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What’s more comfortable than sleeping b on your bed , cuddling with your teddy and being comfortably tucked in a blanket? Well as I was enjoying the greatest pleasure in the world- sleeping, I got a call ! And that too at 4 in 4th morning! With my favourite song – closer I woke up straddle ! Receiving the call guessing who the person would be, I initiated with a ‘Hello’

‘Hey Maggie baby!’

‘I am sorry ! There is no such person in the house! So just shut your phone and GO TO SLEEP AND LET OTHERS SLEEP TOO ! And if you call me again I’ll call the police! ‘

‘Chill Angry Bird! ‘

‘Angry Bird ? -Sanskar ! Is that you?’

‘Hurray! So you finally guessed it ! ‘

How dare you call me Maggie baby! And Why in this world are you calling me at 4 in the morning?! You know normal people like me sleep in the morning.

You are calling me abnormal! But let me tell you ” All great people , wake up early ”

Stop irritating me and tell me why have you called me this early in the morning ! Are you planning to eat my brain in your breakfast?

I have no plans of eating you and becoming a nerd ! Let’s get to the point! I have called you because your my project partner!

Are you drunk Sanskar? Like who in the world calls at 4 in morning and tells them that HEY! I AM YOUR PROJECT PATNER!

I would be glad if you stop interrupting me and let me complete!

Fine go on !

So as you are my project patner , you have to come for jogging with me!

And why do I have to do so? I am just your project patner and not your PA

You have to come because I believe that we only get creative ideas in the morning! And I already had a word with Ritwik, he will inform aunty. So come now!

See Sanskar first I use to think that you are insane but now I am sure about it! I am not coming with you. Bye ! Good night!

Fine don’t come ! Then be ready to bear the circumstances!

What are you planning to do Devil Mind?!

Wow! Devil Mind ! I guess this name really suits me ! And we’ll I will just come over there. Pick you up from your bed and will take you to jogging with me!

I am sorry to disappoint you but the main door is locked and I am sure you would not like anyone else sleep disturbed like me! So now you can’t get in the house. And what if I enter?

I’ll go for jogging! But I am sure you won’t be able to!

Overconfidence is bad! And let me tell you Sanskar Maheshwari hates losing!

Fine! We’ll see soon!

Saying so I went back to sleep only to be woken by somebody calling! Hearing the voice I got scared and clutched my blanket tight! Oh God ! This is happening the same way it had happened in the horror movie last night! But wait! Its almost 5 in morning! Ghosts don’t come in the morning! I gathered some courage and walked to the source of the voice – window. I can hear some sort of voice , which even sounds familiar but is not clear. Go going near I found Sanskar on the pipe hanging and calling for me! Opening the window, I started the question answer session,

Sanskar! What are you doing here?

Well trying to do exercise ! (He said sarcastically ) Swara I will only be able to answer your questions if I stay alive! Get aside!

Saying so he climbed up in the room.

Now tell me. What the hell are you doing here!

Just winning the challenge ! Now come let’s go for jogging!

Like seriously Sanskar! You are impossible! Wait here I’ll change and come!

Saying so I went and got changed in a sky blue lank top paired with light green colour track pants and a pink jacket and not to forget my sky blue sports shoes! I know my fashion sense sucks! This all reminded me of my dad! My dad and me would always play badminton on Sunday’s! I miss him so much! As I was shuffling through my childhood memories I heard Sanskar call me back to the world!

If you are done can we move?

Saying so be began pulling me!

Wait! I need my specs! I can’t see without them!

I said as I grabbed my specs! And now we started heading down!

If you can’t see without your specs then how wore you able to see me before ?

This is because I can see things which are close. But can’t see things which are far!

As I was explaining him I heard someone call me ‘Shona’

Turning behind I saw Sonakshi di. She often calls me shona instead of swara. She says it suits my personality! She is the one who always encourages me to have a boyfriend and now seeing me with sanskar, she is surely going to pull my leg ! Great! What a day!

Hey shona ! Where are you going this early and that too with sanskar!

She asked smirking and giving me the naughtiest look possible. She definitely has something going on in her mind!

Just taking her for a jog Di! After all she is my project patner!

It was sanskar who answered while I was looking at Di who was in turn was giving me a mischievous smile! Trying to stop the topic and giving me a I-will-talk-to-you-later look she told us to go and went back to her room waving us a bye!

The moment she went in her room , I dragged sanskar out of the house before anyone else could see us together. As I was out of the house, I signed and glared at sanskar. I am not going to leave him!

Next time , you dare not enter the house !

I won’t. If you listen to me!

Uh! Leave the topic ! Let’s start our project discussion.

We finally started the discussion and jogging too! This guy sometimes gets on my nerves ! I can’t even think what kind of questions di is going to ask. She surely has got a topic to tease me , at least for a month! Trying my best to keep calm I decided to divert my attention to the project discussion! After sometime as we wore done with the discussion and exhausted too we decided to rest on the bench.

So swara! Tell me something about yourself!

What do you want to know? I am a open book!

Like tell me anything, your family, friends likes etc etc !

Well my family consists of only 5 people : me , bhai , Di, bua and uncle! And like…..

As I was trying to tell further he cut me off

And what about your parents?

I lost them! 6 years go. In a car accident! There after bua and uncle brought me here!

I am so sorry! I didn’t know it! I did not mean to hurt you!

It’s OK sanskar! I am used to it! Well and talking about my friends , I never had any ! I was and still am very shy and nervous person and just can’t open up! You are the first person to whom I am talking like this except my family! So eventually I started reading! You know , a book is man’s best friend! And all I do is reading!

Wait! How dare you tell that you don’t have any friend ! I am your friend! And you have no right to abandon me from your friends list!

Thanks! My first friend! Well tell me something about you!

Well as everyone say , born with a golden spoon! The hirer of Maheshwari industries! Had everything say others! But actually has nothing! No dreams ! No friends! My dream is to become a doctor! You may say I am perusing it but only because of my sister! She wanted to become a fashion designer but put her dream aside and joined my father’s business do that I may become a doctor! But only till she doesn’t marry! After her marriage , I will have to take care of the company! And if you talk about friends, then I don’t have any true friend except Ritwik! Rest all are just behind my money you see!

I am sure you will manage! Now let’s go home. I don’t want to get late for the college you see!

Yeh! Meet you in college! And toady evening 6 at my house! Okay?


And we started walking back to the house. While walking our hands wore touching which was giving a tingling sensation down my spine! Oh God! Why does this person have to affect me this much! As we reached the house , I rang the bell and di opened the door. As i was stepping in, di asked ,”How was you’d date! Sorry………….jog? And gave me one of her naughty smiles! Listening to this I flushed red and looked at Sanskar as he ran down his hand through his silky soft hair and gave a shy smile. I quickly changed my expression and shot di an angry glare! If she finds me blushing the she is surely going to tease me! I entered the house, shut the door and told di that there was nothing between us except friendship and ran upstairs to my room. I quickly got ready and left for college .
In the college Sanskar came near me and asked me if it was ok if we both go to his house in the evening after college , to which i agreed and he told that he will be informing Ritwik to which I readily agreed .

Sanskar came to pick me and we left in his car to his house. Don’t know why but I was feeling a tingling sensation down my stomach throughout the whole journey which was kind of new to me.
As we reached his house in his limo [ you see he Is rich]i opened my mouth in awe. The white walled mansion with blue pillars was just like a palace in heaven. The garden surrounding the beautiful mansion was just like the cherry on the cake .It was so beautiful that I was left speechless. I had only dreamt of such a palace in dreams. Snapping his finger, Sanskar brought me back to reality.
You have got a beautiful house!
I know ! Everyone says so.

He said , shrugging his hands off and lead me in his house like a gentleman. As soon I stepped in the house, there was red water all over me. As I opened my eyes, I saw a girl around 18 but not more than 20 giving me a oops look! As I glanced at me , I realised that my long white top has turned red while my dark blue jeans was turned in a slight shade of black. Jeez! That was my favourite top!

As I was thinking of different ways of getting my currently red top back to white, I was brought back to reality by a voice.
“Uttara! ” Sanskar shouted
“I am sorry bhai! I thought that It would be you, so I did It! I am so sorry! “ she told coming near me and gave me an apologetic look.
“ It’s ok. It happens sometimes. And even I do It with my brother , so I understand!” I replied giving her a smile.

“ What happened now! ” A woman in mid 40s came asking from the kitchen. And as soon as her sight fell on me , she asked.
“Who are you?”
“ Mom she is Swara , Ritwik’s cousin and my currently my project partner too. And we had come here for doing project but……….” He replied indicating her to look at my current condition.
She gave me an apologetic look and twisted Uttara’s ear.
“ This girl na ! Has become so naughty !

“I am so sorry from her side Swara beta! “ She said felling sorry on my condition. She came near me and patted my head and gave me a motherly affectionate smile and said, “Go change your clothes or you will get cold”. For a moment , I could see my mother in her and was back to my memory lane, remembering my happy times ,when I was back with her shout on Uttara.
“ Go and give Swara your clothes! “ I tried to resist by saying that i was fine but it was in vein.

I heard Sanskar telling me a Come fast as i followed Uttara to her room.
Well now i am in Uttara’s room with her adding clothes to the pile of clothes already in my hand. She was giving me all possible clothes which she thought could suit me. She was indeed like a small sister to me! At last I was ready wearing a long Red skirt , a white top and a sleeveless demin jacket. I headed down. And while descending the stairs, my gaze fell on Sanskar who was staring at me which kind of made me blush!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay! Was just busy with school, studies, family,cousins and Gods too! So now finally posted the chapter . Tried to make it long. Hope you liked it! Was planning to complete the scene but as per one of my reader’s wish, I will be posting the next chapter in Sanskar’s point of view. Thank you for your comments on the last chapter! And if you feel that the chapter’s just stupid, then do let me know the changes I can make in the comments below!

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