Swasan ff : Don’t Change [Chp 7]

Chp: 7
Party and Proposal:

Next Day Evening,

Sanskar’s Point of View :

I entered the party. There were many hot and beautiful girls. And what do you expect from a boy like me, as usual I started flirting with one of the girls. While some other girls gathered around me. The elders had had their celebration out in the garden while we all youngsters were partying hard in the house. I was enjoying with all the girls around me and my friends. Ritwik had invited some of our college mates too. I as usual was flirting with one of the girls when Rahul who was sitting beside me asked me to look at a girl who he was referring to as ‘super hot’.

I shifted my gaze to the stairs and I saw a girl wearing a black short dress not even covering her thighs with a slit making her look more tempting , highlighting her every curve with long hair curled and some s*xy black wedges paired with her look. She was indeed breathtaking hot. And as my heartbeat was increasing by every second just to see her face, I noticed it was Swara. But not the usual one with huge specs and her tomboyish look. But a hot as hell s*xy lady. I definitely had not expected to see this side of her.

But as I could see, she was clearly not comfortable in this dress. She was constantly trying to pull her dress and increase its length up to her knees; she could not walk in those 6 inch heels what more could be wrong?!

Leaving the crowd, I went near her to know the reason for this sudden transformation.

“Someone’s looking hot today!” I said scanning her again from top to bottom.

“Excuse me! Who are you ” she replied which set me a back. Did she even get her brain changed along with her style?!

“What are you saying Swara don’t you remember me Maggie baby! “I said sarcastically.

“Sanskar! Is it you?” Oh thank the good lord. She finally recognised me. “I am so sorry! I don’t have my specs on and my contacts broke. I can’t see anything. ”

Don’t worry when I am here. I’ll help you. And after all how can someone resist such a hot and s*xy lady. “she heard it and blushed to a shade of crimson. I don’t know why bit seeing her like this made me like her more. She was tempting me today. Something about her was constantly turning me on.

I went to get some drinks for us soft drinks obviously. Who want to get drunk when you have your parents in the same party right? But when I came back I saw some boys trying to dance with her. I could sense that they were flirting with her. I don’t know why but I got angry , grabbed her from her hand and took her with me to the lonely side of the garden. She was quite amused by my behavior and my harsh grip had brought some pearls in her eyes.

“What’s wrong with you Sanskar! ” she asked. A question whose answer was still unknown to me. I don’t know why but I suddenly pinned her to the nearby wall and started kissing her neck while one of my hands was on her thighs caressing them. She was shock but soon overcame it and started pushing me by her tiny hands but to no avail. I then got more irritated and took her in a kiss. My lips were on hers sucking hers and establishing their dominance over them. I left them due to lack of breadth. And the next movement I knew, those dark orbs were looking into mine searching the reason for my wild behavior. And then the words popped out of nowhere from my mouth.

“Swara, will you be my girlfriend?”

Swara’s Point of View:
I could not believe my ears. Sanskar just asked me to be his girlfriend. I cannot believe this. All these things happening had sent shivers down my spine setting all the butterflies in my stomach free giving me that tinkling feeling. I slowly uttered the word yes while he gave me his signature smirk followed by the call of his dad saying that they had to go back because of something important. He smiled at me and without saying a word went. Leaving me behind , letting me down in my own sea of thoughts. The rest of the evening just passed by with me still pondering on the recent happenings. I went to my room and fell asleep still lost.

Next morning

I woke up and the first thing I saw was my phone showing a new notification. It was from Sanskar It read “Good Morning my girlfriend!……you wore looking hot yesterday, cant wait to see you today.” I blushed reading that. I wanted to look special today. So i got ready in a Anarkali. A beautiful white and pink Anarkali with long earrings and tied my hair in a braid and put on my specs. I was so excited to meet Sanskar. I hadn’t been so happy in years. As i was leaving for college, sona di saw me and complemented me.

I reached college and was searching for Sanskar. I saw him with his group. I went near his group. Seeing me come a girl in the group came near me and looked at me from head to toe. And asked me rudely why I was there. I replied that i had come to meet Sanskar to which she laughed and said,

“so you want to meet Sanskar? But why would he meet someone like you?!”
“Because i am his girlfriend” i said proudly which shocked her to the core.
She looked towards Sanskar and asked,” Is this behenji your girlfriend.”
I looked towards Sanskar to hear the truth and support me but he instead came to me, grabbed me by my hand and took me aside.

Hey guys! I hope you like the update. I have posted this after 6 months. I am really sorry for updating it so late. I have written some other stories too and if you want to read the previous parts I am giving the links below. Also , I had started a new thing called Swasan: the wall of happy memories , where there are all happy and funny memories posed randomly. But I cannot continue it, so if any writer wishes to contribute, the they can do so. This is an open invitation to all. If you have any doubts regarding it you can message in on my TU account. Don’t forget to like this post. Comment below. Critics are most welcome. Please give your honest opinions would love to read your feedbacks!
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