SwaSan FF : My Destiny His Love ( Part 09 )

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Recap : SwaSan Eye Romance,Masti n SwaRagini Bond n Frnds Masti wid SwaSan..



Part 09

1 Week Later

Its 1 Week n Finally da Day of Village Trip fr SwaSan n Frnds has Arrived..Everyone were Really Excited n Especially da One who was More Excited was Swara,As She was going Away frm All Her Tension n Worries for 1 Week..She was going Away frm da Most Difficult Prblm She was Facing..Seeing Swara Happy Sanskaar,Ragini n Laksh were Really Happy whereas Sanskaar’s Frnds were Still Unaware abt the Prblm Swara is Facing..


1 Week Earlier

The Day SwaSan n Ragini went to Restaurant Sanskaar after Dropping Swara Home Informed both Ragini n Laksh abt the Talks He Heard b/w dem n nw He wanna knw da Entire Truth n Wanna Help Swara..Hearing this both Ragini n Laksh were Shocked n Hence the Trio Met Near A Pond Side n Talked the Prblm Openly..

Sanskaar : ( Serious ) Laksh i knw Swara is nt ur Real Sis bt still U Consider as Ur Own Sis infact More dan Real Sis n dats Y u r Worried abt Swara ..the Same Way M also Worried fr Her..I have nt Only Loved Her fr Her Outer Beauty bt also fr Her Inner Beauty n Innocence..I really Love Her n Want to Protect Her frm All da Evil in dis World..n Fr that its Really Imp fr Me to knw wat Exactly da Prblm is n Frm whr it Strtd..Plzz Tell Me ( Pleading )

Ragini : ( Keeps Hands on Tensed Laksh’s Shoulder ) Laksh i guess its Time fr Sanskaar to knw da Truth..Plzz Tell Him..( Assuring Look )..

Laksh : ( Takes A Deep Breath ) Ok Fine..See Sanskaar i dnt knw U well..bt still Main Ragini pe Bharosa karke m telling u da Truth..N Hope U will Help My Sister to come out of it..

Sanskaar : ( Assuring Smile ) YesLaksh..Off Course i will ..Swara jitna Imp tumhare liye hai utna hi imp She is fr Me..So U cn Trust Me n I Promise i wont Let U Down..

Laksh : ( Smiles Happily ) Ok den Listen..jaha tak Swara told Me all these Strtd wen She went to My Home to Wrk on Behalf of Kamla Aunty as She was nt Well..

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Wrk ??

Laksh : Yes..She is Our Servant’s Kamla’s Daughter..So wen Kamla Aunty Fell ill,Swara came on Behalf of Her to Wrk..

Sanskaar : Ohh..bt She does nt Look like a Servant’s Daughter..

Laksh : ( Smiles ) dats Coz Kamla Aunty never Treated Her As Servant’sDaughter..Watever Salary She Gets She Spends on Swara even after Mny Denial frm Swara..Kamla Aunty never Tells Us Y She Spends soo much on Swara..She Hides it..She Excuses da Topic by Simply telling U all wil lcome to knw wen Time Comes..

Sanskaar : Hmm..den wat happened wen She went to Ur Home fr Wrk ?? ( Worried n Curious )

Laksh : den Swara told Me..Dadaji Told Her to Bring Water fr Papa n Other Gents of My Family as they had Retuned frm Campaigning..n among those Men dat ( Angry n Eyes Turns Red ) Jerk Adharsh was also thr.. ( Closes His Fists in Anger )

Sanskaar : ( Confused ) Adharsh ??

Ragini : Yes..Adharsh..the Same Monster who is bak of Swara’s ( Feels Uncomfortable telling ) Body.. ( Sad n Angry )

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Angry ) Ohh His Name is Adharsh..

Laksh : ( Feels Sad ) Yes..n Unfortunately He is My Jiju..My Big Czn’s Husband.. ( Angry ) He does same thing wid Pari Di too..He jst wants Her Body at Night..Nthing Else..n nw He is Bak of My Swara too..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Damn Angry ) Chii..wat kind of Human is He..Wid His Own Wife too He does da Same thing..Still such ppl Exists ??

Laksh : Yes Sanskaar..My Family is really Narrow Minded One..God knws wen will they chng..Anywyz Leave abt My Family..nw Main Aim is of Swara..

Sanskaar : Yes..Tell Me den wathappened Nxt ??

Laksh : den Wen Swara came wid Water to Serve My Papa n Other Family Men..Adharsh’s Evil n Lusty Eyes fell on My Swara..n frm dat Day onwards dat Monster is bak of Swara..n Dat Day Thnk God Pari Di saw it n Saved Swara..warna m sure on that Say itself dat Monster wud have taken Everything frm My Swara..n den Nxt Day dat Idiot Reached Her Home too wen Eneryone was Out n Tried to Force Her bt Thnk God I Reached Thr n Saved Her..n So On His Eyes Never Moved frm Swara..The More We Try to Protect Swara frm Him ..The More His Lust Increased n He Challenged Me too Swara Herself will Handover Herself Full to Him.. ( Worried n Scared ) Pata nhi aisa kya karega woh Swara ke saath..Sanskaar My Swara is really Innocent..She becomes Emotional Very Soon..M Sure He will Emotionally Torture Her n Convince Her to come to Him..B4 He does anything We shud do something to Protect Swara ( Scared )

As Laksh was Telling Each n Every Small Thing of Adharsh n His Way of s*xually Torturing Swara,His Anger n Frustration Increased bt seeing Laksh’s Worriedness n Tension,Sanskaar Calmed Himself n Assured Laksh abt Swara n Her Safety..

Sanskaar : ( Calm Tone ) Laksh i knw u r Worried fr Swara..bt dnt worry We all Will Surely Protect Swara frm that Monster..We jst need to be Calm n Think Cleverly..We shud Be Strong to Make Swara Strong..isnt it ??

Laksh : Yes..U r Ryt..n U Guyz r going fr 1 Week Trip to Village ryt..So Plzz Make Her Feel Happy n Make Her Enjoy the Whole Week..After Mny Weeks of Mentally n s*xually Torture She is.going to Enjoy Her Life..So Plzz Sanskaar n Ragini U Two Take Care of Her..

Raginj : ( Smiles ) Yes Sure Laksh..We Will..U dnt Worry..She will Enjoy Her Full Life thr..Dnt Worry..

Sanskaar : Yes Off Course..Nw Swara is My Responsibility too..U dnt Worry..

Laksh : Thnks alot Guyz fr being wid Her..

Soon The Trio after Consoling n Motivating Eachother Left frm there n Headed towards their Own Wrk wid A Satisfied Smile on their Faces..

**********FlashBack Ends**********

Soon Both the Batches Left fr the Village n Reached their Destination..As They Reached the College Instructor gave them Some Instructions to be Followed n to be Careful n nt to Disturb Political Parties n their Wrk as there is An Imp Political Campaign of A Party is going on the Whole Week..Hearing this the Students became Sad bt soon Composed Themselves n Strtd Enjoying their Trip n Headed towards their Own Rooms Arranged by College..As they were Going Ragini n RiYaAb ( Rishabh,Yash n Abhay ) Decided to Move Lil Faster n Leave SwaSan Alone fr some time..While SwaSan were Walking All Alone both had A Unknown Feeling Rising inside their Heart..

Sanskaar : Hmm Swara..R u Comfortable wid My Frndship na ?? I mean U said na at the Time of Our Frndship U need some time to Comfort Our Frndship..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Yaa..M Ok..nw..M Sorry Sanskaar..( Guilty )

Sanskaar : ( While Walking ) Sorry ?? Fr Wat ??

Swara : Ohh..Fr Behaving Rude wid U..I mean I Behaved Really Rude wid U wen U were Really Sweet n Polite wid Me..

Sanskaar : Ohh..its really ok Swara..I understand..Fr Girls being Free wid A Stranger Boys is nt Easy n Easy..So its Ok..

Swara : Bt Still Sanskaar..I Behaved Really Rude..I shudnt have done dat..If i was Feeling Uncomfortable wid U i shud have told it Properly after all u r Ragini’s Frnd..I shud have Treated u like Her Frnd atleast…M really Sorry Sanskaar..

Sanskaar : Its Totally Fine Swara..dnt feel bad fr wat u did..It was Past..So let it be Past only..Nw lets Enjoy Present n Our Trip..Ok ??

Swara : ( Smiles ) Thnks..

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Bak ) Ur Welcome :).

As Swara n Sanskaar were Walking while Talking to Eachother,Swara’s Leg got Twisted n was abt to Fall bt at the Nick of Time Sanskaar Held Her by Her Waist n Prevented Her frm Falling..While Swara was abt to Fall She Closed Her Eyes n Held Sanskaar’s Shirt Tight n Made A Cute Fearfull Expressions Fear to wich Sanskaar was Mesmerized n Smiled n was Lost in Her Innocence..

Tere Sang Hasna Main
Tere Sang Rona
Tujhme Hi Rehna Main
Tujhme Hi Khhona

Dil Mein Chhupa Ke Tujhe
Dil Naiyo Kholna
Marke Bhi Mahi Tose, Munh Na Modna
Bolna Mahi Bolna
Bolna Mahi Bolna

As Sanskaar Held Swara by Her Waist,She felt A Two Strong Arms around Her wich Led Her to Open Her Eyes,The Moment She Opened Her Eyes,Swara was Shocked at First bt Later was Lost in His Eyes same as Sanskaar was Lost in Her Eyes..

Chhuteya Na Chhute Mose
Rang Tera Dolna
Ik Tere Baajo Dooja Mera Koi Mol Na
Bolna Mahi Bol Na (Bol Na)
Bolna Mahi Bol Na (Mahi Bol Na)

Soon Both Swara n Sanskaar who were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes came bak in Senses by A Sudden Teasing Voice of Ragini n RiYaAb..Hearing their Frnds Teasing SwaSan were Embarrassed n Parted their Ways n Headed towards their Respective Room Blushing n Smiling Respectively while the Frnds Laughed n Enjoyed Teasing both of dem making Swara n Sanskaar More Embarrassed n Shy..


2 Hours Ago

2 Hours Passed n SwaSan n Frnds were Enjoying their Trip n were Totally Comfortable n were Adjusted in Village Environment..As All were Adjusted in the Environment, Some of the Village Ladies came n Requested SwaRagini n other Girls of the Batch to Wear Their Traditional Rajasthani Dresses n Jewellery wich they Brought fr them..Hearing this SwaRagini who were Laughing n Enjoying wid Frnds Coughed All of A Sudden making Sanskaar n RiYaAb to Laugh n Tease SwaRagini…

Sanskaar : ( Teases ) Omg..Ragini..M i Dreaming ? U r gonna Wear Heavy Traditional Dress ?. U Never Wear A Simple Salwar Suit den hw will U Wear this Rajasthani Traditional Dress ?? ( Shocked n Teases )

Rishabh : ( Teases Swara ) n Swara U ?? Jitna bhi i came to knw u..u r really simply n loves to Wear Simple Dresses..den hw will u Wear this Rajasthani Dress Haa ?? ? Giggles )

As Sanskaars n RiYaAb were Teasing SwaRagini,both of dem Felt Really Angry on their Teasing n Hence Decided to Wear da Dress n Shut their Mouth Shut.Soon SwaRagini Left fr Chnging in Angry Mood whereas Sanskaar n RiYaAb were still Laughing n Enjoying SwaRagini’s Angry Expressions..After Some time Both Swara n Ragini came out Wearing A Pure Rajasthani Dress n Jewellery in A Proper n A Perfect Way..Seeing Swara in Pure Traditional Way Sanskaar was Awstruck n was Lost in Her Beauty making Swara to Blush as She Noticed Sanskaar Staring Her wid Unknown Feelings..

Sanskaar : ( Lost in Swara’s Beauty ) Wowow..

Swara : ( Blushes ) Thnk U..

Soon As Time Passed SwaSan n Frnds were seen Near the Lake Side n da Boys were Making Fun of SwaRagini as da Ladies who Gave them Traditional Dress to Wear also told them to A Take A Full Pallu Over their Face making SwaRagini Angry n Irritated..

Sanskaar : ( Laughing ) Ohh God..Look at U Girls..Yaha aake U Two Totally Chngd frm A Town Girls to A Pure Village Girls..

Rishabh : ( Teases too ) Looks like We r Standing infront of A Village Girl who dnt knw hw to Talk wid Us in English.. ( Laughs )

As Sanskaar n Frnds were Teasing SwaRagini,Swara Lost Her Temper n Pushed Sanskaar in da Lake in Anger making Sanskaar,RiYaAb Shocked n Surprised..

Sanskaar : ( Falls in Lake as Swara Pushed ) Wat The Hell Swara ?? Y u did this ?? ( Gets Up frm Water )

Swara : ( Angry ) Coz u were Making Fun of Us..dats Y..Nw dnt u ever Make Fun of Us..

Sanskaar : ( Angry too ).Accha..Nw See..wat will I Do..U Pushed Me in Water na..so be Ready fr the Punishment n Revenge (.Smiles Naughtily )

Swara : ( Finds Something Fishy ) Kkyaa..Wat do u mean by Revenge. ??

Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Abhi Pata chaljayega ( B4 Swara cud React Sanskaar Bends Down n Takes Water n Throws on Swara n Laughs ) This… ( Throws Water on Swara )

As Sanskaar Threw Water on Swara,Swara was All Shocked n Drenched in Water Making Her Fume in Anger..

Swara : ( Angry ) Sanskaarr!! Uuuuu !!! ..

Soon Swara too Took Water in Her Hands n Strtd Running Behind Laughing Sanskaar Throwing Water on Him while Laughing n Enjoying the Moment Carrying Her Lehenga n Her Pallu.Seeing SwaSan Enjoying Ragini n RiYaAb too Strtd Throwing Water on Eachother n Strtd Enjoying the Moment wid Full Heart n Enjoyment..

Sanskaar : ( Tries to Escape while Enjoying ) Swara… ( Laughs n Runs ) Plzz Stop. . ( Laughs )

Swara : ( Enjoying n Runs Behind Sanskaar ) No.No..Hw Dare U Tease Me ? Nw Suffer ( Laughs )

As SwaSan were Running n Having Fun, Both Swara n Sanskaar Trips their Legs n As a Result both Swara n Sanskaar Fell in Water on Eachother wid Sanskaar on Top of Swara n Swara Below Sanskaar in Full Drenched Clothes n Body..While they Fell in Water both of them were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes Completely n Were Wrapped Quite Close in Eachother’s Embrace n A Most Comfortable Position…

Chhuteya Na Chhute Mose
Rang Tera Dolna
Ik Tere Baajo Dooja
Mera Koi Mol Na
Bolna Mahi Bol Na
Bolna Mahi Bol Na

While SwaSan were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes n Embrace A Pair of Eyes Noticed it n was Fuming in Anger n Closed His Fist n was Lost in His Own Thots in Anger..

Adharsh : ( Angry ) No..This cnt Happen..Only I have da ryt to Be Above Swara..No one else cn do it..I shud Use My Trump Card asap..cnt Loose this Hotty at any Cost..Need to make Her Myn First..Need to Satisfy Myself First wid dis Hot Baby..Cnt Loose such a Hot Girl soo Easily..Adharsh do something asap..U cnt Loose.. ( Angry n Lusty Eyes )

As SwaSan were Lost in Eachother’s Eyes n Embrace Adharsh who was Seeing dem in such Position was Fuming in Anger n Hence Went Near SwaSan n Called Swara’s Name in Full Anger n Lust seen in His Eyes making SwaSan to come bak to their Senses..

Adharsh : ( Angry ) Swara!! Wat is all this going on ??

Swara after seeing Adharsh Immediately Stood Up n Freed Herself frm Sanskaar’s Grip n was Shocked n Scared seeing Adharsh in Anger n Hides Behind Sanskaar n Holds His Hands Tightly trying to Hide Herself frm Adharsh’sEvil n Lusty Eyes..

Swara : ( Shocked n Scared ) Woh..Sahab..Actually… ( Hides behind Sanskaar n Holds His Hands Tightly ).

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly Seeing His Effect on Swara bt Acts as Angry ) U knw na Our House Girls r nt Allowed to do all these..n U r Maid so Be in Ur Limits.Dnt Forget ur Limits..Nw come wid Me…My Head is Paining..Give Me A Head Massage ( Smriks Evilly n Lustfully )

Swara : ( Shocked n More Scared n Tightens Her Grip on Sanskaar’s Hands ) Bbbt Sahab..I came wid My College Batch n Cnt go anywhere widout My Instructors Permission.. ( Swaeting )

Seeing Adharsh n His Orders on Swara,Sanskaar was Fuming in Anger n at the Same Time He was Confused too seeing Swara’s Face n Her Fear by seeing Adharsh..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Excuse Me..Who r u ?? N hw cn u take Swara like this ??

Adharsh : ( Serious ) Listen Mr..Who ever u r..M talking to My Servant n U have No Right to Interfere in Boss n Servant Matter..

Sanskaar : ( Angry ) Wat the Hell..Servant ?? She myt be ur Servant at ur Home bt ryt nw She is A Student of A College who has come here wid Her Frnds to Enjoy Her Trip..So u cnt Order Her Wrk Here..Understand ??

Adharsh : ( Hell Angry ) OK..U have Prblm ki M taking Her widout da Permission of ur Instructor na..Den wait ( Calls Swara’s Instructor n Tells Something wich made SwaSan Shocked ) Hello Mr Das..Its Me Adharsh Mehta..I m taking Swara wid Me..Yes..I saw Her Here n My Head was Paining so Thot to Take Her wid Me bt Here ur ( Sees Sanskaar wid An Evil Smirk ) One Student Named Sanskaar of Ur is tellingly I cnt Take Swara wid Me widout ur Permission..So cn u Order that Student to Send Swara wid Me ??

Mr Das : Ohh Sure.Off Course Mr Mehta.. ( Adharsh Keeps Phone on Speaker ) Hello Sanskaar..Dnt Worry..Mr Mehta is A Well Knwn Politician n Swara Wrks in His House..So U cn Send Swara wid Him ..Dnt Worry..

Sanskaar : ( Shocked n Speechless ) Bbt Sir…

Mr Das : Its Ok Sanskaar.i told na.. ( To Adharsh ) Mr Mehta its ok..U cn take Swara wid U..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Victoriously ) Thnk U Mr Das

After talking n Receiving Order frm His Instructor Sanskaar Helplessly Allowed Swara to do wid Adharsh while His Heart was still nt allowing Him to do so seeing Swara’s Scared n Sweaty Face while Adharsh Smirlks Evilly n Lustfully n Takes Swara wid Him Leaving Sanskaar Helpless n Uncomfortable…

Sanskaar : ( Uncomfortable n Uneasy ).Y do I feel like I have seen this Person somewhr n Swara is Unsafe thr..Y Swara was Soo Scared seeing Him ? N Y do i feel thr is something Big Hidden behind His Smile n His Eyes..The way He was Smiling seeing Swara i feel somethings is Wrong in Him..Bt Wat ?? I jst Hope Swara is Safe .. ( Scared n Feels Uneasy )

While Sanskaar was Worried abt Swara,There on da other Hand Adharsh was Holding Swara’s Hands n was Taking Her wid Him was Smirking Evilly n Pulled Swara Very Closed to Him in a Corner n Caressed Her Wet Cheeks Sensuously making Swara to feel Uncomfortable n Disgust..

Adharsh : ( Pulls Swara Close to Him n Caressed Her Wet Cheeks Sensuously ) Baby..wat were u doing wid Ur Frnd in Water ?? U knw na U r My Target First..Let Me Satisfy Myself First na..den u cn go anywhr u want.. ( Kisses Her Wet Cheeks Sensuously ) The Moment i saw in His Embrace na i was Feeling Like to Kill Him..Hw dare He Touch U First..Only I have da . Right to Touch U n Satisfy Myself.. ( Sees.Lustfully ) So nw Baby its High Time nw to Make U Myn..Enough of Waiting..Get Ready Tonight to Be Below Me n To Enjoy My Love On U ( Smirks Evilly n Lustfully n Pecks Her Neck making Swara Uncomfortable n Uneasy )

As Adharsh was Teasing Swara,She was Feeling Uncomfortable n was Trying to Free Herself frm Adharsh’s Grip whereas Adharsh was Enjoying Her Protest n Continued His Teasingness on Swara wid Lustfull Smirk on His Face..

Adharsh : ( Smirks Evilly ) Oh No Baby..dnt try to Free urself..The More U Try to.Run Away frm Me The More My Lust on H U Increases..So Let Me Finish it Once n Fr all Baby..n Moreover I have A Trump Card to Bring U to Me.. ( SmirksEvilly )

Listening to Adharsh,Swara was Shocked n Confused whereas Sanskaar on da Other Hand Felt Uneasy n was Pacing Here n Thr in Tension Worrying abt Swara n Her Safety..

The Screen Freezes on Sanskaar’s Tensed Face n Adharsh’s Evil n Lusty Eyes wid Swara in Between of Sanskaar n Adharsh wid Uncomfortable n Uneasy Expressions..


Precap : Sanskaar Confrontation wid Adharsh


So Guyz Here is da Another Part of #MyDestinyHisLove..Hope U Liked it..Wrote in Really Hurry as was Bzy in Packing n all..Hope U will Like it..Forgive Me if da Part was Bad n Nt to Ur Expectations..Do Leave ur Valuable Comments in the Comment Box Below n Let Me knw hw u Liked Todayz Part :).


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