SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 3 )

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Recap : Kamla ill,Swara Wrking in GM,Adharsh’s Molest Swara n Slaps Pari..



Part 03

The Nxt Part Strts wid Swara in Her Own Home wid Kamla..She had Retuned Home after Completing All Her Wrk in GM asap by Hiding frm Adharsh all da Time…After Returning Home She Composed Herself n Strtd Pretending Normal infront of Kamla as She was Alrdy ill n Weak n Swara does nt wanted to Trouble or give Tension to Kamla by saying all these,So seeing Kamla Sleeping Peacefully Swara Smiled Faintly n Went Near Sleeping Kamla n Hugged Her Tightly n Cried Silently Thinking abt the Recent Moment wid Adharsh..She Cried Her Heart Out Silently widout Disturbing Kamla’s Peacefull Sleep..As She was Crying Silently by Hugging Kamla,Kamla Feels Her Hands Wet n Opened Her Eyes n was Shocked to See Swara Crying Silently Hugging Her…Seeing Swara in Such State,Kamla Immediately Woke Up n Asked Swara abt Her Crying..

Kamla : ( Feels Her Hands Wet n Opens Her Eyes n sees Swars Crying n Wakes Up n Cups Swara’s Face ) Shona..Wat Happened ?? Y r U Crying ?? Kisi ne kuch kaha kya waha ?? ( Worried )

Swara : ( Hugs Kamla Immediately n Cries ) Maa.Woh..waha Kitchen main.. woh.. ( Cries while Fumbling )( ( Intreprupted )

Kamla : ( Worried ) Kitchen main kya Shona ?? Tell na..Kuch hua kya ??

Swara : ( Fumbles ) Wohh..Kkkittcchenn main..i was doing Wrk tab waha ( Cries bt Realized ) ( Monogue ) No..No..Swara..hw cn u tell Maa this ? She is alrdy ill n Uper se if u tell Her abt that Incident den She will get more ill n i cnt take a Risk wid ( Sees Kamla Emotionally ) Maa’s Health..i cnt tell Her..Never..No .. ( Feels Kamla Shaking Her ) ( To Kamla ) Haa..Maa..Woh Actually.. (Intreprupted )

Kamla : ( Cups Swara’s Face More Concernly ) Haa Beta Bolo..M Here wid U..

Swara : ( Takes A Deep Breath ) Maa woh Actually kuch nhi..bas i was doing Wrk in Kitchen jab I Slipped in Kitchen.. ( Avoids Eye Contact ) n its Paining alot.. ( Cries n Crosses Her Fingers Secretly fr Telling Lies )

Kamla : ( Relieved n Hits Swara’s Head in FakeAnger ) Uff..Pagal..bas itni si baath.n u r Crying as if Something Big had Happened..Dara diya mujhe.. ( Sees Swara’s Expressions n Smiles Caringly ) Ok Fine..Leave it..Nw Show Me whr is it Paining..i will Apply Ointment thr..

Swara : ( Smiles Faintly ) Nhi..Maa..its Ok..bas thoda sa Pain horaha hai..it will get Healed..dnt worry.( Intreprupted )

Kamla : Bt Shona..Atleast Show na..Chot ( Wound ) zaada Bada hua toh ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Nhi Maa..its nt soo Big..bas Halki si Scratches aaye hai..dnt worry..( Teary Eyes n Lost in Her Own Thots Remembering Recent Incident )

Kamla : ( Observes Swara’s Teary Eyes ) Hmm..Shona.. ( Keeps Her Palm on Swara’s Palm )

Swara : ( Wipes Her Tears n Composed Herself ) Hmm ..Haa Maa..

Kamla : ( Worried ) Ek baath Pucho ?? If U dnt Mind ??

Swara : ( Confused ) Haa Maa Off Course..U dnt need to Ask or Take Permission frm Me fr Asking Me anything..U cn Ask Me anything any time..U r My Maa..U r Elder dan Me..n Elder taking Permission accha nhi lagta.. ( Smiles n Hugs Kamla )

Kamla : ( Smiles too n Hugs Bak Concernly ) Toh tell Me..Waha GM main kuchkua kya ? ( Release da Hug n Cups Her Face ) I mean jab se aayi hai i m Noticing u r Lil Scared n Lost in ur Own Thots..if anything happened den U cn Share wid Me Beta..Dnt Hesitate. ..

Swara: ( Smiles n Hugs Agn n Feels Safe n Tightens Her Hug n Cries Silently ) No..Maa..m nt Hiding anything bas M Tired Lil Bit isiliye m looking like this to u ( Release da Hug )

Kamla : ( Doubtful ) Pakka na ??

Swara : ( Assures ) Haa Pakka..dnt worry ( Remembers Something ) Accha Maa.Leave all these..Tell Me Did u have ur Night Meal? ( Strictly )

Kamla : ( Fumbles ) Woh..Actually.. ( Intreprupted )

Swara : ( Angry ) Nhi na ..( Sees Kamla’s Pout Face ) I knew it..n bas dnt show ur Childish Pouts to Me..m nt gonna Melt..( Keeps Scolding Kamla n Serves Dinner ) Nw Sit Here Quitely n Eat ur Meal asap…till den i will Chng n Come…n by the time i Return I want U to Finish Ur Dinner..Is it Clear ?? ( Angry Look )

Kamla : ( Pout Face ) Haa Ok… ( Whispers Slowly wid Pout ) Maa Tu hai ya Main ?? Aisa lagraha hai Main Iski Beti hu n Woh My Mother.. ( Fake Anger )

Swara : ( Angry Look ) I Heard It ( Puts Her Hands on Her Waist ) Stop Murmering like a Kid n Strt Eating..will be bak in some time.. ( Stares Angrily n Leaves )

As Soon as Swara Leaves fr Chnging Her Dress,Kamla gets Emotional n gets Bzy in Her Own Thots while Crying n Remembering da Past..

Kamla : ( Smiles Sadly ) Hw Unlucky those ppl r who thinks Girls r Burdem on dem..Arrey Girls r toh Precious Gem of Every Family…( Sees Swara’s Happy Pics Hanging on Wall n gets Emotional ) N Girls like Swara r Really Much More dan Precious Gems…M Lucky to get Daughter like Her..5 Yrs ago those Ppl Lost their Own Precious Gem in their Own Narrow Thinking…n I got Her…M Really Lucky to Get Her…bt I Really Wish Swara to go to Her Real Family wid Full Respect n Honour..She Deserves Her Entire Family’s Love n Support..She needs Father’s Love,Mother’s Love,Brother’s Love,Sister’s Love n Love of all da Relationships wich She has.. ( Closes Her Eyes n Leaves A Long Tear Drop )..I Hope everything Chngs into Positive soon.. ( Tears Flow Continously )

Soon Swara came after Chnging Her Dress n saw Kamla Crying Silently..Seeing Her Crying Swara got Worried n Ran towards Her n Strtd Asking Her abt Her Crying n Consoled Her fr Her Worriedness making Kamla Proud of Swara..

Swara : ( Comes after Chnging n Sees Kamla Crying ) Maa (.Shocked ) Kya hua ?? Y r u Crying ?? ( Worried )

Kamla : ( Composed Herself ) Woh..Nthing Beta..bas Aakhon main kuch chalegaya tha..n moreover tune itna dandiya ( Scolded ) ki main roh padhi ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Ohh God..Aap bhi na..U Scared Me …Crying like A Kid fr such Snall things..n waise bhi I Scold fr ur Good Only..Agr Main aapki Beti aapka Khayal nhi rakhugi toh kaun rakhega ?? ( Smiles Caringly )

Kamla : ( Smiles Proudly ) Yes Off Course My Shona..U will only Take Care of Me.( Hugs n Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) M Proud of U..Be Like this Alwyz . ( Caresses Her Hairs )..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Abb Enough come Lets go to Sleep..its Late.Phir Kal i have to go to College..Very Imp Day Kal..My Frnd infact Bestest Frmd Ever Ragini is Coming Bak frm Her Vacation..n I dnt wanna Miss A Chance to Meet Her.. ( Smiles Freely )

Kamla : ( Admires Swara’s Smile ) Accha ok Chalo Lets Sleep..

Soon both Dozes Off on their Respective Places while Kamla Slept Smiling there on da other hand Swara who was All Perfect n Happy became Scared n was Shivering Thinking abt the Most Terrible Incident Happened wid Her n Dozes Off While Shivering..


Next Day

Its The Beautiful Morning in Gadodia Mansion Once Agn..All The Males were Ready to go to their Party Office n Ladies Applied A Laal Tikka on their Respective Husband’s Forehead Praying fr their Long Lives..No Matter hw Much their Husbands Trouble or Torture them The Ladies of Gadodia Family behaves Normal n Happy Suffering all their Tortures n Harrassments..

DP : ( Stern Voice ) Annapurna i want u to be Ready by 8pm Tonight..We have to Attend A Pooja by Our New Associates..n ( Rudely ) Plzz Dnt Wear Something Old n Weird Type of Sarees…I feel Ashamed of Taking U Out if U Wear Such Clothes..Wear Something Traditional Yet Good Looking Clothes.. ( Strictly )

AP : ( Feels Bad bt Agrees ) Ok Ji..

Shekhar : ( Rudely too ) U too Sharmishta..n Haa U Plzz dnt get Mingled wid Other Ladies in da Pooja..Be in ur Limits..U knw Our Family Ladies dnt get Free Outside even if its Ladies also otherside..So Be in ur Limits otherwise U knw wat i will do ( Smirks Evilly )

Sharmishta : ( Scared ) Hhaa..Ji..I knw..dnt worry ..i will be in My Limits..

Shekhar : ( Smiles Winningly ) Good ( To DP ) Chale Bhaisa..We r getting Late..

DP : ( Agrees ) Haa Chalo Shekhar.. ( To Adharsh ) Chalo Adharsh Beta..

Adharsh : Chaliye Papa…( The Trio Takes Blessings frm Dadaji n Dadi )

Dadaji /Dadiji : ( Smiles Proudly ) God Bless U Sons…

While The Trio Left The GM after Taking Blessings frm Elders,Adharsh while Leaving saw n Stared Swara Lustfully in Her Servant Quarter’s Garden Playing n Enjoying wid Her Pet Dog ( Golu ) in Open Wet Hairs wid Water Droplets Falling frm Her Hairs n Passing through Her Entire Skiny Body Rising Even More Lust in His Eyes…

Adharsh : ( Lost in Her Beauty ) Ohh Damn..Hw cn A Girl be soo Tempting n Irresistible..I jst cnt Control Myself anymore..need to do something to Bring This Hotty in My Arms n On My Bed..bt wat ?? ( Thinks Something n Leaves while Smirkkng Evilly )

Soon Adharsh after Seeing Swara Lustfully Leaves frm tneir Smirking Evilly wid DP n Shekhar to their Party Office Leaving Swara Unaware abt the Evil Plan Planned agnst Her by Adharsh..


Kolkata Oxford University

A Big Campus Like College Filled wid Mny Students Roaming Here n thr Laughing n Enjoying their Brk Time was Seen…KOLKATA OXFORD UNIVERSITY The Most Famous n A Reputated College of Kolkata was seen Crowded n Surrounded wid Mny Students Cheering n Calling A Name of A Boy who was Distributing A Pamphlet while Singing..He Goes to A First Corner of the College n Distributes da Pamphlets Happily while Singing n Dancing Like A Free Bird…

Apni Sharton Par Jeene Ko Kya Tum Sab Taiyyar Ho
Haan Mein Haan Milaa Do Yaaro Ungli Apni Utha Do
Har Bande Mein Leader Hai Apni Taaqat Pehchan Lo
Hum Nation Ke Future Hain Badlenge Kal Ko Thaan Lo

Likhenge Apni Ik Nayi Dastaan
Youngistaan Badhte Raho
Youngistaan Chup Na Raho
Apni Taakat Ko Pehchan Lo
Youngistaan Badhte Raho

Then the Boy goes to the Other Corner of the College Followed by First Corner People who were Dancing n Enjoying while da Boy was Distributing da Pamphlets Here too by Singing n Dancing..

Choti Ko Baandh Ke Kasske, Chalna Hai Apne Raste
Ruk Mat Girne Ke Darr Se, Chadhna Hai Aaj Shikhar Pe
Ho Jinke Iraade Pakke, Sapne Bhi Unke Sachche
Esi Hai Apni Pehchaan
Na Zor Chale Koi Hum Pe, Karein Sab Kuch Apne Hi Dam Pe
Esi Hai Apni Pehchaan
Youngistaan Badhte Raho
Youngistaan Chup Na Raho
Apni Taakat Ko Pehchan Lo
Youngistaan Badhte Raho..

Finally after Distributing da Pamphlets on both the Corner The Boy along wid Both da People of Both the Corners goes to Middle Area of the College while Dancing n Enjoying Strts Distributing da Pamphlets there also.

Na Ladkhadaaye Ye Jigar, Jab Aandhiyon Se Takraaye
Mitti Ki Khushboo Rang Laaye, Parcham Hamaara Lehraaye
Muthi Hawaa Mein Fenko, Suraj Ki Laat Na Dekho
Muthi Hawaa Mein Fenko, Suraj Ki Laat Na Dekho
Jut Jaao Ab Ladne Ko.. Youngistaan Youngistaan
Youngistaan Badhte Raho
Youngistaan Chup Na Raho
Apni Taakat Ko Pehchan Lo
Youngistaan Badhte Raho…

Soon da Song Got Over n Entire College Strtd Laughing n was Enjoying the Moment wid Full Heartedly n was Cheering da Boy Happily making the Boy Happy n Super Happy…

Students : ( Happy n Cheering ) Sanskaar..Sanskaar..Sanskaar..

Yes The Boy who was Distributing n Enjoying the Pleasant Moment wid Entire College was None Other Than Our Hero “Sanskaar Maheshwari”…As the Entire College was Cheering fr Sanskaar,He Heard Some Voices Calling Him Excitedly n Happily..Hearing da Voices Sanskaar too Smiled n Turned Happily making the Persons who Called Him More Happy n Exicted..

Yash,Abhay n Rishabh : ( Happy n Calls Sanskaar Loudly ) Sanskaar…

Sanskaar : ( Turns n Hapy n Goes to them ) Ohh Hello Guyz…Hw r U Buddies ?? ( Hugs dem )

Abhay : ( Happy n Hugs Bak Like BFF) Hii Hero..We r toh Fine as usual..U tell..hw r u ?? Bak after Long Vacation Haa ( Hits Him Playfully )

Rishabh : ( Hugs Bak ) n Never Missed Us na ( Fake Anger )

Yash : ( Angry too ).Yes..n Call bhi nhi kiya Ek baar bhi..then Miss toh dur ki baath hai Rishabh.. ( To Sanskaar ) hw cn u Forget ur BFF Sanskaar in jst 3 Weeks of Vacation..Very Bad…( Fake Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Apolozise ) Sorry Yaar..Plzz Maaf kardo..I was Hell Bzy Yaar..U knw na My Dad is in Politics n Elections r on Head..so was Bzy wid Him n His Campaign..tabhi toh see ( Shows Pamphlets ) here in College also instead of Studying n Enjoying M Campaigning abt My Dad n His Party.. ( Pout Face )

Yash : ( Melts ) Hmm..bas rehne do..We knw hw Bzy U r..Wen u r wid ur Family na U Forget Us..

Sanskaar : ( Sorry Look ) Sorry Yaar Plzz.. ( Holds His Ears )

Abhay : ( Melts ) Hmm Its ok..abb Leave all these Guyz..Come Lets go to Canteen..M Really Hungry ..

Rishabh : ( Agrees ) Haa Chalo Guyz..Plzz..M Also Dying in Hunger..

Sanskaar : ( Laughs ) Lol…U Guyz will Never Chng..Come Lets Go..

Soon Sanskaar n Frnds After Having Some Frndly Moments Left fr the Canteen Enjoying their Bond..As they Reached da Canteen they were Shocked to see 2 Boys Troubling some Students n were Ragging them Badly..

Boy 1 : ( Rudely ) Heyy U Hurry Up n Pick that Girl in ur Arms n Kiss Her..warna ( Shows His Hands in a Punching Way )

Student : ( Scared ) No..No Plzz..dnt do this..hw cn i Lift A Girl n ( Fumbles ) Kkkiiss Her..Plzz Leave Me ( Pleads )

Boy 2 : ( Angry ) We dnt Care hw will u do it..We jst wanna Enjoy the Scn ( Laughs n Hi Fies Boy 1 ) Kyoun hai na Bhai…( Laughs )

Boy 1 : ( Laughs n Hi Fies Bak ) Yes SAHIL… ( To Boy,Angrily ) nw Come On Stop ur Crying Drama n Do as We say..

Guessed it Right The Two Boys who were Ragging n Teasing da Students Very Badly was None Other Than Sons of Gadodia Family “Sahil Gadodia” n “Rajat Gadodia”…

Students : ( Fear ) Bbtt ( Intreprupted )

As Rajat n Sahil were Teasing da Students,Sanskaar who saw da Entire Scn was Staring the 2 Brothers in Disgust n was Fuming in Anger..He immediately went towards The Students n Rescued frm Sahil n Rajat making them Angry n Fume in Anger..

Sanskaar : ( Angry n goes to Students ) Guyz U all go..I will Handle them..

Students : ( Scared n Stares Sahil n Rajat ) Bbt Ssansskaarr ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Understands ) I said na..GO…wich means GO..U all dnt worry no one wjll Harm anyone of U..jst go to yr Classes Right nw.( Assures )

Students : ( Smiles n Thnks ) Thnks Sanskaar..u r The Best..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Thnks Guyz..nw Go..

As the Students Left Sanskaar Stared Sahil n Rajat Angrily n Strtd Messing wid them making dem Angry n Frustrated..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Wat the Hell was that Sahil n Rajat ?? Dnt u have Sense wat to Talk wid People ?? Hw cn u Talk or Tell such a Cheap things to Freshers ?? ( Hell Angry ) U told them to Kiss Girls n dat too U r telling such things to do infront of Everyone .haven’t u thot wat Impact those Girls wud have on their Life n Career n Respect ??

Sahil : ( Angry ) Respect ? N dat too Girls ?? Never..Girls dnt have any Respect or Career nor anything else..Girls r jst Meant to be at Home n do House Wrks..dats it..they dnt need these Degrees n all..

Rajat : ( Agrees ) Yes Sahil..Absolutely Right..Girls r jst meant to be at Home n r Useless..Good fr Nthing Types..they r jst Burden on Families..

Sanskaar : ( Stares in Disgust ) Wat kind of People u r Guyz ?? N in wich World r u Living ?? Jst Look around u Guyz..nw dyz both Boys n Girls r Equal..The Wrk wich Boys do..Girls cn also do..n r infact Doing much Better dan Boys..I feel Pitty on U both fr such Narrow Thinking..One Day U both will Surely Realize ur Mistakes n den that Time U both will Suffering da Most..Remember this !! ( Hell Angry n Leaves )

Soon after Messing wid Sahil n Rajat,Sanskaar Leaves frm there Followed by His Frnds Leaving Rajat n Sahil Fuming in Anger while Rest of the College Praises n Appreciated Sanskaar’s Guts n His Thots making Sahil n Rajat Even More Anger n Frustrated…


College Ground

Sanskaar after Reaching Sahil n Rajat A Good Lessons Leaves da Canteen n Comes in da College Ground Angrily n Sat on da Bench n Strtd Blabbering to His Frnds in Anger abt Rajat’s n Sahil’s Cheap Thinking while Sanskaar’s Frnds Tried to Calm Sanskaar Down..

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Sits on Ground Bench ) Chii Man.. ( To His Frnds ) Guyz hw cn Today’s Geneneration People Think in Such Cheap Way ?? GIRLS r Burden it seems… ( Disgust ) Hw Cheap yaar ?? I still cnt Believe these Kind of Thinking People still Exist ?? Hw Bad .. ( Hell Angry )

Yash : ( Tries to Calm Sanskaar ) Relax Yaar..Chill..Calm Down..dnt be Hyper u knw Sahil n Rajat Properly..U knw they r Spoilt Brats..so they will Learn wat their Parents Teach them or Frm the Environment they Live In..Unka Environment is Really Cheap n Narrow Minded One..n We cnt do anything unless they themselves want to Chng themselves..Y r u Boiling Ur Blood fr Such People ? Plzz Relax n dnt Spoil ur Mood fr Such Cheapsters plzz..( Pleading )

Rishabh : Haa Yaar Sanskaar..Yash is Right. Y r u Spoiling Our n Ur Mood fr Such Guyz..Leave them..See U have come bak to College after Mny Dyz n Instead of Spending Time wid Us..Wid Ur Frnds U r Spoiling da Day by thinking abt them.. ( Sad ) Not Fair Yaar..

Sanskaar : ( Understands n Calms Down n Takes A Deep Breath ) Okk Fine..M Sorry Guyz Once Agn..Come Lets go to Class nw..Class ka Time horaha hai..den After Class We will go fr A Movie..Wats Say ?? ( Happy )

Frnds ( Yash,Rishabh n Abhay ) : YES..Neki aur Puch Puch.. ( Laughs together along wid Sanskaar )

While Sanskaar n Frnds were having Fun,Sanskaar who was Bzy wid His Frnds Heard A Beautiful n A Mesmerizing Voice Attracting Him Towards Her…As He Heard da Voice He Turned Here n There n Strtd Searching fr The Person making His Frnds Confused n Shocked at Sanskaar’s Sudden Weird Behaviour..

Abhay : ( Confused ) Sanskaar..Kya hua ?? Wat r u looking ??

Sanskaar : ( Lost in da Beautiful Voice ) Did u Guyz Heard The Beautiful Voice ??

Yash : ( Confused ) Beautiful Voice ?? Wat r u talking Sanskaar ?? R u in ur Senses ??

As Sanskaar’s Frnds was Talking to Him abt His Weird Behaviour,Sanskaar Once Agn Heard The Voice n was Agn Lost in da Beautiful Voice…While Listening da Voice,Sanskaar Finally Found da Owner of the Voice n was Awstruck seeing A Beautiful Girl wid Open Hair n wid Simple Light Pink Salwar Suit along wid Minimal Make Up on Her wich was Absolutely Suiting Her…Seeing da Girl Sanskaar was Totally Lost in Her Beauty bt was Even More Lost in Her Seeing Her Bubbliness n Excitement…

Girl : ( Happy n Exicted ) Raginiii….Ohh God..Finally U r Bak Yaar ( Hugs Ragini ) U even dnt knw hw much I Missed U Yaar…bt nw Thnk God u r Bak.. ( Makes Her Turn Around in Excitement )

Ragini : ( Laughs n Enjoys ) Bas Bas SWARA ( The Girl fr whom Sanskaar was Mesmerized Hearing Her Voice was of Swara..Out Shona )….Calm Down…Control ur Excitement Yaar…( Breathing Heavily ) Pagaal hogayi thi kya ??

Swara : ( Happy n Hugs Agn ) Yes My Ragini…Pagaal hogayi hu..coz My Frnd is bak after A Full One Day Leave ( Giggles ) U even dnt knw.. tum Sirf Ek Din k liye gayi bt this One Day was Really Like A 1 Week fr Me Ragini… ( Sad )

Ragini : ( Overwhelmed ) Awww..Its Ok..Nw m Bak na Shona…We will have Fun..abb Khush ??

Swara : ( Smiles n Happy ) Yes..Soo Much…..

As SwaRagini were Talking Happily,Sanskaar was Totally Flat n Mesmerized Seeing Swara n Fell in Love Wid Swara at the First Sight..While He was Lost in Swara’s Beauty n was Admiring Her Continously,His Frnds Observed His Behaviour n Strtd Teasing Him wid a Naughty Smile on their Faces making Sanskaar to Blush n Shy fr the First Time…

Yash : ( Observes Sanskaar’s Behaviour n Signals Abhay n Rishabh n Smiles Naughtily ) Sardi Khaasi Na Maleria Hua…

Abhay : ( Continues Teasing ) Yeh Gaya Yaaro isse…

Rishabh : ( Continues ) LOVERIA Hua…

Yash;Rishabh n Abhay : ( Unison in Teasing Way ) Loveria Hua..Loveria Hua…( Laughs Teasingly )

Sanskaar : ( Blushes ) Guyz..Come On Stop It Yaar..Its nthing like that.. ( Avoids Eye Contact )

Rishabh : ( Fake Anger ) Abb bas kar Yaar..dnt Lie to Us..We knw U more dan U knw Urself..Samjha ??

Yash : ( Agress wid Rishabh ) Yes…We knw U Completely In n Out..So dnt ever try to Lie to Us..Ok ??..

Abhay : ( Serious ) Nw tell Me U r Seriously in Love wid dat Girl na ?? Love At First Sight Right ??

Sanskaar : ( Finally Agrees ) Yes Guyz..M in Love wid Her..Love at First Sight. .. ( Shy )

Yash,Abhay n Rishabh : ( Smiles n Teases Naughtily ) Ohhoo..Sanskaar Maheshwari is in LOVE Wowow..Amzing..Its A Brking News Yaar.. ( Laughs Teasingly )

Soon As The Trio were Teasing Sanskaar while He was Bzy Admiring Her Completely n was Lost in Her Beauty making His Trio Frnds Irritated n Frustrated bt at The same Time they were Happy fr their Frnd n was Impressed by His Choice…


Same Day Night

Gadodia Mansion

As said by Shekhar n DP in the Morning,The Ladies of Gadodia Family got Ready n Entire Gadodia Family including Kamla were all Ready to Leave fr the Poola wen all of A Sudden Adharsh Strtd His Evil Plan making Everyone Worried about Him..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly n Strts His Drama ) Aaahhh..My Head…..

Pari : ( Shocked n Worried ) Adharsh…wat Happened ?? R u Fine ??

DP : ( Worried too ) Haa Beta..r u Fine ??

Adharsh : ( Acts Perfectly ) Ahh..nthing much Papa..bas Wrk Load ke wajeh My Head is Bursting Out…Hmm.well Papa if u dnt mind cn i Stay at Home..I really cnt Come wid u all along wid this ( Points His Head ) Severe Headache ( Acts ) Aahh..( Holds His Head )

DP : ( Agrees ) Haa Beta Sure..U take rest n haa i will Leave Pari here wid U so that She cn take care of U..ok ?

Pari : ( Agrees ) Haa..Haa Papa.I will Stay bak.. ( To Adharsh ) U dnt worry Adharsh i will Bring aa Kaadha fr U in 5 minutes..jst wait.. ( Was abt to Leave bt Stopped )

Adharsh : ( Shocked ) No..No..Papa ( Realized ) I mean Papa y r u Leaving Pari here..M Really Fine ..its jst ki i need some Rest n Peace den i will Perfectly Fine.if u will Leave Pari here i wont ( Rudely ) able to Sleep Peacefully..So Plzz Take this Burden along wid U Papa n waise bhi u a r going fr A Big n A Grand Pooja na so U myt need an Extra Servant their..So Take Her Along wid U..She will be Helpful atleast their..

Pari : ( Shocked ) Bbt..( Stops in Fear as Adharsh Stares Her Angrily )

Shekhar : ( Thinks n Agrees ) Hmmm.Bhaisa waise Adharsh is right..we cn take Pari wid Us..She cn serve Drinks n Food Stuffs to Us wen we Need it..

DP : bt Shekhar den who will be wid Adharsh here..wat if He needs anything in Our Absence ?? Then hw cn He get Help ??

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly bt Secretly ) Papa..dat Girl who came in Morning..wats Her Name… ( Acting as if Thinking ) Sw…Swa..Swara..Haa..Swara is thr na..u cn call Her here in all yr Absence to Take Care of Me in Ur Absence..

Shekhar : ( Angry ) No..Adharsh..thats nt Possible…that Cbeap Girl wnt Enter Our House n dat too in Our Absence toh Never.. ( Strictly )

DP : ( Agrees ) Yes Adharsh..Shekhar is right..She is Really Cheap n Cheapsters r nt Allowed in Our Home..

Adharsh : Bt Papa. It’s ok..see jst think once She is a Servant’s Daughter n at the Time wen She is Needed She is nt Helful den wats da Use Papa ?? We r nt Keeping Her as Permanent Servant nam.jst fr A Day in Absenceof U all we r keeping Her..N ( Smiles Evilly n in Evil Tone ) Thr Na to Keep An Eye on Her n Her Activities..dnt Worry U Guyz cn Go..M Fine..

As Adharsh was Convincing The Elders abt Swara in A Evil Tone was Noticed by Pari n was Sad n Understood Adharsh’s Intentions bt inwing Adharsh’s Behaviour n Rudeness towards Her,Pari kept Quite n was Helplessly Standing along wid Other Ladies while The Men were talking to Evil Adharsh..

DP : ( Thinking ) Hmm..Well Ok Beta..As ur Wish.. ( To Kamla ) Kamla..Jst Go n Call ur Daughter m Infom Her The Wrk Shhee ( Intreprupted )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) No Papa. Its ok..U Guyz Go..No need to Send Kamla to Call dat Girl..I Myself will Go n Call Her..Warna U all will Get Late in Jst Calling dat Girl by Kamla..

DP : Hmm..Ok Fine bt Adharsh make Sure Haa She is in Her Limits too..She is Coming in Our House in Our Absence bt it doesn’t mean ki She cn do anything..Understood ??

Adharsh : ( Smiles Evilly ) Yes Papa. Dnt Worr..I will Show Her Limits ( Whispers Slowly widoutanyone Hearing Him ) in My Own wsy ( Smirks Evilly )

Soon the Entire Gadodia Family along with Kamla n Pari Left fr The Pooja Leaving Adharsh all alone in GM to Execute His Evil Plan Agnst Swara..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Victoriously n Evilly ) Nw U see My Baby..I will Make U all Myn by Proving My Love On U.. ( Laughs Evilly ) Today Only U n Me r thr at Home n Today No One cn Stop Me frm Fullfilling My Inner Satisfaction..U have Activated Me My Darling in Morning..The Moment i saw u in Garden ( Lust Appeared in His Eyes ) Today Morning Playjng wid Ur Pet in Open Wet Hairs n wid Water Droplets Falling n Passing through ur Slim n Perfect Curved Body I Lost all My Patience..Decided to Make U Mine Today itself..n nw Time has come My Dear Hotty..Be Ready to Satisfy Me ( Laughs n Smirked Evilly )

As Adharsh was Lost in His Own Deep n Evil Thots,The Screen Freezes on Swara’s Happy Face n Adharsh’s Evil Smirked Face wid Lust n Evil Happiness Apearing on His Face…


Precap : SwaSan First Meet n Laksh Intro…


Finally Done wid 3rd Part of #MyDestinyHisLove…So Hw was da Entry of Our Hero Sanskaar ?? R U Hating Adharsh to the Core of Ur Heart ?? Hope u Liked it..Do Shower Ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).

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