swasan ff: broken wings..fly again??? Episode 6

Thank you so much guys for your support.. and a special thanks to shagun who always supports me and always remember me to write this ff.. i was lazy to write this ff and was busy with another ff.. but shagun always wanted me to write this ff.. and she is the reason I’m writing this today itself.. so this episode is specially dedicated to shagun and anamica who included this ff in her analysis.. thank you so much guys..

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episode 5

swara was standing alone in the kitchen.. she was very angry on her husband.. because he insist her to make so many dishes for lunch.. maa, pari baabhi and swara together made the lunch.. after finishing their jobs maa and bhabhi gone to take rest.. swara also about to go.. but then sanskar called her and asked her to make some special dishes.. swara made 2 dishes.. after that she feel really tired and bored.. she was very angry on her husband.. there is already delicious lunch is prepared then also she want to do more works and made more items.. this is not done.. first of all swara thought to order food from hotel.. but her husband will be angey if he know about this.. a new idea struck in her mind.. swara rushed to ap’s room..

swara knock the door..

ap: swara beta come.. kya huwa beta? you are looking very sad..

swara: ma we already made lunch na.. now sanskar want me to prepare more items.. I’m feeling very tired maa.. and i don’t used to do these jobs.. but also I’m doing many kitchen works.. but this is cruelty ma.. sanskar want me to prepare 10 more items.. it is impossible maa.. i will faint if i do this all.. maa I’m like your own daughter na.. please help me maa.. please..

swara started crying.. ap felt bad for her..

ap: beta i know.. but sanskar is really stubborn beta.. what will we do?

swara: maa you call him and say this..( swara said something in ap’s ears..)

ap called sanskar..

sanskar: ha maa..

ap: beta my forehead is paining.. and it is burning inside..

sanskar: maa.. i will call doctor now.. don’t worry..

ap: no beta.. i want a good massage .. swara will do it..

sanskar: but maa..

ap: don’t worry beta.. if my head got a nice massage i will be alright.. but swara said that you want her to make some special food.. beta we will order it from any hotel ok? my health is more important na.

sanskar: hmmm.. ok ma.

ap cuts the call and give hifi to swara…


sanskar’s some friends also was there for lunch.. all loved the food.. sanskar tells them before that swara is going to make all food and she is expert in all household jobs and he get a wife like his wish and all..

sanskar: areey kartik, dev , sumit ( friends) how was the food..

karthik: superb yaar.. in my whole life don’t eat such a delicious food.. this is the magic of ‘ ghar ki khana’ food made by our maa, or wife is really special..

sanskar give a fake smile and looks swara..

swara contols her giggle and looks to ap.. ap also had smile in the face..

dev: sanskar you are very lucky.. your wife made awesome foods..

dev bites a sandwich and says..

dev: look this is sandwich.. swara bhabhi you are amazing.. this much tasty sandwich .. i don’t eat in my whole life.. in hotels and all we get dried bread and old vegetables in name of sandwich.. i just hate them.. this sandwich is like heavenly food.. so delicious.. I’m the luckiest person in the world.. I’m fortunate to have this sandwich..

( they are talking about sandwich which is orderd from hotel.. most of them were hotel’s food and swara getting all praises)

sanskar gulped a glass of water by hearing these praises..

ap was also trying to control lauging..

swara: dev bhai.. i love to make food.. these are nothing.. in my house i used to prepare atleast 25 items on lunch.. it was my time pass..

ap looks swara in a shock.. sanskar was getting shock on shock..

sumit: sanskar you are the very fortunate.. bhabhi is really ‘sarvagun sampann’

sanskar: yea.. my wife is the best.. next week i’m going to arrange a party.. swara will make food for all in that party..

swara shoked by this..

swara: yes yes.. but for that sanskar will help me..

sanskar: how did i helo you?

swara: sanskar will cut all vegetables.. did you guys know? sanskar is expert in cutting vegetables.. if we arrange party, then sanskar will cut all vegetables to make food for 500 people..

karthik: we don’t believe it swara bhabhi..

swara: my husband is the best.. if you don’t believe i will prove it.. after lunch sanskar will cut all vegetables in our kitachen..

sanskar: how much vegetables are there in kitchen?

swara: 5 kg pototo, 6 kg cabbege, 8 kg tomoto, 4 kg chilli, 4 kg spinach, 5 kg capsicum, 5 kg carrot…….

sanskar: stop it swara… guys next week i have an important meeting in bangloure.. so party is cancelled..

swara: but sanskar.. party.. food..

sanskar: swara stop it.. no party.. no food, no vegetables..

swara laughed in her mind.. ap looks her daughter – in – law with pride..

sanskar’s friends didn’t understand anything and they have the food.. sanskar was having food while thinking that what type of wife he got.. oh god this swara.. kis mitti se bani ho..


guys how many of you like this ff? please comment.. comments are very very important for writing an ff.. if you comment more i will update soon.. else i will became lazy..

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    1. thank you so much aashi.. yes dear swara is very clever. . she will teach new lessons to sanskar.. thank you so much dear

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