Swasan FF: Entangled Love chapter 23

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Chapter 23

Recap: Kunal misbehaved with swara in party…..

Sanskar’s POV

I was busy in talking with my guests when Siya came running to me. She was breathing heavily. This made me worried. She held my hand and told me that she wants to talk to me. I sensed that there was something fishy. Because she never disturbs me when I am busy until and unless there is something really bothering her. I excused myself from there and moved with Siya to one of the corners of the hall. I made her sit on the chair and tried to calm her down a little. After few seconds I asked “what’s the matter princess”. She said in panicking voice “a bad man is troubling Shone di”. I gave a questionable look to her then she told me everything what all happened. I caressed her hair and assured her that nothing will happen to her Shona di, I will bring her safe. I asked a servant to take her to mom’s room. Before leaving she came back to me and said “dad… just punch that man for me, he tried to scare me”. As soon as she left, I rushed to the corridor where Siya signaled me. What I saw there made me furious. She was there in miserable condition, shivering and shedding tears. God! Can’t she do anything to protest? At least she can shout or slap him. Then my eyes caught that man “Kunal Dixit” investor in my project. He was holding her wrist with one hand and with other he was holding her waist. He was about to kiss her. Man! I just wanted to rip out that b*****d. But I controlled myself and shouted at him, which made him retreat from her. I rushed to them, he was still holding her hand. That boiled my anger more. I removed her hand from his grip and made her stand beside me. She looked at me with teary eyes. I didn’t know why but something pained inside me. Then that idiot spoke.
Kunal: (as sweet as he can be) oh! Mr. Maheshwari…. You are here? I was just having a talk with this lovely lady. But I think she is not comfortable with the new people (looking at Swara).
Sanskar: (in stern voice) Miss Bose…. I think it’s enough of partying for you. Now go to your room.
She gave a confused look to him. “why he is angry on me? As if its all my fault”. When she didn’t move he looked at her again.
Sanskar: (little louder) didn’t you get what I said? Leave…..
She had never seen him this angry. His eyes full of rage which scared her. She nodded and left from there. Sanskar turned towards Kunal whose eyes were still following Swara.
Sanskar: (heated eyes) what the hell you were doing?
Kunal: cool Mr. Maheshwari… I was just having little fun nothing else.
That was enough for Sanskar, he lost his temper. Sanskar held his collar which made Kunal shocked.
Kunal: (smirks to hide his nervousness) Mr. Maheshwari why you are making mountain of a molehill. You are behaving as if I had hit your girl…..Just chill.
He jerked Sanskar’s hand away from his collar and continued unaware of the fact that the worst was going to come his way.
Kunal: see Mr. Maheshwari I am your investor and it is your responsibility to keep your investors happy. I hope you are getting my point.
Sanskar: (crossed his arms against his chest) no Mr. Dixit… am not.
Kunal: (sighed) ok then let me put this straight. As you can see I am interested in that girl and just want to have some fun time with her may be for couple of nights after that you can have her all for yourself as I can sense you are also interested in her (smirks).
Now it was enough for Sanskar. His muscles tightened and hands automatically curved into a fist.
Sanskar: you b*****d!! How dare you talk about her like that?
Sanskar punched him hard on his face and the very next moment Kunal was on the floor, groaning in pain. Sanskar’s eyes were still burning with anger. With lots of efforts Kunal made himself stand.
Kunal : (angrily) Sanskar Maheshwari you have to pay for this. I promise that I will make you regret. You have insulted me for that Bi…
Sanskar interrupted in between
Sanskar: (warning tone) don’t you dare… one more bad word for Swara, I will forget that you are son of my dad’s friend.
Kunal: (little scared with his words) let me see how you are going to find new investor for your so called dream project, because I am quitting.
Sanskar: (smirks) No no no….. Mr. Dixit! Let me correct you. You are not quitting, I am throwing you out of my project. I don’t need a person like you in my business. One more thing Mr. Dixit nobody says no to Sanskar Maheshwari. So, you need not to worry about my project. Moreover you should be grateful to me that I am leaving you alive.
Kunal was looking at him dumbly. Sanskar was about to leave but he remembered something and came close to him with slight smile on his face. Kunal was confused and busy in figuring out his demeanor when suddenly he hit the wall. Sanskar punched him once again “this is for scaring my daughter”. He gave a last disgusted look to him and left.

Swara was standing on the terrace staring the moon. It is almost about an hour she left the party. She was still in the trauma, shouldn’t able to believe what all happened was real or her nightmare. She was feeling suffocated so she decided to come here instead of going to her room, she desperately needed some fresh air. She reminiscing what all happened in the party when her trail of thoughts was broken by the sound of some foot step. When she turned back he was standing there, her savior.
Swara: (to herself) why he came here now? What he want from me? Is he angry on me for creating all this mess?

Sanskar’s POV

After that violent encounter with that idiot, I came to the main hall where my other guests were present…they were having their dinner peacefully. I took a deep breath and removed all the previous thoughts from mind and made myself look presentable. With a plastered smile on my face I formally started talking to them… but my mind wasn’t there anymore. I was thinking about her… what she must be doing now?… will she be alright? All these thought were kept crawling in my mind. But I can’t leave the party just like that after all I was the host and being a host this much courtesy I had to maintain. After about an hour when all my guests left, I rushed to her room but for my surprise she wasn’t there. A worry took over me “where she will be”…. I was angry on her, can’t she just obey me once? I asked kaka and he told me “Swara betiya ko chat pe jate huye dekha tha”. What the hell she was doing there at the dead of night! I rushed towards terrace. I was in full anger. She was there busy in staring the moon, I looked at her… she was looking beautiful, pure. The moonlight falling on her making her looked like an angel from heaven. For a moment I melted, my anger melted but when I looked at her eyes I could see the pain. The pain that has stolen her smile, her charm and most importantly the shine of her eyes. This again made me furious. I walked towards her and stood in front of her. She wasn’t expecting me or perhaps don’t want me there. But I have to talk to her and I did.
Sanskar: what are you doing here Miss Bose? I told you to be in your room?
She kept quiet. This irked Sanskar, he held her arm and asked again in loud voice.
Sanskar: am asking you something… can’t you hear me?
Swara: (almost yelling) Am not your slave Mr. Maheshwari to follow your every single word. I am working for you that doesn’t mean I have to take your permission for breathing also.
Sanskar was shocked with this shade of her. He didn’t expect this reply from her. If it wouldn’t her he never tolerated such behavior. But he himself was confused why he was trying to calm himself after all her ranting.
Sanskar: (in a calm voice) it’s not the answer of my question…
Swara 🙁 irritated) See Mr. Maheshwari am grateful to you for what all you did for me today. Thank you so much once again but I just want to be alone for some time.
She moved a little from there and started walking towards the stairs but a strong grip on her arm made her stop. She turned back and looks at Sanskar who was holding her arm tightly. His eyes were red with anger.
Sanskar: (angrily) I told you many times Miss Bose, don’t walk away when I am talking to you.
He could see the pain in her eyes. Realizing that his hold is causing pain to her he quickly removed his hand from hers. Swara was standing there without any emotion. He felt bad seeing her like this.
Sanskar: (softly) Miss Bose I don’t understand, why you always get into trouble? Can’t you handle the situation maturely? If you are not use to of such parties then you shouldn’t be there. Change yourself a little because you have to confront such people everywhere in this world.
Swara was hearing all what he was saying silently. He was saying all this out of concern because he was genuinely worried for her. But she perceived it in a wrong way. Thought he was blaming her for the situation. She looked at him with disgust. He could see the change of expression on her face…. He was confused the way she looked at him. While he was busy in figuring out that what she is up to she shouted at him.
Swara: so you think it was my fault?
Sanskar: (shaking his head) you are not getting my point.
Swara: (rudely) No Mr. Maheshwari I am very clearly getting your point. What did you want me to do… sleep with your investor to make him happy?
Sanskar: (raised his hand on her and shouted) SWARA…..
Till now he was listening her very patiently and trying hard to explain his point but she was so reluctant not ready to hear him. And then she said something which made him loose his control and he raised his hand to slap her. She closed her eyes out of fear. He stopped his hand in between and turned to other side, took a deep breath and moved his fingers through his hair. She opened her eyes after few seconds. Her eyes were filled with tears. He turned back, held her with her arms and looked into her eyes. She was confused seeing the pain in his eyes. He wanted to say something but couldn’t, instead he jerked her away and left from there leaving Swara all alone with her tears.

Recap: Sanskar says sorry to Swara and Swara hugged Sanskar.


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