SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 15 )


Hello Guyz..Hope u all Remember Me n My Wrk ??..Sorry fr sooo Late..M Actually Bzy n got Getting Time Here.I Hope U all did nt Loose ur Interest in My FF..n nw Finally after Long Gap i took out some time n Wrote Nxt Part..Hope u Like it..Do Leave ur Comments n Let Me Knw hw U Liked Todayz Part..

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Recap : Swara Pari Molested by Adharsh,Gaurav Entry,SwaSan Scn n MM Males Plan Agnst Gadodia Family n Adharsh…



Part 16

The Part Strts wid Pari Feeling A Strong Hand on Her Shoulder making Her Scared n Frightened..As She Feels da Hands on Her Shoulder,Pari Turns Bak n sees da Person Behind Her..Seeing da Person Pari gets Scared while da Peroson Smiles n Consoles Her thus Making Her Lil Relaxed n Calm.

Pari : ( Shocked n Sees da Person ) Aap ?? Wat r u doing Here ?? I mean Behind Me ?? Kuch Chahiye tha ?? ( Scared )

Gaurav : ( Smiles ) Ji..main..kuch nhi chahiye..bas i was Passing frm here n while Passing i saw u Peeing inside Swara’s Room..so thot to ask Do u want Anything ??

Pari : No..Actually i was too going to My Room bt while going I saw ( Sees SwaSan wid a Smile ) Swara n Sanskaar together..hw Perfect they r na together..i mean jst look at them hw much understanding n Love they have b/w them..i really Wish ki in dono ki Jodi Hamesha aise hi rahe.. ( Sad n Teary Eyes ) Coz bhale i did nt get the Happiness of Marriage or The Rights of A Wife bt i srsly Wish My Sister to get it..She Deserve everything wat She wants..She has Alrdy Suffered much Pain at Her Small.Age..bt nw I want Her to be Happy n Live Her Life Steongly nt Like Me A Weak or A Helpless Woman.. ( Teary Eyes )

Gaurav : ( Feels Bad ) Yes..Off Course Swara n Sanskaar makes a Good Pair.i too wish they Live Happily..bt if u want u cn also Strt a Fresh Life ..u jst need some Courge n Strength to Fight Bak..hw long u will be Living A Helpless Life ??

Pari : ( Sarcastic Smile ) Fresh Life ?? Do u think A Girl like Me who Lost Her Everything, Her Smile,Her Dignity to Her Beast Husband will anyone be Ready to be Life Partner of Her ??

Gaurav : bt dnt u think u shud give A Try to Strt A New Life ??

Pari : wat do u think Gaurav Ji… is it soo Easy fr Me to come out of this Hell in wich m Living Since Yrs..No Gaurav Ji..its nt at all soo Easy as u think..its Impossible..i m living in this Hell since da Day m Born..n My Every Part of Body is Habituated to this Life..n coming out of this Hell Life is nxt to Impossible coz i knw My Besst Husband will Try to get Me at any Cost n i cnt even Protest agnst Him..bt dat doesnt Mean in want My Sister to Suffer the Same Orblm..Sanskaar is thr wid Her n i knw He will Protect Her frm all these..bt Me..i cnt be Protected coz i dnt have anyone who will Protect Me frm da Beast.. ( Teary Eyes ) Khair..Gaurav Ji..Its Quite Late u shud go to Sleep..n M Sorry fr Involving u in My Boring Talks..Good Night .. ( Smiles Faintly )

Gaurav : Hmm..Good Night.bt Haa Pari Ji..According to Me U shud try to Fight Bak..coz da More U r Scared da More ur Beast Husband will Try to Force U..See Pari Ji..Life ka Simple Funda hai..Life seems da same way da way u look it..u wont be able to Move Ahead unless U Make Ur Mind Ready fr it..Think abt it Pari Ji..Khair..as u said Good Night..its really Quite Late..n Have A Sweet Dreams ( Smiles n Leaves )

Soon Gaurav Leaves da Place after Leaving Pari in a Deep Thots of Her Life to be Chngd..Soon Pari too Leaves da Place n Both Pari n Gaurav goes to Sleep to Strt a New n A Fresh Day Forgetting abt the Cruel Moment they have seen today while SwaSan on the Other Hand too Sleeps in Eachother’s Embrace Peacefully Cuddling Eachother Lovingly Forgetting the Past They have Gone Through ( Aisa Waisa Kuch nhi Hua..bas SwaSan r Sleeping in Eachother’s Embrace as Swara was Still Scared )


Next Day

Its As Usual A Normal Yet A Beautiful Morning fr Maheshwari Family..Its A Sunday n Everyone were Present at Home Leaving all their Office n Other Wrk n were Relaxing n Spending Time wid Eachother Happily..Both Pari n Swara were too seen Happy n Smiling n Enjoying the Homely Atmosphere they r Living in..As Time Passed Both Swara n Sanskaar Decided to go fr Shopping to Spend some Quality Time Together Away frm Family Members All Alone..As they Reached A Shopping Mall,Swara who saw da Mall fr the First Time in Her Whole Life was Shocked n Surprised to see such a Huge Mall..Seeing da Mall Swara Jumped in Excited n Kissed Sanskaar’s Cheeks making Him Shocked at First bt Later Felt Happy n Smiled at Swara’s Childish Behaviour..

Swara : ( Excited Seeing Mall ) Omg..Sanskaar.Is this A Shopping Mall ?? ( Sanskaar Nods Yes ) Ohh God…Its Amzing..Its soo Huge n Magnificent…( Excited ) Thnks alot Sanskaar..its Amzing..Love U ( Kisses Sanskaar’s Cheeks in Excitement ) Muwwaahh..Love U Sanskaar..( Sees Sanskaar’s Shocked Expressions ) I knw m being Kiddish bt kya karu..i have never seen such a Huge Mall in My Entire Life…So seeing da Mall i became Lil Over Excited.. ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Its Ok..Come Lets Shop..u cn get mny Different Kinds of Clothes n other Accessories fr Urself..Dnt Hesitate abt the Money. U r Sanskaar Maheshwari’s GF so Buy as much as u want..I will Pay the Bill..Ok ??

Swara : ( Hesitates ) Bbt..Sanskaarhe cn u Pay fr Me ? I mean i knw M ur Responsibility bt still We r nt Yet Married or nt Engaged Officially..so hw cn i be ur Responsibility frm Nw..Let Me Pay da Bill Myself..Plzz..

Sanskaar : ( Stern Voice ) No Means No Swara..i said na..I will Pay ur Bills..n dats Final..Dnt Hesitate Jaan..i knw u r Self Respect Girl..bt u r nt Taking frm someone Stranger..u r taking Money frm ur BF..so its Ok..Nw come on be a Good Girl Frnd n Obey Me..

Swara : ( Still Hesitates ) Lekin Sanskaarr. ( Sees Sanskaar’s Angry Look n Gets Agreed ) Ok Ok..Fine Mere Angry Young Man..U only Pay the Bill..bt ( Smiles Naughtily ) Haa nw as u r Paying da Bill get Ready to Suffer Loss coz m going to Shop almost da whole Mall ( Giggles )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles at Swara’s Childish Behaviour ) Sure Jaan..U cn..I have np..

Swara : ( Happy ) Wowow..den Come My Mr Angry Young Man..We r getting Late..

Soon Swara n Sanskaar Leaves n Heads towards Different Shops in Mall n Strts Shopping fr themselves n fr rest of the Family Members Happily..As they were Shipping Sanskaar got an Urgent Call n He Left to A Corner to attend da Call Leaving Swara Alone to Shop..While Swara was Shopping n Sanskaar was on Call in a Corner,Swara felt Some Strange Glares on Herself..Feeling da Gaze Swara looked Up n was Shocked seeing Ppl Staring at Her wid Strange Feeling Inside Them making Her Feel Uncomfortable n Awkward..While Staring Swara Ppl also Strtd Talking Passing Dirty Comments on Her Making Swara Confused n Shocked..

Man 1 : See na Yaar ( Shows Mobile ) is this da Samw Girl who is shown in dis Video ?? ( Smiles Lustfully )

Man 2 : Haa Yaar..She is da Samw Girl..Kya Hot hai yaar..the Boy Shown in dis Pic must be Lucky yaar..He got an Opportunity to Feel Her ( Laughs )

Man 1 : Yes Off Course..He is Lucky l..Kash hume bhi yeh Ladki miljaati Ek Raat ke liye..kyoun sahi kaha na ?? ( Laughs )

Man 2 : Haa Kash..bt chalo lets Try Once. .Maybe She Agrees..

Man 1 : Haa Chalo.fr wat we r waiting fr..Nek ( Good ) Kaam main deri ( Lateness ) kyoun ( Laughs n Hi Fi His Frnd )

As the Men were Proceeding Towards Swara wid A Lust inside them,Swara Feels Disgusted n Strtd Moving in Scardness n was Confused on their Behaviour..While Moving Bak Swara Recieves A Video on Her Mobile making Her Confusion Cleared n Shocked n Shattered Yet Agn wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously..As Swara saw da Video n was in Shock,Ppl Yet Agn Strtd Passing Some Comments on Her Making Swara Nore Shattered n Heart Broken..

Lady 1 : Chii..Dekho toh iss Ladki ko..itna bada kaand karne ke baad bhi She is doing Shopping as if nthing Happened..wst type of Girl is she ? Shame on Her..Chii.. ( Makes Disgusting Faces )

Lady 2 : Haa Behen..aise Ladkiyoon ko Chullu bhar Paani main Dub marna chahiye..M Sure She is Here wid some other Boy to Satisfy Him too..n to Fullfull Her Wish of Money..aisi Ladiyaan na Paiso ke liye kuch bhi karsakti hai..They r Shameless fr Money n cn Cross Any Limits..pata nhi kitne Ladko ke saath Soyi ( Sleep ) hogi yeh..Chii..Chii ( Angry n Makes Disgusting Faces )

As Ladies were Taunting Swara,She felt Shattered Yet Agn n Ran frm there while Crying Miserably making Sanskaar Confused who was Coming towards Her..Seeing Swara Runnining in such State Sanskaar too Ran n Followed Her all Worried n Concerned fr Swara while Ppl Kept Taunting Swara Continously making Sanskaar Angry n Confused abt The Matter..


Maheshwari Mansion

Soon both Swara n Sanskaar reaches da Maheshwari Mansion n was Shocked seeing da News on TV n Mny NGO Ppl Scolding n Taunting Sujata on Swara making Swara more Shattered whereas Making Sanskaar Clear His Confusion..

Reporter : See this shameful girl who belongs to a low class family .. Her motive is to show her beauty and to grab the attention of boys! Her parents must be dead after seeing this shameful act of hers! The boy’s face is not shown but we can easily say that this girl is seducing the boy and they are having fun .. Our sources have informed us that this girl name is Swara .. She is living in the house of the famous politician Ram Maheshwari .. We also come to knw that Ram Maheshwari’s son Sanskar Ram Maheshwari and this girl study in same college .. Ram Maheshwari is a well known honest politician and his son is also same like him .. But it seems Baap toh acha hy but bete ki niyaat badal gae hy .. Its such a huge controversy!!
What is your opinion audience!?
Do you think Ram Maheshwari should get ticket for election!?
Send us your answers!

As Sanskaar saw the News,He was Fuming in Anger n was going to Defend Swara,bt was Stopped by Swara itself on Hearing Ladies Taunting Her Brking Her Frm inside Completely Yet Agn..

Lady 1 : Sujata Ji..Being A NGO Member n A President of NGO..hw cn u Give Shelter to Such A Cheap Girl in ur Home ??

Lady 2 : aap toh badi badi baate karti thi ki u r wid Innocent Girls n Agnst da Girls who r Shame on Woman’s Reputation..den hw cn u give Shelter to such a Cheap Girl ?? Have u seen da Choas took Place outside n everywhere..

Lady 1 : See Sujata Ji ..if u want to be Part of Our NGO n want to Continue as President den u have to Throw this Girl out of the House..

Lady 2 : haa warna we r Forced to take A Strong Action agnst U n ur Family fr Chest ongoing n showing A Double Face Character to us..So Hurry Up n Throw da Girl Out or Be Ready to Face da Worst Consequences..

As da Ladies were Taunting Swara,Ram Receives A Call frm His Party making Him n Others Shocked n Whereas Making Swara Numb n More Shattered Yet Agn..

Ram : ( Recieves da Call n Keeps Phone on Speaker ) Hello Mehra Sahab. Any Wrk ??

Mehra : ( Angry ) Yes Mr Ram Prasad Maheshwari…U myt be Aware of the Chaos taken Place in da City.( Ram Replies Yes ) toh let me come to the Point..If U want to be Part of Our Party den u have to Throw the Cheap Girl Out or Leave the Party Right Nw..We cnt Stake da Party Name ..itni Mehnat se Laamai hui Reputation cnt let it go in Vain jst coz of Ur Stupid Act..So If u want to be Part of our Party Throw da Girl Out warna We have to take Strict Action agnst U..Understood Mr Ram ??

Hearing the Convo Ram was Shocked n Sat on the Sofa in a Thud making Everyone Present thr Shocked n Worried abt Ram’s Health..Seeing da Scns infront of Her Swara was Shocked n Standing thr in Guilt wid Continous Tears Falling frm Her Eyes..She Immediately Ran towards Her Room n Locked Herself inside while Crying Miserably Making Sanskaar n Everyone Present thr Shocked n Worried fr Swara as they Very Well Onw hw Sensitive Swara Is..Seeing Swara Running towards Her Room Everyone Present thr Ran Behind Her n Once they Reached towards Her Room,Sanskaar Banged da Door Hard as much He cn..As He Banged da Door Pari Peeped inside through Glasd Window n was Shocked n Horrified seeing da Scn inside da Room..She Immediately Called Sanskaar n Showed da Scn inside..Seeing da Scn inside,Sanskaar too was Shocked n Horrified n Screamed Her Name in Shock seeing Swara in such State Making Everyone Confused n Worried..

Sanskaar : ( Horrified ) SWARA !!!…

Seeing da Scn Sanskaar Immediately Broke the Door n As the Door was Broken Everyone Along with Sanskaar Entered inside Room n was Shocked seeing Swara wid Only Tears of Shockness n Horror Strtd Flowing frm their Eyes Continously….


Precap : Swara Slapping Adharsh..


Finally Done wid another Part..Hope U all did nt Loose ur Interest in My Story..M Really Fr that if it happened..bt Nw i Posted da Nxt Part..Hope u all will Like it..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :)..


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