swasan ff: broken wings..fly again??? Episode 5

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Sanskar was staring swara.. he started to admire her.. her cute antics while talking .. her beautiful eyes.. million dollar smile.. a desire flow through his body.. he take her hand in his. started to caressing her palms.. he place a soft kiss in her fingers.. making her shiver..

” what you are doing sanskar”

swara asked in a husky voice..

” you have long and gorgeous fingers”

he again kissed her fingers..

swara’s face became red..

” swara don’t blush yaar.. look your face became a red tomato.. ”

” sanskar am i looking like tomato?”

she made a puppy face..

” swara you are not a tomato.. because tomato is sour na.. you are a mango.. and i like to eat mango”

swara feels shy and embarrassed..

” stop it sanskar.. don’t you have shame? don’t talk like this”

” I’m talking to my wife. . don’t stop me ok.. and let me taste this mango.. he place his fingers on her cheeks.. he rubbed her cheeks.. swara felt blood rushing to her cheeks.. his face and his fingers was very hot.. swara forgot about everything.. she melt in his touch.. his fingers traced her lips.. her soft pink lips.. his lips urge to get a contact with that pink cute lips.. his fingers feel her lips. . he looked her with lust.. he wanted to touch every part of her body.. his body wanted to feel her body.. his fingers travelled through her chin and reach her neck.. her milky slender neck.. he placed his lip on her neck..

swara’s POV

oh.. god.. I’m dying.. his touch.. it is magnificent.. I’m feeling like heaven in his touch.. when his fingers tracing my skin i felt like current paasing through my body.. now his hands rubbing my neck.. i can’t take it anymore.. he placed his lips on my neck.. his burning gaze on my body.. his hot lips on my neck.. this heavenly feel.. no swara you can’t allow him to do so.. you have to make him fall for you.. not for your body.. but for your heart.. for you as a person.. not as a body.. don’t allow him swara.. my brain give me warning.. but I’m helpless . I’m enjoying his touch.. i want it more.. i don’t want to stop him.. what the hell..

his hands are moving towards my shoulder.. it is going to take my saree’s pallu from my shoulder.. you idiot swara stop him now.. my practical intelligent mind force to me spit the word ” stop” but my tongue loss the strength to spit it out.. my useless immature stupid heart saying that not stop him.. let him.. you are also enjoying it.. this blo*dy heart.. oh god he removed my saree’s pallu.. now he is touching my shoulder.. his fingers slide through my shoulder and caressing my hands.. this guy had some magic in his hands..

pov ends..

sanskar’s POV

This girl is killing me.. she is too hot.. I’m very lucky to have her.. her skin is glowing .. when I’m touching her blood is rushing through out my body.. she is not using any perfume.. but her natural smell is making me crazy.. smell of a women.. her skin is very soft.. soft like a baby. if i touch it hard then it will became full red. . i had some girlfriends before magic.. it is true that i didn’t cross any limit with them.. but i used to hug them and kiss them on cheeks.. but i never felt any magic that i felt when i touched swara.. it was like she is made for me.. only for me…

pov ends..

sanskar pulled her more closer to him and touches her bare waist.. he squeeze her supple milky bare waist.. swara was shivering in his touch.. and she don’t dare to stop him. . swara felt sanskar’s other hand moving to her bare back.. sanskar slowly closed his eyes.. while one of his hands was rubbing her bare back and other hand was squeezing her waist.. their bodies are very much closer.. they can feel each others body.. and can hear each other’s heart beat.. sanskar’s fingers touched her blouse .. he wanted to remove it.. open it partially.. and slide her blouse a little.. her gorgeous shoulders are partially naked now.. he started to kiss her shoulders..

” you are looking s*xy”

he whispered in her ears..

this made her blush.. once again her cheeks became a red tomato..

she turn back.. her hot bare back is now visible to him.. he rubbed his fingers in her bare back.. his touch was fire.. she was burning in it.. he placed his lips on her back and gives her sweet torture.. his lips contact with her skin.. he is kissing every inch on her bare back.. he slowly bite her she enjoyed it.. then he bite a little harder..

swara came in to reality..

” stop it”

she screamed.. sanskar looked her with a doubted face..

swara move away from him.

” don’t touch me..”

” what happened swara?”

” do you love me sanskar?”

her question penetrate in to his ears..

do i love her?

” i don’t know swara”

” so you are confuse with your feelings.. if you don’t love me then how can you make love to me?”

” you are my wife swara”

” stop this sanskar.. you have only one explanation to all your deeds to me.. I’m your wife.. so i have to obey all your orders .. isn’t it? I’m your wife sanskar .. not your slave.. a wife fullfill her husband’s wishes not because he tied a string to her neck.. or not because he applied sindoor to her forehead.. but it id because she loves him.. and she wanted to be loved by him.. if you love me and respect me as a wife and as a women that day I’m ready for this.. else don’t come near me..”

sanskar felt guilty.. but his pride was strong enough to overcome the guilt..

” don’t fool yourself swara.. you love my touch and you wanted it more.. and stop your mahaan speech and as a good wife come to me..”

” sanskar do you know what you are going to do?”

” making love with you”

” no sanskar.. you are trying to rape me”

sanskar shocked like hell..

” what nonsense swara. . shut up”

” I’m saying truth sanskar.. if a man try to do s*x with a woman by forcing himself on her is called rape”

” are you out of sense swara?”

” I’m in my senses.. and if you try to rape me.. then i will tell to your family that you are a rapist..”

sanskar’s throat became dry.. he know that if she said anything she will definitely do it.. and if she said this to his family members then .. it is better to die than being called a rapist..

” swara why you are torturing me like this? ”

” sanskar you are my husband.. so I’m torturing you”

swara give him a beautiful smile and go to bed leaving sanskar shocked..


so guys how was it? actually i thought to write something else.. but then i thought to write some romance between them.. did you liked it? if yes please please please comment.. your comments are my energy boosters..

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  1. Nice dear

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  2. what u have written is cent percent true ..

    1. thanks dear.. I’m glad that you get my point

  3. nice…………

  4. Awesome
    I never read ff like this
    Its amazing
    Plz update next part today

    1. thank you so much shagun.. you always support me..

  5. Superb jwalu nd sanskar thinking! Just disgusting

    1. thanks jiyu… yeh sanskar’s thoughts are disgusting..thank you so much for commenting dear

  6. Swara rocks!! But being a sanskarholic.. Mujhe meri Sanskar ko aise dekh kar acha nahi lagi…
    Lekin… Its ur story..and i lyk it..

    1. you are sanskarholic? I’m swaraholic.. so i made her a true rockstar.. don’t worry dear.. he will improve.. thank you so much for commenting dear

  7. awsome dear. ur ff is nice different from other and must say there r some people in society u think girl cannot do anything or they r slave,bt i must say ‘girls always rock’ . upload nxt part asap.

    1. yup dear.. i know there are many people who see girls as slaves and burden.. they don’t know what a girl can do.. girls always rocks.. thank you so much for commenting

  8. awesome….loved it a lot

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  9. Awsome…

  10. nice epi …u nailed it …a brave grl who live on her conditions …

    1. thank you so much dear.. yeh swara is very brave and strong

  11. Ur ff is soo diffrnt frm others ffs…but i must sayy it is 100% true wt swara said to sanskaar…n i luv ur ff..keep going…

    1. thank you so much for the lovely comment dear.

  12. It’s really awesome…I hope sanky change for better soon..update soon

  13. Wenbu will post next part

  14. Wen u will post next part

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