SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 8 )

Hello Guyz No Bak Bak Today..Straight to the Point ??..Here is da Nxt Part of #MyDestinyHisLove..Hope U will Like It..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


Recap : Sanskaar came to knw Truth,Adharsh Continues to Molest Swara,Shekhar Ruthless Behaviour towards Shomi…



Part 08

Shekhar’s Room

The Part Strts wid AP Applying First Aid to Shomi who was Like A Lifeless Body wid Only Tears n Blood Flowing frm Her Eyes n Body..She Winced in Pain while AP n Kamla Applied First Aid to Her..

AP : ( Feels Sad ) Shomi..Dard horaha hai ??

Shomi : ( Lifelessly ) Nhi Jiji..Abb iss sab ki Aaadat hogayi hai..it does nt Pain at All..bas Sukoon milta hai ki Meri Bacchi in sab se Dur hai.. ( To Kamla ) Kamla M Satisfied ki Meri Bacchi is wid U..Away frm all these Tortures n Ruthless Behaviour.. ( Teary Eyes ) Thnk U Kamla agr 20 Saal Pehle tumne Meri Bacchi ko nhi apnaya nhi hota toh My Daughter Swara aaj Mere Saamne nhi hoti. Thnk U Kamla..Thnk U Soo Much..( Cries Bitterly ) bhale hi woh humare saath nhi hai bt She is Happy n Enjoying Her Life da way she wants..No Limitations..No Bounddries fr Her.. ( Smiles Slightly )

AP : ( Cries too ) Sambhalo Shomi apne aapko..tumne sahi kaha accha hua Swara nhi hai humare saath aaj.bt We cn see Her Laughing n Enjoying..jab bhi i see Swara Laughing n Enjoying i feel Kash Meri Pari bhi aisi Khush rehti.. ( Teary Eyes bt Composes Herself ) bt Koi baath nhi..Atleast Our One Daughter is Away frm this Hell na..n aaj woh bhale She is Wrking as Servant in Her Own House bt atleast She will be Away frm Heavy Tortures frm those Animals..Shomi u shud be Happy to see Ur Daughter Away frm this HELL..

Shomi : ( Smiles Faintly ) Haa Jiji..bas issi ko Sochke i keep Quite..My Daughter is Away frm this HELL..Pata hai Jiji aaj wen Shekhar was Torturing Me na I saw da Pain n Fear in Her Eyes..She was Scared Totally..bt i was Satisfied Kamla.was thr wid Her.. ( To Kamla ) Thnk U Kamla..Thnk U Soo Much fr Taking Care of My Daughter like Ur Own Daughter..I m really gr8ful to U..Thnk U ( Brks Down Miserably )

Kamla : ( Feels Sad too ) Nhi Chotti Bahu..dnt Brk Down n No need of Thnks. Swara is My Daughter..Bhale i did nt Give Birth to Her bt She is More dan My Real Kids to Me..She gave Me da Opportunity to Feel Like A Mother. To Take Care of Her Like A Real Mother..She is My Everything..bt The Truth is She is UR Daughter n will alwyz Be..i really Hope She comes to Her Real House..n Chngs Everything Here.. ( Intreprupted )

Shomi : ( Shocked ) No..No Kamla..Dnt even think to send My Daughter in this Hell..These Animal wont Change No Matter Wat..She is Better wid U..She will be Wrking as A Helper Here bt atleast She will be Happy n Live Her Own Life..Plzz Dnt Bring Her Here ( Crying Miserably ) Plzz..

As The Three Ladies where talking Abt Swara Emotionally,A Pair of Ears Heard da Whole Conversation n was Shocked + Happy Hearing it…A Evil Smirk Appeared on His Lips n Left frm Thr Smirking Evilly Leaving The Trio Ladies in Pain n Unnoticed by them..


A Dark Room

A Dark Room was Shown a Guy was Sitting on a Rocking Chair ..
He had a Smirk on His Face ..

Guy: Wow! What a Chance i Got! Now No one can Stop Me from Getting Successful in My Task .. Soon I’ll get What I want .. Now i Have a Trump Card in My Hand ..Jst Wait n Watch Hw will I Adharsh Mehta ( Yes da Man who Heard Everything is Adharsh ) get wat i Want nw ( Laughs Evilly ) Thnk God I was Passing by Chotte Papa’s Room n Heard Everything..It seems My Luck is wid Me tabhi toh I came to knw da Girl M Carving fr is My Saali ( Sister in Law ) Wowow..n Saali is Aadhi Ghar Wali ( Smirks Evilly ) Nw U See My Baby who will Save U frm Me..As Promised U will only Come to Me n will Give Urself Fully to Me..U will be Below Me Soon Baby..Be Ready to Mine ( Smiled Lustfully )

As Adharsh was Lost in His Own Evil Plans,His Phone Rang n He Left the Place wid An Evil Smirk on His Face thinking abt His Evil Plan..


Next Day

Kolkata Oxford University

Another Beautiful Morning n Like any other Day The College was Filled with Students Laughing n Enjoying their College Life..Somewhere in Canteen having Fun as its Brk Time n Somewhere in Ground Sitting on Benches..Among them were Our SwaRagini too who were Talking something Serious..Swara had Told Ragini Everything wat all happened Yesterday n was Crying while Ragini kept Consoling Her..

Swara : ( Teary Eyes ) Ragini..m nt Understanding wat to do ? Yesterday dat Monster came inside My Home n Offered Me Dress..M Very Scared Ragini..So Insaan Mere Ghar pe aasakta hai fr Him Everything is so Easy.. ( Worried )

Ragini : ( Consoles Swara ) Swara dekho..The Main Motive of dat Insane Human is to Scare U to Develop His Fear in ur Heart..N He is Half Successfull in dat..If U keep Fearing like this He will soon Achieve wat He wants frm U..Comeon Swara Be Brave..Tum jitna Darogi woh utna hi tumhe Darayega..U have to Fight wid da Situation Swara..U cnt Loose Hope..Tumhari Raksha tum khud nhi karogi toh Kaun karega ? U have to Protect urself..We r thr wid U Swara..bt da Real Fight U only have Win Swara..R u Understanding wat m telling ??

Swara : Yes Ragini..I knw..bt kya karu ?? Dat Monster has Effected Me soo much ki main chah ke bhi cnt Fight agnst Him..Kal He nt only Entered My Home bt also ( Feels Uncomfortable ) Touched Me in front of Everyone Secretly..nw U only tell Ragini Hw cn I Fight agnst such A Person who has No Fear of His Own Family Only..woh mujhse kya Darega ?? N on that Yesterday Bhai’s Father Tortured Shomi Aunty too..

Ragini : ( Shocked ) What ?? Uncle Agn Tortured Aunty ?? Hw ?? N Y ?? Is Laksh n Aunty Ok ?? ( Worried )

Swara : ( Sad ) Haa Ragini.. ( Realized ) Agn ?? Wat do u mean by Agn Ragini ??

Ragini : ( Fumbles ) Actually Swara..u dnt knw da Real Face of Laksh’s Family..they r Narrow Minded Ppl.. ( Tells Everything abt Gadodia Family )..they dnt allow their House Ladies to get Free wid Outside World..n Treat their House Daughters as Servants infact Worst dan Servants…

Swara : ( Shocked ) What ?? R u Serious Ragini ?? Den y did nt Bhai or Maa told Me abt this ?? They never told Me ki Gadodia Family r soo Narrow Minded….

Ragini : coz they did nt want u to knw da Truth..U r soo Pure Hearted n Innocent ki they did nt want u to get Scared..dats Y..

Swara : ( Shocked ) No Wonder dat Monster is like this..I mean i knw He is Son in Law of dat House..nt a Real Son..bt still all r da Same..( Feeling Disgust )

Ragini : No Swara..i knw Men of that House r Narrow Minded..bt they do knw to Respect Woman..M Sure wen they come to dat Monster’s Truth na they will.Throw Him Out of their House..Anywyz..Leave all dat.jo hoka dekha jayega…fr nw Did u Hear One thing ?? I have an Awsum News to tell..( Excited )

Swara : Hmm..Ya Leave..Haa den tell na wat News ?? ( Curious ) war r r u waiting fr ??

Ragini : Laughs ) Well da News is ki Our College is Arranging A Week Trip to A Village fr Outing..Amzing Na ??

Swara : ( Happý n Excited ) Omg !! R u Serious ?? We r really going Out ?? Amzing…m Soo Exicted. ..

Ragini : Yes I knw..its damn Exciting..n U knw wat Only We 2nd Yrs n 3rd Yrs r going fr Outing..hai na Double Excitement wali News..

Swara : ( Smiles Blushing Slightly ) U mean Sanskaar n His Gang too na ??

Ragini : ( Observes Swara’s Expressions n Smiles ) Yes..Right..M soo Excited.. ( Smiles Naughtily ) U knw wat Swara.Me n Sansky used to Hang Out everyday wen we were together in School..i knw we were Small dat time..bt still used to Go Out almost Every Day..it was soo much Fun to be together..n Finally after mny Yrs agn Me n Sansky r going Out together..m Really Damn Excited to go wid Him.. ( Sees Swara wid A Teasing Smile )

Swara : ( Angry n Jealous ) No Ragini..u r nt going wid Sanskaar..I will… ( Realized ) Iii Mean U will go wid Me..nt wid dat Sanskaar..Understood ?

Ragini : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Ok Fine..I will go wid U..bt Agr main nhi toh someother Girl will go wid Sanskaar..as u knw He is a Handsome Hunk of Our College..So its Fine..its nt My Good Luck..kisi aur hi sahi..Sanskaar ke saath ghumlegi..kyoun ryt na Swara ? ( Smiles Teasingly )

Swara : ( Jealous n Worried ) Raginiii..y dnt U Call Sanskaar n His Frnds to Join wid Us..i mean u wanted to go wid Sanskaar na..so if U Invite Him wid Us..U cn go to wid Him n as well as wid Me too..ryt ??

Ragini : ( Smiles seeing Swara’s Jealousy ) Hmm well..nt a Bad Idea..Ok will tell Sanskaar abt this..

Swara : ( Happy ) Really ??

Ragini : Yes..Off Course Y nt..accha come lets go to Canteen..M Really Hungry.. ( Holds Her Stomach )

Swara : ( Smiles at Ragini’s Cute Antics ) Kk.Chalo..Bhukkad kahi ki..Chalo

Ragini : ( Laughs ) Yes I knw…Hehehe..

Soon SwaRagini Left towards the Canteen n as they Entered da Canteen Laughing n Enjoying,Sanskaar n Frnds Notices dem n seeing Swara Laughing Sanskaar agn gets Mesmerized while His Frnds Makes Irritated Faces agn..Soon SwaRagini Came n Sat wid Sanskaar n Frnds making Sanskaar More Happy n Exicted to see Swara Sitting Beside Him..

Ragini : ( Comes to Sanskaar’s Table ) Hii Guyz..Cn we Sit here ?? If U Guyz dnt have any Prblm..

Sanskaar : ( Immediately Replies ) No..No..Yaar..Off Course u cn Sit..Y will We have Prblm? ? Hai na Frnds ?? ( Signals Frnds to Agree wid Him )

Rishabh : ( Gets da Signal n Laughs Inside ) Yes Ragini..Sanskaar is Right..U both cn come n sit..Np wid Us..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Thnks Guyz..btw did u Guyz Hear abt the 1 Week Grip to Village Outing ?

Abhay : Yes..I Heard..it’s only fr Us n 2nd Yrs..Sounds Amzing..Hai na ?

Yash : Yes..Its Amzing..m Really Exicted fr the Outing..

Rishabh : ( Happy too ) Mee too Guyz.. Well Sanskaar ( To Sanskaar ) wat abt U Yaar ?? ( Sees Sanskaar Lost in Swara )

As Rishabh called Sanskaar, Ragini n other Frnds was Shocked n Surprised to see both Swara n Sanskaar Lost in Eachother’s Eyes Forgetting abt the Surroundings n The Time they r Present in..Seeing SwaSan Lost in Eachother’s Eyes,Ragini n The Trio Frnds of Sanskaar Smiled n Smirked Naughtily as A Naughty Plan Striked in their Mind n Hi Fied Eachother Unnoticed by SwaSan who were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes Completely..They Slowly Went towards their Respective Frnds n Pulled their Chairs Behind in A Force Leading SwaSan to Fall frm their Own Chairs n Wince in Pain due to Force Pulling of Chair while Ragini n Frnds Laughed n Enjoyed seeing SwaSan’s Expressions…

SwaSan : ( Falls Down frm Chair ) Aaaooww..Stupid..

Sanskaar : ( Rubs His Bak ) R u Guyz out of ur Mind ? Yeh kya tha ?? ( Angry )

Swara : ( Wince in Pain ) same wid U Ragini..wat was dat wich u did jst nw ?? Is dis da Way to Behave wid ur Frnds ?? ( Angry too )

Yash : ( Innocent Face ) Humne kya kiya ?? We jst brought Our New Love Birds ( Acts Naughtily ) Oops..I mean Our Frnd Bak to Reality who were Lost in their Own DREAM LAND ( Giggles )

Ragini : ( Pout Face ) Haa..Swara..I saw u Lost in ur Own World..so thot to Bring U bak frm ur Dream Land..n after trying mny Simple n Easy Ways u were nt coming bak so I thot of this Idea to Bring U Bak frm ur Spcl Dream World ( Giggles too )

Hearing Yash n Ragini both Swara n Sanskaar were Shocked at First bt Later Swara Strtd Blushing n Went frm there by making An Excuse Leaving Ragini,Sanskaar n The Trio Frnds to Smile at Swara’s Blushness..

Swara : ( Shocked n Blushed ) Hmm..Ragini i guess I shud Leave..M getting Late fr My Nxt Class..So See Ya Later Haa..Bye Ragini ( Blushes n Leaves )

Ragini : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Arrey Swaaa.. ( Laughs ) Chali gayi Sharmake.. ( To Sanskaar ) Well U r Very Fast Sanskaar..Kya Jaadu kardiya tumne mere Dost pe haa ?? She Strtd Blushing seeing U..Nt Bad Haa..Impressive Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari ( Laughs Teasingly )

Sanskaar : ( Laughs too ) Bas Kar Ragini.. ( To His Frnds along wid Ragini ) N Guyz wat was da Need to Pull da Chairs frm Behind Us..She myt got Hurt na..U Guyz r Srsly too much..I Hope Swara ko Zaada Chott na lagi ho ( Worried )

Yash : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Offfoo..Caring n All haa..U Never Cared fr Ur Frnds this much n see Today Guyz..Hw Our Handsome Hunk Sanskaar Maheshwari is Caring fr His Swara..Wowow..Amzing.. ( Laughs )

As Yash was Teasing Sanskaar,Ragini,Abhay n Rishabh Burst Out Laughing n Joined Yash in His Teasing while Sanskaar Glares dem Angrily n den Strtd Beating dem Frndly fr Teasing Him n Swara fr their New Relationship..Soon as Time Passed College got Over n Everyone Left da College to Return Bak to their Respective Homes Happily…Bt As it was Time fr Going Home,Swara who was All Happy n Enjoying Her Life Few Hours/Time Ago was Dull n Sad Agn…She was Agn da Same Scared n Frightened Swara who was Afraid of Going Bak Home..While She was Lost in Her Own Thots Near College Gate,Ragini comes n Notices Her Sad Face n Understands Her Prblm n Consoles Her..

Ragini : ( Sees Swara Sad n Understood n Consoles Her ) Swara.. ( Keeps Her Hands on Her Shoulder Concernly ) Kya Hua ?? Y r u still Here ??

Swara : ( Faint Smile ) U knw it Ragini..I Jst Srsly Dnt wanna Go Home Bak..if I Go Agn dat Monster will be Bak of Me..n I cnt jst Handle Him more..Jitna main usse Durr jaane ki Try karti hu woh utna hi mere Paass aata hai..I jst Hate His Touch Ragini..I feel Soo Uncomfortable wid His Dirty Touch ( Feels Disgust )..Kya karu main ??

Ragini : ( Calms Swara Down ) Relax Swara..I knw wat u r going through..Its a Big thing fr any Girl..bt Swara U have to Face it na..U cnt Run frm it..Plzz Try to be Brave Yaar..

As SwaRagini were talking to Eachother,Sanskaar who was Passing by Heard their Talks n was Fuming in Anger on dat Jerk Adharsh n was Sad too seeing His Love in Sad n Upset State..The More Swara Complained abt da Jerk,The More Anger Fumed inside Sanskaar Listening to Swara’s His Love Prblms…Bt He somehow Composed Himself n Decided to Cheer Up Swara First n den Talk to RagLak abt the Matter b4 it’s Too Late..

Sanskaar : ( Composed Himself n Goes Near SwaRagini ) Hii Girls.. ( Acts Normal )

Seeing Sanskaar Coming towards dem SwaRagini Composed Themselves n They too Pretended Normally infront of Sanskaar n Replied to Him Happily..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Hii Sansky..Gaye nhi abhi tak ??

Sanskaar : No..I was going..bt den saw u two here n An Idea Struck My Mind..

Swara : Kaunsa Idea ??

Sanskaar : Well To Take U both fr A Lunch Outside Today..

Ragini : ( Shocked ) What !! U n Treat ?? R U Fine na Sanskaar ?? ( Touches Sanskaar’s Forhead n Chks Temperature )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Yes M Fine Ragini..i knw u r Shocked to Hear this frm Me..bt its True..i Reall wanna take U both Out fr A Lunch..Will U Guyz Join ??

Swara : ( Confused n Thinking ) Bbt.Hw cn we Ragini ?? I mean Maa ko bolna padega n Bhai too will be Worried..

Sanskaar : it’s Ok..Laksh ko i will Inform n U inform ur Maa..Simple..

Ragini : ( Thinks ) Haa Swara..Sanskaar is ryt .. ( Signals Awara Something )

Swara : ( Understood )( Monogue ) Its da Best Way to Stay Away frm Home…n frm dat Jerk…Atleast I will be wid My Trusted Frnds rather dan Staying in My Unsafe Home.. ( To Sanskaar ) Ok Fine…Come Lets Go.. ( Smiles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles seeing Swara Smiling ) Ok then U Guyz Wait Here I will Bring My Car..N see Today I brought My Car also instead of Bike..Lagta hai it was All Planned bu God to Make Us Three Have Lunch Out ( Laughs )

SwaRagini : ( Laughs too ) Very Funny..

Ragini : Now Come Lets Go..M damn Hungry.. ( Giggles )

SwaSan : ( Irritated ) ( Unison ) Bhukkad kahi ki ( Laughs )

Ragini : ( Laughs too ) I knw it …

The Trio Soon Left fr their Lunch after Informing Laksh n Kamla Laughing n Enjoying Eachother’s Company…


At A Restaurant

Soon the Trio Reached da Restaurant n Sat in A Corner n Strtd Having Fun n Ordered their Fav Food..As they were they were having Fun,Their Lunch Arrived n They Strtd Having their Food Laughing n Enjoying Eachother’s Company..While they were having their Lunch Ragini gets an Imp Call n She goes to attend da Call Excusing Herself frm SwaSan..As Soon As Ragini Left,Sanskaar saw Swara who was Sad n agn was Lost in Her Own Thots..Seeing Swara He Understood Her Prblm n Hence getd an Naughty Idea to Make Her Laugh..He Soon Took Some Noddles frm His Plate n Strtd Eating Like a Kid making Swara Laugh Full Heartedly while Sanskaar was Awstruck seeing Swara Laughing Freely n Acted to Laugh along wid Swara to Divert Her Upset n Tension Filled Mind

Swara : Aray Why are You Laughing!?

Sanskaar : Cause You are Laughing! ( Admires )

Swara : ( Burst Out laughing Yet Agn ) Idiot Look at Yourself You are Looking Damn So Cute ..( Laughs Still )

Saying this Swara Pulls His Cheeks .. Sanskar Puts His Hand on His Cheeks and Smiles ..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Admires ) bt Nt More dan U Swara ( Smiles Lovingly )

Swara who was Laughing n Looking at Him Stops Laughing n Realized wat She was Doing n Composed Herself while Sanskaar still Stared Her Lovingly..As SwaSan were havimg their Own Fun + Love Filled Moments, A Pair of Eyes Stared Swara Yet Agn wich was Filled wid Lust n Desire ( No Need to Guess who it is ?.. Off Course None other than Jerk Adharsh )..He had Come to da Same Restaurant wid Some of His Associates to Have An Official Lunch…Bt Wen He Entered da Restaurant He saw Swara wid Her Frnds n Once His Meeting got Over He Strtd Staring Swara Agn wid Lust n Desire wich was Unnoticed by SwaSan n Ragini..

Adarsh (in a low husky voice) : Ohh God! This Creation of Urs has Turned Me On…Hw cn Anyone be soo Tempting n Irresistible.Wherever i go I Find Her Luckily.I jst Cnt Wait to Kiss Her Pink Lips…Cnt Wait to Dig Myself in Her Fragrancefull Neck…n Cnt Wait to See Her Below Me in da Most Awaited Position…I jst want Her to Be Mine fr A Night n want to Enter into Her Fully..Arghhh…She is Damn Tempting… ( Smirks Lustfully ) Nw Let me see My Baby..Who will Save U Frm Me..I have An Imp Trump Card wid Me nw..Nw by using this Card I will Make U Urself Come to Me… ( Smirks Lustfully ) Damn Exicted to See Her Below Me in My Arms… ( Stares Swara Lustfully )..

Soon The Trio ( SwaSan n Ragini ) Left frm the Restaurant Happily while Adharsh Stared Only Swara frm Top to Bottom wid Lustfull Eyes n Smirks n was Lost in His Own Lustfull Drems of Swara…

Screen Freezes on Lustfull Adharsh n SwaSan n Ragini Happy Faces…


Precap : RagLak Love Story Begins n SwaSan Ki Continues ?????..


Well Here is da Nxt Part of #MyDestinyHisLove..Sorry fr nt Posting Yesterday..Was nt in A Mood to Write..Bt Today I did it..Hope u will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).



  1. keerthana

    u were the same goldie who wrote tu mera humsafar am i right?if so pls update it also & this ff is mind blowing

  2. naina

    Awosme 🙂 🙂 make swara n laksh strong that swara can fyt wid any monster herdelf n laksh can fyn against his family members(male)
    Very nyc concept keep on writing

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