SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 11 )

Hello Guyz..Finally Bak wid Another Part of #MyDestinyHisLove..Hope u will Like it :). .


Recap : Adharsh Evil Plan in Action,Swara’s Past revealed n Swara Helpless..



Part 11

The Part Strts wid Adharsh On Top of Swara Completely n Teasing n Kissing Her Bare Shoulders Hungrily while Smelling Her Fragrancefull Hairs making Swara Uncomfortable n Disgust wid Only Tears of Helplessness Flowing frm Her Eyes..As Adharsh was Teasing Swara,The Trio ( SanLakRag ) who Heard da Entire Truth frm Swara n Adharsh were Shocked..They were also Fuming in Anger seeing Adharsh Forcing Swara n making Her Helpless to Loose Her Dignity n Everything..

Swara : ( Cries Bitterly n Pleads ) Plzz Leave Me..Y r U Bak of Me ?? I jst cnt give u want u want..plzz Leave Me..U cn Kill Me if U Want fr Nt Satisfying U bt Plzz Leave My Bhai n Pari Di..n I cnt give U wat u want.I cnt Loose My Dignity..Plzz Leave Me ( Cries Bitterly ) Plz.Its Better to Die rather than to Loose My Dignity ( Crying n Pushing Adharsh bt in Vain )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Ohh No Baby..itni Mehnat maine khali aisi hi nhi ki to Leave U widout Satisfying Myself..First Let Me Satisfy Myself wid U den I Myself will Kill U..Ok ?? ( Smiles Evilly n Dugs Himself Agn in Swara’s Neck ) Nw Let Me Plzz Complete My Wrk..Dnt Disturb Me Baby..( Sees Lustfully )

Seeing Swara Pleading n Helpless towards Adharsh, The Trio I.e Sanskaar,Ragini n Laksh were Fuming in Anger n Wanted to Kill Adharsh..As Adharsh was Teasing Swara,Sanskaar who was Watching His Swara’s Helplessness Lost His Control n Stormed into Room making Adharsh Shocked while Swara was Happy n Crying Happily seeing Sanskaar..

Sanskaar : ( Angry n Stormed into Room ) Adharsh…Stop It..Leave Swara Right Nw..

Adharsh who was Fully Naked n was On Half Naked Swara was Shocked n Surprised seeing Sanskar inside His Room Fuming in Anger..While Adharsh’s was Shocked seeing Sanskaar in His Room,He Recieved another Shock as Swara had Pushed Adharsh in Force n Ran towards Sanskaar n Hugged Him Tightly n Tried to Cover Herself in Sanskaar’s Embrace n Cried Bitterly while Sanskaar Caressed Swara’s Hairs n Consoled Her wid All Patience n Care..

Swara : ( Sees Sanskaar n Smiles Cryingly n Jerked Adharsh n Ran towards Sanskaar n Hugged Him Tightly ) Ssanskaarr! M Sorry..bt Plzz Safe Me..i dnt wanna Loose My Dignity..Plzzz Safe Me Sanskaar..Plzzz ( Cries Bitterly n Tightens Her Hug )

Sanskaar : ( Calms Swara Down ) Sshh… ( Caresses Swara’s Hairs ) Swara..I came na..Relax..No One will Harm or even Touch U..Jst Calm Down n No Need to be Sorry coz I knw Y u did it..so jst Relax.. (.Release da Hug n Cups Her Face ) U Trust Me na..

Swara : ( Still Crying ) Ya..More dan Myself..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles n Immediately Removes His Blazer n Wraps Half Naked Swara Fully ) then Calm Down..Ok ??

As Sanskaar was Consoling n Pacifying Swara,RagLak Come there n Seeing Ragini n Laksh Coming Inside Sanskaar Fully Covered Swara Agn n Handed Her to Ragini whereas Sanskaar in Anger after Handing Swara to Ragini goes towards Adharsh n Strtd Beating Him White n Blue..Soon Laksh too Joins Sanskaar n Beated Adharsh More Hardly Showing all their Frustrations n Anger on Adharsh..

Sanskaar : ( Hands Swara to Ragini m goes towards Adharsh Angrily ) Uu.. ( Holds Adharsh’s Collar Angrily ) Hw dare U Touch My Swara ?? Hw ?? ( Beats Adharsh Hardly ) U took advantage of Her Helplessness n Her Innocence..U r gonna Pay fr It..( Hits More Hardly )..

Soon Laksh too Joins n Strts Beating Adharsh Ruthlessly making Adharsh Bleeding n Weak..

Laksh : ( Angry n Hits Adharsh ) Till Nw i was Quite on all ur Bad Deeds wich U did wid My Pari Di bt nw U Tried to Harm Swara too..Hw dare U Force My Both da Sisters..Do u knw hw much they Suffered coz of U n Ur Nonsense Lust.. ( Hits Ruthlessly )

Soon Adharsh after getting Beaten Up by Both Sanskaar n Laksh Fainted wid Blood Oozing frm His Mouth n Teeth making SanLak More Angry as they wanted to Beat More n More to Adharsh fr His Bad Deeds..As Adharsh Fainted SanLak saw Swara who was Still Crying Bitterly Holding Ragini while She Kept Consoling Swara n Hugged Her Tightly n Kept Caressing Her Bak in Concern n Care..

Ragini : ( Consoles Swara n Caresses Her Bak ) Its Ok Swara..Calm Down..Nthing Happened U r Absolutely Fine..

Swara : ( Crying Miserably ) No Ragini..its nt Fine ( Sobbing ) I was abt to Loose My Everything in My Foolishness..i also Behaved Very Wrong wid Sanskaar..I m Guilty fr it..( Cries while Hugging Ragini ) i know He myt have Felt Bad n wat all He myt be Thinking abt Me..bt Ragini i was Helpless..agr main uss Waqt Adharsh ki baath nhi manti toh He wud have Killed Pari Di n wud Have Framed Bhai in Murder of Pari Di..

Ragini : ( Sees SanLak Signalling Her to Let Swara Tell da Full Truth Once Agn ) Pari Di ?? ( Acts . Confused )

Swara : ( Release da Hug n Wipes Her Tears ) Yes..Pari Di is My Cousin..Adharsh told Me m ( Tells Everything ) U dnt Knw Ragini hw Happy i Felt knwing Bhai is My Real Bhai..i mean i alwyz Wanted A Brother like Bhai to be My Real Brother..n nw wen i came to knw dat The Person to whom i Treat More dan A Real Brother is Actually My Real Brother i was Soo Happy bt after Listening to Adharsh’s Blackmailing i was Totally Blank n He also Blackmailed Me abt Sanskaar’s Life too..i was really Scared Ragini..I cnt Loose 3 Imp Ppl of My Life at same time..i never Told My Feelings abt Sanskaar to anyone bt I Really Love Sanskaar Ragini..i was feeling Scared ki wat if He Denies Me after Knwing da Truth..I was Fearing wat if Sanskaar too Turns like Adharsh..I was really Scared Ragini..(.Cries Bitterly )

Hearing Swara’s Pain both Sanskaar n Laksh were Emotional n Hugged Her Immediately Consoling n Pacifying Swara to Come Out of the Trauma She Suffered Frm..They Promised n Oath to Swara fr Her Protection n to Stand wid Her in any time of Prblms n Troubles..Hearing SanLak Swara was Overwhelmed n She too Hugged dem Bak n Cried Bitterly thinking abt the Recent Incident She Suffered From n Soon da The Trio i.e SanLakRag along wid Swara Set Off to Home Consoling n Pacifying Swara to Move On..


Gadodia Mansion

Time Passed n its been 1 Hour since SanLakRag along wid Swara Left fr Gadodia Mansion n As they Reached they were Shocked to see Adharsh Alrdy Present thr n all Other Family Members Waiting fr Swara in Most Dangerous n Angry Look making Swara More Scared n Frightened..

Dadi : ( Angry n Sees Swara ) Aagayi Behsharam..Kalmuhi..U Proved Girls Like U Poor r alwyz Cheap n Shameless.. ( Goes Near Swara n Slaps Her Tightly ) Hw dare U Seduce Our Son in Law Haa ?? Dnt U have Shame fr Keeping an Bad Eye on A Married Man n dat too Who is Really Rich frm U ?? ( Keeps on Accusing Swara )

Hearing Dadi the 4 of them were Shocked n Surprised..As Everyone was Shocked on Dadi’s Behaviour The One who was Much More Shocked n Speechless was None other dan Swara..She was Totally Blank on Hearing such an Worse Accusement on Her..She was Taken Aback n Tears Flowed frm Her Eyes Continously making Her More Weak n Stressed Out..

Swara : ( Crying Miserably ) Daaddii..wat r u telling ?? Maaiinne aisa kuch nhi kiya..Plzz Trust Me..Plzz. ( Pleads ) ( Points towards Adharsh ) Hee Tried to Force Me..pllzz Trust Me..Plzz.. ( Cries n Pleads )

Adharsh : ( Acts Innocently ) No Dadi..She is Lying…Y wud I Try to Force Her ?? Wen m Alrdy Married..n Besides dat I have No Interest in Cheap Girls who r bak of Every Boys..She is Characterless Dadi..I have Proofs to Prove Her Characterless n as well as She Forced Me to have Physical Relationship wid Her..I cn Prove U ( Makes Innocent Faces )

Shekhar : ( Angry ) wich Proves ??

Hearing Adharsh n Seeing His Acting SwaSan n RagLak were Shocked n Speechless..Tney were Totally Out of Words n were Standing Like A Statue while Adharsh Showed dem da Proofs to show Swara Characterless..

Adharsh : ( Shows da Video ) See Dadi..,Chote Papa..hw dis Girl is Shamelessly Drooling Over Sanskaar in Wet State..see hw Close She is to Him..Chii..i m feeling Shame on Myself fr Appointing Her as Our Maid..Thnk God i was Passing by the Lake Side n saw these Shameless Scns n took Video to Prove Her Shamlessness..I was Shocked seeing da Innocent Girl in such Avatar..i was Blank…i even dnt have Words to say..Chii..

Swara who was Watchings all these was Shocked n Lifeless wid Tears Continously Flowing frm Her Eyes Hearing da Most Worst Accusation on Her..She was Crying Miserably n Pleading Everyone Present thr to Believe Her bt All Went in Vain..

Swara : ( Crying Miserably ) No..Plzz.dnt Listen to Him…He is Lying.Its nt Like that as it seen in da Pic..We were Jst ( Realized dat She cnt tell they were Having Fun n Stops in b/w )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Jst Wat Haa ?? Having Fun ryt.??.is this da Fun in ur Youth..to Drool Over Stranger n to Stay Soo Close to Him jn A Drenched State..Tell Me ??

Sanskaar who was Listenjng to all these was Out of Control n Stormed towards Adharsh n Strtd Beating Him Agn making Gadodia Family Shocked.

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Uuu Shamless..Hw much Stoop will U Go to Prove Ur Lust as True ?. Dnt U have Shame fr Spoiling An Innocent Girl’s Life ?? Have some Shame Adharsh..Plzz For God Sake…U have Alrdy Spoiled Swara’s Life Half by Ur Lust n Molestation nw atleast dnt Defame Her in Front of Her Whole Family.. ( Beats Adharsh Once Agn Hardly )

Seeing Sanskaar Beating Adharsh Ruthlessly Laksh Comes infront n Stops Him to Commit any Crime in Anger..

Laksh : ( Stops Sanskaar ) Sanskaar..Plzz Leave Him..Dnt make Ur Hands Dirty by Beating Him..Police will See Him..Come Lets go to Police Station n File A F.I.R on His Name Fr Molesting n to Blackmail An Innocent Girl..

Sanskaar : Bt Laksh..i cnt Leave Him On Police’s Trust..He has Tortured My Swara like Hell..See ( Points towards Lifeless n Crying Swara ) look at Swara wat Condition this ( Holds Adharsh’s Collar Angrily ) Beast has Made of Her..She is Lifeless Laksh jst coz of this Jerk..n u r telling Me to Leave Him fr Police ??

Laksh : ( Calm ) Yes..m telling U..coz wen Swara will come in Hee Senses na She will nt feel Good coz of Her U did Something Wrong..n besides dat Swara Needs A True Life Partner to Motivate n to Console Her..if u r only in Anger n Loose ur Temper den who will Support Swara ?? She needs u da Most nw..so Plzz.Calm Down n Think Cleverly..its nt a Time to be in Action..

As Laksh was Consoling Sanskaar,Adharsh Strtd His Drama agn n Made All da Gadodia Men towards His Side n Proved Swara Characterless Yet Agn bt . Showing da Half Video whr Swara Herself to be wid Adharsh wen Sanskaar came to Rescue Her at First Time..Seeing Adharsh’s Cleverness n Smartness Both SanLak n SwaRagini were Shocked while Gadodia Men were Really Angry n Feeling Disgust on Swara n Her Up N Upbringing..

Shekhar : ( Rudely ) Chii..Kamla..is this da Valued u thot to ur Daughter ?? 20 Yrs Ago u Promised U will Take Care of Her Properly..is this da way u took Care of Ur Daughter ?? Chii..

Dada : That’s Y i say Girls r alwyz Burden on Us..All they cn do is only Low Our Family’s Name n Reputation..Thnk God 20 Yrs Ago we got Free frm this Cheap Girl warna Today She wud Have Put Our Reputation on Stake by Her Cheap Deeds..

Dadi : Yes Ji..The Day She was Born i felt She will One Day do such Cheap things n see nw She did it n dat too wid 2 Rich Men..One Side Her College Frnd who is Rich n other side Her Jija who is Rich as well..Such Cheap Girls only knws to Drool Over Rich Ppl fr Money n at End Put Blame on Boys. Girls r alwyz Useless n alwyz Put Family Name at Stake..Shame On such ( To Swara ) Girls..Jaa Chullu bhar Paani main Dub ( Mar..Besharam..Behaiya.. ( Keeps On Taunting Awara Very Badly making Swara Lifeless n Numb )

Hearing to Everyone’s Taunts on Swara, Both Sanskaar n Laksh Lost His Control n Bursted Out His Anger on Everyone Making Gadodia Family More Angry n Frustrated..

Sanskaar : ( Hell Angry ) Stop It..R u ppl even Called as Family? Wich Family Defames their Own Daughter dis Much ?? Firstly U tried to Burry Her Alive in Sand den U Guyz Made Her Servant of Her Own House n nw Taunting Her like She has Committed some Crime being A Girl..Srsly Man ..cnt still Believe in Todyz Generation still Ppl Like U all r thr who Thinks Girls r Burden..U all r telling Swara as Shamless bt in Reality U all shud be Shamefull fr da Deeds u all have Committed…

Laksh : ( Angry too ) Hw cn U All Treat Daughters of Our Own Family such Ruthlessly? ? First Pari Di n nw Swara ?? Swara ke saath toh u all Behaved soo Badly..do u even have an Idea frm hw much Pain n Torture Swara n Pari Di was going through coz of ( Points Adharsh ) this Monster ?? He did nt Even Loose A Single Chance to Satisfy His Lust every nyt wid Pari Di..n on dat His Eyes Fell on ( Goes towards Swara n Holds Her Shoulder Concernly ) My Shona..Who is Jst 20 n was Enjoying Her College Life Freely bt da Day She was Caught in this Lusty Man’s Eyes She Forgot to Live..n still U all r Supporting this Lusty Man..Y did U all Hide Swara is My Sister ?? She is also Part of Our Gadodia Family..Y ?? Jst tell Me Damn It..

Shekhar: ( Angry ) Yes We Hided the Truth this Cheap Girl is ur Sister coz we dnt wanted Another Burden on Us..We alrdy had One Burden in Home n dnt wanted Another One so we were Burry Her bt dat Time Kamla came n Adopted Her..since dat Day We Broke All Our Relationship wid dis Cheap Girl..n We r Thnkful fr it warna at this Nick Time of Elections Our Reputation wud have been on Stake..

Laksh : ( Feels Disgust ) Chii Baba..nw also u r thinking abt ur Elections n Reputation ?? Hw Shameless u r ? Cnt u See Ur Own Daughter is in Trauma n Needs Father’s Love ?? Cnt u see She is Like a Lifeless Body? ? N Instead of Supporting Her u r Supporting this Shamesless n Lusty Son in Law ??

DP : ( Angry ) Shut Up Laksh..dnt Forget to whom u r talking is Ur Father. .dnt u have Manners to talk wid Ur Baba ??

Laksh : ( Laughs Sarcastically ) Baba ?? N that too . Shekhar Gadodia? ? Very Funny Bade Papa..Srsly ?? U Call Ur Brother as A Father who even cnt see da Pain n Sorrow of His Own Daughter who is Standing ryt infront of His Own Eyes Like A Statue. .Arrey nt only He bt U r also nt Suitable to Call as A Father.Jo Insaam apni Beti ko Pyaar nhi desaka wat Love He wud give to His Son..Ppl say Daughters r Very Close to their Farthers bt Here both My Sisters r Unaware of Their Respective Father’s Love. .One even being in Home is Away frm Father’s Love n another One is Completely Away frm this..i feel Ashamed of Being A Part of Such Cheap Family..My Swara n Pari Di r nt Cheap bt U all r Cheap infact More dan Cheap..

Hearing Laksh n His Harsh Words the Gadodia Ladies who were Crying Miserably Felt Little Good n Relieved seeing Atleast One of the Family Member is wid their Youngest Daughter n wud Support Her at any Cost..

Laksh : Anywyz..Nw i came to knw na Swara is My Real Sister nw i will take care n will Protect Her Even More frm all da Evil Eyes n will nt Let anyone Harm Her at Ny cost..

Sanskaar : N nw m also thr wid My Swara..No one will be able to Harm Her nw.. ( Determined )

As SanLak Supported Swara,She was Overwhelmed bt still was in A State of Shock whereas Adharsh who Created all these Big Mess was Smiling n Smirking Winningly at His Win..Seeing Adharsh Smirking Winningly Sanskaar n Laksh was abt to Beat Him Once Agn bt Ragini Stopped them frm Creating Even Big Scns as She Understood Adharsh wanted to Provoke them to Create Even Big Scns n Drama n Hence SanLak kept Quite n Calmed themselves n Supported n Consoled Swara as much as they cud making Gadodia Ladies Happy n Relieved Silently n Secretly..

Sanskaar : ( Consoles Swara ) Swara..Never Blame Urself fr all these..Its nt ur Fault Ok ?? Jiski Fault ( Sees Adharsh Angrily ) I will Make Sure He gets Punished Severely..n Remember No Matter wat I will alwyz Love U..Fr Mw Ur Physical Appearance is nt Imp bt Ur Inner Innocence n Ur Pure Heart is Imp…Do u get it ??

Swara : ( Overwhelmed n Hugs Sanskaar Tightly ) Thnk U..Love U too..M Sorry fr Behavkng Rude wid U..bt main kya karrr. ( Intreprupted )

Sanskaar : ( Places His Finger on Swara’s Lips ) Sshh..Its Ok..I Understand..No need to be Sorry..wats Imp fr Me is U r Safe..aur bas kuch bhi nhi.. ( Hugs Concernly n Lovingly ) Nw Calm Down..I dnt Like this Rotu si Swara..So Plzz Smile ( Consoles Swara )

Seeing Sanskaar’s Love towards Swara,Laksh n other Ragini along wid Kamla were Relieved n Smiled at SwaSan’s Bond n Understanding making Adharsh Angry n Frustrated..


Precap : Swars Thrown Out of House…


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