SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 12 )

Hello Guyz…M Reall Sorry i knw m nt being Rehul2in Posting My FF as Earlier bt Guyz war to do..till m in India i cnt Help it..i will be Posting wen i Feel I cn…Soo mny Prblms..Anywyz I hope My Readers will Understand Me n My Prblms…Nw Here is da Nxt Part..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


Recap : Adharsh Molest Swara,Sanskaar Save Swara,Swara Insulted n SanLak Support Swara..



Part 12

The Part Strts wid SwaSan Hugging Eachother while Gadodia Ladies n RagLak Admired n Smiled at their Bonding making Adharsh n Gadodia Males Angry..Seeing SwaSan Huggong Eachother Adharsh Strd His Emotional n Evil Drama Agn n Strtd Defaming Swara Yet Agn..

Adharsh : ( Acts ) See Papa..Even after all these Drama hw Shamlessly this Girl is Romancing wid Her Boy Frnd infront of Us ? Chii !!

Dadi : ( Angry n Feeling Disgust ) Chii..Kuch toh Sharam kar Chori…Itna sab kuch hone ke bawajud bhi tu yaha apne Aashiq ke saath Chipak Chipak ke Galw milrahi hai ?? Behaya..Karamjali…jaa marjaa..behter hoga hum sab ke liye..Kalmuhi… ( Keeps On Taunting Swara Badly ).

As Dadi was Scolding n Taunting Swara Badly,SanLak Hearing it was Angry n was abt to Defend Swara bt wen they Heard Another Strong Yet Weak Voice frm Behind Supporting Swara along wid Fuming in Anger..

Pari : ( Angry ) Bas Dadi..Enough !! Bahut ho chuka aapka aur aapke Ghar ke Mardo ka Aatyachaar..Thr is a Limit to Everything…n Today U all have Crossed all da Limits..

Shekhar : ( Angry ) Pari !! Hw dare u Speak in b/w ?? Did u Forget ur Limits? ?

Pari : ( Sarcastically ) Limits ?? Hw cn i Forget My Limits Chote Papa wich u all were Showing to Me..all these Time i was Quite coz i was Unaware of the Truth of My Life … ( Goes Near Swara ) Bt Today i came to knw dat I have A Small Sister too..n dat too She was infront of My Eyes since Childhood n I was Unaware abt it..U all r srsly Worst than Animal..Atleast Animals r much better dan u All..Today Wen My ( Sees Adharsh Disgusting Way ) So Called Husband was Molesting n Forcing My Sister i cud nt Control..maine jo saha i wud nt want anyother Girl to Suffer.n Wen its My Sister toh i wud never want that..Accha hua i was Passing by Adharsh’s Private Room n I heard Everything..n i came to knw da Truth..Shame On U Ppl..U all r nt Suitable to Call as Family. .Shame on U Ppl..

Hearing n Seeing Pari in Strong n Bold Avatar The Entire Gadodia Family along wid Adharsh n other Presnt there was Shocked n was Surprised seeing it..Adharsh’s n Gadodia Men were Fuming in Anger as Pari Continued Her Frustrationfull Speech on Gadodia Males making dem more Angry n Frustrated.

Dadaji : ( Angry ) Bas Pari..Stop ur Nonsense..Enough..nt A Single Word nw..lagta u Forgot ur Limits..need to Remind U ur Limits..isnt it Pari ??

Pari : No Dadaji..i did nt Forget My Limits..i knw My Limits Very Well bt it was Past Dadaji..frm nw i wont Even Suffer A Single Torture or Pain frm U All..U all think ki Ur So Called Son in Law is Very Good n will Never do anything Wrong na..den let me Tell U His True Face to all of U ( Sees Adharsh Disgustingly ) abt ur Fav Son in Law..He used to Force Himself on Me Every Night..n den used to Black mail Me nt to tell da Truth to U All otherwise He will Kill Someone frm My Family..n nw He Blackmailed My Sister to Sleep wid Him..Chii..Shame on U Adharsh..

Hearing da Blame on Himself,Adharsh immediately agn Strtd His Drama n Blamed Pari Bak making Everyone ( Gadodia Males ) more Angry n Rude Towards Swara n Pari…

Adharsh : No..Papa..This Pari is also a Lier..Y wud I Force Myself on My Own Wife n Blackmail Her..She is also Teamed Up with this Cheap Girl to Defame Me..Plzz Papa n Chote Papa dnt Listen to these Girls..its all a Plan agnst Me..Trust Me Papa..U knw na i wont do anything like this .. ( Makes An Innocent Face )

Pari : ( Angry n Holds Adharsh’sCollar Angrily ) Jst Shut Up Adharsh..Hw mny Lies will u Tell? ? Didnt U Force Me everything Night ?? Didnt u Black mailed Me ?? N wen Ur Eyes Fell on Swara U Strtd to Force urself on Her too ? Dnt u have Shame ?? U were Spoiling My Life n along wid Me u were Spoiling da Life of My Innocent Sister too..See wat have u Done to Her..Meri Zindagi toh Barbaad kardi bt at least Meri Maasum si Behen ki Zindagi toh chod dete..She is Jst of A Small Age..She has nt even seen a Bit of World n u Made Her Life Hell …She is A Lifeless Body nw jst coz of U..Shame on U..U r Worst than An Animal ..Chii..

As Pari was Scolding Adharsh n Other Gadodia Men 2 Ppl who were Retunring frm College Heard n saw the Entire Scn going on Inside Gadodia Mansion were Shocked n Stood there Numb wich was Unnoticed by Others while da Drama inside was Still going On making den da 2 Ppl more Shocked n Surprised..

DP : Dnt Worry Adharsh Beta..We knw U Very Well..U wont do anything Cheap..So Dnt Worry..n m Sure these ( Sees Pari n Swara ) Cheap Girls myt only have Plannes agnst U to Defame U.. ( To Swara ) Arrey U Cheap Girl..See wat have u Done?? U have Separated A Happy Couple jst fr ur Desire to be Rich..Dnt u have Shame ?? Even after doing n seeing all these u r still Here..Shame on U Girl..( To Pari ) n u Pari..dnt Forget ur Limits..U knw U r nt more dan A Servant of these House..So dnt Interfere in Our Matters..n wat ever ur Husband myt do wid U its His Right..After all U r His Wife n He is ur Husband..so Its nt Called as Forcing..its Called as Right of a Husband ..Samjhi ?? Nw Jst Get Lost n Do ur Wrk.. ( Angry )

Shekhar : ( Rudely ) Bhaisa..thr is No use to say anything to These Cheap Girls..They r Gone frm Hands nw..Isse accha hota ki hum uss din 20 Saal pehle hi Iss Swara ko Zinda Dafan kardete n saath main iss Pari ko bhi kardete..toh aaj hume yeh Din dekhna nhi padhta.

DP : ( Smirks Evilly n Angrily ) Dnt Worry Shekhar..Jo uss din nhi karsake we cn do it nw.. ( Takes Out His Gun Points towards Swara First ) We cn Kill This Cheap Girl nw..n den this Pari..

Hearing DPs Words SwaSan,RagLak n along wid Pari were Shocked n Scared..Swara was Hell Scared n Hided Herself Behind Sanskaar n Holded His Hands Tightly n Closed Her Eyes in Fear while Crying Miserably in Fear…As SwaSan n Frnds ( RagLak n Pari ) were alrdy Shocked they were Even More Shocked Hearing Dadaji Giving Permission to DP..

Dadaji : ( Agrees ) Yes Durga..u r ryt..Kill them ryt nw..n end this Drama asap..

As Dadaji gave Permission,DP Points the Gun Towards Swara n was abt to Shoot 2 Ppl who were Watchings da Full Scn was Shocked n was seeing da New n A Bold Avatar of Gadodia Family n seeing da Gun was abt to Trigger they immediately came n Stopped DP to Shoot making Everyone Shocked..

Rajat : ( Stops DP ) Stop Papa..Wat were U going to do ?? ( Angry ) U were abt to Kill Our Sisters ?? Srsly ?? Hw cn U ?? They r ur Daughters..ryt ??

Sahil : n hw dare u all Hided we have another Sister too ?? N dat too She is Swara only ?? N hw cn u all Marry Pari Di to such A Beast ?? Thnk God we came Early frm College Today..warna hume Puri Sacchai nhi pata chalti ..

Rajat : ( To Pari ) Di..is it True ki Adharsh Jiju used to Force U ?? See dnt be Scared ..We r thr wid U..jst tell everything Clearly..Plzz..

Sahil : Yes Di..we knw we r nt soo Close to eachother..bt still the Truth is We r Brother n Sister..n No Matter hw much Differences any Bro n Sis has b/w them at the Time of Need they r Alwyz together..so Plzz Tell Us Everything Clearly…

Hearing Her Brothers Consoling Words Pari Broke Down n Hugged RaHil ( Rajat n SaHil ) Tightly n Cried Out Full Heartedly letting Out Her Whole Pain n Sufferings She Suffered in all these Yrs coz of Her Family n Husband making RaHil Shocked n Numb..

Rajat : ( Angry n Cups Pari’s Face ) Ssshh..Calm Down Di ( Wipes Her Tears ) Dnt Worry We r Hear nw.. n nw No One will Ever Try to Harm U..

Sahil : Yes Di..till nw we were Unaware of the Truth..bt nw we came to knw da Truth of Our Family..( To DP Angrily ) Papa..hw cn u ?? Hw cn u Hide such a Big Thing frm Us ?? U alwyz Brain Washed Us agnst Our Pari Di n other Girls..We also Misbehaved wid Our Youngest Sister Unknowingly..n Hurted Her alot..Hw cn U Hide Swara is Our Sister ?? Do U knw hw much we used to Humiliate Swara infront of Whole College? ? I wonder hw Bad she used to Feel ??

Rajat : ( Angry too ) I m feeling Disgust on U all Papa..N Ashamed of Being A Part of this Gadodia Family.. ( To Swara ) M Sorry Swara..we have Misbehaved wid U soo Badly every Time.We r Extremely Sorry..Plzz Forgive Us..n Dnt Worry..Jst Like We Promised Di to Protect Her..We Will Protect U too..No One will Harm U nw..

As RaHil Consoled Swara,Swara too Hugged Her 2 Brothers Tightly n Cried Bitterly Letting Her All Pain Out Making Gadodia Family More Angry n Frustrated..

Sahil : ( Release the Hug n Kisses Swara’s Forehead ) Ssshh..Stop Crying My Sis..Nw u have 3 Brotuers wid U..n We Promise.We 3 Will Protect Our 2 Sisters till End of Our Life..All ur Tensions r Ours..Ok ??

Rajat : Yes Swara..We r Really Sorry we were nt thr da Moment wen dis ( Sees Adharsh Disgustingly) Monster was Molesting n Forcing U..We shud have Protected U dat Time..bt Nw as We r wid U..We will Surely Protect U..dnt Worry..

Laksh : ( Smiles ) Yes Swara..We 3 Brothers r thr na fr U n Pari Di..Dnt Worry .As said by Rajat n Sahil We r alwyz thr fr U both till End Of Our Lives..

Hearing The Three Bothers Both Pari n Swara got Emotional n Hugged the Trio Tightly n Cried their Heart Out making Dadaji Angry n Frustrated..

Dadaji : ( Angry ) See..I knew it jis din yeh Manhus Ladki ( Points Swara ) aayegi Ghar pe She will Brk all the Relationships n will Destroy Everything..n same thing happened..Today She Entered Our House n Our 3 Sons r Agnst Us..they r all Agnst Us fr these Cheap Girls who r jst Burden on Us..Arrey kya khake Janam liya tha tumne Manhus ki u Destroyed Our House .. ( Keeps on Accusing Swara Very Badly ) Jaa Nikal Jaa Ghar se.. ( Holds Swara’s Hands Tightly n Drags Her Out of The House ) U dnt Deserve to Stay in Our House..U Snatched Our Sons frm Us..So Get Lost n Never Show ur Face to Us.. (.Throws Swara on Ground Out of Mansion Gate )

As Dadaji was Dragging Swara Outside da House Holding Her Very Tightly Swara was Crying in Pain n was Pleading Dadaji Continously making SanLak RaHil n PaRag ( Pari n Ragini ) Shocked While Adharsh who was Seeing it all was Smirking n Smiling Evilly at His Win Silently..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) ( Monogue ) Dekha Baby..I said U na..U have to Bear ds Consequences of Messing Up wid Me..See u r Facing it..Kash u wud have Listened to Me n wud have Satisfied Me Earlier den yeh sab nhi hota..M Sorry Baby..i had to it to Teach u a Lesson..n i have Done it..Best of Luck fr yr Future Baby.. ( Smirks Evilly Evilly ) as this is nt da End Baby..u n ur Sister along wid ur Frnds have to Suffer More..this is jst da Strting of Ur Bad Phase My Hotty..Adharsh Mehta will make Sure Ur Life is nt Less dan Hell.. ( Smiles Evilly n Lustfully n Winks Swara Lustfully n Winningly )

As Adharsh Winks at Swara,Swara on seeing it Brks Down More n Remembers all da Recent Incidents n Bad Things Happened wid Her frm Strting to End like Adharsh’s Molestation,Family Taunts etc n Brks Down Miserably Runs frm thr while Crying Miserably making Her Loved Once Shocked n Worried fr Her..


Precap : Swara to Sucide ??


Done wid another Part..Hope U Will Like it.i knw thr is No SwaSam Scns in it n U Myt Feel Bore wid this Part..bt Dnt Worry SwaSan Scns r Coming Up Soon n This Emotional Part was Very Much Needed to Move da Story Ahead..So Hope U will Understand Besides dat I Wrote this Part wid Much Difficulties n Problems as m In India…So Silent Readers Kindly Comment Guyz..It will Motivate Me to Write More n More…Waiting for All ur Comments Guyz :).

#Goldie Here is da Link of My All Previous Parts of #MyDestinyHisLove…Do Read It 🙂 or Jst Type “SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love” in Search Box..U will get it :).


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