Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 6)


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sanskar’s POV

I’m restless.. i couldn’t sleep .. swara is sleeping in another room.. she was really tired.. doctor said that she fainted due to stress and she needs some peace and rest.. let her rest.. I called her sister ragini to stay with her today.. and in my first night I’m sitting in my private room thinking about swara.. why the hell I’m thinking about her.. oh. god i think I’m really mad.. am i feeling guilty? no way.. guilty my foot.. sanskar maheswari is not an ordinary man to feel emotions.. guilty no way. . that word don’t have a place in my dictionary.. but i give pain to her.. her wrist must be paining due to my nail remarks.. so what.. don’t think like a common husband sanskar.. you are a king.. you can torture anyone.. nobody will question you.. but that girl.. is she anyone? she is your queen sanskar.. how can you give pain to your queen.. who said that a king could never give pain to hid queen? then what my papa did to ma? my maa.. she was a queen.. but my brutal father her king killed her.. leaving me and my bhai alone..
( a tear drop fall down from his eyes.. some one was watching this.. it was none other than swara.. she was watching him through Window)

swara’s POV

Is he crying? no way swara.. he is not a human. then how can he have human feelings.. but his eyes were moist.. i can saw him through this window.. I came for taking some water . then i saw light was on in a room.. i came to switch off the light.. then i saw he was sitting in a couch .. he was in deep thoughts.. his eyes were filled.. for a sec i feel care for him.. but next moment my family came to my mind and the burning in my wrist.. he is not a human.. why I’m caring for him while he never cared for me..
(swara leave the place )

next morning

sanskar awake by hearing a sweet bhajan.. at first he were angry but then he realised that that voice giving peace and pleasure to him. he enjoyed it .. it was not a hard task to him to know the person who is singing.. yes it was swara.. and thr most sweet voice he had ever heard.. for one second he thought about his mother annapoorna maheswari.. she also used to do aarti in the morning..

ragini was getting ready to go back.. she called swara.. but swara was heard.. ragini decided to search swara. . she search in all rooms.. but swara was not seen anywhere.. she saw ssnskar’s private room.. it was so beautiful.. she decide to enter the room.. but it was not manners to enter some one’s private room.. she turn to leave.. but she saw something in the table.. ragini turn back.. she enterd the room.. she was shocked to see the photo on the table..

Swara was in garden with kavita.. they were talking about some random things.. kavita was feeling extreme jealous whenever she was looking at swara.. swara was very beautiful.. her eyes have some spark and it can attract anyone.. and her smile was divine.. it can make anyone fall for her.. her face was like moon.. bright and glowing. . soft like a baby.. and she had long silky hair.. only one thing kavita could find negactive about her that swara was not tall as her.. but height is not much important.. she looks perfect with sanskar .. kavita hates that truth.. all guests were praising swara’s beauty and swasan match yesterday.. this makes kavita mad.. but she act as much as she can.. because she want ruin swara . so she act as a best friend to swara as sanskar could not doubt her in any incidents..

swara : kavita today I’m going to make kheer.. do you like it?

kavita: I love kheer..

swara: them come with me.. i want to prepare it soon.. ragini will go today.. before her leaving i want to feed her..

kavita: ragini is very lucky to have a sister like you.. i don’t have any sister..

swara: kavita I’m your sister na..

kavita: of course swara.. go and make kheer..

Swara smiled at her and went to make kheer..

kavita took a small bottle from the pockect of her jeans.. it was poison..

kavita( monologue) : make kheer swara.. and feed your sister as much you can.. after that you may not get a chance to feed anyone. .

kavita laugh evily..

screen freez..

will kavita able to mix the posion in kheer?

who will drink it?

why ragini shocked seeing that photo?

will sanskar fall for swara?

so guys how was the update.. sorry if it is short.. and please comment if you like it..

Credit to: Rithu

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  1. i think that photo must b Luky n Sanskaar will know Kavita’s Reality Please Sanskaar Ko Kavita Ki Reality dikha dena
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