Swasan ff By Crazy Episode 3


V-n indeed it was shocking to me..
V-but more shocking was to know that..it was not their actual meet..
—– Flashback —–
(guys note that swara handles few NGO)
she was on the way to office…
when suddenly she gets the call..
S-what the hell?
Caller-s..mam pakki khabar hai..u plz reach here soon..
S-oky u dont worry i ll b their..as fast as i can..

swara calls someone and says..
S-hello plz cancel my meeting of 12 hrs..
she reaches her NGo..
Sw-kya huva nani maa..?
wheres that thief..?
nani-beta their..he has weapens beta be careful..
Sw-swara Bose never backs off..n wt i taught ll happen for sure..chahe kuch bhi ho jaye..

she enters into the place as directed..
she sees few unny bags lying their..
she takes one with her and a bambo stick..too
she searches here and their..
and at last finds the theif..
whos sitting and doing something..
she quietly goes their..
and puts the gunny bag on his face and starts kicking and beating him..
ohh tho tu hai vo jo mere baccho n bhude bechare logon ko tang kare the..
dont u dare..u dont know me
i ll kill u today..
just then all enter their..
and cing swara they to get the strength and starts beating him..
n now swara backs off..
n suddenly a man comes their..
all c him..
and gets horrified ..
n one of the kid screams are
vo raud gunda tho vo hai..fir yeah kon hei
hearing this all stop for a while and the person comes out of the gunny bag which was covering his face

kid-are yeah tho bhai hai
vo raha gunda dii pakdo use aur maroo fast fast..
swara was a bit numb hearing this..
she quickly moves towards the actually theif and the theif looks at the person who just got beaten up..and speaks..
“are nahi..u all plz send me to police but not this lady hitler..i saw how she hit the person..i m ready to accept all my crimes which i did right from when i was 9 yrs..
but plz not this hitler..”

just then vyshu enters..
V-mam..i have called..
i think v shd lev now..
Sw-yeah..make the arrangements..i ll be their on time..
just mail me the file..i wanna study it once..
and make sure i dont need any sort of disturbence by media their..
V-yes mam..
just then swara moves to the person she bet..and gives him his hand..
coz still he was in such a shock..that he cant even think of what happened..
Sw-get up Mr..?
S-yar r u trained fighter?
ajj tak maa se bhi itni mar nahi khayi jitni tumne kilaye..
n just coz of u n ur bloddy this theif..
i m late for my meeting..
Sw-look here the theif was lokcd..so i attacted u..coz if any ne attacks my family i wont spare them..
Sn-are atlest u could c my dressing sence..na?
do i look like theif..?
han grt..
and wt do u think f ur self..
itna attitude?n galti bhi tho was of u
Sw-look i appologize for it..
Sn-i dont accept it..
Sw-fine ur wish..
n maram patti karvalena..
vyshu pay him..
shanky tho tera shanky..
he saw a paint box kept their..
he took it n put that on swaras dress..
and took out chk book from his cout short pocket..
and signed it..
and gave it to her..
sn-ye lo blank chk..nayi dress karidlena..
n ainda mere samne ane ki sochna bhi mat..
got that..u
swara’s anger was on cloud infinity now..

—– Flashback ends —–

so how was it?
hope u all liked it..
keep supporting guys..

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