Swasan FF: Devil and Angel (Episode 5)


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swara was sitting in her bridal attire.. beautician apply 3 or 4 layer of foundation on her beautiful face .. her face was fair and glowing with out any make up.. but this beautician spoiled her charm by applying those chemical multiple times.. swara hates such make up.. but what to do.. it was his wish.. he appointed that beautician.. she asked swara to smile a bit.. swara give a fake smile.. it was really a plastic smile..

ragini entered the room and saw her sister in those heavy make up and 100 kg ornaments.. she feel really sad.. because she know that this luxury.. this richness swara never loved this.. swara always prefer to be simple.. she prefer a simple life.. she only loves to wear simple saree or kurti with a watch and stud on her ears.. in marriages and all while others wear heavy dress and jewellery swara prefer to be simple.. it is like that.. but this is the order of sanskar maheswari. he want his bride as most beautiful bride.. he want her to be dressed as princess..

‘ragu come here.. ‘

ragini’s thoughts interrupted by swara..
swara was trying to stand .. but it was little difficult because of the heaviness of jewellery and costumes .. ragini helped her to stand properly..

” I’m looking like a joker” swara whispers in ragini’s ears..

” no shona.. you are looking like a beautiful princess”

” ragu you should take care of maa, baba, and swayam.. i know you will.. and be strong always.. don’t worry about me.. i will be happy”

ragini: shona if he tries to hurt you you should told me ok? don’t suffer everything for our sake. . you have to promise me that.

swara: ok my dear lil sister.. I’m not a tv soap heroine to suffer everything.. i don’t allow him to hurt me..

ragini: shona if he hurts your heart what will you do?

swara: ragu he given me a deep wound in my heart by blackmailing me to marry him.. and he can’t give any more wound to my heart. . because don’t love him.. his deeds will not affect my heart.. he will be a stranger to me always..

ragini: shona what about your future? every girl dream of a good husband and children. . but he ..

swara: ragu don’t think much.. I’m doing this marriage for saving my family.. and nothing more.. and don’t think about anything more.. we all believe in destiny na.. let us watch what destiny bring for us..

shomi enters and said them to come down..

swara sat beside sanskar.. she didn’t look at him.. her face was blank.. while sanskar was damn happy.. swara looked stunning.. today she is going to be his wife this thought gives him big satisfaction.. and it was his victory..

swara’s heart was burning with anger , depression , and immense pain.. she wanted a husband who gives her lots of love , care and affection.. she don’t dream of a prince charming with all qualities.. but she wants a husband who only loves her.. who will be loyal to her.. but she is getting a husband who shared bed with many girls.. who is cruel and a person with less humanity.. sanskar maheswari.. he is rich and most dashing guy in the city.. but he doesn’t have a beautiful heart.. and from today swara is his toy..
( marriage rituals finished.. sorry I’m not writing it because i don’t know much about north Indian marriage)

swara entered in sanska’s palace as his wife.. sanskar has no relatives.. his parents died . kavita became friend with swara easily.. he has hidden plans behind it..

sanskar’s friends greeted them.. swara gives the plastic smile to everyone.. she notices one pair of eyes always looking her with kindness .. it was karan.. he really care for swara.. he wanted to talk to her.. but she is the wife of his boss.. it gives him immense pain.. but his care and love for her not decrease..

” swara do you want anything”

karan asked her when she was sitting in a corner alone..

” yes karan.. i want some rest”

karan looked her with care.. she was like a child..
karan went to sanskar

” sanskar bhai swara needs some rest”

” karan so you are her care taker? ”

” nothing like that bhai”

” then go and do your job.. I’m here to take care of my wife”

karan feel embarrassed .. swara who was coming towards them hear this.. she feels bad ..

karan saw her and tried to smile..

swara: it is ok karan.. i will manage.. and thank you..

she reached to sanskar ..
” sanskar i want to take rest”

sanskar: not now.. stand here.. i want to introduce you to my guests..

swara: not now.. I’m feeling very tired please?

sanskar holds her wrist tightly stay here.. no need of rest.. he said rudely..

her wrist pained like hell.. tears fall down from her eyes..

swara feels dizzy..

swara: i .. i feel very weak..

sanskar: what the hell swara.. he hold her wrist more tightly.. his nails dipped to her skin and it srarts bleeding..

auddenly she fainted .. sanskar shocked..

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Credit to: Rithu

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