SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 5)

Hello Guyz…Thnks fr the Wonderful n Overwhelming Response..I knw Mny Ppl r Hating Adharsh fr His Over Cheapness bt In Reality such Ppl do Exist Frnds.Jst by Reading da FF u r.Feeling Damn Disgust on Him den think abt the Ppl who r Handling Such Ppl in Reality ..N The Topic M Showing or Writing in dat Adharsh is A Main Villian/Chrctr..So Hope U Understand the Imp of Adharsh in da.Story…So Ppl Do Try to Understand da Matter m trying to Convey to U All by this FF…N nw here is da Nxt Part of #MyDestinyHisLove..Hope U Will Like it :)..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


Recap : Adharsh Evil Plan n Plan Failed,Laksh n Golu Saving Swara,Adharsh 1 Week Challenge to Laksh,Ram Sujata Intro,SwaRagini Bond n Ragini Comsiling Sanskaar…



Part 05

As Ragini n Sanskaar were Talking wid Eachother Sanskaar’s Frnds who were Listening to them were Really Confused n was Irritated by their Talks..

Yash : ( Confused ) Koi hume batayega ki yeh kya horaha hai ??

Abhay : ( Agrees ) Yes..Plzz Tell Us eats going On ?? Y is Swara behaving soo Weird ??

Listening to His Frnd’s Confusion Sanskaar n Ragini Decided to tell them something wich Shocked Sanskaar’s Frnds making Sanskaar even more Sad n Upset while Ragini Consoled Sanskaar making Him Somewat Relaxed n Relieved.

Ragini : ( Consoles ) Its Ok Sanskaar..Tell ur Frnds wat Happened Yesterday ..Maybe they cn Help Us Out to Convince Swara?

Sanskaar : Hmm.. ( Takes A Deep Breath ) I Guess u r Right..( To Yash;Abhay n Rishabh ) Well Guyz..Yesterday after Seeing Swara fr the First Time I Fell fr Her at First Sight..As U Alrdy knw abt it..

Yash : Yes..aage ??

Sanskaar : ( Sigh ) Den after Our Class wen Our College was Ended..


After The Class/College Ended Sanskaar was going to His Home on His Bike wen He saw SwaRagini Walking n going to the Bus Stand,All Laughing n Enjoying..As He saw Swara Laughing n Enjoying He was Agn Lost in Her Beauty n was Mesmerized seeing Her Laughing..Seeing SwaRagini Waiting fr The Bus,Sanskaar Decided to go n Talk to Swara n Strt His Frndshjp wid da Help of Ragini as He Alrdy Knw Ragini frm Quite Long Time…They r Quote Good Frnds of Eachother..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Admires Swara )( Monogue ) Wowow..Man..She is really An Angel..wat A Innocence,Beauty..She is really Beautiful..i wanna be Frnds wid Her..Atleast i cn be in Touch wid Her..bt hw ? ( Thinking den Got An Idea ) Arrey!! Haa..hw cn i Forget ?? Ragini is there na..She knws Me..n in also Knw Her..n She knws Swara too..So Maybe She cn Help Me Out to be Frnd wid Swara..Thnk God i Heard their Convo in Garden warna mujhe Mere Pyaar ka Naam pata hi nhi chalta..Hmm Swara..Nyc Name jst Like U ( Blushes )

Soon Sanskaar went towards SwaRagini n Strtd Talking to Ragini First in order to Make it Natural n den Strtd to talk wid Swara making Her Lil Uncomfortable n Uneasy..

Sanskaar : ( Acts ) Hii Ragini..

Ragini : ( Happy ) Ohh Hii Sanskaar..Hw r u ?? Aur Kaha the itne din ?? ( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : M Fine…Hw r ub?? N i was wid My Dad Helping Him in His Campaigning..U Knw Na Elections r on Head..So was Kinda Bzy U see..

Ragini : Hmm..Ya..bt Must Say Uncle is Really Lucky to get U as His Son..I mean look at U…Hw Responsible U r..U r Studying as well as Helping Ur Dad in His Elections n all..Awsum Yaar..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Ohh Come Ragini..Plzz atleast U Stop Praising Me na..U knw I dnt Like Unnecessary Praising n all..See wat ever m doing is My Duty towards My Parents n I dnt Understand wats da Use of Praising fr da Things wich is Ur Duty…Praising shud be Done fr the Things wich r Out of Ir Duties or Comfort..den Praising is Understandable bt fr the things wich r Duty n r Done in Comfort i dnt think those things need Praising…

Ragini : ( Irritated ) Uff..Sanskaar U n Ur So Called Bhashan ( Lectures )..Did nt Same at all..

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) U knw I dnt Chng at all..

While Ragini n Sanskaar were Talking to Eachother,Swara who was Watching n Hearing their Talks was Shocked n Irritated seeing Ragini Forgetting abt Her..So to Attrach Ragini towards Her agn Swara Cleared Her Throat n Made Noises to Attract Ragini towards Her..

Swara : ( Irritated ) ( Monogue ) Ohh God.. ( Sees Sanskaar frm Top to Bottom ) Who is this Lecturer Yaar ?? N Y is Ragini talking to Him soo Freely as if She knws Him since Long Time..She even Forgot ki M Here wid Her..Lagta hai need to Remind Her ki M also here wid Her..Bt Hw ?? ( Gets an Idea ) Ahem Ahem.. ( Clears Her Throat ) Hmm Well Ragini I guess M also Here wid U..n U Forgot abt it ..I guess ( Fake Anger )

Ragini : ( Oopsy Face ) Oops !! ( Bites Her Tongue ) M really really Sorry Yaar..Woh Actually Swara..Sanskaar is My Good Frnd..We were in Same Class in till 9th… bt We got Parted due to Higher Studies ..Sanskaar after 9th Left Our School n got Shifted to Kolkata..n After Mny Yrs We Met agn in this College..( Very Happy )

Swara : Happy fr Ragini ) Hmm..dats Gr8..bt if u r Done..Shall we Go Ragini ??Maa myt be Waiting fr Me.. (.Lil Rude )

Ragini : Haa ok.Chalo..bt be4 that Let Me Introduce U to Sanskaar na..( To Sanskaar ) Sanskaar..Meet My Frnd infact Bestest Frmd Ever Swara..She is My Bestest Frnd..( Was abt to Tell More bt Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Lovingly ) Hii..Swara..M Sanskaar..as Ragini told..Nice to Meet U ( Forwards His Hands fr HandShake ) Frnds ??

Swara : ( Rude n Cold Tone ) No Need..Sorry I dnt Trust Strangers Soo Easily.. ( Remembers Adharsh n His Molestation n Gets Scared bt Composes ) n Sanskaar is Totally Stranger to Me..So thr is No need to Introduce Me to Him nor a need to be Frnds…( Turns other side ).So Ragini Plzz Lets Leave… n Sorry Sanskaar i cnt Accept ur Frndship as U r TotallyA Stranger to Me.. ( Abt to Leave )

Ragini : ( Shocked at Swara’s Behaviour ) Swara !!! Wat Happened ?? Y r u Sounding Soo Rude Yaar? Its jst da Matter to Introduce Yaar n He is Asking ue Frndship only.Yeh Kaunsa tumse apni Puri Life kehne ko kehraha hai ??

Swara : ( Irritated ) Ok Fine..U dnt wanna Listen to Me na..den M going Home..U Stay Here wid ( Sees Sanskaar Angrily ) Ur Good Frnd.. Bye ( Angry n Leaves )

As Swara Left Irritatedly,Ragini was Shocked at Her Sudden Mood Behaviour n Whereas Sanskaar Felt Bad seeing His Love Talking to Him in Such A Rude n A Weird Way..Seeing Ragini Confused at Swara’s Behaviour,Sanskaar Composed Himself n Told Ragini abt His Love fr Swara at First Sight n Also Asked Her Help to Get Swara making Ragini Shocked at First bt Later Happy..

**********FlashBack Ends **********

Sanskaar : ( Sad ) n Dats All Guyz..uske baadse i have tried mny times to Talk to Swara n to Convince Her fr My Frndshjp..Bt No Use..She is nt at all Listening to Me..She is Jst Ignoring Me since dat Day ( Takes A Sadfull Sigh ) Khair Np Guyz..

Yash : ( Sad fr Sanskaar ) Its Ok Sanskaar..it happens..We will Surely think A Way Out to Paatao Swara..U Calm Down..

Rishabh : Consoles too ) Yaa Sanskaar..We r thr na wid U..we will surely come up wid An Amzing Idea…

Soon After Consoling Sanskaar..He n His Frnds Left fr Further Classes whereas Ragini aheaded towards Swara to Attend da Class too..



Gadodia Mansion

Its Evening Time n like every Normal Day All the Men of Gadodia Family were Sitting in Hall Laughing n Discussinfg abt their Political Issues n Campaign..When all of a Sudden A Pair of Eyes of Adharsh Fell on Beautiful Swara through The Glass Window of da Mansion..The Moment He saw Swara going to Her House He Smirked n An Evil Plan Striked His Mind wich was Noticed by Laksh who was Sitting jst Near By making Him Confused n Worried..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Papa..i was thinking One thing..I knw U wont Agree to it..bt still wanna Keep My Suggestion infront of U…

DP : ( Smiles ) Yes Sure Beta..Go Ahead..U knw we wont Deny to Ur any Word..So dnt Hesitate jst Go Ahead tell wat u wanna tell ..

Adharsh : Well Papa..i was thinking ki Y dnt We keep another Maid at Home fr Upper Wrk ??

Shekhar : ( Confused ) bt Y Beta ?? I mean wats da Use of another Maid ?? We alrdy Have ..Kamla n another One Pari…n Pari is nt less dan A Maid..She does all da Wrk needed to be Done..den wats da Use of Keeping A New One ??

Adharsh : Bt Chotte Papa U only See We have Such a Big Mansion n in dat Soo Mny Rooms to be Cleaned..Hw cn Only 2 Ppl cn do these much Wrk alone..Kamla is alrdy Weak n Pari will be Bzy Behind Me n Health Issues till da Elections r Over..So in dat Case I felt like We need An Extra Maid fr Upper Wrk..

DP : ( Thinks ) Hmm Well Adharsh U r Absolutely Right..We shud Keep Am Extra Maid..bt the Thing is We shud get A Trustful n A Good Wrking Maid at A Short Time..coz as U knw We will be Leaving fr Villages fr Campaigning in Few Dyz..So b4 we leave we need to Keep A Maid ..

Adharsh : Thr is no need to Search Papa..We alrdy Have A Maid at Home..We cn keep Her..bt if U dnt Mind..

Shekhar : Who ?? N Whr does She Live ??

Adharsh : Chotte Papa Well She is SWARA..Daughter of Kamla..Wen cn Keep Her..If U all Agree..In felt She is an Hard Wrking Girl n Does all da Wrk Perfectly..

DP : ( Angry at First bt Later Agreed ) No Adharsh..That Day on Ur Saying I Allowed Hee to Enter Our House in Our Absence..bt nt nw..

Adharsh : I Agree Papa..ki She is Cheap n Low Status Girl bt Papa Kamla is also frm Same Category bt still We Treat Her Good den Y nt Her Daughter..n M nt telling to keep Her as A Permanent Maid..Only till Our Elections r Over..We cn Keep Her..n Moreover She is A Trust Worthy Girl..n A Honest Girl..

Shekhar : ( Agrees ) Yes Bhaisa..Adharsh is Right..We dnt have any Trustful ryt nw..n Searching A New Trustful Maid at this Short Period of Time is Quite Difficult.So I think Kamla’s Daughter is Best Option..

DP : ( Agrees ) Ok den..if U all Agree wid it..den M also Fine wid It..bt Haa make sure She is in Her Limits.( Calls Kamla ) Kamla..Kamla..

Kamla : ( Comes Worriedly ) Yes Sahab..

DP : Well Kamla..We need An Extra Maid in Home so tell ur Daughter to Come n Join frm Tomorrow..

Kamla : ( Worried ) Bt Sahab Her College ??

Adharsh : dnt Worry She cn Join Wrk after Her Return frm College..

Laksh who was Hearing to Adharsh n others Talks by nw Understood its Adharsh Plan to Stay Near Swara n Thinking abt it Laksh was getting Worried n was Concerned abt Swara n Her Life..

Laksh : ( Worried ) Bt Papa..hw cn She do Wrk after Coming frm College..She will alrdy be Tired n Exhausted…n after that She has to Wrk Here..I feel it will be too Stressfull fr Swara..Hai na Kamla Aunty ?? ( Praying Inside Kamla Agrees to Him n Sweating )

Adharsh who saw Laksh Worrying n was Sweating thinking abt Swara Snirk n Enjoyed His Tension n Bak Fired Laksh this Time too making Laksh Numb n Helpless..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Winningly seeing Laksh Sweating ) Arrey Laksh..Dnt Worry abt it..We cn Call Her after One Hour or Half n Hour of Rest..den its Ok Na Kamla ( Smiles Winningly at Laksh )

Laksh : ( Angry ) Bbbt ( Intreprupted )

Kamla : ( Agrees wid Adharsh ) Yes Adharsh Beta..Its Fine..I will tell Shona to Join frm Tomorrow… Thnk U Sahab fr thinking abt Shona..

DP : ( Rude ) Its nt Abt Thinking abt ur Daughter Kamla..bt thinking abt the House Wrk..other wise We wudn’t have Allowed ur Daughter to Eye on Our House..Entering is Far Away..its jst We dnt Time n We need A Maid Urgently dats Y We r Appointing Ur Daughter..Dats it..nthing else more dan that..n Haa Tell Ur Daughter to Be in Her Limits n nt to Create any Mess on Home in Our Absence ..is it ok ??

Kamla : ( Sad ) Yes Sahab..

Soon after Deciding abt Swara Everyone Left fr their Respective Wrk n Seeing Everyone Agreeing to Him n His Plan Wrking Adharsh Smirked n went towards Laksh n Teased Him Evilly fr His Failure making Laksh Angrily n Frustrated..

Adharsh : Smirks Evilly ) Wat Happened Sale Sahab ?? See infront of Ur Eyes only I Won First Step of My Plan..Brought Ur Sister in My Home as Maid..nw She will be infront of Me 24*7..I will be Staring Her Desirely..n Den Soon will Bring Her in My Arms n Bed..N Like Today dar Day too U wont be able to do anyhting..U will be Helplessly Standing dat Time too like u were doing Today.. ( Laughs Evilly )

Laksh : ( Angry ) Uuuu !! Jst Shut Up..( Holds Adharsh’s Collar Angrily ) Dnt u Dare Even Touch Her Adharsh ?? I m Warning U..Bhale hi i was Quite n Helpless Today bt Soon i will Protect My Sister frm U..I knw She is nt My Real Sister..bt She is More dan A Real Sister to Me..n If Anyone even Dare to Touch or Eye on Her Evilly..I Swear I wont Leave them..So U Better Stay Away frm My Swara ..Understood ??

Adharsh : ( Smirks Victoriously ) Chillao jitna chillana hai Laksh…U wont be able to do anyhting..I will Surely Complete My Challenge wich I Threw to U..Coz Ek Baar Agr Maine kisi se Challenge karliya toh I Make Sure I Complete it By Hook Or By Crook.. ( Lil Furiously Got it.. ( Den Suddenly Smiles Winningly ) Ok Well I Gtg nw..After all My Hotty is Coming Tomorrow..So mny Preparations r Left fr Her Welcoming..Bye Sale Sahab …Take Care.. ( Smirks Evilly n Leaves )

After Teasing Laksh EvillyAdharsh Smirked Evilly n Winningly n Leaves frm there Leaving Laksh Angry n Worried abt Swara n Her Life…

Screen Freezes on Laksh’s Worried Face n Adharsh’s Evil Smile Face wid Swara in b/w Worried Laksh n Evil Adharsh..


Precap : Mny SwaSan Scns n Shekhar Slaps Shomi…


Done wid 5th Part of #MyDestinyHisLove..I knw SwaSan Scns are Very Less n Nt as much as U Expected..Sorry fr that..Did nt get Time to Add More SwaSan Scns n U myt feel Bore too Reading it..bt Tomorrow will Add More Surely..So Plzz Forgive Me fr nt adding SwaSan Scns Much..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :). .


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