing under the tree for shelter in this cruel weather. He wasn’t able to see her face properly partially due to rain and she was also covering her face with her dupatta. His heart said it is her, just to make sure he stopped his car in front of the girl. His intuition was correct it was “her”. She was standing there, fully drenched. But what caught Sanskar’s attention wasn’t her, it was someone else, a boy standing few steps away from her, continuously staring her with lustful eyes. It kindled the suppressed anger inside him. Now he is back to livid Sanskar Maheshwari. Angry

Swara’s POV

I was standing there since 3 hours waiting for a vehicle to pass but there was nothing, no cab, no public transport…. I was far away from the main city, this part was little secluded but not lonely, few shops were there with few men around. That’s why I decided to wait here. My mobile showing no coverage, I couldn’t make call to anyone for help. I was little scared by the thought of what I will do if no help came to me? I was praying in my heart “hey Durga ma please send someone for my rescue” as soon as I opened my eyes I saw a car stopped in front of me and it was him who came for my rescue.

At first, I was confused whether to be happy or sad. But later I thought it was better to be with him than stuck here like this. He came up to me. As usual he was angry….hell angry. But wait, he wasn’t looking at me then where he was looking? I turned back and saw a man who was little far from me, that man was scared…. But why the hell he was giving a deadly glare to that man. After few seconds he looked at me with the same anger in his eyes. I got scared as always, it was better to look down than at him. I thought now he will scold me, I was preparing myself for his harsh words, but much to my surprise he didn’t utter a word and moved towards the car and sat inside…. I was shocked, couldn’t able to move myself. Then his voice broke my trance.

Sanskar: (angrily) do you need invitation to get inside.

She hurriedly walked up to the car and stepped inside, closing the door behind her. He wasn’t looking at her. She knew it very well that this is the silence before a storm. He was driving silently. She wanted him to say something, scold her or whatever, she didn’t care but this silence was unbearable for her. She couldn’t handle it anymore… so just to divert her mind she turned on the radio. RJ announced a special song for someone special to him and it played….

Kyu na bole mose mohan,
Kyu hai ruthe ruthe mohan’ kyu
Kaise manau, kaise manau

As soon as Swara heard the song she starts cursing herself for her idea, feeling awkward she looked at him, He gave an angry glare to her and turned off the radio. Again silence prevailed between them. His eyes were on road and she was looking outside the window…..suddenly he stopped the car and she looked at him wondering why he stopped in middle of the road. Then she noticed the crowd gathered over there in the middle of the road and few vehicles. Sanskar came out of the car and asked the police man standing over there about the matter.

Sanskar: hey… inspector what happened?
Inspector: (he knew Sanskar) oh Mr. Maheshwari you are here? Actually due to heavy rain some trees has fallen down and end up blocking the road.
Sanskar: (worriedly) so, how much time will it take?

Inspector: can’t say sir…. The work is going on but due to continuous rain it is taking more than usual. I am afraid but it can take 6 to 7 hours to clear the whole route. Its better you board a hotel nearby. Sanskar thanked him and moved from there. He was irritated with the entire happenings, one after another. The day could get any better? he thought. He got inside the car and she easily made out that something was wrong…. She asked him and he said “We can’t go home as road is blocked”, while saying this he turned back his car.

Swara: (shocked) where are we going?
Sanskar: (rudely) to find a shelter for tonight.
Swara: (panicked) no we can’t…. there must be some other way to home!
Sanskar: (paused and opened the door of her side, signaling her to move) go and find the way.
She was on the verge of crying… didn’t know what to do. She kept looking at him. He closed the door and started driving. She was looking outside blankly, trying to calm herself. And thinking about what is going to come up next.

It was 9 pm now, they were standing at the reception of a hotel… it wasn’t a five star but still looking luxurious. He was talking to receptionist.

Receptionist: (smilingly) how can I help you sir.
Sanskar: I want two rooms for the night.
Receptionist: I am sorry sir but we are full.
With a disappointed face he started moving towards the exit gate but an acquainted voice of a man stopped him.
“Sanskar sir”
Sanskar: (turned back at the source) Mohit!
Mohit: (cheerfully) you are here sir? What happened?
Mohit was his junior in college when Sanskar was doing MBA. He was a student of hotel management. They were from different streams but had good friendship during college days but sanskar was not in touch with him for a long.
Sanskar: stuck here due to bad weather and blocked road. Want room for the night but to my bad luck hotel is full.

Mohit: don’t worry sir… I will arrange a room for you, I work here as a manager. (To receptionist) give my private room to sir and his wife (he looked at swara who was standing beside sanskar)
The word “wife” made both Swara and Sanskar to look at each other in daze. The situation became awkward and he decided to handle it in his own way.
Sanskar: (calmly) well Mohit… thank you so much and we need two rooms and this is Miss Swara Bose, governess of my daughter not my wife…
Mohit: (little embarrassed and shocked at the same time) am sorry sir, I should have asked you. And there is only one room and that is also my private room which I am giving you. Due to the weather condition the rooms are packed.
Sanskar: (smilingly) it’s ok friend… I will go to another hotel.
Mohit: (worriedly) sir there is no hotel nearby… you will get few around 45 to 50 km away from here. So I suggest you to stay here and adjust for tonight.
Sanskar: (thought for a second) ok I think I have no other option.

Swara was taken aback with his decision. She was angry now, it was enough of non sense for her.
Swara: (in her mind) “how can he think that I will share a room with him? He didn’t even ask about my opinion. I am hating him now, he was ignoring me since he came, behaving rudely with me… what he thinks “am I goddess of patience?” now he will had it I swear.

Sanskar took the keys from the reception and Mohit himself accompanied him to the room, swara had nothing to do except to follow them. They reached the room.
Mohit: ok sir… now I will take your leave. You also take rest and call me if you need anything except for a room.
Both friends smiled at each other and gave a hug before leaving. All this while Swara was standing there like a dumb, confused about what she should do. He entered in the room and she simply followed him.
Swara: (in strict tone) why you agreed for this room?
Sanskar ignored her and busy in checking the room. Swara got irked with his behavior. She lost her patience now.

Swara: (yelled) why are you behaving like this? I am asking you something please answer me. Answer me damn it! Don’t behave like a deaf and dumb.
He was ignoring her because he didn’t want to argue with her and end up messing everything. But her words kindle the fire of anger inside him. He looked at her with eyes full of rage and moved closer to her.
Sanskar: (grabbing her arm) don’t ever raise your voice on me, do you forgot to whom you are taking? And am not compelled to answer you is that ok.
She was scared by his behavior… his grip was so tight on her, she was feeling pain. But she wanted to make him realize that he can’t scold her every time for no reason. She mustered all the courage she had and pulled herself away from his grip.

Swara: (same intensity of anger like him) off course you have to answer me Mr. Maheshwari because it’s not just about you, it is also about me.
Sanskar ruffled his hair with his hand in frustration and took a deep breath “ok then don’t blame me after wards” he said.
Sanskar: I had an important video conference tonight and because of you I couldn’t make it. Miss Bose, do I look like a man who has time to spare? Instead of doing my work, I was on a quest for finding my daughter’s Shona di.
His each word was igniting the rage inside Swara. Today she wasn’t in a mood to take his nonsense.
Swara: (angrily) did I ask you to come for me?
Sanskar looked at her with disgust. “How can she be so thankless? I was roaming like an insane in this deadly weather just to find her and here she is questioning me” he thought.
Sanskar: (bitterly) do you think I was willing to come, if I am here, it is just because of Siya and Mom. Although you don’t care for the people but unfortunately there are few who care for you.
Swara: I am not a kid… I can manage such situation.

Sanskar smirks after she finished. The flashes of her all drenched up standing under a tree oblivious of the fact that someone was having a bad eye on her came to his mind.
Sanskar: I saw…. How you were managing.
Swara understood his sarcasm and cursing him in her mind. “He never leaves a chance to humiliate me” she thought.

Sanskar: (continued) If you had thought little wisely and took a car and driver with you then we wouldn’t have to stuck here like this.
Swara: Mr. Maheshwari I am your employee not a family member to use your luxuries.
Sanskar: (irritated) can’t you keep your ego aside just for once and think rationally.
Swara: (narrowed her eyes) this is not ego Mr. Maheshwari, it is called self respect but you won’t understand.
Sanskar: (raised his eyebrow) what do you mean by I won’t understand?
Swara: (blankly) nothing…

With empty eyes she tried to move away from there but stopped when she felt a strong grip on her wrist. She looked at her hand and then to Sanskar who was holding it.
Sanskar: (loudly) I told you many times Miss Bose, don’t walk away when I am talking to you. I hate disobedient employees.

Swara jerked his hand from hers and looked at him with disgust. She had tears in her eyes.
Swara: (yelled) Mr. Maheshwari I work for you that doesn’t mean I am your slave.
Tears started flowing from her eyes but she didn’t want to break down in front of him, so she ran away towards the balcony of the room leaving behind a man who unknowingly felt her pain.

Precap: how Sanskar will pacify Swara….

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