SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 13 )


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Recap : Swara Accused,RaHil Supporting Pari n Swara,Dadaji Throws Swara Out..



Part 13

The Part Strts wid Swara Thrown Out of Gadodia Mansion by Dadaji n Swara Running like A Mad while Crying Miserably after seeing Adharsh making Her Loved Ones Worried n Scared abt Her..As Swara was Running Kamla who saw it was More Scared n Worried fr Swara n Strtd Crying n Pleading to DP to see Swara b4 She Commits anythings Wrong as Swara is Daughter of His Family to wich DP Rudely Denied n Pushed Kamla n went inside Making Kamla Shattered n Heart Broken..

Kamla : ( Crying ) Plzz Someone Safe My Daughter..I knw She is Shattered Very Badly n m Scared She myt Do something Wrong wid Herself..Plzz Koi bacchao meri Bacchi Ko..Plzz ( Goes towards DP n Pleads on His Leg ) Sahab..Plzz Safe My Daughter. Plzz Sahab..She is ur Daughter of ur Family..Plzz Safe Her Sahab..Plzz ( Cries )

DP : ( Pushes Kamla by His Leg ) Jst Shut Up Kamla.She is nt Daughter of Our Family..Our Relationship wid Her is Broken da Day U Adopted Her..nw She is No More to Us..Let Her Die..atleast Our Family Name will be Saved..So Jst Get Lost frm Here n If U cnt Live widout ur Daughter den Better u also go n Die wid Her..Understood ? ( Rudely n Leaves )

Hearing DP Kamla was Broken into Pieces n Cried Bitterly Thinking abt Her Daughter wen Sanskaar came Forward n Promised Kamla to Bring Swara Bak Safely..

Sanskaar : ( Makes Kamla Stand n Consoled ) Aunty dnt worry..I will Bring ur Daughter Bak Safely..I Promise Nthing will Happen to Her..She will be infront of U Safely..U jst Calm Down.. ( Assures )

Hearing Sanskaar Kamla was Relieved n was Satisfied n Soon Everyone Rushed Behind Swara who was Running Aimlessly widout Realizing whr She is Going While Crying Miserably n Thinking abt Her Life Chngd in Few Hours while Blabbering something Continously in Trauma Swara Reached A Cliff n was abt to Jump wen A 2 Strong Hands Held Her Strongly n Saved Swara frm Falling Down making Swara to Blabber More in Shock..

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Pulls Swara Towards Him n Saves ) SWARA !! Pagaal hogayi ho kya ?? Kya karne jaa rahi thi ?? R u in ur Senses ??

Swara : ( Blabbering in Shock n Stress ) Leave Me Sanskaar..I wanna Die..I dnt have any Reason to Live..M jst A Burden on My Family..M A Bad Sign fr dem..Plzz Leave.. ( Keeps on Blabbering )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked seeing Her State n Tries to Bring Her in Senses ) Sswaaraa..r u Mad ??..Dnt talk Rubbish..U r nt a Burden.Suna Tumne..u r nt a Burden.( Worried )

Swara : ( Blabbers ) No Sanskaar..M A Burden..Didnt u Hear frm Papa n Bade Papa ?? They Clearly Said m A Burden..So let me Die Sanskaar..i dnt wanna be Burden on Anyone..n moreover I saw dat Monster’s Eyes..He is Dying to take Revenge frm Me Sanskaar..if..( Scared ) ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Tries to Calm Swara’s Down ) Swara..Swara..Plzz Listen..Calm Down ..Jst Listen.. ( Intreprupted ).

Swara : ( Keeps Blabbering ) No Sanskaar.. U Listen to Me..dat Monster is Bak of Me till nw..jst nw I saw Him Smiling at Me Evilly..i cnt Loose My Dignity..its better to Die Sanskaar b4 He Kills Me by Snatching My Dignity..So Plzz Let Me Die Sanskaar…I have Destroyed Everyone’s Life..My 3 Brothers Hates Their Family coz of Me..Di’s Married Life is Spoiled coz of Me..So i dnt have Right to Stay in this World .Sanskaar .. i knw u love me bt m nt Good fr U Sanskaar . Dat Monster is Bak of like A Mad..He cn Harm U too..So Plz Sanskaar Leave Me ( Cries Bitterly ) I dnt Deserve to be Alive..Agr ( Sobs Badly ) main Zinda rahi toh only Prblms will be Created in All ur Lifes..Plzz Let Me Die .. ( Cries n Pushed Sanskaar n abt to Jump )

As Swara was abt to Jump in Trauma Sanskaar Immediately Pulled Her Forcefully n Slaps Swara Tightly making others Present thr Shocked n Surprised ..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Swara!!! ( Pulls Swara Towards Him n Slaps ) Wat r u doing ?? Plzz Come in ur Senses Damn it..Who said U r Burden? N wat all Rubbish r u talking ?? Jst coz of Some Ppl u r Hurting ur Loved Ones..Wat Thinking is that ?? Y cnt u be Strong Swara ?? U r indirectly making dat Monster Win by ur this Silly Act..Plzz Swara ( Holds Swara’s Shoulder Concernly ) Be Strong..n y do u think U r Burdem or Unlucky fr us? U r nt at all Burden on Us nor Unlucky..We all r thr wid U Swara.. See ( Points towards Everyone ) Swara..Ur 3 Brothers,Ur Di,Ur Kamla Maa,Ur Best Frnd Ragini all r here wid U..n M Also thr wid U Swara..U jst need to be Strong n Face da Situation Bravely..Rest all we will Manage..Ok ?? ( Shakes Swara ) R u Listening to Me Swara ?? Reply Me !!!

As Sanskaar was Explaining n Consoling Swara Calmly,Swara due to Stress n Tension Faints in Sanskaar’s Arms all of a Sudden Making Sanskaar n Everyone Present thr Shocked n Worried fr Swara..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Swara.. ( Pats Her Cheeks ) Swara..Utho..kya hua tumhe ?? Utho Plzz ( Cries ) M Sorry .I won’t Slap U Agn .Bt u plzz Get Up….Plzz..

Rajat : ( Worried too ) Swara..Utho Shona..See We all r here wid U..Plzz Get Up Dnt Trouble Us like this..Plzz.. ( Almost Cries )

Soon After Trying fr Long Time wen Swara was nt Waking Up,Sanskaar took Her in His Arms Protectively n Rushed to His House Immediately Followed by Others in Very Tensed n Worried Manner..


2 Hours Later

Maheshwari Mansion

Time Passed n its been 2 Hours Swara was still Lying Unconscious in MM in Sanskaar’s Room wid Sanskaar Sitting Beside Her Caressing Her Hairs Concernly while Others including Ram n Sujata Surrounded around Unconscious Swara..As Sanskaar was Caressing Her Hairs Swara Slowly Opened Her Eyes n was Shocked n Scared seeing A New Place n 2 New Ppl Around Her..She Immediately Woke Up n Hugged Sanskaar’s Tightly Hiding Herself in Sanskaar’s Warm n Protective Embrace..

Swara : ( Shocked n Scared ) Sanskaar..Whr m I ?? N … ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Consoled ) Swara .Calm Down..Thr is nthing to Worry..U r at My House n these r My Parents ( Points Ram n Sujata ) Ram Prasad Maheshwari n Sujata Maheshwari..Dnt Worry they knw everything abt U..N they will Support U Swara ..So Dnt Worry..n U n Pari Di n Kamla Maa will Live Here frm Today.. ( Release da Hug n Cups Her Face ) So Be Relax n Tell Me anything Freely..Dnt Need to Hesitate..Its Ur House also..Ok ??

Seeing Sanskaar’s Care towards Her,Swara was Overwhelmed n was Feeling Blessed to get A Life Partner like Sanskaar..She Simply Smiled n Gestures Sanskaar A Thnk U through Her Eyes n Took A Small Nap naking Sanskaar Smile n Adore Her Cute Antics..


Night 10PM

Maheshwari Garden

Its Night n everyone in MM had Slept except Our Swara who was Pacing in Maheshwari Garden outside da Mansion while Talking n Telling Her Thnking n Worriedness to Ragini Widout Realizing A Pair of Eyes were Staring n Listening to Her Talks..

Swara : ( Worried ) I knw Ragini..Sanskaar Loves Me soo Much..n thr is No Bad Intentions in His Love..His Love is Pure n Unconditional..bt Ragini i too have to Think abt Him na ?? I knw He will Protect Me frm dat Monster at any Cost..bt i cnt Put His Life in Danger coz of Me..I too Love Him. .n I dnt want My Love to be in Danger dat too coz of Me..if Adharsh tries to Harm Sanskaar na i wont be able to Forgive Myself ( Cries Silently ) So dats Y u I have taken A Decision..wich will be Good fr Him ( Determined ) .

Ragini : den wat abt U Swara ?? Have u thot abt urself ?? Hw will u be able to Live widout Sanskaar ?? Will u be able to Imagine Ur Life widout Him ??..

Swara : ( Sad n A Tear Fell frm Her Eyes ) Mera kya hai Ragini ?? Ppl alrdy thinks m Impure..n wat if Sanskaar’s Parents thinks da Same ?? Wen My Own Family Hates Me..Hw will His Family Accepts Me ?? They myt Accept fr Sanskaar’s Sake bt nt By Heart..n i dnt want Our Relationship to Strt wid any Hard Feelings inside Uncle n Aunty’s Heart..i want it wid their Blessings.. ( Sighs Sadfully )…

Ragini : Swara..u r thinking too Much..i knw Uncle n Aunty..they r nt Narrow Minded Ppl..They will Surely Understand U..n Will Surely Accept yr Relationship ..Trust Me..( Assures )

Swara : ( Smiles Sadly ) Trust ?? Ragini i Trust U Ragini ..bt cnt Trust My Fate..kya pata My Fate Plays another Dirty Game wen m Happy in My Life ? So dnt want any Happiness in My Life..I dnt have any more Strength or Power to Suffer more Pain n Sorrows..( Weeps Silently )

As SwaRagini were Talking A Pair of Eyes were Seeing n Hearing da Entire Convo of them making Him Emotional n Proud of Swara He Composed Himself n Went Near Swara n Tapped Her Shoulder to Console Her making Swara Shocked n Surprised..


Precap : Adharsh to Moles Swara n Pari in Market ??..


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