Swasan ff By Crazy Episode 2


hai all..thanku for the spport plz keep supporting me and the ff..
will try to upload ff as and how i m free..hope u understand..
lets move to episode now..

Maheshwari co..
Mike-(shanks PA) sir all arrangements hav been done..
special bodyguards also have been appointed..
and a msg has been sent to mam too..
Sn-any reply?
M-not yet sir..
Sn-fine..u move and make the arrangements and fix the proper meeting..
i want u to specialy look after it personaly..
i dont need any mistakes..
M-dont worry sir..all ll be done..
now i ll take a lev from u..

mike comes to a cafe and accidently meets vyshu (swara PA..i introduced her in the very first episode itself..)
V-hai mike
M-hai vyshu..wts up?
V-u dont know..i think roof of the valley cafe in which v both r standing..
M-then i think v shd sit and chat with a cup of hot coffee..
as they were sipping the cup of coffee they were discusing abt few things too..
wanna know wt?
its obvio abt swasan !!
lets peep into their talks..
V-btwn wt did sanskar say?any updates
M-no yar..hes so boring in these things..
V-so is swara..
btwn i still dout how those both accepted everything..
M-hmm…they like each other..respect bhi hai..but they dint get time to feel that feeling..
V-coz their parents by the wway selected their respective match..
btwn their first meeting was awsome..

—– * —– FLASHBACk —– * —–

sanskar is buzy in his works..
sujata calls him..
Sn-s mom boliye..!
Su-tu kesa hai mhara chora..pata hai teri kitni yaad ati hai manne..pa tuze kya..
tuze na apni maa ki fikar hai..na apne pariwar ki
(how r u my son?do u know how much i miss u..but u..u dont even think abt ur family..)
Sn-mom..plz stop ur emotional torcher..n cm to point..i know u wanna talk something to me..
so plz go ahead..
i m buzy..
Su-i want u to set ur family…
Sn-han tho i already have a family..
u guys r my family only not strangers..
Su-very funny..but i want u to marry..and include a new member in our family..
Sn-mom…just stop those fitty talks..
Su-u dont love me na..?vase u have someone their?
then say i ll set up with her but plz marry..beta..
Sn-mom..u know i dont have time for all these nonsence..still u
Su-(starts faking her tears)
Sn-fine..i ll marry..but search a girl who can understand me..got it?
Su-aree beta..tu bass dek abb..ase patni dundungi na..ki puri duniya dekti re javegi..
(are my son..u just watch out..i ll search such an DIl na that whole world ll just be watching..)
Sn-whatever..anyway bye..i m getting late..

just then his PA enters..
Sn-s..mike all set?
M-s..sir..the deligates are here..
Sn-oky lets move..
M-sir a problem..
Sn-huh?fine any way lets move out first..i m getting late
M-but sir..
sanskar gives death glare to him..he gulps in fear

all are waiting for Sanskar..just then he enters and starts the meeting..
an pair of eyes was noticing him in that crowd of deligates of top business mans..
the meeting finishes sucessfully..
but the pair of eyes..
were still watching him..
or say “ghur rahe the vo do akhe”
after the meeting all lev..
and one of them questions..
Miss bose..v would like to get ur opnion too..
(swara)Miss Bose-i think everyone knows what SM is..?
but the intresting part of it is..i m not satisfied with it..
sorry but SRS wont mingle with u..
Sn-great..btwn nice to meet u miss Bose..the first person to reject the offer of SM..
anyway..ur views..ur decisions..
and even before he could say anything..
she just walks out of the cabinet..

—– * —– * Flashback ends * —– * —–
M-indeed their meeting was a shock to me..

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