SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 7 )


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Recap : Swara comes to knw abt Her Job,Swara Laksh Talks,Sanskaar Jealous n SwaSan Became Frnds.



Part 07

Kolkata Oxford University

Its Evening Time n Its Time fr Going Bak Home..Where all were Happy to go Bak to Home,there on the Hand there was One who was not at all Happy to go bak Home.She was All Lost in Her Own Thots Sweating n Scared Thinking abt All the Recent Incidents took Place in Her Life..

Swara : ( Sweating )( Monogue ) Wat Shall I do ?? I dnt wanna Go Home..if I go Home Bak dat Monster will agn Try to come Close to Me..n if Happens den Hw will I Save Myself frm Him..bt if i dnt Go Maa will be Worried..Kya Karu kuch samjh nhi aaraha..Plzx God Help Me..( Cries Silently )

As Swara was Lost in Her Own Thots,She Felt A Tap on Her Shoulder..Seeing da Person Swara Hugged Him Tightly n Cried Silently naking da Person’s Shirt Wet..

Swara : ( Feels a Tap n Turns n Hugs ) Bhai..M Soo Scared..I dnt wanna Go Home..Plzz do something..Dat Monster will agn… ( Cries n Tightens Her Hug )

Laksh : ( Hugs Bak n Caresses Her Shoulder Concernly ) Its Ok..Dnt Worry Swara..No One will do anything to U..Espclly dat Jerk..Hs wont be able to Touch U..I have Taken A Leave frm My Classes Today..I will be wid U at Home..So Relax..

Swara : ( Release da Hug ) Really Bhai ?? ( Wipes Her Tears ) U mean u wont Leave Me na Alone in dat House ??

Laksh : ( Smiles ) No Swara..i wont..I thot soo much abt it n Decided nt Leave U alone wid dat Bast**d..He cn do anything to get U..

Swara : ( Scared n Hugs agn ) Thnk U Bhai..nw I have No Fear at all..U r thr na wid Me..Nw He cnt do anything wid Me..

Laksh : ( Worried n Hugs Bak Concernly n Sees Ragini ) Yes Swara..He wont..( Release da Hug ) Accha Here is da Car Keys..Go n Sit..M Coming in Sometime..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Ok..Come Soon.. ( Leaves )

Soon after Taking da Keys Swara Leaves fr da Car whereas Laksh who saw Ragini Standing at a Distance Looking at them Goes Near Her n Share His Worriedness wid Ragini naking Her too Worried fr Swara..

Laksh : ( Fake Smile ) Hii..Ragini..hw r u ??

Ragini : ( Fake Smile too ) Hii..Hw cn I be wen My 2 Frnds r in Trouble.. ( Puts Her Hands on Laksh’s Shoulder n Consoles ) i knw Laksh u r Worried fr Swara..bt dnt worry..nthing will Happen to Her..u r thr na..

Laksh : ( Tells His Heart Out ) Hw cn i nt Worry abt Swara..Ragini ?? U knw na Everything ?? Dat Monster is jst Bak of My Innocent Sister like Hell..He jst wants Her Body at any cost..hw cn i be Quite ?? Ragini U knw Swara na She is jst unaware of this World’s Harhness n Cruelness..n nw She is Suffering frm This Biggest problem of any Girl..i dnt Understand Y da Hell He is Bak of My Sisters Only..First Di n Nw Swara..Di ko toh i cudnt Save bt i have to Save Swara at any Cost frm dat Bl**dy Womenizer..

Ragini : ( Consoles ) Yes n I knw u will Save Her ( Thinks Something ) n Laksh..Dnt U think We shud tell Sanskaar too abt all this..I mean U knw He Loves Swara Soo Much..n U Met Him too Today..U also think He is Perfect fr Swara..So Dnt U think Its High Time We shud Inform/Tell Him abt all these..So dat He cn also Help Us in Protecting Our Swara..n More Over Laksh His Father is A Good Politician..He cn Help Us too..

Laksh : ( Thinks ) Hmmmm..Yes Ragini U r ryt..We shud Inform Sanskaar abt this..its really High Time bt nt His Father..

Ragini : ( Confused ) Bt Y Laksh ?? I knw Sanskaar’s Father He is really Good n Helps ppl who need Him..He is nt Like other Politicians who r Faking..

Laksh : I knw Ragini..bt M Scared kahi Swara ki Life Spoil na ho..Pehle hi She is Disturbed n Scared of wat all happening in Her Life..aur agr Yeh baath Higher Authorities tak gayi She will Disturbed more..n i dnt want to Spoil Her Small Age coz of sll these Drama n all Ragini..Hope U r getting My Point ( Worried )

Ragini : ( Understands ) Haa..Laksh..I Understand..Ok Fine..Np..bt atleast We shud Tell Sanskaar abt this..

Laksh : Yes Sure..Sanskaar has A Right to Knw wat His Love is Suffering Frm..Nw He cn Only Help Swara n Save Her frm dat Monster Womenizer..

Ragini : Yes..Accha Ok Chalo..U shud go nw..Swara is Waiting fr U in Car..

Laksh : ( Remembers ) Ohh Haan . Right..Bye haam.U take care..

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Haa Bye..U too Take Care..

As soon as Laksh Remembered abt Swara,He immediately Ran towards His Car n Ragini too seeing Laksh going,She too Leaves fr Her Home thinking abt Swara..Soon As Ragini n Laksh Left,Sanskaar who Heard Each n Every Bit of Swara’s Laksh’s n Laksh’s Ragini’s Conversation was Worried n Shocked to knw da Real Prblm of Swara’s Weird n Rude Behaviour..He was Standing their Like A Numb n was Lost in His Own Thots thinking abt Swara’s Prblm n Tears Flowed frm His Eyes Continously making Him Weak n Angry at the Same Time..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) OMG …toh yeh baath thi jiske wajeh se Swara was Behaving soo Rude n Weird..She is Suffering frm Molestation ( Angry n Folds His Fists ) Damn n I was soo Lost in My Own World ki i did nt even come to knw abt Her Such a Big Prblm..Damn It..My Swara is Suffering frm Molestation n I came to knw nw ?? I shud do something..I need to ask Laksh n Ragini abt all these asap..i cnt keep quite..Swara dnt Worry..M thr wid U..n I Promise I will Protect U at any cost frm dat Monster..Who ever He is..He is Gone nw.He has to Pay fr it.. ( Hell Angry )

Soon Sanskaar too Leaves frm there after Determinng to Save His Swara while thinking abt Swara n Her Prblms..He Promised Himself to Save Swara frm All da Bad Eyes of the World Bringing A Determined Smile on His Face..


Gadodia Mansion

Servant Quarter

Soon Swara Reached Her Home n Entered Her House all Sweating n Scared Thinking abt da Time wen She has to Go to Gadodia Mansion..As She Entered Her Home She was Shocked to see A Beautiful Color Salwar Kameez Suit kept on Her Bed..She Went Near da Bed n Took da Dress in Her Hands n Admired da Beautiful Dress..As She was Admiring da Dress She Felt A Sudden Familiar Voice n Hot Breath on Her Shoulder making Her Scared n Frightened..She Immediately Turned n was Shocked to see Adharsh infront of Her wid A Evil n A Winning Smirk on His Face Making Swara More Scared n Uncomfortable..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Wat Happened Baby ?? Dress is Nyc na ?? Its Especially fr U..i have Selected it fr U..Passnd Aayi ?? ( Touches Her Face Sensuously )

Swara : ( Shocked n Jerked Adharsh’s Hands ) Wwhhaatt ? U Kept this Dress on My Bed ?? Bt hw did U Enter Inside ?? Aur Maa Kaha hai ( Moves Bak while Fumbling n Sweating )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Victoriously ) Yes Jaan..I Kept this Dress on ur Bed..Liked it na ?? N ur Maa is in Our Home doing Wrk..n rahi Baath hw i came Here toh wen i Eye on something na..i do everything to get it ( Smirks Evilly ) Leave all that.. ( Touches Her Neck Sensuously n in Husky Voice ) Wear this Dress n come..U will Look Damn Gorgeous in dis Dress..I have Selected this Dress Espclly fr U..( Leans to Kiss Her Beck bt Swara Pushes )

Swara : ( Shocked n Remembers Laksh’s Motivation n Pushes Adharsh ) Ssttaayy Aawwaayy..Go..n I Wont Wear this..Suna tumne ( Screams Loudly ) I Wont Wear this…nw Jst Get Lost..i Said Get Lost..

Adharsh : ( Smirks ) Ok Baby..M Leaving Nw..bt Soon U will Only Come to Me..Bye Baby.. ( Smiles Eviily n Leaves )

As sson as Adharsh Leaves,Swara throws da Dress n Falls/Sits On Bed in a Thud n Bursted Out Crying Miserably Clutching Her Pillow Tightly making it Wet n Cursing da Day She went to Wrk in GM instead of Kamla to Complete Her Wrk..

Swara : ( Cries Bitterly n Clutching da Pillow ) Y God ?? Y ?? Y r u doing this to Me ?? Y is dat Bl**dy Womenizer Bak of Me ?? Wat did i do wid Him dat He is Bak of Me Like Hell ?? I jst cnt Tolerate all these anymore.. ( Cries Miserably ) Plzz Do Something..Plzz Save Me frm dat Monster..Plzzz.. ( Tightens The Grip on Pillow n Cries More Bitterly )

Soon Swara Composes Herself n Unwillingly Gets Ready in Another Dress n Heads towards Gadodia Mansion while Sweating n getting Scared..


Gadodia Mansion

While getting Scared n Nervous Swara Somehow Enters Gadodia Mansion n Greets Everyone Present there..As She was Greeting Everyone Swara Ignores Adharsh n Searches fr Laksh whereas Adharsh Smirked n Stared Her Nervousness..

Swara : ( Scared ) Namaste Sahab..

Dadaji/DP/Shekhar : ( Rudely ) Hmm..Namaste..

Dadaji : Toh U came haa fr da Wrk..Good..jo bhi ho Kamla Taught U to be Punctual..Good..Go to Kitchen n Meet Sharmishta n Annapurna..They will tell U wat to do..bt Be in ur Limits..

Swara : ( Nervous ) Yes Sahab… ( Leaves )

After Intructing Swara the Trio Gadodia Men Left Leaving Only Adharsh in Hall..As Swara was Leaving Adharsh Stared Her Agn frm Top to Bottom n An Evil Plan Strikes in His Mind..As Swara was Passing by Him,He Slowly Forwards His Legs n Keeps it in front of Swara Unnoticed by Everyone..Soon Swara Tripped by His Leg n was abt to Fall bt as Per Plan b4 She cud Fall Adharsh Holds Her by Her Waist n Caresses Swara’s Waist n Hands Secretly n Sensuously making Swara to Feel Uncomfortable n Uneasy..

Swara : ( Trips Adharsh’s Legs n was abt to Fall bt Adharsh Holds Her ) Aaaooww.. ( Feels A Strong n An Uncomfortable Hands Caressing Her Waist )

Adharsh : ( Smirks n Holds Swara b4 Falling ) Aww..Baby ( Touches Swara’s Waist Sensuously ) Be Careful..abhi gir jaati toh ( Touches Swara’s Face n in Husky Voice ) Soccha hai mera kya hota..I wud have Lost such An Amzing Opportunity to be wid U..Be Careful frm Nxt Time Baby..u r Very Precious fr Me till I Complete My Spcl Wrk wid U..Understood ?? ( Husky Voice n Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Sensuously )

While Adharsh was Touching Swara Uncomfortably n Teasing Evilly,She Immediately Pushed Him Agn n Ran away from there making Adharsh more Impatient n Uncontrollable..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Lustfully ) Ohh Man..This Girl is jst Driving Me Crazy by Her Protest..Baby Y r u doing this to Me..The more u Protest the More My Inner Satisfaction Increases..Stop Playing wid Me Baby..Plzz Come Soon to Me Baby.. ( Smirks Evilly n Leaves )

Soon Adharsh too Leaves frm thr wid More Desire to get Swara in His Arms n wid A Evil Smile on His Face..


Gadodia Mansion Kitchen

Swara Ran n Reached inside da Kitchen n saw Shomi n Laksh talking to Eachother n Enjoying their Mother n Son Bond..Seeing dem Laughing n Enjoying,Swara.Smiled n Admired them Forgot abt Adharsh’s..

Shomi : ( Smiles ) Nw tell Me wat do U wanna Learn Today ?? Any New Recipe ??

Laksh : ( Excited ) Yes Maa..Off Course..U knw this is da Time wen i cn Learn some New Recipes frm U..coz Baba n others wont be at Home..So Comeon Plzz Teach Me hw to Cook Muttor Pulao..I Love It..

Shomi : ( Laughs ) Ok Beta..Come will Teach U..Take dat ( Shows A Bowl ) Bowl n Keep it on Stove ( Keeps on Instructing )..waise i must say U r Really Different frm Ur Baba n Other Males of dis Family Laksh ( Teary Eyes ) M Proud of U..M Glad U r nt Like Ur Baba..U knw hw to Respect Women n Girls ( Emotional )

Laksh : ( Consoles n Wipes Shomi’s Tears ) Come On Maa..Plzz dnt strt ur Emotional Drama nw..U knw i dnt believe in all these Narrow Minded Things..World has Grown Up n r Far Away frm all these Cheap Thinkings..Today Girls n Boys r Treated Equally..Girls r also doing da Same things wich Boys r doing n infact r doing much better dam Boys..Dnt Worry i wont Become Like Baba n other Males..i knw Helpless wen Baba Beats or Torture U ( Sad n Teary Eyes ) I jst cnt do anything to Protect U or Badi Maan Di..bt ( Determined ) Maa I Promise i will soon chng da Thinking of Our Family..They too will Understand da Importance of Women n Girls in Their Life..I Promise ( Smiles Determined )

Shomi : ( Teary Eyes n Proud ) Hope So Beta..God Bless U n May U Success in ur Mission ( Emotional )

Laksh : ( Diverts da Topic ) Accha Maa lets stop our Emotional Drama n Lets Strt Cooking Drama..Plzz

Shomi : ( Laughs ) Ok Fine..See nw Oil is Heated Put Some ( Keeps Instructing )

As Shomi n Laksh were Enjoying their Bond n Swara was Admiring them,She Felt A Touch on Her Shoulder..n Feeling da Touch She Turned n saw Kamla Standing infront of Her..Seeing Kamla Swara Immediately Hugged n Clutched Her Clothes n Cried Silently Letting Out All Her Pain wiodout being Noticed by Kamla..

Swara : ( Sees Kamla n Hugs Tightly ) Maa..Where were U ?? I was Searching fr U since Long Time ( Release da Hug n Pout Face )

Kamla : ( Smiles ) Aww..My Shona . Actually Beta i was at Terrace wid Badi Bahu ( AP ) Helping Her in Drying Mangoes..U tell Y were U Searching Me ??

Swara : ( Scared n Remembers Recent Molestation Scns ) Woh..Maa..Actually.. ( Strikes Something in Mind ) m New Here na..So wanted Ask U wat all to do ?

Kamla : ( Smiles ) Ohh Accha..Come..Let me tell U..n Some Chotti Bahu ( Shomi ) will tell U..

Swara: ( Smiles ) Ok Maa..

After talking to Eachother Kamla n Swara Enters da Kitchen n Swara Wishes Shomi Smilingly making Shomi Emotional n Happy..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Namaste Aunty..

Shomi : ( Sees Swara n Feels Emotional ) Hello Beta.. ( Teary Eyes n Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Lovingly ) Hw r U Beta ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Fine Aunty..M here today to Help U All..

Shomi : ( Sad ) Sorry Beta..i knw U r nt Liking to Wrk Here n Want to Study More..bt We Ladies r Helpless Here..We cnt Intrefere in any Males Matter..Wat they Decide is Final here..

Swara : Its Ok.Aunty..Np..i will do Wrk Here..

Shomi : ( Smiles ) God Bless U Beta..

As Swara n Shomi were Talking Emotionally to eachother,Laksh Intrepruptes n Diverts da Emotional Talks Agn n Makes da Emotional Environment into Funny n A Light Environment..

Laksh : ( Irritated wid Emotional Talks ) Ohh Plzz U Ladies..Stop these Emotional Talks na..Dnt u Guyz get Tired by Talking soo much Emotional Talks..Plzz Stop ( Makes Faces )

Swara/Shomi : ( Laughs ) ( Unison ) NO ..

Shomi : ( Laughs ) Ok Fine..Lets get Bak to Ur Recipe..Nw see its Half Done..Half More is Remaoning..nw Do ( Instructing )

While Laksh n Shomi were Talking n were Bzy in their Cooking Laughing n Enjoying,Shekhar who Heard Everything was Fuming in Anger seeing Laksh Cooking like A Girls even after being A Elder Son of Gadodia Family..He Stormed inside da Kitchen in Anger n Slapped Shomi Tightly making Shomi Fall on Ground n Making Laksh,Kamla n Swara Shocked n Surprised..

Shekhar : ( Angry n Slaps Shomi ) Sharmishtaaaa !!! Hw dare U Provoke My Son agnst Me..n Making Him Like U..Making Him to Cook.. ( Slaps Agn ) Hw dare U ?? Lagta hai U Forgot ur Value here..Come let me Teach U.. ( Drags Shomi inside da Room while Shomi Cries Miserably n Protests )

Shomi : ( Cries in Pain ) No..No..Shekhar.Plzz Listen..its nt Like dat..U r Mistaken.Plzz Listen..Plzz ( Cries Bitterly )

Laksh : ( Shocked ) Baba..Plzz Stop..Listen to Me First..its nt Maa’s Fault..Plzz Listen..

Shekhar : ( Drags Shomi ) Shut Up Laksh..I will see U Later..First ( Sees Shomi Angrily ) Let Me see Ur Maa..n Show Her Real Place..

As Shekhar was Dragging n Beating Shomi Miserably,Swara who was Watching all these was Shocked n Speechless seeing da Scn infront of Her..Even though She Knew hw Gadodia Males r bt Still She was Shocked n Speechless seeing da Scns infront of Her Eyes..She Immediately Turned n Hugged n Clutched Kamla Tightly n Cried Miserably Thinking abt the Most Terrible Scn while Laksh Tried to Save Shomi n to Stop Shekhar frm Taking Shomi inside da Room..

Laksh : ( Cries ) Baba..Suno..Plzz Maa is nt at Fault..Plzz Listen..

Shekhar : ( Dragging Shomi Ruthlessly ) Shut Up Laksh..U stay away..dnt intrefere..otherwise i will Forget u r Son of this House..So Stay Away ( Hell Angry )

Soon Shekhar took Shomi inside the Room n Locked the Room n Strtd Beating n Torturing Shomi Ruthlessly making Swara,Laksh n Kamla Shocked n Helpless….

Screen Freezes on Angry Face of Shekhar,Lifeless Face of Shomi n Shocked Face of Swara n Laksh Along wid Kamla..


Precap : Full of SwaSan Scns n Shomi Lifeless..


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