SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 4 )

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Recap : Sanskaar Ki Entry,Adharsh Keep An Evil Eye on Swara,Sanskaar Mesmerized seeing Swara…n Adharsh Evil Plan



Part 04

Soon the Entire Gadodia Family along with Kamla n Pari Left fr The Pooja Leaving Adharsh all alone in GM to Execute His Evil Plan Agnst Swara..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Victoriously n Evilly ) Nw U see My Baby..I will Make U all Myn by Proving My Love On U.. ( Laughs Evilly ) Today Only U n Me r thr at Home n Today No One cn Stop Me frm Fullfilling My Inner Satisfaction..U have Activated Me My Darling in Morning..The Moment i saw u in Garden ( Lust Appeared in His Eyes ) Today Morning Playjng wid Ur Pet in Open Wet Hairs n wid Water Droplets Falling n Passing through ur Slim n Perfect Curved Body I Lost all My Patience..Decided to Make U Mine Today itself..n nw Time has come My Dear Hotty..Be Ready to Satisfy Me ( Laughs n Smirked Evilly )

As Gadodia Family Left Adharsh Stood Up Immediately wid An Evil Smirk n Strtd Moving Outside GM to Servant Quarter Whr Swara was Staying Alone Right Nw..As He Came Near da Servant Quarter He Smirked Evilly n Peeped inside the Quarter through An Open Window whr Swara was Laughing n Enjoying wid Her Pet Dog Yet Agn bt this Time in Her Loose Sleeveless Night Suit widout any Dupatta ( Note : Swara Wears Such Dresses only Inside Her Home as Night Suits as She knws Gadodia Family dnt Like such Dresses fr Girls ) …Seeinng Swara widout Dupatta n in Sleeveless Dress His Eyes Popped Out n Stared Swara’s Bare Hands n Neck Continously wid Lustfull Eyes..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Lustfully ) Damn Never Knew She Wear Such Dresses too..Damn Hot She is…Desperately Waiting to Take Her in My Embrace n n to Strt My Love on Her ( Laughs Evilly ) Baby Y do U do such things Unknowingly wich Rises A Beast inside Me…U have Hitten A Final Control of Myn..Nw I Lost it Totally..No One cn Safe U frm Me Baby..Be Ready M Coming..Infact Came ( Laughs n Smirked Evilly ) to Make au Myn ( Smiles Evilly )

Adharsh immediately widout Wasting any time went Near the Door wid Evil n Lustful Smirk n Strtd Knocking the Door Impatiently making Swara Irritated n Frustrated on da Knock of the Door..She kept on Blabbering Angrily Unaware abt Tje Fact dat Adharsh is Hearing Her Talks wich is Making Him More Impatient n Uncontrollable Hearing Her Talks..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Uff..Yaar Golu…Who is this nw at this Time ?? See is Zaalim Duniya never Allow Me to Spend Some Time wid U ( Angry Pout ) Very Bad Na Golu.. ( Wears Her Upper Jacket b4 Opening da Door )( Hears A Knock Agn ) Haa Baba..Wait Na..Coming ( Irritated,to Golu ) Uff Golu Logo ki Sabar karna nhi aata..bas har cheez Ek Min main chahiye..abb Door kholne Time toh lagta hi hai na..bt No Ppl will nt Understand it..They keep on Knocking it ( Agn Hear A Knock ) See..Agn.. ( To the Person ) Haa Coming… ( Opens da Door n Gets Shocked n Scared n Take A Step Abak ) YOU !!! Wwwhhatt r u doing here at this time ??

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Yes Baby..Happy na to See Me ?? Actually My Head was Paining n Needed A Massage Immediately.n as u knw NO ONE is there at Home nt even Pari to do Relaxing Massage.So Baby ( Comes Lil Near Swara wid Lustfull Smirk ) Cn U Do A Body Massage along wid Head Massage to Me.. ( Touches Her Hands Sensuously ) M Dying to Havw a Massage by ur Hands..Will U do it Baby ?? ( Comes More Closer n Touches His Cheeks wid Hers Sensuously making Swara Uncomfortable )

As soon as Swara Felt Adharsh’s Touch She Pushed Adharsh Outside da House n Immediately Tries to Close the Door in Fear wid Full.Energy as much She Cud Apply,bt being A Girl n Weak infront of Rough n Tough Adharsh,Swara Failed to Close the Door n as a Result in Few Seconds Swara was on Ground due to Force of Adharsh m Adharsh Stared Her frm Top to Bottom wid Lustfull Smirk making Swara Uncomfortable n More Scared…

Swara : ( Falls on Ground ) Aaoww..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly n Stared Swara frm Top to Bottom n Sits Beside Swara ) Aww Baby ( Touches Swara’s Face Sensuously ) Y do U try to Hurt urself wen U knw U cnt Win frm Me…Btw Today Morning in da Lyt Pink Suit u were looking damn Hot n on dat Ur ( Touches Swara’s Hairs Beautiful Wet Hair )..Uff..were Making U more Beautiful n Gorgeous…

Swara : ( Angry n Pushes Adharsh’s Hands n Gets Up ) jst Shut Up..dnt u dare Touch Me..wat do u think u will do anything n i will Listen to U Quitely..den U r Mistaken Mr Adharsh Mehta…I wont Spare U..Jst Get Out. ( Keeps on Moving Bak )

Adharsh : ( Shocked bt More Mesmerized ) ohhhoo..u cn even ( Moves Forward as Swara Moves Bakwards ) Protest Haa..nt Bad..Well M Impressed.. ( Finally Blocks Swara n Pins to the Wall n Smirked Evilly )

Swara : ( Shocked n Numb ) Pppllzzz Llleeaavvee Mee..Wat did I do to U ?? Y r u Bak of Me .. ( Folds Her Hands while Sweating ) Plzz Leave Me..Iii dnt ddnntt Llike such things.Plzz Leave Me..I Beg U Leave Me Plzz

Adharsh : ( Smirks n Kisses Her Hands Lustfully ) Ohh Plzz..I Beg U..Let Me Satisfy Myself wid U Plzz ( Touches Her Upper Jacket n Tries to Remove it ) bt i must say U really Look Tempting in Sleeveless Dress..I wonder hw will U Look widout …. ( Stops n Sees Swara’s Expressions wid A Smirk ) dnt Worry I wont Say it by Mouth bt will Directly See U like that.. ( UnZips Her Jacket n Removes It Fully even after Swara’s Protest )

As Adharsh Removed Her Jacket,He was Totally Mesmerized n was Lost in Her Skiny Bare Hands n Neck n Stared them wid Really Dangerous n Lusty Eyes making Swara Scared n Uncomfortable…

Adharsh : ( lusty Eyes ) OMG !! Baby..U really Look Hot in Sleeveless…U Look Even More Hot frm Near rather dan seeing U frm Window in this Way ( Presses Himself More on Swara n Strts Kisses Her Neck Hungrily )

Swara : ( Shocked n Speechless ) Pplzzzz Chhodo ( Tries to Push Adharsh ) Leaavvee Me.Plzz

Adharsh : ( Husky Voice ) Sure will Leave U Darling bt b4 dat Let Me Complete My Wrk wid U..Once M Done wid U..U r Free to go anywhr..I wont Stop U..Ok na ? ( Smirks n den agn Strtd Pecking n Giving Love Bites on Her Both Sides of Neck Hungrily while His Hands Messing Her Hairs n Caressing Her Bare Bak )

As Adharsh was Forcing Himself on Swara,The Pet who was Seeing da Entire Scn was Fuming in Anger n Immediately Pounced on Adharsh n as a Result Adharsh Fell on Ground wid Golu on Top of Adharsh…While Golu was on Top of Adharsh,Swara Sat on Ground in A Thud n Bursted Out Crying Miserably Thinking abt Kamla n Her State…As Swara was Lost in Her Own Thots Crying Miserably Golu who was on Top of Adharsh Strtd Biting n Scratching Him Badly Making Him to Moarn Painfully n Ruthlessly..

Adharsh : ( Feels da Scratches n Bites ) Aaowoeo..Aahh.. ( Trying to Push Golu ) Leave Me..Aahhh..

While Golu was Teaching da Evil Adharsh A Lesson,Swara who was Sitting on Ground all Numb saw A Man Standing infront of Her House Door..Seeing The Man,Swara Immediately Stood Up n Ran Towards da Man n Hugged n Clutched Him Tightly n Hided Herself Fully in His Embrace Trying to Cover Herself while Crying n Brking Down Miserably Makjng da Man Shocked n Speechless..

Swara : ( Brks Down Miserably ) Bhhaaii..Plzz Safe Me..Plzz Protect Me frm ( Points Adharsh ) this Animal..Plzz ( Cries Bitterly ) He Tried to … ( Brks Down n Cud nt Complete )

Man : ( Shocked n Embrace Swara Tightly n Protectively ) Sshhh ( Covers Swara in His Embrace ) M Here na…Nw nthing will Happen to U..Jst ( Caresses Her Bak Concernly ) Calm Down..Relax…

Soon as Swara Calmed Down in da Man’s Embrace,The Man Released da Hug n Took of His Jacket n Wrapoed Around Swara Fully Hiding Her Each n Every Bare Parts…After Covering Swara n Consoling Her da Man Went towards Adharsh n Stared Him Angrily making Adharsh Shocked n Surprised..

Man : ( Release da Hug n Wraps His Jacket around Swara ) Sshh.. ( Cups Her Face ) R u Ok nw ?? Dnt Panik..M Bak na.. Nw ( Sees Adharsh Angrily ) No One will be able to Harm or Touch U .Ok ?? ( Makes Swara Sit on Sofa n Gives Water ) Here take this..Drink..U will Feel Better…( Sees Adharsh in Hell Anger ) I will be bak ..Take Care.. ( Goes towards Adharsh Angrily ) Uuuu ( Hold Adharsh’s Collar Angrily ) Hw dare U ?? Pehle Ek Behen ke saath U did In Justice by Marrying Her n nw wid Other Sister of Mine U r doing the Same by Playing wid Her Dignity..Hw Dare U ( Beats Black n Blue n As a Result More Blood Strts Oozing frm Adharsh’s Body )

Adharsh : ( Exhausted n Injured ) LLLAAKKSSHH..Plzz ( Folds His Hands ) Maaf Kardo..Plzz Forgive Me..Leave Me..Plzz ( Faints )

Well U People were Right,The Unknown Man tonwhom Swara Hugged n Called as Bhai was Laksh…Swara’s Brother…

Laksh : ( Jerks n Leaves Adharsh ) Bl***dy Stupid..Cheapster ( Remembers n Runs towards Swara ) Ohh No..Swara…

As soon as Laksh remembered abt Swara,He immediately Went towards Swara n Hugged Her Agn n Strtd Consoling Her n Motivating Her fr Forgetting wat Happened to Move Ahead wid New Hopes n Wishes..

Laksh : ( Came Running n Hugged Swara ) Swara…R u fine na ? Relax..See He is Gone..He wont Trouble U anymore..Nw Plzz Stop Crying n Chng n make urself Presntable Shona..Kamla Aunty myt be Coming any time n if She sees U in this State na She will be Worried..So Go Wipe Ur Tears n Go get Freshen Up..Till den Me n ( Sees Golu Smilingly ) Golu will Clean da Mess in this Room Ok.. ( Wipes Her Tears )

Swara : ( Smiles Faintly n Wipes Her Remaining Tears ) Hmm.. ( Sees Laksh Getting Up n Hold His Hands in Teary Eyes ) Bhai..

Laksh : ( Turns n Sits Beside Swara ) Hmm tell Me My Lil Princess..abb kya hua ?? Y r u Crying nw ??

Swara : ( Hugs n Teary Eyes ) Thnk I soo Much Bhai..U r NOT MY REAL Brother bt Still U saved Me Today..Thnks Alot..agr aaj mera apna Real Bhai hota toh He wud have Done da Same thing as u did today.. ( Hugs MoreTightly ) Thnks alot..M Lucky to get U as My Brother…

Laksh : ( Hugs Bak ) Pagaal.. ( Release da Hug n Cups Swara’s Face ) Who told U we r nt Real Bro n Sis ?? Jst keep in Mind Sirf Blood Relationships r nt Important..Heart to Heart Relationships r also Imp..n Our Relationship is Heart to Heart..Even We dnt have any Blood Relationship bt still U r More dan Real Sister to Me..wenever i m wid U na I feel I m wid My Real Own Sister..bt Unfortunately I dnt have any Real Sister of Myn ( TearyEyes )..I wished I cud have One..agr Meri Ek Choti Behen hoti na den She wud be Like U.. ( Cups Her Face ) So frm nw onwards dnt ever say ki We r nt Real Bro n Sis..We r Much more dan Real n Bron Sis..Samjhi ??

Swars : ( Overwhelmed ) Haa..Samjhi ( Pout Face )

Laksh : ( Smiles ) Chalo Smile nw n Go make urselfPresntable..

Swara : ( Smiles bak ) Hmm..

Soon Swara goes to Chng n to make Her Presentable infront of Kamla while Laksh n Golu Cleaned Up da Mess n Made Adharsh too Presentable by Cleaning His Wounds n Injuries n Made Him Lye on His Bed in GM…Finally After sometime everything was Done n Laksh Made Swara Sleep n Went to GM to Rest n Soon Dozes Off Too in His Room Thinking abt Swara n Wished He too cud have A Sister Like Swara…


Next Day

As Usual it was Yet Another Beautiful Morning fr Gadodia Family…After Returning frm da Pooja eberyone were Really Tired n Exhausted bt still Woke Up Early fr their Daily Routine.While Everyone was Awake n doing their Morning Pooja Adharsh Woke Up n was Scared Thinking abt His Condition if Everyone Comes to knw abt His Deeds..bt to His Shock Everything was Normal n Happy going…He saw Laksh Standing their Staring Him Angrily n Signalling or Warning Him Last Time to Be in His Limits Nxt Time other wise it wud be Dangerous fr Him..Seeing Laksh in Anger He Gulped n Backed Off His any Evil Plan n Pretended Normally wid Others Making Laksh Satisfied n Relieved fr Swara..

Adharsh : ( Gulped n Pretended Normally ) Hello Papa..

DP : ( Smiles ) Ahh..Hello Beta..Hw is ur Headache nw ?? ..

Adharsh : ( Gulped n sees Laksh ) Umm woh..M Fine Papa..

Shekhar : ( Notices Adharsh’s wounds n Is Confused ) Beta..wat is this ?? ( Points da Wounds ) Hw did u get these mny Wounds? ? Till We Left U were Absolutely Fine bt Nw ?? Hw ??

Adharsh : ( Sweating n Remembers Yesterday’s Incident ) Woh..Woh Actually Chote Papa.. nthing..bas I Slipped frm da Stairs n got this Injuries..dnt worry its Fine..

Shekhar Hmm..Ok Np..Take Rest Beta

Adharsh : ( Fake Smile ) Yes Chote Papa..

While Adharsh was Explaining His Situation to DP n Shekhar by Telling Lies,Laksh who Heard all these was Laughing n Enjoying Adharsh’s Condition wich was Noticed by Adharsh making Him Angry..Seeing Adharsh Noticing Him,Laksh Stopped Laughing n Composed Himself n Excused Himself frm His Family fr His Wrk making Everyone Smile n Bak to Their Routine n Normal Wrk..


Servant Quarters

Swara As Usual Like Every Morning was getting Ready fr Her College n was Winding Up Morning Wrk in Home bt this Time Her Bubbliness n Masti was Far Away frm Her wich was Noticed by Kamla making Her Worried n Confused abt Swara’s Behaviour..

Kamla : ( Worried ) Shona..

Swara : ( Silent ) Hmm Maa..

Kamla : Is everything Fine ?? I mean Today u r soo Silent ..Hamesha se toh U do soo much Masti n Bak Bak while Getting Ready bt Today Soo Silent ?? N Kal wen i Returned Bak i felt something Strange too in Home bt cud nt Find it wat..tell Me Kal kuch hua kya ?? U were Alone in Home ryt ??

Swara : ( Composed Herself ) No Maa..Nthing..aisa kuch nhi hua..bas m lil Tired.College n Studies Pressure na..dats it..nthing much..

Kamla : ( Not Satisfied ) Pakka na ??

Swara : Haa Meri Maa..Pakka..abb Ready hojao ?? M Getting Late…

Kamla : ( Smiles Happily ) Haa Shona..tu Ready hoja..i will Prepare U0r Brk Fast ..

Swara : Ok Maa..

Soon Swara Got Ready n Had Her Brk Fast n Headed towards the Servant Quarter’s Garden to Bid Bye to Her Pet..As She was Bidding Bye to Golu,She Noticed A Pair of Eyes Agn Staring Her wid Uncomfortable Feelings..The Moment She Felt She Looked Up n saw Adharsh Yet Agn Staring Her Desirely..Seeing Him Staring Her She Strtd Sweating n Strtd Adjusting Her Dupatta Properly Agn making Adharsh to Snirk Evilly thinking His Strong Effect on Swara..Soon As Adharsh was Staring Swara n Swara Sweating n Standing their Numb Adjusting Her Dupatta,Laksh Comes at Nick of Time n Stands ik front of Adharsh n in b/w Adharsh n Swara Protecting Swara frm Evil Gaze of Adharsh..Seeing Laksh in front of Her Swara Took A Long Relieved Breath n Headed towards Her College Thnking Laksh through Eyes n wid A Slight Smile on Her Face..As Swara Left Laksh went Near Adharsh n Warned Him to Stay Away frm Swara.Seeing Laksh Warning Him,Adharsh to Warned Him Bak n Threw A Challenge towards Him to Safe Swara if He can frm Him withing A Week as He is Planning Something Big n Dangerous After Yesterday’s Horrible Defeat.

Laksh : ( Angry ) Adharsh hw mny times shall i Warn U to Stay Away frm My Sisters..First U Spoiled My Pari Di’s Life by Marrying Her fr the Sake of Yr Inner Satisfaction..n Nw U r Eyeing on My other Sister..who is jst Very Small fr all these..She even dnt knw da Meaning of World n U r Eyeing on Such Innocent Girl..Have some Shame Adharsh..Wat do U think My Family will Leave U wen they come to knw abt ur Evil Deeds..No Matter hw much Narrow Minded n Ruthless they r abt Boys n Girls..bt they do Respect Girl’s Dignity..They wont Leave U wen they come to knw U Played wid Dignity of 2 Innocent Girls… ( Points His Index Finger ) M Warning U Adharsh..Ek Behen ki Zindagi toh U Spoilt bt nw If U Dare to Spoil My Other Sister’s Life den I Swear i wjll Forget U r My Di’s Husband..Samjha ??? ( Hell Angry )

Adharsh : ( Warns Bak ) Is it so ?? Toh Y nt We Throw A Challenge to eachother ?? 1 Week ..Yes 1 Week..See hw in this 1 Week I Myself will Bring Ur So Called Innocent n Bubbly Sister on My Bed..She Herself wont Deny Me..N even if She Denies Me She wont have anyother Option wid Her..Forcefully hi Sahi She Herself will Come n Give Her ( Evil Tone ) Beautiful Body to Me ( Smirks Evilly Seeing Laksh’s Anger ) ..Dhekhlena.. ( Points His Index Finger too ) n Its a Challenge Cum Promise of Adharsh Mehta n Me Adharsh Mehta Never Brk His Promise…Jst Wait n Watch..Mr Laksh Gadodia..Baccha Sakte Hain toh Baccha lo apni So Called Innocent Behen Ko ( Laughs Evilly )

Laksh : ( Hell Angry ) Uu !!!

Adharsh : Stops Laughing bt Smirks Evilly ) Ahaha…No Sale Sahab..Safe ur Anger fr the Last Day wen Ur Sister will be in My Embrace n on My Bed wid Me Under A Single ….. ( Stops n Smiles Evilly ) Aage u r Smart Enough to knw wat i mean ( Pats Laksh’s Cheeks ) Sale Sahab..So Go n Think of a Plan to Safe ur Sister instead of Being Angry on Me..Go…( Smirks Evilly n Leaves )

After Warning Laksh Bak . Adharsh Leaves frm there Wid A Evil Plan n Evil Smirk on His Face Leaving Laksh all Shocked,Numb n Worried fr Swara n Her Dignity..He Immediately Left frm there n Went to Swara’s College to have A Chk on Swara whether She Reached Safely or Nt..Seeing Swara Reaching Safely n Talking wid Ragini,Laksh Took A Relieved Deep Breath n Wipes His Sweat n went frm there Thnking n Praying to God fr Swara’s Safety..


Maheshwari Mansion

A Big Palace Like Mansion Our Handsome Sanskaar was Standing Near a Bar and was Mixing something in a Bottle When A Man of Late Fifties comes and Holds that Guy’s Ear ..

Man ( While Holding His Ear ) : Sanskar What are you Doing ??

Sanskar ( Pout Face) : Dad .. You Always Caught Me .. Well I’m making some Drinks to give them to the Poor!

Man: Drinks!! That too the Poor ??

Sanskar: Yes Dad outside our House 5 Poor Boys are Sitting 😛

The Man gets Confused and Left Sanskar’s Ear .. Sanskar took it as an Opportunity and Ran Out of the House ..

The Man Smiles looking at His Son’s Antics while A Lady Comes there n Pats da Man’s Shoulder making Him Happy..

Lady : Kya hua Ram ?? Y r u Smiling ??

Ram : Kuch nhi Sujata..bas was Admiring Our Son ..see ( Proudly ) kitna bada hogaya hai humara Sanskaar..He is in College nw..bt still He is da Same…( Intreprupted )

Sujata : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Yes..He js da Same like His Father..Naughty n Dramaebaaz ( Giggles )

Ram : ( Unknowingly ) Haa..woh toh hai ( Realized n Shocked ) Ek Min..kya kaha tumne ? Naughty n Dramaebaaz Like Me ?? When did I do Drama haa ?? N Wat makes Me Naughty ?? Jst tell Ma Puts His Hands on His Waist n Fake Anger )

Sujata : Haa..Off Course..U r the Most Naughty n Dramaebaaz i have ever Met in My Life..Kyoun bhulgaye..wat all Drama u did to Convince My Father fr Our Relationship ..n on that wat All Mastis u did in Our College Dyz ?? Fogot All ??

Ran : ( Embarrassed ) Haa..Woh.. ( Acts as if Call Came n Leaves ) Actually..Haa..Sujata Ek Imp Call aane wala hai..So will talk to u later haa..Bye ( Leaves Immediately )

Sujata : ( Laughs ) Uff..Jaisa Baap waisa Beta..Dramaebaaz ( Giggles )

Soon The Trio Maheshwari’s got Bzy in their Own Wrk..Sanskaar went to College,Whjle Ram went to His Party offices n Sujata got Bzy in Her House Wrk along wid Some Wrk related to Her NGO…


Kolkata Oxford University

Its Brk Time n As Usual the Entire College was Present in Canteen having their Lunch…SwaRagini’s were also One of them..They were Sitting in Onw Corner of Canteen n were Seen Talking something Serious wid Swara Having Tears in Her Eyes….

Ragini : ( Worried ) Bolna Swara..Wat Happened ?? Y r u Soo Sad ?? Plzz tell..We Share each n everything wid Eachother na..den wat happened Today ?? Y r u soo Silent n Crying since Morning ?? Aaj Lectures main bhi u were Lost somewhere else. N U never do that.. Tujhe Meri Kasam..Plzz Tell..

Swara : ( Burst Out Crying n Hugs Ragini Tightly ) Ragini woh..Kal.. ( Crying Miserably )

Ragini : ( Shocked n Hugs Bak ) Swara!! Kya hua ?? ( Release ds Hug n Holds Swara’s Shoulder in Concern ) Bol kya hua ?? Aisi kya hua Kal jo tu itna roh rahi hai ? Plzz tell Fr God Sake..Damn it !!

Swara : ( Cries n Fumbles ) Woh..Kal Raath ( Tells Everything frm First Day of Molestation till Recent One n Hugs Ragini n Brks Down Miserably ) woh toh accha Hua Golu n Laksh Bhai Saved Me Ragini..Warna aaj i wud have Died if dat Beast wud have Taken My Everything i wud have Died ( Tightens Her Hug )

Ragini : ( Shocked n Numb fr A Seconds bt Composes Herself seeing Swara n Consoles Her ) Sshh..its Ok..Calm Down..Thnk God Swara..Kuch nhi hua..U shud be Thnkfull to God Swara ki U r Save..U r Lucky to Have Bro Like Laksh..Haa He is nt ur Real Bro bt still He is wid U since Childhood like any Real Brother does fr His Sister..U r Really Lucky Yaar.. ( Wipes Her Tears ) nw come on Stop Crying..u r save nw..n m sure Kal ke Lesson ke baath dat Insane Human wont even think of Coming Near U..So Relax..M thr na wid u..Feel Free to Share anything..Ok ??

Swara : ( Wipes Her Tears n Composed Herself ) Hmm..Ya..U r thr thats Y m Here till nw..warna main Kal ke baath College aane ke baare socch hi nhi paati..Thnks Alot Ragini fr Being in My Life..U r More dan Sister fr Me.. ( Hugs Emotionally )

Ragini : ( Overwhelmed n Hugs Bak Emotionally ) Chal Pagaal..Mujhe Thnk U Bolegi ?? ( Release da Hug )Forgot Our Famous Rule..Dosti aur ( Intreprupted )

Swara : Pyaar Main No Sorry n ( Intreprupted )

Ragini : No Thnk U . ( Laughs )

Swara : ( Laughs too ) Tu na Mujhe Haasa hi deti No Matter in Hw much Sad or Serious Mood i m in…U Really Mean alot to Me Ragini..

Ragini : Same Here Swara..U r also Meant soo much to Me…U r My Soul Mate n More dan A Sister..

As SwaRagini were Talking to Eachother Emotionally,Sanskaar n Frnds Enters da Canteen n Sees SwaRagini Talking to Eachother..Sejng Swara Once Agn,Sanskaar is Lost in Her Beauty m Innocence Yet Agn n Smiles Unknowingly making His Frnds too Smile at His Antics..

Sanskaar : ( Aniles n Admires Swara’s Beauty ) Wowow..wat a Beauty Yaar..

Yash : ( Smiles ) Lo..Yeh toh gaya phirse ( Makes Faces )

Rishabh : ( Agrees ) Yes..abb yeh hume sunne se raha..

Abhay : Off Course kyounki isse apni Love at First Sight wali jo milgayi hai na..then U will He give Attention to Us ( Fake Anger )

As Sanskaar’s Frnds were Talking abt Him,Sanskaar gets Up n goes towards SwaRagini’s Table n Strts Talking to Ragini making Swara n His Frnds Shocked n Confused..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily n Goes Near Ragini n Talks ) Hii Ragini..Hw r u ??

Ragini : ( Smiles Bak ) Ohh Hii Sanskaar..M Fine..hw abt U ??

Sanskaar : M toh Fine as usual..U tell hwz yr Studies going On ??

Ragini : Hmm well Good..bt U knw na Studies Pressure toh hai hi chahe kitna bhi Easy kyoun na ho Studies..

Sanskaar : Hmm..Well U r Right..

As Sanskaar n Ragini were Talking to Eachother,Swara got Irritated n Frustrated n Strtd Making Noises frm Her Throat to Attract or to Bring Sanskaar n Ragini bak to Reality dat She is there wid Dem..

Swara : ( Irritated ) Ahem Ahem..Well Ragini..I guess m also thr wid U..U were talking wid Me n when all of a Sudden U Strtd Talking to ( Sees Sanskaar Angrily ) Someone else..

Ragini : ( Realized ) Ohh..M Soo Sorry Swara..Actually..U Met Him Yesterday na ( Bt Hw Swara Met Sanskaar Yesterday ?? Keep Thinking..I will Reveal wen I Feel Like ??? )..bt still Let Me Introduce Him to U Once Agn n Properly.. ( To Swara ) Swara this is Sanskaar Maheshwari..My Frnd…n ( To Sanskaar ) N Sanskaar..She is Swara..Mt Beat Frnd Ever..or Infact My Soul Mate n A Frnd More dan Sister..In short She is My Life ( Smiles n Hugs Swara Affectionately )

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak ) Same Here Ragini.. ( Sees Sanskaar Irritatedly ) Accha Ragini..m going to Class..Come Lets Go..

Ragini : Haa bas Ek Min Swara..U go i will Come in some time..have something to talk wid Sanskaar..Ok na ??

Swara : ( Irritated ) Uff..Ok Fine..Do as u Wish .. ( Stamps Her Feet n Leaves Irritatedly )

As soon as Swara Left Irritatedly,Both Sanskaar n Ragini who were Behaving Normally took a Relieved Sigh n Looked st Eachother wid A Hopefull Eyes making Yash,Rishabh n Abhay Shocked n Confused…

Ragini : ( Consoles ) Its Ok Sanskaar..Dnt Mind..Swara manjayegi..She needs some time dats it..u dnt Loose Hope Yaar..I knw Her..She is nt Rude as She is Showing to U..She has some Reasons behind it … ( Sad n Teary Eyes )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Reasons ?? What Reasons Ragini ?? Wats Bothering Her..Plzz tell maybe i cn Help.. ( Hopefull Eyes )

Ragini: ( Fake Smile ) No Sanskaar..nt nw..Right Nw i cnt tell u anything ..its jst She needs time to Over Come the Incident ( Consoles n Pats His Shoulder ) Sanskaar I Myself did nt knw da Reason behind Her Such Weird Behaviour..bt Today wat She told Me after dat i understood Her Reason.. ( Sees Sanskaar’s Expressions ) Dnt Worry jab Time aayega I Myself will tell U Sanskaar..bt fr Nw u jst Keep trying.M wid U in this..Swara ko Tumse accha Life Partner nhi milsakta..N M Sure abt It.. ( Assures )

Sanskaar : ( Fake Smile ) Thnks Ragini..I jst Hope watever is Bothering Her i will be Able to Reduce it.. ( Sad )

Ragini : ( Smiles ) Yes U will be able to..I knw U..tum dono ko mujhse Zaada No One knws u both..I knw ur both Capabilities..n m sure u will Bring Bak My Old Swara bak..I trust u..

Sanskaar : Hope So…

As Ragini n Sanskaar were Talking wid Eachother Sanskaar’s Frnds who were Listening to them were Really Confused n was Irritated by their Talks..

Yash : ( Confused ) Koi hume batayega ki yeh kya horaha hai ??

Abhay : ( Agrees ) Yes..Plzz Tell Us eats going On ?? Y is Swara behaving soo Weird ??

Listening to His Frnd’s Confusion Sanskaar n Ragini Decided to tell them something wich Shocked Sanskaar’s Frnds making Sanskaar even more Sad n Upset while Ragini Consoled Sanskaar making Him Somewat Relaxed n Relieved.


Precap : SwaSan Flash Backs n Laksh n Ragini Meet n Adharsh Continues His Evil Planning Agnst Swara..


So Here Done wid da Fourth Part of #MyDestinyHisLove.Hope U will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :)..N Do Comment ur Scn Request to be Added in Nxt Part..Best One will be Added as My Love fr U All :)..


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