SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 14 )


Hello Guyz..Really Overwhelmed wid da Response..Never thot The Part wud be Loved by U All..Thnks Alot..n Here is da Nxt Part..Hope U will Like this too :).


Recap : Swara Attempt to Sucide in Shock,Sanskaar Slaps Swara,SwaRagini Talks,Unknown Person Listening to SwaRagini Convo..



Part 14

The Part Strts wid A Pair of Eyes Seeing n Hearing da Entire Convo of SwaRagini making Him Emotional n Proud of Swara He Composed Himself n Went Near Swara n Tapped Her Shoulder to Console Her making Swara Shocked n Surprised..

Person : ( Smiles ) Swara Beta …wat r u doing here at this Time ?? R u Ok ??

Swara : ( Shocked ) Uncle Aap ?? ( Sorry Mny of U Thot its Sujata or Sanskaar ??..Bt its Ram who Heard the SwaRagini Convo )

Ram : ( Smiles ) Yes its Me..n I have Heard Urs n Ragini’s Talks..i knw its nt a Good Habit to Listen Others Talks..bt i came to Chk who is Here n i found u..n By Mistakenly Heard Ur Talks..

Swara : ( Uncomfortable bt Hides ) Ohh..Its Ok Uncle..Np.. (.Sweating )

Ram : ( Understands Her Uncomfortableness ) Firstly Swara Beta ..Relax urself..I understand ur State..da Situation u r going through in dat U cnt Trust Anyone..bt U cn Trust Me..Ok Fine nt as a Sanskaar’s Father bt u cn Trust Me by Thinking Me as Ur OWN FATHER..Hain na ?

Swara : ( Shocked ) Wat r u telling Uncle ?? Consider U as My Father ?? Bbbtt… ( Intreprupted )

Ram : ( Smiles ) Yes Beta..Y nt ?? Ok First U come ( Makes Swara Sit on Bench ) n Relax urself Here.. ( Both Sat ) nw Beta..Wat Made U Shocked ?? Y u cnt Call Me as Ur Father ?? See Beta..i understand ur Mental Situation..n m Very Well Aware wat u myt be going through..bt Beta u need to Fight Agnst It..Only U cn Fight agnst it..No one Else..We all r thr wid U..Even Me n Sujata too..( Sees Swara’s Expressions ) Yes Beta..in this House No One is Aware abt My Inner Wish..I actually Wanted A Daughter as My First Child instead of Son..I alwyz Consider Daughters as Lucky Charm n A Barkat ( Blessings ) of God..Indeed Sons r Imp of Family to Take da Family Ahead bt at the Same Time Girls r also Imp..Coz of Girls only Family moves Ahead..Boys Alone cnt do it..infact jitna Important Girls r na fr Family Boys r nt ..So i alwyz Consider Daughters as An Important Part of Family..

Swara who Heard Ram was Shocked Hearing He wanted A Daughter instead of Son as His First Child n then Smiled A Little Sadly Thinking n Compared Her n Sanskaar’s Family.
All The Recent Moments Flashed in Her Mind…As Swara was Smiling Slightly Ram Noticed it n Distributes Her Thots Making Swara to Come Out of Her Deep Thots..

Ram : ( Intreprupts Swara’s Thots ) Beta..wat r U Thinking ??

Swara : ( Smiles Sadly ) Nthing Uncle..jst was Thinking ki hw cn 2 Families i Met Today cn be Soo Different..I mean One Side is My Own Family who Hates Girls n Treats dem as Servants infact Worst than Servants n Consider dem As Burden n One Side Sanskaar’s Family i.e U n Aunty who Thinks Girls r Blessings..Hw cn da Same World Consists of 2 Different Families ??

Ram : ( Laughs ) Beta..This is Called World..See this World is soo Huge ki at Every Step U will Find Many Different Ppl..Nt Only Urs n Sanskaar’s Family..bt thr r mny Different Kinds Families n Ppl who will be Different frm One another..Some will be Good, n Some will be Bad..its all Common..I knw U r Unaware of all these as U did nt have a Father to Show U abt World..to make u Aware abt the World n its True Face..bt dnt Worry..n dnt Be Sad..M thr na..U cn Consider Me as ur Own Father frm Today..n I Promise i will Alwyz be thr wid U As A Father..n will.Alwyz Protect U frm all da Bad Eyes..Dnr Worry..n U cn Trust Me Beta.. ( Smiles wid Assurances )

Hearing Ram n His Emotional Talks Swara was Emotional n cud nt Control Her Emotions n Hugged Ram Immediately n Cries Silently Letting Her All Her Pain n Sorrows in A New Found Father’s Arms..Ram too Reciprocated to the Hug n Consoled n Patted Her Bak Lovingly as a Father does fr Every Daughter..

Swara : ( Smiles n Hugs Ram Immediately ) Thnk U Uncle..Thnk U Soo Much..The Day i came in Senses or My Maturity i alwyz wanted A Father’s Love..n Wen i came to knw abty Real Father i was da Happiest Person in da World ..bt ( Agn Sad ) den agn My Dreams Broke n My Own Father Hated Me n Considered Me as Burden..I was Completely Shattered seeing My Own Family Hating Me like Hell..Thnk U Agn fr Considering Me as Ur Own Daughter ..Thnks alot.. ( Cries )

Ram : ( Smiles n Pats Swara’s Bak Lovingly as a Father ) Ssshh..Its ok Beta..Forget wat ever Happened wid U in Past n think abt the Future..Be Happy Beta n Face da World Bravely..n One More thing..Call Me as Dad..nt Uncle. .Ok ??

Swara : ( Smiles n Release da Hug while Wiping Her Tears ) Ok..n I Promise i will Try to Fight Bak Myself..Jabtak U all r thr wid Me.I cn Try to Fight Bak..

Ram : ( Smiles n Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Caringly ) Yes Off Course Beta..We r alwys thr wid..Dnt Worry..

As Ram n Swara were having their Emotional Talk,Sanskaar n Sujata who was Hearing them was Emotional too n had Tears of Happiness in their Eyes seeing Ram’s n Swara’s Bond..They too Hugged Eachother n Admired the New Found Father Daughter Relationship making them Happy n Glad..


10 Mins Later

Soon after Having Emotional Talks wid Ram,Swara Headed towards Her Room to Sleep n as She was going to Her Room,She Passed through Pari’s Room n Heard A Weeing Sound..Listening to Weeping Sound Swara Slowly Opened da Door of Pari’s Room n Peeped Inside..As She Peeped inside She saw Pari Standing Near A Window n Weeping Silently..Seeing Her Weeping Slightly Swara Understood Her State n Went Inside Near Pari to Console n to Make Her Calm..

Swara : ( Peeps inside da Room n sees Pari Weeping n Goes Near Her n Pats Her Shoulder ) Di..

Pari : ( Hears Swara n Composed Herself ) Haa Swara..Kuch Chahiye ??

Swara : ( Feels Bad ) Di..No need to Hide ur Pain..i knw u were Crying ..Hai na ??

Pari : ( Shocked bt Hides ) Nhi..Swara..aisa kuch nhi hai..i guess u r Mistaken. .Y wud I Cry Haa ?? ( Sweating )

Swara : ( Fake Anger ) Accha den Tell Me wat r u doing Near this Window at this Time n dat too in Sweat as if u r Lieing to Me ?? Tell Me..See Di..I knw u were Crying..Hum dono ka Pain is Same..U r Facing da Same Prblm U r Facing..So No Need to Hide Di..Jst Tell Me Ur Heart Out..Np..I will be Glad ki U told Me ur Pain ( Sees Cutely )

Pari : ( Feels Relaxed n Hugs Swara ) Thnk U Swara..Thnk U fr Understanding Me..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Di..Np..nw Come Lye On My Lap..n Try to Sleep..n i will Massage ur Head..U will Feel Better..

Pari : ( Smiles ) Ok Come..

Soon Both Swara n Pari Heads towards da Bed n Swara Sits on Bed whereas Pari Lyes on Swara’s Lap Comfortably..As Pari Lyes on Her Lap Swara Strts Massaging Her Head making Pari Relaxed n Stress Free While Swara was Massaging Pari,Pari felt Guilty fr Thinking Swara as Culprit n Tears Rolled frm Her Eyes nw seeing Swara’s Love n Pure Heart..

Pari : ( Teary Eyes ) Swara..tumhe pata hai wen I saw u First Time wid Adharsh na in Intimate Position i was thinking u were da Who was Trying Attract Adharsh towards U..I felt Soo Angry On U n also da Day wen Adharsh Requested to Stay Bak at Home Alone in was More Angry on U dan on Adharsh even after knwing its Adharsh who wants to Force U.. ( Feels Guilty ) M soo Sorry Swara fr MU U..nw wen i came to knw da Truth i m feeling Soo Guilty..M really Sorry Swara..Plzz Maaf Kado Mujhe ( Sad )

Swara : ( Smiles wid Teary Eyes ) it’s Ok Di..i understand. .being A Wife u were ryt at ur Place..No need to be Sorry or Guilty..its completely Alryt..da Situation dat Time was like that..bt nw see everything is Fine..We came to knw we r Sisters..n dats More Imp..hai na ?? ( Pari Nods ) So Plzz lets Forget da Past n Move Ahead n Fight wid da Situation Together..We both r Facing da Same Prblm bt da Difference is u r Facing since long Time n More dan Me n M Facing it since only few Weeks..we both Shud become Eachother’s Strength..

Pari : ( Smiles ) Yes Swara..We will Surely become More dan Sisters..n Will Fight any Situation together..

Swara : ( Smiles ) Hmm Ok..Anywyz Chalo..Its Quite Late..We shud Sleep Nw..

Pari : ( Wipes Her Tears n Composed Herself ) Haa Chalom.Good Night..n Haa Plzz sleep wid Me Today..i will Feel Good..

Hearing Pari Swara Smiled n Agreed to Sleep wid Her n soon Both Swara n Pari Sleeps Peacefully Together wid a Smile on Their Faces Forgetting abt their Past n Thinking abt their New Life n New Future..


1 Week Later

It been 1 Week since Swara,Pari n Kamla Arrived at MM..They were Jappy n Living A Happy Life in their New World Filled wid Happiness n Only Happiness..Both Swara n Pari got want they wanted since Yrs..Love of both Mother n Father is all they Wanted since Yrs n Today They got it frm Ram n Sujata Countlessly..They were Happy n Felt Blessed to get want they wanted..Like anyother Normal Day both Swara n Pari were in Kitchen Making Something fr Brk Fast n Were Having Fun while Cooking n Preparing Brk Fast..Soon Brk Fast was Made n was being Served on Dining Table wen Ram saw Kheer on Table n His Mouth Strtd Watering seeing it..He Secretly Signalled Swara n Swara Smiled Naughtily seeing Ram’s Face..She Slowly took A Bowl n Put Kheer in it n Passed it to Ram Secretly wid A Naughty Smile on Her Face wen Eneryone was Bzy Eating..As Swara was Passingda Kheer Both Pari n sanskaar sees it n Calls Swara’s Name in Fake Anger making Swara n Ram Closed their Eyes in Fear on getting Caught by 2 Hitlers of da House..

SaPa (Sanskaar n Pari ) : SWARA !!!..PAPA !!..Wat r u both doing haa ? ( Fake Anger )

Pari : ( Angry ) Swara ..hw mny Times i have told u Papa is Strictly Prohibited frm Having Sweets..Den Y r u Giving Him this Kheer Secretly haa? Tell Me ??

Sanskaar : ( Angry too ) n U Papa..U also knw Sweets r Dangerous fr U..den Y do u alwyz Behave like a Kids fr Sweets ?? Seems Like both of U need a Good Lesson frm Us.
Ryt ??

Hearing SaPa both Ram n Swara made a Pout Face n Acted Innocently making Sanskaar n Pari Melt at their Cute Acts while Sujata m Kamla Enjoyed seeing The Cute Scns of Father n His Kids..

Swara : ( Innocently ) bt Di..Sanskaar..wat have i done ?? I was jst Taking this Kheer fr Me..nt fr Papa..U myt be Mistaken..Hai na Papa ?? ( Signals Ram to Support Her )

Ram : ( Smiles n Understood ) Yes..Yes..Sanskaar Beta..Swara is Right..She was taking fr Herself nt fr Me..

Pari : ( Angry ) Accha..Srsly ??

Swara : ( Pout Face ) Haa..Di..Pakka..Dnt U Trust Me ( Fake Tears )

Sanskaar : ( Melts ) Di..i guess Swara is Telling Right..We myt have Mistaken them..Swara srsly myt have Put dat Kheer fr Herself..

Seeing Sanskaar Supporting n Melting in Her Drama Swara Smiles Naughtily Unnoticed by others..Soon Everyone Finisjed their Brk Fast n Went to their Own Respective Rooms..As Everyone Went to their Rooms Ram n Swara Laughed n Teased Sanskaar fr Melting Soon in their Drama..

Ram : ( Laughs ) Swara Beta..Wat a Big Dramaebaaz u r ?? Srsly hw u Made Sanskaar Fool soo Easily by ur Drama..Amzing..nw come on Give Me My Kheer b4 anyone comes.. ( Pout Face ) U knw i m Suffering this Torture since Yrs..First Ur Maa used to Torture Me by nt giving Me Sweets n nw Pari too came to Torture Me n Ur Romeo Sanskaar He Master of both of dem..He wont even Allow Me to Smell da Sweet too..I was soo Pissed Off..bt Thnk God U r here to Help Me.. ( Giggles )

Swara : ( Laughs Cheerfully ) Papa..its Ok..Agr main Help nhi karugi toh kaun karega ?? M alwyz thr wid U..Ur Partner in Crime ( Giggles ) ..n rahi Meri Romeo ko Control karne ki baath dnt worry i will Handle Him..After all m His Juliet ( Giggles ) nw Have this Sweet b4 anyone comes.. ( Laughs )

As Ram n Swara were having Fun together n Making Fun of Sanskaar,Sanskaar n Pari who were coming Heard their Talks n were Fuming in Anger seeing Swara n Ram making Fum of them n Bursted Out on them making both Ram n Swara Shocked n Numb.

SaPa : SWARA..PAPA.. ( Angry )

Pari : ( Angry ) So it was all ur Drama haa to Fool Us .. ( To Sanskaar ) Dekha..i told u na Sanskaar.its all Swara’s Plan..Nw see..She made U Fool..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Swara..Hw cn u ?? I Trusted U Soo Much n U Played wid My Feelings..Srsly..Never Expected frm U This..U Broke My Trust Swara.. ( Hell Angry ) Go..m nt Talking to U..Bye..

Hearing Sanskaar Swara was Shattered n Felt Guilty fr Makinf Him Fool..She Immediately Went Near Sanskaar n Hugged Him Tightly n Cried while Apolozing frm Heart while Tears Fell frm Her Eyes Continously making Sanskaar’s Shirt Wet .

Swara : ( Runs n Hugs Sanskaar Tightly n Cries ) Mm Ssoorryy Sanskaar..i was jst Having Some Fun wid U..n Never wanted to Hurt u..n I never Broke ur Trust..Plzz Listen to Me..M Sorry Na..Plzz ( Cries n Tightens Her Hug ) U wanna Beat Me na Den Beat..Scold Me den Scold bt Plzz Never Say U wont Talk to Me..I will Ddiiee ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Kept His Finger on Her Lips ) Sssshh..Never Say it agn wat u were going to Say jst nw. ( Cups n Wipes Her Face of Tears ) I was jst Joking n Having Fun Like U did..bt never thot ki My Fun wud Effect U soo Much..M Sorry. M Sorry fr Making U Cry..( Hugs Swara Tightly ) Dnt U Dare to talk such Rubbish agn Ok ?? I cnt even Imagine My Life widout U…U r My World Swara..U Mean soo much to Me..Samjhi ??

As SwaSan were Having their Cute n Lovely Moments,Ram n Pari who were Watching it had Tears in their Eyes n Admired SwaSan’s Relationship..Soon Everything got Sorted Out n Swara n Pari Decided to go fr Shopping to Buy Some Vegetables fr the House as they wanted to Spend Some Sisterly Time Together..Sanskaar too Left fr His Wrk Leaving Ram Happy n Glad to see His Childern Happy n Enjoying their Own Lifes..


1 Hour Later

Vegetable Market

Soon SwaPa Reached Vegetable Market n were Buying Vegetables fr House having Fun together..As they were Buying Vegetables Happily A Pair of Eyes Watched dem wid Blood Shot Anger in His Eyes seeing SwaPa Happy..He soon Went towards SwaPa who were Happy n Laughing n Came infront of dem Suddenly Making Swara n Pari Shocked n Scared..

Man : ( Smiles Evilly ) Wat Happened Baby ?? Oops I Mean Babies ?? Scared seeing Me ??

SwaPa : ( Shocked n Holds Eachother’s Hands Tightly ) ADHARSH !!

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Yes..My Wife n My Saali Sahiba.its Me Ur Adharsh..Happy to see Me after 1 Week Agn ??

Swara : ( Angry ) Shut Up..Jst Go Away..Watelse U want frm Us ?? U Have Snatched Our Everything..Our House,Our Family,Our Respect..Everything wat u wanted to took..nw wat else u want frm Us ?? ( Angry n Scared )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Angrily ) Revenge … Yes Revenge frm U Both..Coz of U Both i was in Doubtful Eyes of Papa n Chote Papa..They Never Expressed their Doubts to Me..bt I saw the Doubts Arising in their Eyes..N If Anyone Doubts Me i cnt Handle it..its coz of U both they Doubted on Me..n i will surely Take Revenge of it…So Here I m..( Smirks Evilly making Swara Pari Scared )

Soon wid in Seconds b4 Swara n Pari cud React n Understand Adharsh took both Swara n Pari to a Middle of da Market n Strtd Molesting Them infront of Whole Market making Ppl Present thr Shocked n Surprised..

Adharsh : ( Angry n Molests Pari ) U wanted Rights of A Wife Right..den come will Give U ur Wife Rights infront of Whole Market..so dat Nxt Time na u wont be able to Ask Rights of A Wife.. ( Smirks Winningly )

Hearing Adharsh whole Market n Swara n Pari were Shocked n were Standing Speechless while Adharsh Smirks Evilly n Strtd Unbuttoning His Shirt Making Pari n Swara More Scared n Shiver..As Adharsh Removed His Clothes Swara Tired to Save Pari frm Adharsh’s Clutches bt due to Force of A Manly Push of Adharsh Swara Failed n Fell on Ground as A Result Her Clothes of Shoulder got Teared n also Lead to Fall of Her Dupatta frm Her Neck giving A Clear View of Her Cleavages n Bare Shoulders to Adharsh making Swara Numb n Shocked wile Adharsh Stares dem Lustfully..Both Pari n Swara were Shocked seeing Their Respect n Dignity Defamed infront of Whole Market while Adharsh Smirked n Enjoyed seeing Her Shocked Faces n Stared them Lustfully making Swara n Pari Numb n Statue wid Tears Rolled frm their Eyes Continously widout any Limit..

Swara : ( Pleads n Cries Bitterly ) Plzz Adharsh..Leave Us..Y r u bak ot Us ?? N wat will u get by Snatching Our Respect frm Us..Plzz Leave Us..U have alrdy Snatched everything frm Us..Watelse U want ?? Atleast Lets Us Live Our Lifes Peacefully nw..Plzz Leave..U wanted Our House na..U wanted to Defame Us in Our Family’s Eyes na..U did it..nw wat else u want to do wid Us to Take Revenge frm Us.Plzzz Leave Us ( Cries n Begs Adharsh fr Their Dignity n Respect )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly n Comes Closer to Swara’s Visible Neck n Ears making Her Uncomfortable ) ( Husky Voice ) Not Yet Baby..Still i haven’t Satisfied Myself frm Ur Body..I haven’t Entered into Ur Hot Body..I havw told U mny time n m telling U once agn..da More U Try to Run Away frm Me ..The More U will Find Me Closer To U ( Seeing Her Neck )

As Adharsh was Molesting Swara,She was All Shocked n Numb nt Responding to Adharsh’s Words making Him to Smirk n Enjoy Swara’s Helplessness n Shocked Face..While the Whole Shamless Scns were going on infront of Ppl Present thr in Market,No One among them Had Guts to Protest agnst it bt instead were Enjoying
da Shameless Drama of A Man Molesting 2 Ladies who were All Helpless n Weak infront of Manly Adharsh making Him More Happy n Shamlessness..


Precap : Pari Ki Hero Ki Entry ??..


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    Awesome episode as always… Those happy moments at first is the highlighting one.. Loved swara n ram’s father-daughter bonding so much…swasan love is adorable… Pari-sanskar n ram-swara masti was amazing… Loved the family moments to the core…but last part is disguisting…that blo*dy adarsh has crossed all the limits….that beast should be killed brutly..hated that monster…how could he snatch a girl’s dignity…what a disguisting people r those who r present there in the market..instead of saving those girls,they r watching n enjoying it…so emotionless n heartless people.. Will they do the same when their mother or daughter or sister is at that place..so cruel…feeling pity on them…
    Bcoz of this nasty mentality n action of people many of the girls who r going through such conditions r increasing… If one among the people raise his or her voice then others will follow them n stop such cruel act and get that culprit punished..but no one dares to do so unless its abt their matter..this mentality of people should change n should hold each others hand to fight against these evils against women..every women should be given the respect they deserves…

    Precap is interesting.. Hope that new entry as pari’s hero will save them both from that devil before anything bad happen…also ram should do something legally against that monster so as to hurt his daughter… Sanskar, laksh,sahil n rajat should teach that devil a good lesson that he will never ever forget in his life for hurting their beloved one..

    Looking forward for a attack on adarsh for his evil deeds…
    Update next part soon..

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