SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 6 )


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Recap : SwaSan First Meet FB,Sanskaar’s Frnds n Ragini Consoling Sanskaar,Adharsh Evil Plan..



Part 06

Next Day

Its da Nxt Day..Another Fresh Day..As usual Swara was Getting Ready fr College in A Simple Light Blue Salwar Kameez Suit n A Single Plait Looking Gorgeous n Beautiful..As She was getting Ready Kamla comes n tell Swara abt the Job Adharsh Offered to Hee till The Elections Making Swara Shocked n Surprised wid Sweat Flowing frm Her Forehead Continously…

Kamla : ( Happy ) Swara Beta sun..

Swara : ( Getting Ready ) Haa Maa bolo na..

Kamla : Woh Beta actually Kal Shaam na Adharsh Sahab had ( Tells Everything )…So nyc of Him na Beta..Jst fr Helping Me n Pari He is Arranging another Helper..n He Decided to Keep U as A Helper..Really Nyc of Him..

Swara : ( Shocked n Sweating ) Wwhhaatt !!! Adharsh Sahab kept Me as Helper in Gadodia Mansion..

Kamla : ( Happy ) Yes Beta..nw U will be wid Me all da Time after College..warna mujhe darr lagta tha ki Wat u myt be doing in Home Alone..bt nw M Happy ki U will be wid Me..

Swara : ( Sweating ) Bbt Maa..i dnt wanna Wrk nw..i mean I wanna Study.. ( Scared Thinking abt Adharsh’s Molestation ) Plllzz Maa tell Him na ki i dnt wanna Join..Plzz

Kamla : ( Smiles ) No Beta..dnt Ignore such a Big Opportunity..i mean Beta Adharsh Sahab Himself Suggested ur Name..So dnt Hesitate to Wrk their Beta..i knw U r Lil Nervous thinking to Wrk their..bt dnt worry M there na fr U..n Moreover U have alrdy Worked their fr 1 Day..So u myt knw somethings na..rest I will Teach Um.u dnt worry at all..Ok ?? Accha Ok..nw go warna u will be late fr Ur College….

Swara : ( Still Shocked ) bbtt Maa..

Kamla : No Ifs n No Buts..abb Go..

Swara: ( Shocked ) Hmm..Ok Maa..Bye ( Leaves while Thinking abt Adharsh n His Molestation n Sweats )

Kamla : ( Smiles seeing Swara Leaving )( Monogue ) I knw Beta..U r Scared of going in GM after Last Times Incident Bade Sahab Scolded U..n in dat Fear u r nt going there..bt Shona jab tak u dnt Go there hw will Ur Own Family knw hw Innocent n Good U r..M doing all these fr U Shona so that U get Close to ur Family..n M Sure by ur Innocence u will Change ur Family.. ( Teary Eyes )

While Kanla was Lost in Her Own Thots there on the other Hand Swara was Walking on A Road all Lost in Her Own Thots of Thingd She Suffered coz ot Adharsh n His Evil Plan in a Shocked n Numb State wen all of a Sudden She Felt a Tap on Her Shoulder bringing Her Bak to Her Senses..Seeing da Person who Tapped Her,Swara Broke Down n Higged da Person Tightly while Crying Miserably indicating Her Deep Pain n Sorrow..

Swara : ( Feels A Pat on Her Shoulder n Hugs da Person while Crying ) Bhai..Thnk God U came.. ( Sobs ) Maa said ki dat Monster wants to Wrrkk in His House..is it True Kya Bhai ? ( Cries Bitterly )

Laksh : ( Sad ) Yes Swara..its True..

Swara : ( Shocked n Release da Hug ) Bbtt Bhai..hw cn i Wrk there ?? ( Scared ) Wwhhaatt If He agn Tries to Come ( Fumbles ) Ccllossee to Me..if Ue does da Same dis Time too Bhai den I wont be able to Live..

Laksh : ( Composed Himself n Cups Swara’s Face n Consoles ) Ssshh..Swara..First Wipe Ur Tears..Listen..nthing will Happen to U..dnt worry..he cb do anything wen Ppl r Around U..U be wid Kamla Aunty all the Time Ok n by Chance if U r Alone n He is Near by den go to Maa aur Badi Maa n Act as if U r Bzt wid dem Ok ?? Jst be Calm..

Swara : ( Still Scared ) Bbbt Bhai even after this He tries to do something. ??

Laksh : ( Assures ) He cnt !! Coz m thr wid U..i will be thr at Home wen u come frm College ok..i will Go fr Morning Classes fr U..n at Evening I will be thr at Home..Ok nw Happy ?? Chalo ( Wipes Her Tears ) Ur Smile..

Swara : ( Relieved ) Ha..

Laksh : ( Concernly Cups Swara’s Face More Tightly ) Bt Swara Listen..U shud also knw hw to Fight wid dat Monster..Every time i cnt be wid U na..n in dat Situation U shud knw hw to Handle dat Monster ..Jst be Brave..dnt Be Scared in front of Him..The More U Show Scared infront of Him The More He will Try to Molest U..U shud Handle such Ppl wid Bravery bt as well as wid Smartness too..( Forward His Palm ) Promise Me Swara..Ki U wont be Weak infront of Him..U will Fight agnst Him..Comeon Promise Me..

Swara : ( Shocked n Shivering ) Bbbtt Hw cn i ?? I mean…( Intreprupted )

Laksh : ( Motivates Swara ) Yes..U cn Swara..U shud Learn hw to Fight fr Urself..See wat all Happened wid U in Past Few Dyz is coz of Ur Weakness n Scardness..bt nw U shud be Brave n Smart Enough to Handle it..Wenever m thr around U..i will Surely Protect U..bt wat abt the Time wen m nt thr wid U..So Plzz Promise U Fight against that Monster wen m nt thr wid U..Come On Promise Me..

Swara : ( Scared bt still Takes A Deep Breath n Promises ) Ok Bhai..I Promise i will Try to Protect Myself frm dat Monster..n will be Brave ..

Laksh : ( Smiles n Hugs ) Good..Proud of U ( Release da Hug ) Ok nw Chalo..Lets Go..I will Drop U to College..U r alrdy Late..

Swara : ( Fake Smile n Wipes Her Remaining Tears ) Hmm..Chaliye..

Soon after Motivating Swara,Laksh along wid Swara Headed towards Swara’s College to Drop Her fr Her Safety n As they Reached da College,Laksh Higged Her Affectionately n Even Kissed Her Forehead n Cupped Her Face Lovingly wich was seen by Sanskaar frm Distance making Him Jealous n Boil in Anger..

Laksh : ( Smiles n Cups Swara’s Face n Kissed Her Forehead ) Take Care Swara.n Remem wat i said.Hmm.( Hugs )

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) Yes Bhai..i will.

Sees Swara n Laksh Hugging Eachother frm Distance n gets Jealous..

Sanskaar : ( Jealous n Angry )Who da Hell is dat Man Guyz ?? N Hw Dare He Kiss My Swara ??

Rishabh : ( Calms Sanskaar ) Calm Down Buddy.He myt be His Brother na ryt ?? Dnt get Hyper widout knwing anything..

Sanskaar : ( Thinks ) Hmm Right..bt wat if He is Her ( Thinks Something n Gets Scared n Jealous ) No No..This cnt be Happening..No ( Immediately Goes towards Swara n Laksh n Intrepruptes them ) No i cnt Stand Here Simply seeing dem Hugging Eachother..i need to go there n Clear My Doubts.. ( Leaves )

Yash : ( Shocked ) Bbtt..Listen Yaar..dnt do this ..Suno…. ( Bt In Vain as Sanskaar Had Alrdy Left )

Rishabh : Woh Ladka toh abb Gaya ( Giggles ) Sanskaar Maheshwari is gonna Teach Him a Good Lesson.. ( Laughs ). .

Abhay : ( Laughs too ) Yes Buddy..He is GONE nw ( Hi Fies Yash n Rishabh )

As Swara n Laksh were Hugging Eachother,Sanskaar Comes there n Clears His Throat Attracting dem towards Him in A Very Jealous n Angry State wich was Noticed by Laksh making Him Smile Teasingly n Naughtily ..

Sanskaar : ( Stands infront of Swara n Laksh n Clears Her Throat ) Ahem Ahem..

Swara : ( Release ds Hug ) Sanskaar Tum !!

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Jealous ) Haa Main..Hw r U ?? N ( Sees Laksh Angrily ) Who is this Man wid U ??

Laksh : ( Feels Strange in Sanskaar’s Behaviour ) Hii..M Laksh ..Laksh Gadodia..M Swara’s. . ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Listen..Who ever u r..jst Stay Away frm My Swara..Ok ?? N hw cn u Hug A Girl like this ?? U Gadodia’s na all Same..Dnt knw hw to Respect Girls..is this da Way to Hug a Girl in Public ( Keeps on Scolding Unknowingly Making Laksh Smile )

Laksh : ( Smiles n Tries to Tell ) Suno..m nt da One u r thinking Like.. ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Ohh Plzz..Dnt Tell Me hw U r..I knw U Ppl ..First U Take Innocent Girls Like Swara Under Ur Confidence n den When they Under ur Confidence U Take their Advantage.. ( Continues His Scolding )

Laksh : Arrey Bt Listen Naa ( Tries to Explain bt in Vain due to Sanskaar’s Continued Scolding )

Swara who was Seeing all these was Irritated n Frustrated n Finally Bursted Out in Anger making SanLak Quite n Numb on Her Anger..

Swara : ( Irritated n Screams ) ENOUGH !! Jst Shut Up Both of U ( Sees Sanskaar Angrily ) n U Hw Dare U Talk to ( Points towards Laksh ) Him like dat ?? Do u even knw who is He ?? Hw cn U haa ??

Sanskaar : ( Still Jealous ) I knw Swara tabhi toh I m Here to Save U frm this Man..U dnt knw hw he is..His Family is nt Good…So Obiviously He will also be Same like His Family na..I telling U Swara..Stay away frm Him..Warna He will take Advantage of Yr Innocence..Ok ?

Swara : ( Shocked ) Shut Up Sanskaar..Dnt U Dare Utter a Word Agnst MY BHAI nw..He is nt Like His Family Understand ..He is Different frm His Family.n I Trust Him da Most in dis World So U Better Apologize to My Bhai nw warna i will Forget ki U r Ragini’s Frnd.. ( Damn Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Unknowingly ) Woh hi toh main Kehraha hu..He Same Like ( Realized n Shocked ) Ek Minm.Wat did U Say ?? ( Sees Laksh Shockingly while Laksh is Smiling Sheepishly ) He is ur Bhai ?? ..

Laksh : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Haa ..Mr Sanskaar..M His Bhai..nt A Real One bt She is More dan A Sister to Me.I jst Came to Drop Her. ( Winks at Sanskaar Teasingly ) bt Y were U soo Hyper seeing Me wid Swara..Haa ??

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Speechless ) Woh..Actually..Main na Woh ( Finding Words n Sweats )

Swara : ( Irritated ) Uff !! Bhai..Leave..M Going to Class..Getting Late..

Laksh : ( Serious n Concerned ) Haa Ok Swara Sure..n Haa Take Care..Hmm

Swara : ( Smiles ) Yes Bhai..Bye ( Leaves )

Sanskaar : ( Makes An Excuse too ) Haa..woh m.also getting Late..Bye ha..Bye..n Sorry fr Misunderstanding. .Bye ( Tries ton Run bt Stopped by Laksh )

Laksh : ( Smiles Naughtily n Ek Min..Mr Sanskaar..Jst One Min..Wanna talk something..

Sanskaar : ( Closes His Eyes n Bites His Tongue in Scardness )( Monogue ) Tu Gaya Sanskaar Beta..u r Gone..( To Laksh n Composed Himself ) Yes..

Laksh : U Love Swara Right ?

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) What ??

Laksh : ( Smiles ) Dnt be Shocked..I knw U Love Swara..i saw in ur Eyes dar Jealousy wen U saw Me n Swara together n Misunderstpod Us..Tell Do U Love Her ? Dnt Hesitate..U cn tell me Openly..i wont be Angry .

Sanskaar : ( Hesitates ) Haa..Woh I Actually Really Love Her ..bt… ( Intreprupted )

Laksh : ( Fake Smile ) Bt She is nt Talking to U..n Igniring U Ryt ??

Sanskaar : ( Sad ) Yes..bt dnt knw Y ??..

Laksh : Thr is A Reason Sanskaar..Wen Time comes U will come to knw by urself..fr Nw M thr wid U to Convince Her..n Even Ragini too Told Me abt U..n wanted to Meet U..n See Today I Met U..I Hope Wen U come to the Truth U will Support My Swara..( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Assures ) Yes..Off Course..I Love Swara Truely..N watever Her Truth myt be M.wid Her Alwyz..n dats A Promise..

Laksh : ( Happy n Hugs ) Thnk U Sanskaar..M Sure One Day Swara will Surely Come to knw abt ur True Love..Till den Keep Trying Buddy..Anywyz..M Leaving Nw..Take Care of My Sis Ha..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Yes Sure..More dan Myself I will Take Care of Her..U dnt worry.. ( Assures )

Soon Laksh Left n Sanskaar too Headed towards His Class Smiling n Thinking abt Swara..


Kolkata Oxford University

Brk Time in Canteen

Its A Brk Time n As Usual Sanskaar n His Frnds were Sitting on their Table n were Talking to Eachother Teasing Sanskaar fr Tidy Morning’s Incident wen SwaRagini Entered inside da Canteen in A Tensed Face while Ragini Consoled Swara making Sanskaar Worried fr Swara..

Ragini : ( Consoles Swara ) Swara..Plzz dnt Be Tensed Yaar..Laksh told na He will be Around U..den dnt worry n Be Brave n Smart..den dat Monster wont be Able to do anything..

Swara : ( Scared ) I knw Ragini..Bhai will be thr Around Me..n I will also Try to be Strong infront of dat Insane Human ..bt Ragini U knw Me..I never Faced such Situations ij My Life..n dat Jerk is Really Strong n Has A Big Power too..n My Maa is Wrking in His House..M Scared wat if He takes Advantage of My Maa n Blackmails Me..U never knw wat He will do..He has jst become A Wild Hungry Man who is Hunting fr His Food since Ages..n those Ppl r Really Dangerous Ragini..M Really Scared of dat Person..I wont be Able to Live if dat Perosn Touches Me Agn..I dnt have dat much Strenght in Me nw..m Soo Scared.. ( Cries n Hugs Ragini )

Ragini : ( Worried too bt Hugs Swara Bak n Consoles ) Dnt Worry Swara..nthing will Happen.Me n Laksh r There wid U na..( Release da Hug n Cups Her Face ) U jst Be Strong..Ok ??

Swara : ( Composed Herself ) Hm Ok..i will..

As SwaRagini were talking to Eachother while Cryjng in Tensed Face,Sanskaar n Frnds who were Seeing SwaRagini frm Distance were Worried n Concerned fr dem as they were Crying were seemed in Tension..Seeing Swara in Tension Sanskaar Immediately got up frm His Seat n Went towards SwaRagini to Talk to dem making His Frnds Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Comes Near Swara n Sits Beside Her n Apolozised ) Hmm Swara..M Soo Sorry fr the Incident wich took Place..i was Jst Worried fr U..dats it..Nthing Else..M Really Sorry if U r Hurt by My Behaviour..( Pout Face )

Swara : ( Smiles Slightly ) Its Ok..Np..Thnks fr Caring fr Me bt ( Serious ) Plzz frm nw onwards dnt care fr Me..U r a Stranger fr Me..n I cnt Believe any Stranger in My Life nw..So Plzz Its Better U Stay Away frm Me.. ( Sees Ragini ) U r Ragini’s Frnd n I wont Stop U frm Meeting Her..U cn Meet Her..bt Plzz Stay Away frm Me..I may Sound Rude bt Plzz Be Away frm Me.. ( Sees Sanskaar’s Teary Eyes n Feels Sad bt Controls while Crying Inside ) ( To Ragini ) Ragini..M Leaving fr Nxt Class..U come Later..

Ragini : ( Helpless ) Ok Swara..As ur Wish. Bye..

Swara : ( Upset ) Bye..

Soon Swara after Behaving Rude wid Sanskaar n Bidding Bye to Ragini Left frm thr to Her Nxt Class Leaving Ragini,Sanskaar n His Frnds Sad n Upset..Bt Sanskaar being Sanskaar was Determined to Convince Swara at any Cost so as A Result He too Followed Swara Behind Her Leaving Ragini n Sabskaar’s Frnds Hppy n Proud on Him..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Follows Swara ) Hii..Listen Swara i knw M A Stranger to U..bt jab tak u dnt Allow Me to Introduce to U hw will I Become A Frnd frm Stranger..to Become Ur Frnd I need to Introduce Myself to U Ryt.. ( Pleading )

Swara : ( Walking in Attitude bt Melts Finally ) Hmm Ok..U have Only 5 Mins wid U..n if in this 5 Mins U r able to Makw Me ur Frnd..den i will be Ur Frnd..n if U Failed den Urs n My Ways r Different..Ok ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Winningly ) Ok Sure..So Miss Swara..M Sanskaar Maheshwari..Son of Ram Prasad Maheshwari..One of The Minister of Kolkata..bt Never Being Over Proud of it..Even after Being frm Rich Family i never Showed Off..Alwyz Believe in Simple n A Hard Working Life.Many Girls Follow Me n want to become Frnd wid Me bt Never Paiff any Attention to tbem as they r Bak of My Money n Fame nt Behind Me or My Love bt Wen I saw U First Time i felt Like U r the Girl whom i cn Make My First Girl Frnd..I mean nt dat Girl Frnd bt Frnd who is a Girl..After Ragini u r Second Girl whom i want to be Frnd Wid..So Nw Here was My Introduction..If U Liked It U cn Be Frnd wid Me warna M ready to Bak Off bt I knw U wont Bak off coz u r Impressed wid Me n i cn see dat on ur Smiling Face..So ( Forwards His Hands fr HandShake ) Frnds Miss Swara… ( Smiles Sheepishly )

Swara : ( Laughs Loudly ) Ohh God..Sanskaar..U were Introducing urself or U were Telling ur Bio Data fr A Proposal? ? Srsly U r soo Funny ( Laughs Still ) I still cnt Stop Laughing. .Amzing.. ( Forwards Her Hands fr Handshake ) n Yes Frnds…U r Successful in Making Me ur Frnd..N Ur 5 Minutes is also Over jst nw only..M Impressed haa..It will be Fun to be Frnd wid U ( Serious ) bt Sanskaar..I jst want Some Time to be Frendly wid U Like Ragini n ur other Frnds..I have some Reasons behind it..Hope U Understand ..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Yes Sure..u cn tae ur Own Time..U r My Frnd dats Enough..n nw toh We r Frnds na U cn Be Free wid Me wenever u want..i wont Force U..I Understand u myt have any Reason behind it.. ( Smiles )

Swara : ( Smiles Bak ) Thnks Alot fr Understanding Me.. ( Shakes Hands Agn while Smiling ) Frnds !!!

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Shakes Hands Bak ) Frnds !!!

Soon both Swara n Sanskaar Became Frnds n Shaked Hands wid Eachother Happily making Ragini n Sanskaar’s Frnds Happy n Super Happy who were seeing Swara n Sanskaar frm A Distance while Swara n Sanskaar Still Were Shaking Hands n were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes while Smiling n wid An Unknown Feeling Inside their Hearts..

The Screen Freezes on Happy Swara n Sanskaar who were Shaking Hands wid Eachother Lost in Eachother’s Eyes wid Ragini n Sanskaar’s Frnds Smiling n Watchimg them wid All Love n Affection..


Precap : Shekhar Slaps Shomi n Swara First Day in GM..


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