Swasan FF – You Are My Destiny (Two Shots – Part 1)


Hi all, this is my two shots on Swasan. Hope you all like it and pls let me know your comments for the same.

Swasan FF – You are my Destiny (Two Shots- Part 1)

“I LOVE YOU Swara” by saying this he extends the rose to her and looks eagerly at her face to know the answer. She gives an attitude look at him and says, “What is Sanskar? I never expected that you will have this kind of cheap thoughts in your mind like this. But i am sorry to say this, first of all I don’t even like you then how can i love you?”


After 2 years,

Swara lost in her own thoughts and gets disturbed by a phone call. She takes her mobile and attends the call.

Swara, “Hello Dadi, sorry dadi….i stayed here for long time. I will come home soon. I am starting now”.

Swara takes an auto from her home to the place where she is working. She gets down from the auto and looks at the name board it says “Brindavan” and she murmurs, “It is really Brindavan only which gives me peace and safety”. She enters into the house and looks for some one. She sees an old lady who is coming from pooja room and greets her with a broad smile saying, “Swara ma, y u took so long to come back. I was waiting for you so long. Chalo now take this prasad”. Swara smiles at her, takes the prasad and gets blessings from her.

Swara, “Sorry dadi, i forgot myself after seeing my home. I remembered about my pasts there”

Dadi, “It’s ok beta. I felt alone here when you are not with me, that’s y i called you. Come we have our breakfast together”

. Swara gets happy tears thinking that some one in the world is there to care for her. She silently follows her. After having the break fast, dadi takes her to her room and gives her the envelope. Swara denies getting it but dadi reminds her, “Swara, i know you don’t like to get money from me since you are not doing this as your job, you are taking care of me like your real dadi..am very lucky to have a girl like you to look at me but now it is my turn to safeguard you. Once my period is over you need something to steady your life. I know you will not get this money from my hand, that’s y i asked the manager to deposit in your account. It is for your future beta..pls don’t refuse it”.

Swara hugs her and says, “Dadi, its my luck to work here with a person like you. You never treated me like a servant and you given me all the rights here. I stopped thinking about the loss of my father after coming here. Thank you dadi”.

Dadi, “Ok ok.. its enough now…go and get me my medicines”.

Swara wipes her tears and starts doing her work. Her work is to take care of dadi, yes she is a care taker for dadi who spends her life in this big mansion alone.

Its been 2 years now she came here to take care of dadi. Initially she comes in the morning and leaves in the night to her home. But one day, it becomes so late and when she was travelling, some 3 to 4 goons follows her and tries to molest her, to safeguard her she runs on the roadside shouting for help. The people sleeps in the platform hears her screaming and goes for her help. They beaten the goons badly and pacifies her. When they asked her about the details, she told them her home address and the brindavan address also which is nearby. Among them , some 3 persons goes with her to drop her at the Brindavan. Once they reached and she informs the watchman about the problem and he allows everyone inside. Dadi came out and gets worry seeing Swara in a dishelved state, then she gets to know everything about from the people and thanks them for saving her. Then she decided and orders Swara to stay with her only from that day onwards.

Swara initially refused but later she also thinks it to be the best for her safety. Its been 2 yrs passed she starts staying here but often she goes to her home and arranges the home properly and cleans it, after all it is the remembrance of her father and mother after they gone from her life. It is a treasure for her, so she did not sell it or for rental it. Likewise she went to her home that day also but unlikely she remember about Sanskar that day and gets restless thinking about him.

Her day goes as usual giving instructions to the cook and other servants and taking care of dadi. The servants are always obeys her words and respects her and they never disrespect her. So everything goes on smoothly till dadi gets a call from overseas. Yes, dadi receives a call from her daughter who stays in Singapore with her family. Dadi talks in the phone very happily and her faces starts glowing.

Swara also happy seeing her excitement and asks, “Dadi, what made you so happy like this anything special?”

Dadi, “Haan Swara, i am so happy today. you know why? My daughter is coming from singapore to meet me after a long time. With her my grand children also coming. I am at cloud nine now”

. Swara enjoys dadi’s excitement and gets to know that when they are coming. She tells her that she will take care of all the preparations. She gets to know dadi that they are coming day after tomorrow and starts giving the instructions to the servants and she herself arranges the rooms for the guests.

After 2 days, Dadi is so excited at brindavan but alone. Swara went to her home as usual and promises dadi that she will be back soon.

After 2 hours, Swara rushes inside the home and hears some 2 to 3 voices, she hesitates to go inside but still composes herself and enters inside the home. There she finds 2 new persons with dadi, one who is of middle aged and another girl also will be of her age within 20 to 25. They also notices her and greets her with a broad smile. The girl goes to her and gives her a warm hug and introduces herself as Samaira. Swara also introduces herself and goes to kitchen to check the food for everyone. Once all the formal talks over, they had their food and goes to their respective rooms to take rest.

Swara also about to go to her room but dadi asked her to arrange one more room beside hers only. Swara just nods and is about to go but dadi stops and says, “Will you not ask y?” Swara smiles and asks, “Y another room dadi?”

Dadi with so much of proud, “One more special person is coming…”.

Swara smiles seeing at her excitement and goes to arrange the room for that new person. It’s just beside her room. After the whole day work, she got tired and slept off early aftre giving the medicines to dadi and makes her also sleep.

Next morning, Swara gets disturbed by some voice which looks familiar to her but she couldn’t guess it who it was. she goes to washroom, finish bathing and comes out by covering herself with a towel. Then she finds the door is open and is about to put the knob but the door is getting opened and before she understands what is happening she falls on the floor and finds a overweight on top of her. She closes her eyes due to the pain and slowly opens it to see what is that and gets shocked and speechless seeing the person on top of her. She feels her whole world is spinning fastly and finds the person starring her continuously.

No Precap….next is the end of this Shot.

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