SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 2 )

Hello Guyz…Saw all ur Commnents n M Really Happy to seeSuch Amzing Comments..M Glad U Liked the Concept..I thot U all wont Like Such Serious Concept..bt Thnkfully U all r Liking it…It Means alot…Nw Here i m wid da 2nd Part..Hope U will Like it :)..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below :)..


Recap : Swara Saved frm Burrying,Kaki Adopts Swara…Pari Suffering Prblm n Swara going School..



Part 02

15 Yrs Later

The Part Strts wid Swara Sitting in Her Home ( Servants Quarter ) Beside Her Maa ( Kamla Kaki ) who was Lying on Bed in Semi Unconscious State due High Fever..Swara was Caressing n Placing Cold Water Cloth on Kaki to Reduce Her Fever while Kaki kept on Staring n Admiring Her Innocent Daughter who was Bzy in Taking Care of Her…

Swara : ( Worried ) Maa..app na apna Khayal bilkul bhi nhi rakhti.. ( Fake Anger ) Hw mny Times I have told u nt to Wrk soo much..nw see u r Lying on Bed like a ill Person..U never Listen to Me na…nw Suffer… (.Keeps on Scolding Like A Caring Daughter )

Kamla : ( Smiles ) Arrey Shona..its ok..M Fine..bas thoda Stress ke wajeh se..other wise m Fine..accha ( Tries to Get Up ) Let Me go nw..Gadodia Mansion jaana hai..Aaj Adharsh Sahab,DP Sahab n Shekhar Sahab r Coming frm their Political Campaign ..Soo much Wrk Pending..So Let me Go Shona..( Hurry )

Swara : ( Angry n Stops Kamla ) No Maa..U r nt going anywhr..

Kamla : ( Tensed ) bt Beta..den who will do Wrk their..

Swara : ( Smiles ) M thr na..I will go instead of U thr..U Take Rest..

Kamla : ( Worried n Scared ) bt Beta..u knw u r nt Allowed to Enter GM..den hw cn u go thr to Wrk …n Moreover u have ur College Today..Yaad hai na ?

Swara : ( Smiles n Assures ) Dnt Worry Maa..College is Off Today coz of this Political Campaign n rahi GM main jaane ki baath toh i asked Sharmishta Aunty abt Me to Wrk fr Today instead of U n Sharmishta Aunty took Permission frm Shekhar Uncle n other Men..They Agreed to Her..So U take rest..i will go n Finish da Wrk thr n come bak soon..( Strictly ) No Wrk Ok..Jst Take Rest..n after coming in will Wind Up Our House Wrk..is it Clear ?? ( Angry n Strict )

Kamla : ( Smiles ) Ok Meri Maa..Nw Go..n Be Careful Beta..U knw na they Hate U..Espclly dat Pari.. ( Worried ) So Be Careful..

Swara : ( Smiles n Assures ) Haa Maa..i will be Carefull..ok den Bye n U Sleep n Take Rest..Love U ( Kisses Kamla’s Forehead Lovingly )

Soon after Making Kamla Sleep,Swara gets Ready in s Simple Light Blue Salwar Kameez Suit n Ties Her Hair in A Simple Single Plait n Leaves fr GM after Taking Blessings frm Sleeping Kamla to Wrk in GM fr A Day instead of Kamla…


Gadodia Mansion

Swara Enters GM n was Awstruck n Amazed to see Such A Big n A Magnificent Mansion fr the First Time in Her Entire Life…Even after Staying Near to GM Swara was nt Allowed to Enter da Mansion as She was Strictly Banned by Dadaji frm Getting Inside Her OWN HOUSE..As She was Staring da Mansion wid Her Widr Open Eyes,Dadaji Comes n Sees Swara inside da Mansion n Fumes in Anger making Swara Scared n Frightened..

Dadaji : ( Angry n Sees Swara ) Heyy U blo*dy Cheap Girl..wat r u doing here ? U knw u r nt Allowed to Enter Our House..den hw dare u come inside ?? Get Out Right Now..Warna .. ( Intreprupted )

Swara : ( Scared n Teary Eyes ) Woh..Woh..Actually Dadaji..Maa is Unwell..so Instead of Maa i came to Wrk Here fr A Day..n Sharmishta Aunty knws abt it…

Dadaji : ( More Angry ) Firstly M nt ur Dadaji Ok ..m ur Sahab..so Call Me Sahab n Secondly Kamla is Unwell dats Y m allowing U to Wrk on Behalf of Her..bt Remember U r here fr a Day only..Kal se wen Kamla will be Fine i dnt want to see ur Face Understood ?? ( Hell Angry )

Swara : ( Teary Eyes n Scared ) Haa.Haa Dadaji.. ( Realized ) I mean Sahab..

Dadaji : ( Angry ) n haa..Dnt ever Dare to Touch or Damage any Expensive things here…All the Things here r Expensive..U ppl cnt even Afford to Think abt it.so in Excitement dnt Damage any of them..Samjhi ??

Swara : ( Scared n Agrees ) Ji Sahab..

Dadaji : ( Calms Down ) Hmm..ok nw Ok in Kitchen n Prepare Lunch.My ( Smiles Proudly ) Sons n My SIL myt be coming any time..They will be Tired Today after Hectic Political Campaign..

Swara : ( Wipes Her Tears ) Yes Sahab..Will Prepare nw..

Swara after Receiving Orders frm Dadaji Leaves frm thr n Enters the Kitchen to Strt Cooking n As She Entered da Kitchen,The Trio Males i.e Shekhar,DP n Adharsh Enters da GM Happily Yet Exhausted making Dadaji Smile Proudly n Pridely on them..

Dadaji : ( Smiles Proudly ) Ahh..thr comes My 3 Pride… ( The Trio Takes Blessings frm Dadaji ) God Bless My Sons..hw was da Campaign ??

Shekhar : ( Happily ) Amzing Baba..U knw mny ppl thr were Supporting Us n was Praising Our Party…( To DP ) hai na Bhai sa ??

DP : ( Happy too ) Yes Baba..Shekhar is Right..Among all da Parties Present thr Our Party was Praised da Most n No other Party had Convincing Speech dan Us.bt ( Fumes in Anger )

Dadaji : ( Confused ) Bt Kya DP ??

Adharsh : ( Sees DP.Fuming n Continued ) Nthing Much Dadaji bas..thr Only One Party who was Equal to Our Appreciation..n that is… ( Intreprupted )

Dadaji : ( Understood ) n that is RAM PRASAD MAHESHWARI ki Party na..

Adharsh : Yes Dadaji .

Dadaji : Then Dnt Worry DP Beta..Let them Fly in Clouds fr Some time coz at the Time of Results We will only Win na ( Laughs ) n u knw hw ?? ( Smirks Evilly )..

Shekhar : ( Smirks Evilly too ) Yes Baba.. ( To DP ) Dnt Worry Bhai sa..Baba is Right..

DP : ( Calms Down ) Hmmm..Ok..Fine..i will nt think abt it much..bt fr nw M feeling really Thirsty.. ( Calls Kamla ) Kamla…Kamla..

Dadji : DP..Kamla did nt come today..She is Unwell..so Instead of Her Her Daughter came..Wait..I will tell Her to Bring Water fr U all..till then come My Sons..Have a Sit n Rest..

Shekhar : Yes Baba..Sharmishta told Me Kamla is Unwell..thats y i allowed dat Cheap Girl to Enter Our House..Warna U knw na main aisa kbhi nhi karta..

Dadaji : Its Ok Beta..Np..Its Fine..n waise bhi its Matter of Only One Day na..Kal se She wont be Coming agn.. ( Remembers ) Arrey Haa..Let me Order Water fr U all..I Totally Forgot abt it ( To Swara,Screams ) Swara..Swara..Bring 3 Glasses of Cold Water Immediately..

Swara : ( Frm Kitchen Tells Loudly ) Yes Sahab Bringing..

Adharsh : ( Confused ) Who is this Swara Dadaji ?? Never saw or Heard abt Her any time ??

DP : ( Smiles ) No One Beta..Jst A Daughter of Our Servant Kamla..

Adharsh : Ohhkk.. ( Talks abt Politics n their Wrk )

As The Men were Talking abt Their Party n their Further Plans,Swara comes out wid A Tray of Water Glasses n Strts Serving Shekhar,DP n Adharsh..While Swara was Serving da Water to the Trio,A Pair of Eyes Fell on Swara n was Staring Her frm Top to Bottom n was Smirking Evilly n was Lost in Her Beauty or Say was Lost in Her Damn HOTNESS…A Desire Filled wid LUST Rised in His Mind n was Desperate to take Swara in His Embrace n to Satisfy His Inner Wish..

Adharsh : ( Stares Swara Top to Bottom while Smirking Evilly )( Monogue ) Ohh Man..wat a Hotty..Need Her on My Bed asap..She is Jst soo Tempting n Irresistible ( Drinks Water while Smirking Evilly ) n Will Get Her Very Soon.. ( Smiles Evilly )

Soon Swara after Serving the Water to the Trio goes to Kitchen Bak Unaware of The Pair of Evil Eyes Staring Her Desirely n was Planning to Bring A Big n A Unimaginable Storm in Her Life..As Soon as She Reached da Kitchen,Swara Removed Her Dupatta frm Her Neck n Hanged it on da Chair as it was Really Hot n Strtd doing Her Wrk wid Full Interest n Dedication..While Swara was doing Her Wrk Adharsh came in da Kitchen n Stared Swara frm Top to Bottom wid A Desire n while Staring Her Entire Body n Beauty His Eyes Stopped n Stared at Her Slightly Visible Cleavages Like A Hungry An Animal wich Raises More Lust in His Eyes n Smirked Evilly..He Slowly went Near Swara n Stood Behind Her n Stares Her Milky Bak Firstly and den Touches Her Bare Back Sensuously ..Swara on Feeling da Uncomfortable Touch Turned Immediately n gets Startled and looked at the Adharsh with Horror ..

Swara : You !! .. Wha .. What are you doing!?? Do u need anything ?? ( Fear n Tries to Escape )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly n Blocks da Way n Stares Her Slightly Visible Cleavages ) Yes Darling..I need na something..( Touches Swara’s Neck Sensuously )

While Adharsh was Touching Swara Uncomfortably,She Notices Him Staring Her Cleavages wid Open Eyes Filled wid Lust n Desire…As She saw Adharsh Staring dem Swara Immediately took Her Dupatta frm da Chair n Wrapped Around Her Neck Covering Her Upper Part wid Fear n Sweat Flowing frm Her Forehead Continously..

Swara : ( Scared n Wraps Dupatta Around Her Fully ) Whhhat..Do u want ?? ( Sweating )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Seeing Her Actions ) Well I want YOU Baby ( Touches Her Face n Cheeks Sensuously ) Look hw Beautiful U are Baby ! How much Hot
You are .. Indeed you are Irresistible! ( Caresses Neck by Sliding Her Dupatta Little More Sensuously )

Swara who was Feeling His Uncomfortable Touch was Scared n Numb nt Understanding wat to do to Save Herself frm The Man who was Playing wid Her DIGNITY Slowly..She was All Statue n Numb on Feeling His Disgusting Touch n was Trying to Free Herself frm Adharsh..As Swara Tried to Free Herself frm Adharsh,He Smirked Even More Evilly n Enjoyed Her Scaredness n Her Actions to Free Herself frm Him.

Adharsh : ( Comes More Closer n Presses Himself on Swara More Tightly ) Ohh Come On Darling..Stop ur Fighting..m nt gonna Leave U till U Satisfy Me Completely..U knw U r Srsly soo Irresistible..I jst wanna Eat U ryt nw in the Kitchen itself ( Smiles Evilly n Pecks Swara’s Neck Sensuously )

Swara : ( Shocked n Numb n Pushes Adharsh wid Force ) Plzz Sahab..Stop it..i dnt Like such things..U r Mistaken abt Me..m nt such kind of Girl..Plzz ( Cries ) Leave Me..Plzz..I came Here to do My Wrk..Plzz let me do it.. ( Pleads )

Adharsh : ( More Lusty seeing Her Actions n Removes Swara’s Dupatta frm Her Neck in A Go n Throws n Pulls Her Closer Making Swara Shocked ) Ohh Plzz Sweety. I jst cnt Stop Myself..Plzz Let Me do My Wrk..n I Promise ( Kisses Her Nape agn ) Once m Done wid My Wrk na I will Let U do Ur Wrk..So Plzz Stop Fighting n Protesting..n Let Me Complete My Wrk.( Caresses Her Bare Bak Sensuously n Kisses Her Cheeks Romantically )

As Adharsh was Molesting Swara Badly,She was All Shattered n Tears Strtd Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously making Adharsh to Snile at His Win n was Enjoying Her Body Completely…While Adharsh was Bzy Teasing Swara,He Heard A Loud Sound of A Plate Falling frm A Hand..Hearing da Sound Adharsh was Irritated n Frustrated n Turned to see wat Happened..As He Turned He was Shocked to see A Lady Standing infront of Kitchen wid A Plate Fallen frm Her Hand n wid Tears Flowing frm Her Eyes Continously..Seeing Pari Standing thr Swara Immediately Pushed Adharsh Away frm Her n Grabbed Her Dupatta n Wrapped Herself Completely n Ran Outside the Kitchen Cryinf Miserably Leaving Pari n Adharsh All Alone in Kitchen…

Adharsh : ( Shocked ) PARI !!

Pari : ( Cries n Angry n goes Near Adharsh ) Wat is this Adharsh ?? Wwhat were u doing wid Swara ?? ( Holds Adharsh’s Collar Angrily ) Tell Me Damn it..wat were u doing ?? ( Shouts ) Tell Me!!

Adharsh : ( Angry n Jerks Pari’s Hands ) Jst Shut Up U Bl**dy Burden..Its None of Ur Business to knw wat was i doing wid Swara…

Pari : ( Shocked ) its My Business Adharsh..M ur Wife..n Being ur Wife its My Duty to knw ur Activities..

Adharsh : ( Laughs Evilly ) Wife ?? N dat too U ?? Wat q Joke Pari..U also knw ki I never Treated U as My Wife bt Jst As a Toy to Satisfy Myself..den even after Knwing all these hw cn u say U r My Wife… ( Laughs Evilly bt Suddenly Slaps Pari ) Nw jst Shut Up n Go n do ur Wrk..n remember frm Nxt Time wen m Bzy wid ( Smiles Evilly ) Swara na..dnt DISTURB ME Jaan… ( Laughs Evilly bt Suddenly Angry ) nw u have Disturbed Me ryt..so Get Ready fr the Punishment at Night My Dear Wife..Will Show u all da Rights of A Wife ( Smirks Evilly n Leaves )

Soon after Scolding n Showing Pari Her Real Place Adharsh Leaves frm there wid An Evil Smile on His Face thinking abt Swara n Her Beauty Leaving Pari in Crying State wid Blood Bleeding frm Corner of Her Lips n wid A Mark of His Hands on Her Face due His Slap…While on the Other Hand Swara who Faced A Terrible Moment in Kitchen Reached at A Corner of Mansion n Strtd Crying Bitterly Remembering da Recent Horrible Moment She Faced..While Swara was Crying Bitterly She Strtd Covering Herself Fully wid Her Dupatta Like A Mad to Protect Herself frm da Evil Man who was Playing wid Her Dignity Few Minutes Ago…She Closed Her Eyes Tightly n Led Her Tears Flow Like a Tap to Let Go All Her Pain n Sorrow in Order nt to Let Her Maa knw wat Happened wid Her Shona in GM..While in GM Pari n Swara where Crying Miserably at their Respective Places at the Same Time Adharsh was Smirking Evilly thinking abt Swara n Her Beauty n Vowed to Bring Swara on His Bed to Satisfy His Inner Satisfaction…..

Screen Freezes on Crying Faces of Pari n Swara while Adharsh Smiling Evilly in B/w of Pari n Swara…


Precap : Adharsh Continues to Molest Swara…n Sanskaar Ki Entry…


2nd Part too Done…Hope U will Like it..I knw this Part was too Over coz of Adharsh n His Cheap Deeds,bt in Pratical Life if U Think all these r Common in da House of Narrow Minded People..We r Still Unaware of such things wich r Going on in any Corner of the World….We r Living A Peaceful Life in Our Air Conditioned Home n Enjoy Every Bit of Luxury wich Our Parents Provides Us,bt We r Unaware abt Such Delicate Matters…Hope U r Liking this Deep n A Serious Topic of My FF….Do Leave Ur Commnents in da Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked the 2nd Part…

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