SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 10 )

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Recap : SwaSan n Frnds Village Trip
,Masti,SwaSan Romance n Adharsh seeing SwaSan in Romantic Pose..



Part 10

The Part Strts wid Sanskaar Pacing inside His Room In Tension n Thinkjng abt Swara..As He was Pacing in His Room in Tension Ragini n Laksh Comes thr to Surprise Swara abt Laksh’s Arrival bt seeing Sanskaar Pacing in His Room Both Ragini n Laksh went Near Him n Asked abt His Prblm n on Seeing Ragini n Laksh Sanskaar Immediately told wat all happened n abt His Bad Feelings..Hearing to Sanskaar Laksh n Ragini were Shocked n Stood there on their Places Like A Statue wid Tension n Worries Clearly Shown on their Faces Making Sanskaar More Scared n Worried..

Sanskaar : ( Tells Everything ) Pata nhj Laksh..jabse i have sent Swara wid dat Man i m feeling Uncomfortable n Uneasy Thinkjng abt Swara..

Laksh : ( Angry n Holds Sanskaar’s Collar in Anger ) Sanskaar..Hw cn U be Soo Careless ? Do u have any Idea kya kiya hai tumne ?? I gave My Swara’s Responsibility to U bt U have Sent My Sister wid da Man frm Whom u have to Protect Her.. ( Leaves Sanskaar’s Collar in A Jerk ) Hw cn U Sanskaar ?? U Knew His Name na bt still u Committed Such a Big Mistske.. Abb pata nhi kaisi hogi Meri Behen wid dat Monster..I jst Hope She is Fine.. ( Worried )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Monster ? ( Realized ) Ohh God Laksh..Do u mean Ki dat Man who took Swara is da Same Adharsh who is bak of Swara’s Body? ? ( Shocked )

Laksh : ( Angry ) Yes..Sanskaar.He is da Same Man who is Bak of Swara n wants to Satisfy His Inner Satisfaction..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Sits in A Thud ).Damn..Hw cn i be soo Careless Yaar..My Heart was telling thr is something Wrong in dat Man bt still i Ignored it ( Hits His Hands on A Table in Anger ) Damn It..hw cn I ??

Seeing SanLak in Tension Ragini too got Tensed n was Worried fr Swara bt at the same Time Ragini Somwhow Composed Herself n Consoled n Motivated SanLak to Find Swara Together as Swara Needs them n Fogjting n Blaming Eachother will nt Help them to Find Swara..Listening to Ragini’s Talks both Sanskaar n Laksh along wid Ragini Rushed Outside n Strtd Searching fr Swara in all da Possible Places they cn..While Searching Sanskaar’s Mind Immediately Striked something wich Made Him Even More Shocked n Numb..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Omg !! Hw cn i Forgerlt abt this ?? He is da Same Person who… ( Intreprupted )

Ragini : ( Consoles ) Kya hua ?? N abt whom u r talking ??

Sanskaar : ( To Laksh ) Laksh..Nw m Even More Worried fr Swara..Coz nw i remember whr i saw Adharsh..i saw him in Many Political Parties in Intimacy Position widany Girls..n haa He is da Same Man abt whom I heard He Killed A Girl coz She was Telling Him To Marry Her n to Avoid Marriage frm dat Girl Adharsh Killed dat Girl..i dnt knw hw much True it is bt Still if its True den Swara… ( Intreprupted )

Laksh : ( Shocked ) It Means Swara is in Even More Big Trouble As We Think..

Sanskaar : Yes..n Nw We shud Hurry Up..After Coming to knw abt Adharsh We cnt be Slow.. ( Worried )

Ragini : Yes..We cnt..

Soon The Trio Set Off to Search fr Swara in Very Tensed n Worried Manner…


Private Room

Its been A Almost Half n Hour Adharsh Brought Swara to His Private Room bt still He was Unable to Get wat He wanted frm Swara bt instead of Being Irritated n Frustrated Adharsh was Seen All Relaxed n Drinking A Wine wid An Evil Smirk on His Face where as Swara was seen Shocked n Numb n was Sitting on Bed in A Shock State making Adharsh to Smile Evilly n Lustfully..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Wat Happened Baby ?? Y u r soo Shocked Listening to Me ?? Wat i Told was Truth na..U shud be Happy na..bt u looked Shocked n Surprised Listening to Me.. ( Gets Up frk Bar Counter n Comes Closer to Swara n Holds Her Waist Sensuously )..N ur Time fr Thinking is Over So Nw Come On..Stop being soo Shocked n Surprised.i knw ur Answer is Yes as U cnt Let ur Sister n Brother get Harmed.So Give Me Wat I Want n I Promise i will nt Harm anyone Nor Ir Sister nor Ur Brother.. ( Turns Swara towards Him n Leans towards Her Milky Neck while Swara Closed Her Eyes in Disgust n Helplessness )

As Adharsh was abt to Capture Swara’s Neck, He Heard A Loud Bang on His Door making Him Shocked..

Adharsh : ( Shocked ) Tum ?? ( Angry ) Hw Dare U Enter My Private Room widout My Permission ??

Sanskaar : ( Angry too ) Hw Dare U even Think of Doing Such A Cheap thing wid My Swara ?? ( Hits Adharsh in Anger ) Hw Dare U even Touch Her Haa widout Her Permission ?? ( Hits Agn ) Hw Dare U ??

Adharsh : ( Holds Sanskaar’s Hands ) Stop It..U have No Right to Interfere in My Personal Matters Haa..n Moreover Wateber m doing is wid Swara’s Concern Only..N She only Told Me She is Ready to Sarisfy Me..So (.Points His Index Finger towards Sanskaar ) U Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari jst Stay Away frm My Personal Life. .We r In Same Field bt it does nt Mean U Interfere in My Perosnal Matters too Ok ?? So nw U Plzz Leave ( Sees Swara Lustfully ) Let Me Satisfy Myself..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Wat ?? Swara Herself ?? Bt Y ?? No u r Lying ( Beats Adharsh Once Agn Hardly Leading Him to Fall on Ground ) Hw Dare U Talk Rubbish abt Swara Haa ?? Hw ??

As Adharsh n Sanskaar were Fighting,Awara who was All Shocked n Numb all this Time Bursted Out n Went Near Adharsh n Made Him Stand n Stared Sanskaar Angrily making Sanskaar Shocked bt Making Adharsh Smirk Winningly.

Swara : ( Bursted Out on Sanskaar ).Sanskaar..Hw Dare U Hit Adharsh Haa ?? ( Goes Near Adharsh n Makes Him Stand ) Adharsh r u Fine ?? ( To Sanskaar Angrily ) n Yes ..Adharsh is Right..M doing all these wid My Own Wish..So U Plzz Go..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked ) Swara ?? R u Fine ?? Kha hua tumhe ?? ( Cups Swara’s Face Concernly ).I knw U r Being Pressurized to do it..Dnt Be Scared Swara..M thr na..Bt Plzz dnt do anyhting Wrong in Pressure ..

Swara : ( Jerks Sanskaar’s Hands ) Dnt U Understand in One Time ?? I said M doing all these wid My Own Wish..so Pressure ka Swaal hi nhi utha..Plz .Leave isse Pehle I Throw U Out..Let Me Spend Some Good Time wid Adharsh..So Plzz Go .. ( Sees Sanskaar Angrily )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Victoriously n Holds Swara’s Waist Sensuously ) Dekha Sanskaar..Ur Swara Herself Told She wants to be wid Me..So Plzz Go..Dnt Disturb Our Precious Time ( Pecks Swara’s Neck infront of Sanskaar ) Hai Na Darling ( Smells Swara’s Hair )

Seeing da Scn infront of Him,Sanskaar was all Shocked n Surprised n Stared Swara Shockingly..As He was Staring Swara in Shock He Recieved another Shock as Swara Herself Pushed Sanskaar Out of Room n Closed da Door in A Bang making Adharsh Smirking Winningly..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Victoriously n Comes Near Swara n Pulls Her Closer by Waist ) Wowow..Baby..U r Srsly An Amzing Actor too along wid Hotty..Never Expected U will Act soo Perfectly..M Impressed Haa Baby.. ( Sees Lustfully ) Nw Come Lets Begin Our Wrk..

As Adharsh took Swara wid Him,On da Other Hand Sanskaar who was Thrown Out of da Room was Shocked n Surprised seeing Swara’s Behaviour..As soon as Sanskaar came out Ragini n Laksh Rushed Towards Him n was Shocked seeing Sanskaar’s Numb Behaviour..

Laksh : ( Sees Sanskaar n Rushed towards Him ) Sanskaar..Sanskaar.Whr is Swara ?? Kaha hai woh ?? Tell Me..Plzz..

Sanskaar gave No Response..

Ragini : ( Shakes Sanskaar ) Sanskaar..lya hua ? Plzz Tell Whr is Swara ?? Tum usse lene gaye the na ?.then whr is She ?? ( Worried ) Plzz Tell..

Listening to RagLak’s Worriedness da Shocked n Numb Sanskaar Broke Down n Told Everything to them wich Made both Ragini n Laksh Shocked..

Sanskaar : ( Broke Down ) Laksh..Ragini..I went Inside to take Swara..bt wat i saw inside Made Me Shocked..Adharsh was abt to .. ( Feels Uncomfortable n Awkward m cud nt Complete Further ) bt Thnk God I Came on Time n Stopped Him..Bt to My Shock wen i Stopped Him Swara… ( cud nt Complete )

Laksh : ( Worried ) Swara Kya Sanskaar ?? Plzz Tell..

Sanskaar : ( Cries ) Swara Herself Stopped Me frm Stopping Adharsh.. ( Tells Everything )

As Sanskaar told Everything Both Ragini n Laksh were Shocked n Were Surprised Hearing Sanskaar..Even After Hearing Sanskaar Laksh who was Shocked was nt Ready to Agree abt Swara’s Bad Behaviour Making Sanskaar n Ragini Sad..

Laksh : ( Shocked ) No Sanskaar..Swara cnt do all these..M Sure dat Monster has Forced or Pressurized Her..warna My Swara cnt do such things..Plzz Sanskaar We shud do something b4 dat Silly Girl Looses Her Everything in Her Foolishness..Plzz Sanskaar ( Brks Down )

Sanskaar : ( Consoles ) Yes Laksh..I too knw Swara cnt do anything Wrong Purposefully..She is Forced by Adharsh fr Sure n I Promise We will Save Swara at any Cost..bt fr dat We shud Go to Adharsh’s Room n Seen wats going on Inside M Sure We myt get something frm Thr..

Laksh : ( Agrees ) Haa..Right..Den Plzz Lets Go..Lets nt Waste Anymore Time..

Soon The Trio Left fr Adharsh’s Room in Hurry n As they Reached da Trio were Shocked n Numb to see da Scene in Front of their Eyes..All they cud do was Jst See da Scn n Stay in Numb Position..

Inside The Room

As The Trio was Peeping inside da Room by Slightly Opening da Door Secretly their Inside Adharsh Pushed Swara on Bed in Force n Smiked Lustfully n Unbuttons His Shirt n Came on Top of Swara n Dugged Himself in Her Fragrancefull n Silky Hairs n was Enjoying His Lust on Swara making Swara Uncomfortable n Disgust..

Adharsh : ( Comes on Top of Swara n Smells Swara’s Hairs ) Hmm Wow..Baby..Ur Hairs r soo Tempting..Its soo Irresistible ( Digs More inside Swara’s Hairs ) n Amzing to be Inside ur Hairs..Jst Cnt Control Myself.. ( Lust Increases )

Swara : ( Crying n Catching da Bedsheet wich is Noticed by SanLakRag ) Plzz..Leave..I did wat U wanted na..I Made Myself Wrong infront of Sanskaar..nw Plzz Leave Me..Plzz.. ( Pleads n Tries to Push Adharsh )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) No Baby..abhi toh u did Only Half Part..Half Part is still Remaining na.So Let me Complete da Remaining Half Part..warna U Knw wat i cn do.. ( Smirks Evilly )

Swara : ( Shocked ) No..No.Plzz..Dnt do it..Dnt Kill Pari Di n Bhai..Plzz I Beg of U..Plzz.
Do ( Cries n Uncomfortable ).Wwattever u Want wid Me..bt Plzz.dnt Harm Bhai n Pari Di.Plzz ( Pleads )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Victoriously ) Wowow..Baby..agr I knew after knwing da Truth u wud have Come to Me by Urself den i wished mujhe yeh Sacch Pehle Pata Chaljata..Toh I wud have got wat i wanted frm U Long Bak..bt its Ok..Thnks to that Moment wen U came to knw da Truth of Ur Life..Coz of that only U R Here wid Me Under Me..M Soo Happy..( Smirks Winningly n Lustfully )

Swara : ( Feels Disgust ) Bt m Feeling Disgust..n Angry on My Fate…M soo Helpless Today..Cursing dat Moment wen i came to knw da Truth ( Flash Bak Strts )


As Adharsh was Teasing Swara,She was Feeling Uncomfortable n was Trying to Free Herself frm Adharsh’s Grip whereas Adharsh was Enjoying Her Protest n Continued His Teasingness on Swara wid Lustfull Smirk on His Face..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Oh No Baby..dnt try to Free urself..The More U Try to Run Away frm Me The More My Lust on U Increases..So Let Me Finish it Once n Fr all Baby..n Moreover I have A Trump Card to Bring U to Me.. ( SmirksEvilly )

Listening to Adharsh,Swara was Shocked n Confused wich was Noticed by Adharsh making Him to Smile Evilly n Winningly..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Dnt Be Confused Baby.Let Me Clear all ur Confusions..Do U knw da Big Truth of ur Life ?? .

Swara : ( Confused ) Truth ?? Wat Truth r u Taking abt ??.( Tries to Push Adharsh )

Adharsh : ( Presses Himself More on Swara n Enjoys Her Protest ) The Truth ki U r An Adopted Daughter of Kamla..

Swara : ( Shocked n Looses Her Pushing Grip on Adharsh ).What ?? Adopted Daughter ??

Adharsh : Yes My Baby ..U r An Adopted Daughter of Kamla..Do u wanna knw who is Ur Real Parents if Kamla is nt ur Real Mom ??

Swara : ( Shocked ) No..No..U r Lying..Kamla Maa is only.My Real Maa..n No One Else..i knw u r doing all these to Get Me..Plzz I Beg U Leave Me ..Plzz wat have i Done to U ( Cries Bitterly n Pleads ) Plzz Leave Me..Plzz

Adharsh : No Baby..m nt Lying..U r really An Adopted Daughter of Kamla..She jst Adopted n Saved U 20 Yrs Ago frm Burrying U Alive. .

Swara : ( More Shocked ) Wat Rubbish r U Taking ??. (Pushes n Slaps Adharsh ) Plzz Stop ur Nonsense..I knw M Kamla Maa’s Daughter n u r doing all these to Get Me..So Plzz Stop Ur Drama..n dnt u dare agn Tell Abt My n Kamla Maa’s Relationship anything Nonsense ..Understood ??

Adharsh : ( Shocked n Angry n Holds Swara’s Shoulder in Anger ) Hw dare U Slap Me..U r nt Believing Me na den Ok Fine Dnt Believe Me..Wen Urself will come to knw da Truth na u will be More Shattered..so its Better U Believe Me nw Itself..

Swara : ( Angry ) Ok tell me..wat Truth U r talking abt.wanna knw..it..Tell.. ( Attitude )

Adharsh : The Truth is dat U r Daughter of The Gadodias..The Smallest n Youngest Child of Gadodia Family..They were abt to Burry U inside da Sand Alive coz u were A Girl n They alrdy had a Girl i.e Pari n dnt wanted to Take another Burden on them so they Decided to Burry U bt at that Time Kamla Came n Saved U frm getting Burried Alive..n frm dat Day Onwards Kamla Strd Taking Care of U as Her Own Child..I Myself came to knw abt this Few Dyz Bak wen I was Passing by Chotti Maa’s Room..n Heard Them..

Swara who was Listening da Entire Their was Shocked n was Numb n was Nt Able to React to the Situation..As She was Lost in Her Own Thots Adharsh Smiles More Evilly n Gave Another Shock to Swara Making Her Even More Numb n Surprised..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Yes Baby..This is the Enitre Truth of ur Life..n nw I got A Trump Card to Make U Myn by ur Concern..Ready ?

Swara : ( Shocked ) Wwhaatt do U Mean ? Trump Card ?? ( Scared )

Adharsh : ( Smirks Lustfully n Comes Closer to Swara Once Agn n Caresses Her Cheeks Romantically ) Yes Baby.Trunp Card..Nw U came to knw the Truth ki ur Daughter of Gadodias..n in dat Sense U r Sister of Pari wich Means Saali of Me..wich also Means ( Smiles Lustfully n Smirks Evilly ) Aadhi Ghar Wali too ryt ?? So Thoda Romance to Banta hai na wid My Half House Wife ..isn’t It ??

Swara : ( Shocked n Pushed Adharsh Agn ) Stop it..Plzz..Enough of Ur Dirty Games ..M Fed Up..Plzz Leave Me..I Beg U..Plzz ( Angry )

Adharsh : Ok Fine..bt uske baad jo hoga wid Ur Pari Di n Ur Laksh Bhai..i wont be Responsible fr it..Understood ??

Swara : ( Shocked ) Wat do u mean by that ??.wat will u do if i dnt Listen to U ??

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Nthing Much bas Will Kill Ur Pari Di n will Frame ur Laksh Bhai in Murder Case of Pari..n den both ur Pari Di n Ur Bhai will be in Trouble ..Pari will Die n Laksh will be Hanged to Death..

Swara : ( Shocked ) No..U wont do anything like that..Plzz..

Adharsh : Yes..I will..if U dnt Listen to Me..den i will..So its Better U give wat i want den I will Leave Ur Pari Di n Bhai..Nw Choice is Urs..Either Spend A Night wid Me n Satisfy Me or Put Pari’s n Laksh’s Life in Danger..Think abt it ( Caresses Swara’s Cheeks Romantically ) Baby..Will Give U only 30 Mins to Think.. ( Smirks Evilly n Sits on Bar Counter n Drinks Wine while Swara Sits on Bed in a Thud wid Tears Rolling frm Her Eyes Continously )

**********FlashBack Ends*********

Swara : ( Continues Swara’s Talks ) i wished i was nt Born Only ( Teary Eyes )

Adharsh : ( Enjoys Swara’s Helplessness ) Bt M Enjoying na Baby..To see U Below Me..Nw Come Lets Strt Our Wrk..M Dying to Enter into Ur S**y n Hot Body ( Smirks Lustfully n Kneads Her boss*ms Over Clothes )

As Adharsh was Kneading Swara’s br*asts,Swara Clutches da Bedsheet Rightly n Tears of Helplessness Flowed frm Her Eyes Continously while Adharsh Continued His Teasingness n Removed Her Dupatta n Stared Her Visible Cleavages n Slid Swara’s Dress frm Her Shoulder n Strtd Giving Open Mouth Kisses on Her Nake Shoulder n Entered Her Neck Sensuously n Kisses it Hungrily making Swara to Feel Disgust n Helpless..

Precap : More Twists n Turns ??..


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