swasan ff: broken wings..fly again??? Episode 4


hello all.. thank you so much for your precious comments.. please comment if you read it and like it.. if you are not satisfied with the track or my writing.. please comment that also.. because I’m taking a lot of efforts to write this and if you all not like it then i will discontinue it.. so please comment ..

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swasan on swara’s house for ‘ pagh phera rasam’..

( guys I’m not describing this rasam and all.. because being a southie i don’t know about anything.. sorry)

all rituals finished.. sanskar was talking with swara’s parents.. suddenly an idea hit to swara’s mind..

swara call her friends and ask tell them something..

after sometime swara’s friends arrived..

3 boys and 2 girls..

” hey swara.. we are here” they shouted in union..

swara and sanskar was talking with swara’s parents..

swara felt very happy and run towards them..

” hey rohan, rithi, druv, swati, neil.. welcome guys.. you gave me a shock.. i missed you all..”

sanskar’s face became pale by seeing swara’s friends.. especially boys..

swara introduced them to sanskar.. he gave a fake smile to them.. swara’s friends starts executing their plan..

Rohan: swara you are looking hot today..

sanskar shocked by this.. sanskar looked swara.. she is wearing a heavy traditional saree with pallu in her head.. she looks as traditional shy girl.. but this monkey calling her hot.. that too in front of her husband.. sanskar give a death glare to him..

Neil: absolutely.. i love your figure in saree.. this is the reason i love girls wearing sarees.. they are more hot and s*xy in sarees..

dhru: yeh.. swara you are wearing a traditional saree.. but you are looking hot.. i always prefer you to wear sarees na.. but you always wear that boring jeans and kurti.. this saree increase your beauty.. all will stare you if you wear saree..

swati: swara if you wear saree and looks so beautiful everytime then these idiots will visit your house every day.. i warn you..

sanskar was fuming in anger by hearing these conversations.. his eyes became red with anger.. by looking him swara get the signal.. she laughed in mind.. idea is working..

swara: guys i think maa is calling us.. come inside..

swara take them in to kitchen..

sanskar’s POV

what the hell.. what is going on.. I’m getting more and more shocks from my wedding night.. what that useless idiots comment about swara.. hot my foot.. only i have the right to call her hot.. she is my wife.. only i have rights on her.. that stupid morons were flirting with her and she was enjoying it.. this girl is really a fool.. and she is going to make my life a hell..

pov ends..


swara was preparing the bed to sleep.. sanskar come to bedroom and holds her hand..

” swara i want to talk to you”

swara amused by hearing this..

” sanskar you want to talk to me? what happened to you?”

” swara always you are questioning me why you can’t just follow me? obey me first”

” sanskar is there any rule in indian law that wife should obey husband always and wife can’t question her husband like that?”

” swara it is our culture that wife should obey her husband and husband will be the god to his wife.. wife should treat him as god”

” sanskar i studied that we should see our parents and teachers like god and i don’t learn anywhere that girl should worship her husband as god..”

” look swara i don’t want to argue..can i talk to you now?”

” we are talking sanskar”

” swara don’t wear saree anymore”

swara feels shocked and happy at same time..

” sanskar what you are saying ? saree is the symbol of married woman in india.. saree is the perfect traditional dress.. men will respect women who wear saree.. then you are asking me not to wear saree.. ?”

” don’t want any arguments.. you can wear anything you like.. one condition.. it should be decent.. and don’t wear saree.. ok..”

” hmm.. my husband is jealous”

” what? jealous? my foot..”

” foot nahi sanskar.. you are jealous”

” acha.. that stupid monkeys flirt with you.. then you thought it makes me jealous? no way.. i feel pity for them.. ”

” so you don’t feel anything when they flirt with me.. ok.. let me invite them tomorrow for lunch.. ok?”

” what.. no way.. don’t invite them here.. i don’t want to see them..”

” admit it sanskar you are jealous”

swara giggled.. sanakar feels angry but seeing her face and smile he too smiled.. he felt different.. he glared his wife with amusement.. in his entire life he don’t see such a girl.. such a crazy girl.. she was really crazy.. and making him more crazy..

sanskar: ” swara you are a mad girl..”

swara: ” you are stupid sanskar”

sanskar: ” ha i know.. if a stupid marry a mad girl then life will became hell”

swara: ” really? so this is hell? this room is a part of hell.. waw.. i don’t want heaven then.. if i get a luxurious room lije this in hell, them I’m happy with hell..”

sanskar literally opened his mouth on her blabbering.. actually he don’t understand what she was saying..

sanskar: swara stop your nonsense and say something logical…

swara: ok.. indian economy is going to be in a big crisis.. can we ask the help from America?

sanskar: swara what are you saying? are you normal?

swara: what is this sanskar? you said na you want to hear some logical things from my mouth..

sanskar understood one thing.. this girl is not just mad.. she is the queen of madness..

and he have to spend his entire life with this mad girl.. he shocked by thinking about that naked truth..


so this much is for today.. guys comment your views about this ff.. if it is not good please let me know..

Credit to: Jwala

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  1. I find ur story cute.. And i’m gonna kill u if u discontinue it.. Mind it..
    I lyk seeing jealous Sanskar.. And i’m sure i’m gonna see dat enough on upcoming track on d show…

    1. don’t kill me please.. ha ha.. thanks for loving my ff dear.. yeh you will get more jealous sanskar.. i will try my best to make it interesting..

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    Nice part dr.
    Waiting 4 next part.plz update it soooooon.:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

    1. I’m glad that you loved my ff.. i will try to upload soon.. thanks dear

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    2. thank you so much dear..

  4. seriously this story s sooooo cute…..i loved it…..dont dare to discontinue…..

    1. thank you so much shan.. i will complete this for sure..

  5. Oh god!! I can’t stop laughing …. Swara will get what she wants by hook or crook…… Poor sanskar fell in her trap ….. Plz make sanskar more jealous …… it is fun to see him like this…

    1. yes.. swara is very smart.. i will make him more jealous in coming updates..thank you so much for liking my story dear..

  6. Haha i literally am laughing very badly swara is soooo cute not to mention intelligent too i like ur concept plz do continue

    1. I’m glad that you like swara.. thanks for liking my story dear..

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    1. thank you so much for such a lovely comment janvi..

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  11. nice yaar.I was laughing while reading. u keep writing like this & I will apply this in my life when need

    1. oh god.. if situation needs you will apply it? ha ha.. it was such a wonderful appreciation for my work.. thank you so much dear..

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  15. Haww! My bad luck. I mean ur ff is superb nd i haven’t read it still bt now saw its logo so read it nd i liked it soo much that read previous parts in one go u r superb jwalu nd i also think the same that is sanky living in 21st century? Never ever imagine my sanky like this i mean its low mentality yar. Hope so he improve his thinking

    1. such a lovely comment.. in reality there are many men like this in real life.. i too had a lot of difficulty in imaging sanskar like this.. but no worries.. our swara hei na.. this crazy girl will change him…thank you so much for loving my story dear..

  16. superb..:)

  17. Awesome
    But make it a lil long

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