SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 16)


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Recap : SwaRa ( Swara n Ram ) Bond,SwaPa Bond..SwaRa n SaPa Masti,SwaSan Hug,Adharsh Molests SwaPa in Market



Part 15

The Part Strts wid Adharsh Molesting SwaPa wid A Lustfull Eyes while SwaPa were seen Scared n Frightened seeing Adharsh Forcing them in Middle of Market..As Adharsh was Molesting SwaPa their on da Other Hand if da Market A Young Boy was seen Shopping something fr His Family..As He was Buying Gifts fr His Family Some Girls Present thr were Staring Him in A Flirty Look n was Lost in His Personality Praising n Appreciating His Personality..

Girl 1 : Haaye..Tina m.See dat Boy..He is jst Soo Damn Hot Yaar..Personality to lh dekho uski..Hayye..m Soo Flat on Him..

Girl 2 : Yes Riya..He is Soo Hot..I wished He wud be My Boy Frnd..Such a Hot Personality..Loving Him..

Girl 3 : Shut Up Guyz..He is Mine..After all He is Suitable fr Me..Go n Try someone else U Girls..

Hearing the Girls,Boys Smiled at their Girlish Nature n was Proud of His Personality..He Wore A Black Leather Jacket wid White Shirt Inside n a Stylish Pant along wid Goggles looking like a Perfect Heri wid A Killer Smile on His Face..While He was Purchasing da Gifts He Heard Some Noises frm Other Side of Market as He was Standing Nearly Near to da Entrance of da Other Market..As He Heard da Noises He Moved towards da Other Market n Found A Huge Crowd Surrounded.He Moves Forward by Moving da Crowd in Curiosity n as He Came in Front da Boy n was Shocked seeing Swara n Pari Crying n Pleading Badly as they were being Molested by Adharsh infornt of Whole Market..Seeing da Scn He Felt Disgusted n Fumed in Anger seeing da Crowd Enjoyung da Shamless Scn..He Immediately Moved Forward n Stopped Adharsh frm Molesting SwaPa by Holding His Hands wich were Abt to Remove da Dupatta of Pari frm Her Neck making Adharsh Shocked n Angry on da Boy..

Boy : ( Angry n Feels Disgusted ) What the Hell r u doing Mr ? Is dis da Way to Behave wid Girls ?? Dnt u have Any Manners or Shame ??

Adharsh : ( Angry ) Hello..Who da Hell r u to Stop Me frm wat m doing ?? Jst Stay in ur Limits..Ok ??

Boy : M in My Limits only…U Stay in ur Limits. ..hw cn u Behave wid Girls like this n dat too infront of Whole Market ?? Have some Manners ..

Adharsh : Listen..These Girls whom u r Saving na r My Wife n My Sister in Law..i cn do anything wid dem wat i want..Understood..Ok n Let me do wat i was doing wid dem..u have no Right to Interfere..n Moreover U dnt knw who i m..jst One Phone Call n u will be Behind Bars..Understood..

Boy : ( Angry ) Hell wid ur Dhamki..i dnt Care who u r..i jst Care abt these Girls..So wat if these Girls r ur Wife n ur Sister in Law ..it does nt mean u do anything Rubbish wid dem n dat too Publicly..jst Go n Learn some Manners n Come..Samjhe ?? ( To Ppl ) N U Ppl..r u Called Humans? Is this wat ur Manners Teach U Ppl to Simply Stand n See such Shameless Scns instead of Helping Girls who Suffers such things ??..wat kind of Humans r u ppl haa ?? Shame on U Ppl..Dnt u have Guts to Save these Girls? Wat wud u do if this same Incident happens wid ur Daughters n Sisters..wud u be Quite like this like u r today..Come On Speak Up U Cowards..Disgusting..If U ppl still have some Shame na Hit this Man n Show Him His Place n Stand wid these Girls..otherwise i must Say Humanity is Death in dis World n only Evilness is Alive..

Hearing da Boy da Entire Crowd Present there Came in their Senses n Fumed in Anger n Strtd Throwing Stones on Adharsh Brutally Making Both Swara n Pari More Scared n Frightened.Seeing da Anger of da Crowd Adharsh Strtd Sweating n Ran frm there to Save His Life in Anger Leaving Swara n Pari in Utter Shock n Trauma frm wat they gome through..Seeing da Girls in such State da Boy took SwaPa to His Home fr Mental Support of His House Ladies n to Make dem Normal n Trauma Free..


Maheshwari Mansion

Its been Long Time since SwaPa had gone fr Market n did nt Return still..Seeing da Time Sanskaar n Everyone in MM were really Temsed n Worried fr SwaPa fr nt Returning till nw..Sanskaar was da Most Worried n Scared One among da Ppl Present thr..All He cud do was Pace Here n Thr in Tension as Swara’s Mob was Switched Off n Pari did nt take Her Phone wich made Sanskaar even More Worried fr SwaPa n was Sweating Very Badly making Ram n
Sujata Worried too..

Sanskaar : ( Worried ) Papa..Plzz u try all ur Contacts na to Find My Swara n Pari Di.Pata nhi kaha gayi hogi ?? Its been Hours Papa they left fr Market..n Market is jst 15 Minutes Away frm Our House..so wats taking more time fr them..n uper se Swara ka Mobile is Switched Off n Di Forgot Her Mobile at Home..M soo Tensed Papa..Plzz.Do Something ( Worried )

As Sanskaar was Worried fr Swara n Pari,He Heard A Fimiliar Sound frm Behind making Him Happy..Hearing da Voice,Sanskaar Turned Bak n was Shocked seeing 2 Girls Standing infront of Him in Very Bad Condition wid A Boy..Seeing da Girls in such State Sanskaar cud only Murmur their Names in Shock making da Boy Shock n Confused..

Sanskaar : ( Sees 2 Girls in Shock ) Swara..Di..( Tensed )

As Sanskaar Murmurs Their Name both Swara n Pari came in Senses n seeing Sanskaar,Swara Ran towards Him n Hugged Him Tightly while Crying in Force making Sanskaar Move Abak in A Shock n due to a Force Hug..Seeing Swara Hugging Him,Sanskaar too Hugs Her Bak n Strtd Consoling Her Making Her Relaxed n Calm in Sanskaar’s Embrace. .

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Hugs Bak Swara Tightly ) Swara ??.kya hua ?? N y r u Crying ?? Who did all these wid U ?? Tell me .. ( Caresses Swara’s Bak Concernly )

Swara : ( Hugs More Tightly ) Ssanskaarr..ddaatt Mmoonnsstterr agn. He Tried to ( Cud nt Complete n Cries Bitterly )

On Hearing Swara,Sanskaar others Present their Fumed in Anger n Understood da Situation n da Person who did it..As they were Fuming in Anger,Sanskaar Notices A Boy n Pari Standing their together making Him Shocked.Seeing Pari Sanskaar Handed Swara to Kamla n Rushed towards Pari n Strtd Consoling Her too making da Boy Even More Confused n Shocked..

Sanskaar : ( Hands Swara to Kamla n Runs towards Pari ) Di..Di..r u Fine na ?? Usd Kameene ne kuch kiya toh nhi na aapke aur Swara ke saath ?? Tell Me..Plz..

Seeing da Scns infront of Him,da Boy who Brought SwaPa in MM thinking His Family wud Help them was only Shocked n Surprised seeing His Families alrdy knws SwaPa..He Bursted Out His Confusion in a Louder Voice Making Everyone Present their to come in their Senses n Out of their Trauma..

Boy : ( Frustrated n Confused ) Hello..Cn anyone tell Me wats going on Here ?? N hw Do U Ppl knw these Girls ?? N abt wich Monster Is dat Girl Taking abt ?? ( Raises His Eye Brows Questionably )

Hearing da Boy the Sanskaar n Ram Came Forward n Higged da Boy Happily n Welcomed Him Inside while Sujata n Kamla went Near SwaPa n Consoled dem n took dem to their Rooms..

Sanskaar : ( Composed Himself n Welcomes da Boy ) Arrey Gaurav tum ?? Sorry Plzz Come In…

Note : Gaurav is Gaurav Khanna da FF Hero as well as da Real Hero of Pari aka Akansha..

Ram : ( Hugs Gaueav Happily ) Aao Gaurav Beta..Come Inside..Will Explain u Everything..First u come Inside.. ( To Sujata ) Sujata Arrange some Snacks fr Gaurav n take Swara n Pari to Our Room n Make them Sleep..they Need Rest nw..

Sujata : Haa Ok Ram..Dnt Worry will send Some Snacks here through some Servants n Swara n Pari will be wid Me only..dnt take Tension..

Soon SwaPa were taken to A.Room by Sujata n Kamla while Ram n Sanskaar took Gaurav to the Lawn n Explained da Whole Story to the Boy making Him Shocked n Disgusted on Adharsh n Gadodia Family.

Gaurav : ( Feels Disgusted ) Chii..Sanskaar..Hw cn A Own Family be soo Cheap n Narrow Minded towards their Own Daughters..i mean its really Disgusting..n dat Monster Adharsh.He is Worst than A Monster Yaar..I really Feel Bad fr Swara n Pari..hw did they Manage such A Beast..God Knws kya Beeti hogi un dono pe wen dat Monster was … ( Stops in B/w due to Shame ) i cnt even tell frm My Mouth yaar..den hw did they Suffer such a Horrible thing in front of Whole Market.. ( Determined ) Sanskaar .if U dnt Mind..cn i too Help U all in these Mission..will feel Good n Better if Help U all in this Good Mission.Plzz..

Sanskaar : ( Happy ) Off Course Yaar..Y nt ?? It will be really Good if U Help us..infact u r frm Media frm America n Ur Law thr r really Amzing agnst Ppl like Gadodia Family n Adharsh..We cn implement those Laws here too wid ur Help..Hai na Papa ??

Ram : ( Proud of Sanskaar ) Yes Beta..Sure..We Implement USA Laws Here..it will be Good Punishment fr ppl like Adharsh n Gadodia Family..Do One thing Sanskaar. U Inform Swara’s n Pari’s Brothers abt all these wat Happened wid dem n tell dem abt Our First Initiative agnst Agnst Adharsh n His Family..n also Collect as much as Details u cn abt Those Laws n Punishments..till den i will talk to Higher Authorities of My Party…

Sanskaar : Ok Papa..Done..

Gaurav : Done Uncle..

Soon da Plan by the Trio Males of MM left fr their Rooms to Execute their Plan..Sanskaar While going to His Room Passed through Swara’s Room n as He was Passing He saw Swara Standing Near a Window All Alone Lost in Her Own Thots..Seeing Swara Standing Near A Window,Sanskaar too Went Near Hee n Hugged Her Frm Bak n Kept His Chin on Her Shoulder n Strtd Consoling Her by His Soft Kisses on Her Nape making Swara Feel da Pleasure of His Touch..

Sanskaar : ( Hugs frm Bak n Strts Kissing Her Nape ) Swara…

Swara : ( Smiles n Feels His Touch by Closing Her Eyes ) Hmm…

Sanskaar : Cn i ask U One thing ?? If u dnt mind..( Still Bzy in Kissing )

Swara : Ya Off Course Sanskaar..U cn..no dnt need any Permission to ask Me anything..u cn ask Anything..n anytime..u have full right fr that..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Accha den tell me y dnt u feel Uncomfortable wen i Touch U or wen i come Closer to U ??

Swara : ( Smiles at His Question ) Coz U r My Life Sanskaar..N hw Cn I Feel Uncomfortable wen My Life is around Me..I will Good n Relaxed wen U r wid Me.. ( Turns n Hugs Sanskaar Tightly wid Teary Eyes ) Plzz Dnt Leave Me Sanskaar..I cnt Live widout U.. ( Tightens Her Hug )

Sanskaar : ( Hugs Bak ) Off Course Swara..i will never ever Leave u..u r My World n hw cn i Leave My World wen she needs Me.. ( Release the Hug n Holds Swara by Her Shoulder Concernly ) Bt Swara..u need to Be Strong n Bold Enough to Fight agnst any Bad happening to u..I Promise i will be thr wid U Alwyz..bt wat wen m nt thr wid U..See like Today..i was nt thr wid U..in da same way i may nt be thr wid U Every Time na..R u getting wat m saying ?? ( Sees Swara’s Expressions )

Swara : ( Understands ) Yes..Sanskaar u r ryt..bt main kya karu Sanskaar..wenever i try to be Strong infront of Him..He makes Me Scared by His Disgusting Touch..n main Chahke bhi kuch nhi karpati uske saamne..i become Helpless n Weak infront of Him.. ( Cries Bitterly )

Sanskaar : ( Consoles Swara ) I Understand Swara..I Completely Understand ur Situation..bt still Swara..u have to Show some Guts agnst Him..i knw He makes u Scared by His Touch n His Scary Dialogues..Swara He will Fully Try to Brk U frm Inside so dat U become Weak n Devote urself completely to Him. Bt u cnt jst Become soo Weak n Loose ur Everything..Plzz Swara Listen to Me n Try to Fight agnst that Monster..Plzz Nt fr Urself bt atleast fr Me..Fr My World ..Plzz.. ( Pleading Eyes )

Swara : ( Feels Bad n Determined ) Ok Fine Sanskaar..Fr U i will Try to Fight agnst dat Man..Wen U r Happy m also Happy..n Ur Happiness is to See Me as Strong Swara na..den Ok.. I will Surely Change Myself fr U..Coz I LOVE U..I really Love U..i cn do anything fr U.. ( Hugs Agn Lovingly n Adjsts Her Face on His Chest Comfortably )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Hugs Bak Tightly Yet Protectively ) That’s Like My Swara..M soo Proud of U..n dnt worry m thr wid U to Support U..n I Love U Too.. ( Kisses Her Forehead n Tightens His Hug )

While Both Swara n Sanskaar were having their Emotional Yet Lovely Moment in Eachother’s Embrace A Pair of Teary Eyes wich were of Pari was Watching Them n was Admiring SwaSan’s Bonding Happily n Blessed them wid Full Heart..As Pari was Watching SwaSan Bond Emotionally She Felt A Hand On Her Shoulder making Her Scared n Frightened..She Slowly Turned Bak to see who it was n as She Turned She was Shocked to see da Man infornt of Her While da Man Smiled Bak at Pari making Her Feel Lil Scared n Frightened..


Precap : Adharsh Leaks Swara’s Dirty Pictures


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