SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 1 )

Hello Guyz…Thnks fr the Overwhelming Reponse n Support..It Really Means alot..M Glad U Liked the 1st Promo of My New FF..Let Me tell U B4 this FF is Really A Deep n A Serious One…N Ur Expectations r High infact Really High…Jst Keep Supporting Me and My Wrk to Reach to all Ur Expectations…Nw Here is da First Part of #MyDestinyHisLove..Hope U Will Like it :)…


Character Sketch

Gadodia Family

Davindra Gadodia n Parvati Gadodia : Head of Gadodia Family..Ruthless,Cruel n Heartless People..Treats Shekhar n DP n their Sons ( Laksh,Sahil n Rajat ) as King n Prince of Gadodia Family whereas Treats Pari n Swara as Slaves…

Shekhar Gadodia,Durga Prasad Gadodia : A Rich n A Ruthless Politicians of Kolkata who is Narrow Minded n A Belongs to A Male Dominated Family whr Ladies n Girls r Treated nt Less than A Servant..The Only Sons of Davindra n Parvati Gadodia..

Sharmishta Gadodia n Annapurna Gadodia : Wives of Shekhar Gadodia n Durga Prasad Gadodia Respectively…Tortured n Harrassed by their Husbands bt still.Obeys their Husbands like Obidient Wife..

Swara Gadodia n Laksh Gadodia : Childern of Shekhar n Sharmishta Gadodia..Swara is Treated as Slave whereas Laksh is Treated as Prince of the Family as He is da Boy..

Parineeta Gadodia,Sahil Gadodia n Rajat Gadodia : Childern of AP n DP… ( Treated as Same )

Kamla Kaki : Maid of Gadodia bt Treats Swara as Her Own Daughter..Protects n Supports Swara frm Her Own Cruel Family..

Maheshwari Family

Ram Prasad Maheshwari : A Rich n A Kind Hearted Politician..Modern Minded..Treat Boys n Girls as Equal No Partiality..Big Enemy of Gadodia Family..

Sujata Maheshwari : Wife of Ram Prasad Maheshwari..Kind Hearted n A Caring Mother n A Lady..Loves Her Son n Husband Very Much…Treats both Boys n Girls as Same n Equal..

Sanskaar Maheshwari : A Naughty n A Kind Hearted Handsomw Hunk of Maheshwari Family…Heart of His Parents Ram n Sujata Maheshwari..Rich Yet No Proud n Pride of His Status…

Other Characters

Ragini Shukla : Frnd more than Sister to Swara..Understands Swara more than Her Family…A Big Moral Support of Swara..The Only Moral System of Swara after Kamla Kaki

Abhay,Rishabh n Yash : Frnds of Sanskaar..Understands n Helps Sanskaar in Everything..Frndly n A Naughty Frnds…

Adharsh Mehta : Belongs to Political Family too bt Stays in Gadodia Mansion as Ghar Jamai..Husband of Parineeta.. A Big Time Casanova n A Womenizer…

Part 01

A Family Belonging to Rich Political Background were Present in A Lonely Place along wid A Maid Holding A New Born Baby Girl..The Family Present there was Really Angry n were Deciding the Future of a New Born Baby Girl making da Maid Tensed n Worried..

Dadaji ( Davindra Gadodia ) : ( Angry ) Shekhar r u sure u wanna Burry ( Points towards da New Borm Girl ) this Burden Alive ?? Dnt Blame Us Later Shekhar fr this.. ( Determined )

Shekar : ( Angry ) Yes Baba..i m Sure..i wanna Burry this Burden Alive under da Sand…We alrdy have A Burden in Our Family..we dnt need another Burden in Our Family…Better to Burry this Burden..

DP : ( Agrees wid Shekhar ) Haa Baba..Shekhar is ryt..u only Taught Us na Girls r nt Less dan Burden in Our Family…We Alrdy Have A Burden in da Form of Parineeta..So Better We Burry Her ryt in front of Us under this Sand Baba..

Dadji : ( Happy n Proud of His Sons ) Good..Well Done My Sons.. ( To Sharmishta ) Bahu do U agree wid Us ?? ( Angry Look )

Sharmishta : ( Agrees in Fear ) Yes Baba..i dnt have any Prblm wid Ur Decision…

Dadaji : ( Smirks Evilly ) Good Bahu.. ( To Shekhar ) then wat r u waiting fr Shekhar ?? Get Strtd..Burry this ( Sees da Baby ) Burden ryt nw n End the Matter asap..I need to go to My Grandsons n Play wid them..jst cnt Waste My Time on This Burden…

Shekhar : ( Agrees ) Yes Baba.. ( Strts Digging )

As Shekhar was abt to Burry The Baby,The Maid who was Holding da Baby Few Minutes ago Gets Flashes of Happy n Innocent Face of da Baby Girl n Feels Sad n Upset abt the Baby Girl..Feeling da Love Towards da Baby Girl Kaki Stops n Pleads Shekhar n Other Gadodia Men nt to Burry the Baby as She is Ready to Take the Responsibility of the Baby instead of them making da Gadodia Family all Shocked n Angry..

Dadaji : ( Angry ) Kamla !! Wat Rubbish r u talking ?? R u in ur Senses ?? U r telling u will Take ds Responsibility of the Blood of Gadodia Family ?? Agree She is A Girl n Girls dnt have any Place in Our House bt still She is Bloor d of Gadodia Family..hw cn A Servant Like U will take care of Our Blood ?? ( Stares Angrily )

Kamla : ( Cries n Takes Baby frm Shekhar’s Hands ) Sahab..Plzz i Agree This Baby is ur Blood n U have all Ryts to take Decision abt Her..bt Plzz Sahab I Request u plzz dnt Burry this ( Sees da Baby while Crying ) Innocent Child like this..I ( Fumbles ) i..i..i will tttaakke ccare of Her as My Own Child..Plzz ( Pleads ) I will be Gr8ful to U if U Accept My Wish Sahab..i never asked u anything b4 bt today i Beg U fr the Life of this Innocent Child..Plzz Give da Child to Me.. ( Pleading )

As Kamla was Pleading Dadaji Continously,Dadaji Finally Agrees n Decided to Give the Baby to Kamla as Her Token of Loyal Service towards them since Yrs making Shekhar n Entire Gadodia Family Shocked n Surprised..

Dadaji : ( Agrees ) Ok.Fine..u cn take Her wid U bt Remember Frm nw She is ur Responsibility n U r da One who will be Responsible fr Her Each n Small Matters of Her Like frm Her Clothes to Her Marriage till Her Dowry…Frm Today she is nothing to us..R u ok wid it ?? ( Angry Look )

Kamla : ( Happy ) Yes Sahab..I Agree…She is My Responsibility…I will take care of Her Each n Small Things..( Thnks Dadaji ) Thnk U Sahab..Really Thnk U fr Accepting My Wish..I will be Gr8ful to U till My Last Breath..Thnks Alot.. ( Happy n Hugs da Girl Tightly )

Shekar : ( Shocked ) Bt Baba..hw cnn ( Intreprupted )

Dadaji : ( Stops Shekhar ) Its Ok . Shekhar..waise bhi we were going to Burry da Burden na..we were Anywyz going to End all da Relationships of Us wid this Girl by Burrying Her..So nw instead of Burrying We r Ending da All da Relationships wid Her in this Way..so its Ok Beta.. ( To Kamla ) Kamla..U cn go..She is Fully urs nw..U cn do anything wid Her as She is Ur Daughter nw Officially too..

Kamla : ( Happy ) Ok Sahab..Thnk U Once Agn…

As soon as Kamla Recieved A Green Signal frm da Dadaji,Kamla took the Girl n Left frm Thr Happily by Engulfing the Baby in Her Warm Hug Filled wid Love n Affection…While Hugging da Baby, Kamla Kissed da Girl all Over Her Face wid Love n Affection residing inside Her…While da Gadodia Family Left fr Gadodia Mansion Happily thinking A Burden has been Reduced frm their Head fr their Future n their Life…


5 Yrs Later

Gadodia Mansion

A Girl of Around 10 Yrs Age was in Kitchen Wrking n Cleaning da Mess in da Kitchen n was Watching Her Mothers ( Choti Maa-Shomi n Maa-AP ) n Babas ( Baba-DP n Chote Papa-Shekhar ) Playing n Making Her Brothers Ready fr the School Happily wid Sad Face making Her Sad n Upset seeing Herself in Dirty Clothes n Messy Clothes..

Shekhar : ( Happily Playing ) Aww My Son..M Proud of U..Today U r getting Promoted to Nxt Class..God Bless U My Son … ( Caresses Boy’s Hairs Happily n Proudly ) God Bless U My Son…

Sharmishta : ( Happy too ) Yes My Son..Ur Maa too is Proud of U..Keep it Up.. ( Kisses His Forehead Lovingly )

DP : ( Happy n Blesses His Sons ) Same Here Shekhar..See Our 3 Sons has made Us Proud by their Brilliant Wrk..Dats Y Baba alwyz Says Boys r alwyz Boys…Brave,Winner n Useful
whereas Girls r alwyz Girls..Useless n Good fr Nthing n A Burden..Their Life is jst in Kitchen n inside House Doing House Wrk nt Outside ( Laughs )

Shekhar : ( Laughs too ) Yes Bhaisa..Thnk God We have only One Burden on Our Head who is Dumb n Foolish..We got Rid of One Burden 5 Yrs Ago Thnk God… ( Laughs )

As Shekhar n DP were Laughing n Talking abt The Girls n Boys they Heard their Sons Playing n Enjoying wid Eachother Happily making Both DP n Shekhar Happy seeing the Bond b/w 3 Brothers..

Laksh : ( Running n Laughing ) Come On Rajat n Sahil..Catch Me if U cn..( Laughs Agn ) U cnt My Bro..coz M My Baba’s Son ( Laughs n Runs Agn )

Rajat n Sahil : ( Laughing n Runs Behind Laksh ) Baba ke Bacche..wait..i will show U..if u r Ur Baba ka Son den We r also Our Baba ke Sons..We will also Show U Our Power.Jst Wait n Watch My Bro ( Laughs n Enjoys )

As The Trio were Enjoying together by Laughing n Running making their Parents Happy n Proud of them,they Heard Another Voice of A Girl n A Lady frm Outside the Mansion in Servant Quarter Laughing n Getting Ready fr The School making da Entire Gadodia Family Angry n Frustrated..

Kamla : ( Laughing n Making da Girl Ready fr School ) Ohh Shona..U r really becoming Naughty Day by Day..( Holds Her Ears ) Hw cn U do this Shona ?? U Played a Prank on Me fr nt going to School..Very Bad..wat did u think U cn Fool ur Maa.. ( Fake Anger ) No My Baccha..No Matter hw much Clever U Grow U will alwyz be My Little n Small si SWARA [ Yes the Girl who was going to Burried inside da Sand 5 Yrs ago was None other dan Our Swara Our Shona ].. ( Teary Eyes ) I still Remember Hw Small U were wen u Entered My Life n My Home..it was da Best Day of My Life Shona. ( Kisses Her Forehead )

Swara : ( Pains n Tries to Free Her Ears ) Aaoow..Maa..Plzz Leave..its Paining ( Laughs ) Plzz Chodo na Meri Pyaari Maa..U knw I Love U da Most. ( Laughs agn ) Plzz Leave Ur Shona na ( Pout Face )

Kamla : ( Smiles n Leaves Her Ears ) Jaa Chodiya.. ( Hits Swara’s Head ) Abb Jaa..Go n Get Ready..U r getting Late fr School..

Swara : ( Laughs ) Haa Maa..going..Relax Maa.. ( Laughs Agn )..

As Kamla n Swara were having Fun n Enjoying together the Entire Gadodia Family Present thr was Fuming in Anger n was Staring Swara n Kamla Angrily..While They were Staring Swara n Kamla A 10 Yrs Old Girl who was Wrkingi n was Cleaning da Kitchen came Near DP n asked Him something while Fearing n Fumbling in Scardness..Hearing da Girl’s Demand DP became Angry n Slapped da Girl Tightly in Anger n Left frm thr Leaving da Girl in Crying State wid Blood Bleeding frm Her Corner of da Lips….

Pari : ( Fumbles ) Bbaaba…Cn i also Go to School like My Brothers n Swara ?? ( Scared ) Plzz Baba..I too wanna go to School n Learn something..Plzz ..I Promise after coming frm School i will do watever u will tell..bt Plzz let me go na Baba.

DP : ( Angry n Slaps Pari ) Shut Up Pari..Hw dare u even think such things ?? U Clearly knw Girls r nt Allowed to go Out in Our Family..they r jst meant to do House Wrk n Stay in Home 24×7..den hw did U Say such things to Me ??

Pari : ( Cries ) bt Baba..If Girls r nt Allowed to go School den Y is Swara going ? She is also A Girl na of Our Family..if She cn go den Y nt Me Baba.. ( Pleads )

DP : ( Slaps Agn ) Hw dare U Bak Question Me Pari ?? N Keep One Thing in Ur Mind..dat Swara is nt frm Our Family..She is Jst A Daughter of Our Servant..Dats it..So its Her Mother’s Wish to Send Her Daughter to School or nt..She wants to Send Her Daughter to School so She is Sending..bt We dnt wanna Send U to school Got it… ( Pushes Pari ) nw Jst Get Lost frm My Eye Sight n Get bak to ur Original Wrk i.e to Kitchen Wrk..Understood ??.

Pari : ( Cries Bitterly ) Bbt Baba..Listen na Plzz..Babaa ( Sees DP Gone )

As Pari was Pleading DP to let Her Go to School,DP Left frm there in Anger along wid Shekhar n Entire Family Leaving Pari in Crying State wid Blood Bleeding frm Her Corner of Her Lips making Pari Angry on Swara fr Her Good Life..


Precap : 15 Yrs Leap…


So Guyz this was da First Part of #MyDestinyHisLove…After Reading this Part U myt have got An Idea hw Deep n Serious this FF is…Its a Big Responsibility on Me to Reach all Ur Expectations..Hope I do it…Jst Keep Truting n Supporting Me..dats all I want frm U All :)…Nw Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked the 1st Part of #MyDestinyHisLove…Will Be Waiting :)…

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